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Mark : 3x Darkness
Creature Control : 12x Fractal, 12x Siphon Life, 2x Electrocutor
Permanent Control : 4x Improved Steal
Quanta Control : 12+ Pest

A Hope deck has a decent chance against Decay. If he doesn’t get his Electrocutor out early or steals yours (meaning you probably don’t want to play yours) so that he can’t lobotomise your RoL’s, or gets out his quanta denial up quickly, you can kill him slowly with just a couple Archangels/Light Dragons out, or buff your RoLs with SoP a bit (the Improved Dusk slows things down considerably). Indeed, sometimes you don’t even want to spend one Fractal on RoL’s if you can only afford one. One trick you can use is play RoL’s early when he can afford his first Fractal, and he might use it on your RoL’s depending on how much Darkness quanta he has. Remember, however, that he usually uses several Siphon Life’s before Fractal. Having sancts helps a lot, since they slow his darkness quanta supply to a trickle as well as protecting your own quanta.

Jade shields counter everything he has.

A rainbow deck doesn’t have as much to worry as much about from the quanta control because it has plenty to spare. The same can't be said about steals, which are rather annoying.

Voodoo Bravery might win, but it's a slow win. I recommend you skip him.

Poison stalls have a much bigger problem than rainbows or RoL/hopes because of decay's low damage, healing, and denial. Play everything you can in as short a burst as possible, and hope that Decay doesn't deny you too much. Play towers and damage together in bursts to get around the denial. Play SoSac when nightfall comes in.

Oracle Counter

Get a Sanctuary out ASAP (Protected if possible). Only play a Golem if you can Quint it immediately. Only play Pulverizer if you can use Protect Artifact on it and destroy Electrocutor, Eclipse and Dusk. Stop drawing when you’re safe. Use Heal for EM.

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Unupped and rareless version.

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Vampires should only be played alongside both Unstoppable, Quintessence, and as many Chaos Powers as possible.

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Take your sancts back if they're stolen. If you have more steals, use them on the Improved Dusk.

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An old rareless deck still works, using a quadruple combo: Minor Vampire + Momentum + Adrenaline + Quintessence. You should only play them all at once. Deflagrations are for Eclipse.

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False Gods

Akebono Chaos Lord Dark Matter Decay Destiny Divine Glory Dream Catcher Elidnis Eternal Phoenix Ferox Fire Queen Gemini Graviton Hecate Hermes Incarnate Jezebel Lionheart Miracle Morte Neptune Obliterator Octane Osiris Paradox Rainbow Scorpio Seism Serket