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Rainbow has 2 copies of each of the following cards :

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Mark: 3x Time
Creature control:  6x Gravity Force, 6x Congeal, 4x Eagle's Eye, 4x Thunderbolt
Permanent control: 8x Explosion, 6x Improved Steal


His main strategy is to get a large number of Electrum Hourglasses, drawing multiple cards a turn, and overwhelming you. His deck is very heavily control-oriented, so he will shut down your strategy with creature control (Eagle's Eye, Gravity Force, Congeal, Thunderbolt) and permanent control (Explosion, Improved Steal). He has cheap evolvable cards that quickly turn into strong hitters (Elite Graboid, Werewolf), and he has growable creatures that gets more powerful indefinitely (Forest Spectre).

Rainbow is perhaps the most balanced, and most dangerous False God. Add that to the rarity of card wins from him, and it's not surprising why he's skipped a lot.

Much like seism, rainbow can absolutely destroy you with his "blitzkrieg" attacks via shriekers, werewolves and forest spectres. Shriekers can be killed, but you need to hit the shrieker with a thunderbolt, or a couple of snipes, and will probably have burrowed before you can kill them, the werewolves are easy enough, 1 snipe (or 2 when evolved) will kill them off no problem, its the spectres you have to kill quick, once they start grow to something like 10-11, you aren't gonna kill them before they kill you (or at the very least, not easily)

This god has a RIDICULOUS number of control cards, thunderbolts, congeals, gravity, deflagrations, steals, you name it, he's got it. If you even want to think about beating this god you have 2 options, play cautiously, or hope you out-deck him - but good luck with that, he'll pummel you with so many creatures and weapons its not even funny.

Don't even try to face Rainbow with a rainbow control or OTK, as Rainbow will destroy your setup and rush you before you can begin to take him down. Try to use something that's not nearly as permanent-dependent, such as poison stalls.

Rainbow is a pain with a Hope deck. You will usually not be able to rush him to do enough damage due to all the creature control and damage he can do (which forces you to play more RoL's and less of anything else). However, you can beat him by decking him out with the Hourglasses. Time-consuming, but you only have to stay alive. Play some RoL's and, if you get the opportunity, an Archangel to draw fire off the RoL's if he has Eagle's Eyes out. Success depends on how soon he gets the Hourglasses and what cards he draws. By the time he has as many cards as you, he will stop using the hourglasses. However, if you have, for instance, three cards left, he will still draw two every turn and lose.

If you get a good start off with RoL/Hope, you'll be aiming to get 18 rays on board (17 if you have a pet) and waiting for him to get to 70-ish HP. The AI plays Miracle depending on how much damage it's expecting, and with just Rays up you can get him as far as 45-ish HP before you smash him with 5 Light Dragons to bypass the Miracle. 5 Dragons is all you can afford with the 75 quanta cap, and they do 60 damage on their own. The counter below is optimized for this plan of attack, but all RoL/Hope decks are best off aiming for this kind of win. If you only have 5 Fractals, you will often struggle with drawing the last one needed for the Dragons. As such, you may have to keep a Fractal in hand as long as you're surviving his Spectres.

Oracle Counter

Although Rainbow is hard with a normal RoL/Hope deck, with no permanents to clog your hand it can become easy.

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