Miracle (False God)

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Miracle has 2 copies of each of the following cards :

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Mark: 3Light
Creature control: None
Permanent control: None


Will play Morning Glory over Jade Staff, and Jade Shield over Solar Buckler

Will prefer to stack blessings on a single big dragon instead of pegasi (it won't do bless + dive unless there are no dragons to play blessing on)

Has lots of Improved Miracles and will hold onto them; will always play a miracle (if it has one in its hand and has the quanta to cast it) if it is danger of dying next turn based on the damage you have on the field, but at low enough health will play it even if you're more than 1 turn away from killing, so it's unclear exactly what triggers it. It might be triggered by being within 2 turns of dying based on your current damage output.

Miracle has absolutely no control capabilities at all, so you can realy on being able to set up whatever you need without Miracle countering it. However, Miracle can bring out damage surprisingly fast and it's hard to counter all the threats Miracle runs.

One exception is Dimensional Shield which shuts down Miracle's deck completely, but if you're not lucky with shield draws you need to be able to get damage out fast.

An Entropy-based tactic could be to bring some Purple Nymphs (or Nymph Tears and Amethyst Towers). Casting Antimatter successfully on one Light Dragon effectively neutralizes two; and even if Miracle can get its Queens out and producing fireflies, if you can keep up or almost keep up with them, you can let it fill the field with you-healing monsters for all you care. Then it's just a matter of getting a few heavy hitters out there to slog your way through its Improved Miracles. Using this tactic, I was able to (fairly easily) kill it with 100 HP remaining, with a completely un-upgraded Entropy-marked rainbow deck. As a backup, you might throw some Maxwells and Thunderstorms in if you find yourself opposed by dragons before you can Antimatter them.

Getting around Improved Miracle requires wearing Miracle's health down to where you can almost kill it, then playing a lot of damage in a single turn, or silencing Miracle when you get her down to killing range.

Parallel Universe is a good way to pump out a lot of extra damage in a hurry without spending too much quanta. Dive/Parallel Universe with Dimensional Shield is probably the single most reliable way to take Miracle down; it's capable of very fast kills so you don't have to worry about drawing lots of shields, dive makes it easy to manipulate Miracle's HP to make sure that it's high enough that it won't heal itself but low enough that you can finish it off next turn, and if all else fails you can easily do 200+ damage in a single turn if you have enough preparation. However, any aether deck with enough shields and at least a couple Parallel Universes has a very good chance of winning.

That said, rainbow controls aren't bad if you can get that fractal out when you need it, before Miracle pulls out her miracle and forces you to start over. OTKs are better, as they wipe out Miracle in 1 shot, depriving Miracle of a chance to recover.

A relatively small investment in permanent-destruction (Pulverizer and some Gravity Towers to power it, or three or four Earthquakes) can help keep Miracle from ever having enough Life quanta to produce fireflies, or at least keep it under control. Then it's just a matter of dealing with the dragons and Pegasi, which may be annoying but at least don't multiply indefinitely.

(Doon_Doon) A boring but effective way to exploit Miracle is to deck him out. It is like the player-submitted deck "A Horribly Slow but Rewarding Lv.5-Grinder". Just use a deck with 30+ quantum pillars, anything that can kill enemy creatures in long term (I added 6 parasites), max number of hourglasses (to speed up), max number of dimensional shields and a dissipation FIELD (two makes it safer to randomness), and most importantly, the ETERNITY. Speed up with hourglasses, get dimensional shields, then get the parasites out and kill the creatures. KILL ONLY dragons, certainly NOT the leaf dragons. When the field is overcrowded with fireflies and leaf dragons, his damage on the table is bounded by 100 per turn. Finally use Dissipation Field to stand all damage, and finally the Eternity to protect yourself from decking out. Be careful with your "time management" though; if his table really has 100 damage per turn, you will run out of time quanta in long run. If this bad scenario is foreseeable, start killing the FFQ and fireflies. Miracle cannot respond quickly and put many dragons at a time - his hand is stuck with all those Miracles and Morning glory already.

Just like Divine Glory, this Fake God is a cakewalk with a Hope deck. Miracle can even be easier since she won't explode your Shards of Gratitude, or be harder as she blesses early Light Dragons and rushes you. In any event, same principle; play one fractal's worth of Rays of Light, play Hope, two Archangels/Light Dragons (or three if she plays Jade Shield), and wait until you can shock her completely. The Jade Shield will often come out, and that does lower the effectiveness of Archangels. Therefore, Light Dragons are better for this Fake God. Angels do work, though, so don't sweat it. You can even Fractal her Light Dragons if you feel like it.

Oracle Counter

This deck is one of the funnest anti-Miracle decks around. Twin Universe Miracle’s Light Dragons, Overdrive them, then TU them over and over again… (Then watch as Miracle takes 100+ damage a turn).

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RoL/Hope works very well against Miracle. Fractal RoLs to get Hope Shield out. Fractal Light Dragons to win.

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Mono Aether can be used with a similar principle. Use Parallel Universe on dragons. Use Silence to prevent Miracle.

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