Divine Glory

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Divine glory has two copies of each of the following cards:

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Mark: 3Light
Creature control: None
Permanent control: 12Explosion


A very tricky god to take down, If you like short to the point descriptions, here is one: 12 morning glorys (invincible) + 10 flying weapons (bring ANY weapon into field even Glorys) + explosions = one unstoppable army and permanent control. I'd almost go as far as saying more difficult than any other god, even obliterator and rainbow. This god likes to play a large number of morning glorys (upgraded light weapon cards) then use animate weapon to bring out invincible, hard hitting weapons, Creature control WILL NOT work due to the immortality of the weapons, but thats not where you will lose, you will lose simply because unlike the miracle god, this one has fire pillars and explosions so permanent control is a real threat, bearing 12 explosions for any permanent you bring out meaning FFQ has no chance. Because she has only invincible morning glorys, she has no NEED for controlling any anti-creature cards, so you can set up creatures without fear, just don't try something permanent reliant or you will have trouble. But the nail that seals the coffin is that like miracle, she has 6 miracles in her deck, even if you get her low enough to kill, unless you calculate the damage, she will miracle herself - an extremely unpleasant sight, in short, you will end up right back at square one, and 9 times out of 10, you WONT get a second chance to kill her, unless you get really lucky, and I mean REALLY lucky.

The main problem here is, while glory can bring in 12 morning stars, she can only in theory play 11 of them, due to the lack of two more animate weapons, because of this, her maximum damage is 88 and not a smidge higher. Darkness won't work, only towers to steal and even with a good number of devourers, you won't steal enough quanta. Fire has the same permanent problem. Aether has no chance due to explosion, and poison's out due to the miracles constantly forcing you to start over. Bone walls are not as useful for protection, more for counter anti-permanent cards here.

Because of the total uselessness of creature control, you are best off utilizing any creature setup that isn't heavily creature control based, although this could help bonewall users, remember, since the MGS are untargettable, and she has no means of casting (nor does she have any) momentums, this means a bone wall, if you have the right stuff, could easily hold the line while you get some creatures to whittle down the health. Consider this: This god is ANTI-RAINBOW.

This god has been beaten before with permanent-based setups or setups based on protected dim shields, but don't count on it. One reported win was based on protected dim shields. Another one was based on maddening numbers of permanents and protect artifacts.

With a rainbow control, try to get out your permanent control before she gets out hers, and remove her burning towers. Butterfly effect helps here, as do hourglasses. If your setup gets exploded, just quit.

OTKs don't stand a chance, as there's no way to stop the explosion barrage.

Hope+RoL+Fractal  decks naturally work very well. Play one fractal's worth of RoL's and two or three Light Dragons/Archangels depending on what you use, and simply wait until you can shock her completely by calculating the damage output you can do in one turn with fractal+dragons/angels. Very easy to beat and EM. However, RoL/hope variations based on SoP require considerably more thought. If the deck has a phase salvager, hope it comes early, since your only hope to prevent Miracle from wrecking your game is to either barrel though it with 100 damage a turn or OTK with 200 damage. If the deck has sundials, use them to direct explosions away from the SoP. Either way, it's going to be a hard battle.

Voodoo bravery has it much easier, as Divine Glory's PC and healing do nothing for the integral combo of Voodoo Bravery.

Oracle Counter

With Divine Glory's maximum damage output at 88, and her complete lack of creature control, the best deck to take against her is Flying Adrenastaves.

Get one of these flying and with adrenaline ASAP. Just two combos can hold off five entire Morning Glories on their own. Do not play a staff without animating it on the same turn. Use Silence to prevent Miracle.

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Non-upgraded and rareless something a bit different is required. This deck works on the principle of the popular RoL/Hope deck.

Try to get your Luciferins going as quickly as possible, even if it’s only on 2-3 creatures. Once you have 8 light emitting creatures just hold the dragons in your hand and rush him at the end.

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Upgraded RoL/Hope is also known for countering Divine Glory. Use Miracle + Luciferaze at the end to EM.

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