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Instosis is an OTK deck designed for use against False Gods. It quickly became renowned for its high winrate and FGei, and remains one of the most popular decks in use. It was originally posted on the forum by Sevs.


By Sevs

A modification of Chapuz's Mito-Dragon FG OTK which was in turn inspired by loadquo here. Name by Jenkar.

"Back in the ancient silurian age of the the 2 turn sundial, great dragons roamed. using innovative shard technology, the specimen of a single dragon, and a descendant of the 2 turn sundial (the 1 turn sundial), elementalists were able to create another equally overpowered deck."

General Strategy

The trick is to kill your opponent with a One-Turn-Kill or OTK. This is done using one of two combos:

  • Option 1: Silurian Dragon –> Mitosis –> SoR –> SoR –> SoR –> SoR –> SkyBlitz –> ~Chimera

Optimal method: Pros: Does not need Chimera against any DR shield Cons: Chance to eat your quanta for Sky Blitz

  • Option 2: Silurian Dragon –> Mitosis –> SoR –> SoR –> SoR –> SkyBlitz –> SoR –> ~Chimera

Quanta scarce method: Pros: Less of a chance to eat your Sky Blitz quanta Cons: Needs Chimera against any DR shield

Play Tips

  • You can discard Chimera if your opponent doesnt have Bonewall, haxx, or Dissipation Shield, or gravity pulled Armagio or Chimera essentially making it a 7-card combo.
  • You can start chaining Sundials as soon as you have 1 hourglass out and aren't in danger of PC.
  • Draw out Explosions, Steals with Sundials and towers.
  • Against gods with no CC, you can play the combo early and sky blitz when you get enough damage.
  • Decay, Darkmatter, and Dream Catcher are pretty much autoquits but the rest should have a decent chance.
  • TTW should be around 9-10; if not you are doing something wrong.
  • Because the 1HKO play strains the hand, discarding excess/late hourglasses or the chimera is an acquired strategy. Consider holding back unneeded supernovas to help manipulate discard timing, if the FG doesn't touch quanta.

Individual False God Guide

False God Difficulty Chimera required Strategy
Akebono Medium Yes Start Sundial chain above 50 HP because of Titan. Beware of Shard of Focus.
Chaos Lord Hard Yes Draw out PC (2 steal + 2 explosions) before sundial is played. Quit if he gets a mutant with steal or destroy early-mid game.
Dark Matter Impossible Yes 2 Black Holes and you can't win.
Decay Very Hard Yes Get Supernova off fast and hope he doesnt drain too much.
Destiny Very Easy No You can wait to chain Sundials ~25 HP because Eternity only does 4 damage a turn.
Divine Glory Medium No Hope there are no fire towers, draw out PC with Sundials or extra hourglasses. Tip: 1 tower fuels explosion every 2 turns, so plan accordingly.
Dream Catcher Very Hard No Pests drain quanta, Discord messes with quanta, Butterfly Effect destroys all stalling. If you can get off first Supernova you might have a chance.
Elidnis Very Easy No No PC, CC: Congeal+Ulitharid, chain Sundials around ~30 HP.
Eternal Phoenix Medium No If you draw out PC, you will do fine. Chain around ~50 HP because of Fire Lances and Lightning.
Ferox Very Easy No Chain Sundials around ~30 HP.
Fire Queen Easy No Chain Sundials around ~50 HP because of lances and 7 attack weapon.
Gemini Very Easy No Chain Sundials around ~30 HP.
Graviton Easy Yes Chimera needed if gravity pulled Armagio – Only 4 Explosion in 70 cards; test with Sundial before spamming Hourglasses.
Hecate Medium Yes Damage from Rage Potions, Liquid Shadow, Weapon, and Nightmare, with 4 Steals. Chain Sundials around ~60 HP.
Hermes Hard No 12 Explosions, 12 Lances; nuff said. Chain Sundials ~60HP.
Incarnate Easy Yes Chain Sundials around ~30 HP.
Jezebel Medium No Steals keep Sundial stasis, but Siphon Life, Gravity and Air Nymphs are dangerous. The more towers stolen, the less likely you are to see those nymphs.
Lionheart Very Easy No Chain Sundials around ~30 HP. Watch out for mass endowment or creature spam from Hourglasses.
Miracle(ai5) Very Easy No No control at all. Chain Sundials around ~50 HP.
Morte Easy Yes Chain Sundials around ~70 HP. Draw fast as poison is deadly.
Neptune Easy No Chain Sundials around ~40 HP.
Obliterator Medium No Chain Sundials around ~50 HP. Draw fast before Pulverizer appears. If it shows up play all Sundials next turn to get whatever draws you can.
Octane Hard No Chain Sundials when first Eagle’s Eye is flown. You can usually draw through the deck before Octane gets enough Unstable Gases.
Osiris Medium No Chain Sundials around ~60 HP. Start chain early because Trebuchets do a bit of damage. Be wary of Shard of Focuses, 2-3 can ruin your chances.
Paradox Easy No Chain Sundials around ~30 HP. If Morning Glory appears early, chain a little earlier.
Rainbow Hard No PC: 8 Explosions + 6 Steals, Chain Sundials when first Hourglass is in play.
Scorpio Medium No Chain Sundials when 2 non-Physalia creatures hit the field. Hope you can outdraw the poison damage.
Seism Easy No Chain sundials around ~30 HP. With so little pillars feel free to play multiple Time Towers in a stack. Be stingy with the time quanta; at most play 2 Hourglasses. Try to discard the other 2 unless you have sufficient quanta.
Serket Varies No Chain Sundials when you get around ~6 poison. This one is decided in the first 2-3 turns; if you get an Hourglass out early you win. If not, you are in for some trouble.


Deck Instosis
Players Sevs
Version 1.291
Win-rate 67%
$ track ? enabled
Win-rate (n) 67.68%
Games 200
Score/h 1147
Win-loss-(EM) 134-66-(3)
Score/h (n) 1165
Time (h:m:s) 07:46:55
FGei* 10231
Min/game 02:20
FGei* 10327