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Devtal (or Pestal, as it is known in its fully upped form) is a domination deck often used against the Arena and in PvP. It is also commonly found in War, especially for Team :aether and Team :darkness.

General Strategy

The goal of the deck is to use your Devourers to get quanta "lockdown" on your opponent, preventing them from being able to play any cards or abilities. The game typically involves two phases:

  • Fractal Devourers: Your goal is to match or exceed the number of Devourers on your field of play as your opponent has in quanta production (e.g. pillars, pendulums, and mark). Once you accomplish this, your opponent will be severely or completely restricted in their ability to play their deck. This also provides the necessary quanta you need to play your vampires.
  • Fractal Vampires: ideally, you will achieve lockdown prior to starting this phase. Vampires will be your primary source of damage and healing, keeping you alive long enough to finish off your opponent despite the small amount of damage each vampire inflicts. Occasionally you will need to start this phase before having lockdown in order to get the healing you need to survive the game.

Alternate Builds

  • 6 Devourers, 4 Fractals, Darkness Pendulums, and an Aether Mark are ideal for getting quick and plentiful Devourers as soon as possible. The number of pendulums used can increase or decrease by one or two depending on the other cards used.
  • This build has 3 Vampires, but you can go to as few as 2 if you need to free up a slot for more permanent or creature control. This does put you at greater risk for getting decked out, however, as you may achieve lockdown but fail to draw vampires until it is too late to inflict 100 damage on your opponent.
  • The remaining 3-4 cards can be filled in with Nightfall (added damage and healing, but vulnerable to permanent control), Steal (permanent control), Vampire Stiletto (added damage and healing, but vulnerable to opponent permanent control), Drain Life (creature control or extra damage and healing), or Lightning (cheap creature control or extra damage).

Play Tips

  • In general, you want to avoid playing any Darkness cards except Devourers until you have cast Fractal on them at least once. A good example of an exception to this would be using Steal on your opponent's Sanctuary.
  • If you are concerned about your opponent having creature control, it may be wise to hold one Devourer and one Minor Vampire in your hand until you are ready to Fractal them. This will prevent you from being in a situation where you have the quanta to play Fractal but no creatures on which to play it.
  • If your opponent has Quantum Pillars, you still want to Fractal your Devourers first. You may not be able to get full lockdown, but they will provide you with the quanta you need to play your Minor Vampires after casting Fractal on them.