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Card Ideas and Art / Reverse
« on: January 29, 2012, 06:34:05 pm »
I was thinking of something along these lines, but I think it should be a permanent.
Don't just reverse the order completely mix it up. and not only the order of slots, but possibly order of actions as well.
I think :entropy would be the power of the activation.
I was thinking of something along these lines, but I think it should be a permanent.
Don't just reverse the order completely mix it up. and not only the order of slots, but possibly order of actions as well.
I think :entropy would be the power of the activation.
That would be disasterous. I'm fine with backwards as it is. This would be a great boost for my sanctuary fire deck.

Would this mean you discard last? And death before attack?
Oh wait, it says slots. Can you make it so EVERYTHING is reversed? (So the opponent draws last lol)

Card Ideas and Art / Another turn
« on: January 29, 2012, 06:25:31 pm »
I perfer lights' indirect way of control, then darkness' manipulation for this card.
If it was time, it would interfere with sundial. If it was darkness, it would interfere with cloak. Becuase it's light, there is no problem.

By creature effects, this would mean you can't use the ability again I assume? And graveyard would still bring only one to the field? Acceleration would give an additional +2/-1

One thing I don't like is that it's too situational. It only it had something more but simple like gaining 10HP

Card Ideas and Art / Dual counter
« on: January 26, 2012, 03:54:56 pm »
What happens if it is destroyed? Would the permanents regroup or would they stay displaced and stacking another copy would place on the lowest #?

Also, what if the permentants are protected by an enchant artifact? Would they be split(w or w/o enchant) or stay unaffected?

This is the best indirect PC idea I have seen (cause all those negation/vine crowding is lazy to me).
Sanctuary shouldn't stop it, because it's only the elemental itself that's safe, everything including the sanct itself is vulnerable.

Card Ideas and Art / Emerald Tiger
« on: January 26, 2012, 03:45:57 pm »
Yes I would like to see this as a  :life :aether duo or the  :life :aether hybrid.
how could I possibly do that?
By changing the card to life and lowering the cost.
Actually, I think the card costs too much right now. Mind Flayer only needs 1 :aether to remove skill, and 2 dmg is not even 1 :aether for lightning. 2 & 1 for paralzed claws seems reasonable.
8 :aether for a 4|6 creature isn't worth it. either a 5~6 :life or higher ATK|HP  stats.
Thinking about life, what about making it 8ATK too benefit adrenaline?

EDIT: Ninja'd by regen2k9

Crucible Archive / ebb of things
« on: January 25, 2012, 11:09:57 pm »
The first effect is an awesome pseudo-sanctuary, but can you make it five so it in upped machine and toadfish?
However, The wording of it makes it so that anything you pay won't reduce your quanta. Eg. 8 quanta, and you use queen. Your quanta pool becomes 4.
example 2: you have 1 water quanta. You activate 3 freezes and 3 purifies, and you still have 1 water left.

Also your second effect feels useless outside of nova/supernova. I think you should get rid of it.
Or replace it with an ability that does something when there is 5 of each quanta?

Card Ideas and Art / Comparison
« on: January 23, 2012, 11:04:29 pm »
Card NameAdvantagesDiadvantages
Precognition- Instant card drawn
- see opponents hand
- Takes time quanta (Not too much, but it might hurt some duos or trios)
- one of the worst alchemy spell
- slightly overshadowed by golden nymph
Magnet Tracer- Add a specific card
- Can be used multiple times
- High-ish cost
- Gravity typing
- susceptible to PC
A penny saved- Low cost
- Quanta conversion
- Adds same card, instead of another card
As you can see, all cards have slightly different concepts and execution. My card can fit comfortably into here without overshadowing or under-shadowing(?) any, and serves different results then these.

I'm asking if there is any OP or UP problem with this card, or if there are any non-effect problems to this card. (Like a better art)

Card Ideas and Art / Similarity
« on: January 22, 2012, 07:04:53 pm »
By adding another copy, it would a quanta conversion.
Looking at the forums, I found Quantum Harmonizer (,21493.0.html) and Implode (,7033.0.html), both which fare much better at this.

But I have not seen a card for deck thinning itself. (Time draws cards, but this card only 'draws' itself therefore not adding anything of good value.)

Crucible Archive / Hesitating
« on: January 22, 2012, 06:58:47 pm »
As everyone is talking about the upped, I feel as though there would be no use for the unupped. Even Pandemonium can at least be combined with voodoo doll, and has a cost reduction.
What about making it so the one of the version increases the cost of abilities on your opponent's field?

Why time? It feels more like a dirty trick(courtesy of :darkness) to me.

But I really like the anti-rush, and for time's need of stalling also benefit from this.

Card Ideas and Art / Re: A penny saved | A penny earned
« on: January 20, 2012, 09:58:28 pm »
Primarily, I wanted to make it for deck thinning and along the way I put the other effect in.

I did take into account rushing with precognition and this but I have enough trouble limiting it to 30 cards, much less 24.
With the limit to one a turn plus defense 24 cards might make you deck out too fast.

I could make it gain 1 random quantum, but that would make it too UP.
I can also make it an element, but then it seems to similar to precognition.
As for quanta conversion; currently it target's creature's permanents and player's (for their mark). Maybe that's slightly too much, what do you guys think?

This card is more for splashing then anything.

Card Ideas and Art / Unstable
« on: January 20, 2012, 09:53:00 pm »
I think 0|8 and 0|10 is good. Because most likely you'll be the one to kill it, and the methods will be immo or spider.
I don't think higher health is nerf, since these methods are much faster anyway.

This creates a great harmony with many cards. I think it's great.

Why does the blimp hurt the opponent? I just want to ask.

Card Ideas and Art / A penny saved | A penny earned
« on: January 20, 2012, 01:45:52 am »
A penny saved
Gain 1 quantum equal to targets element and add 'A penny saved' from the deck to your hand. Only one 'A penny saved' can be used once a turn.
A penny earned
Gain 2 quantum equal to targets element and add 'A penny earned' from the deck to your hand. Only one 'A penny earned' can be used once a turn.
Art from Elements the Game
The effect is slightly longer then what is allowed so I trimmed:
"Only one 'A penny saved' can be used once a turn."
"Use once a turn"

A nifty card indeed. The purpose of this card is not for quantum. they are:
1)Mindgate. This can target your opponent's pillars or creatures.
2)Deck thinning. If you want to skin your deck this the card.
3)Arena. Help's the oracle's card to be used more in Arena decks by providing another way of getting the cards used and making a 36-card limit feel more like 30.

A penny spar'd is twice got.
The earliest time recorded of this saying is slightly different then today.
This is why the upped version 'doubles' the quantum gain.

Crucible Archive / Master of air
« on: January 19, 2012, 11:04:35 pm »
The first skill potentially makes spiders useless because of the mono type and bonus for it's effect. Not really nice.
This gives bonus to Wings.
This also makes heavy hitters even more deadly. Combine this with sky blitz and we'll see flying steam machines or something else (cause that tri-deck is harder)

The second skill is partially strange, but it will replace the use of animate weapon. Not so nice either.
Do you mean that if you target a weapon it will fall back into the weapon slot? Or will it make them airborne?

Art is nice. However, because it removes three cards in the game i don't feel like I'll see it in game. As well, this will make longbow decks really strong.

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