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Skull buckler's card text should state the percentage chance of it killing a creature. A "small chance" could be anywhere from 1% to 10%.
(50/hp)% tends to be more confusing than a "small chance"
It's also a great deal less ambiguous. I don't want to form my strategies on the basis of guesswork or the wiki I have open in the other screen.

It doesn't have to be written that way either. 50/creature's HP% is easily better than (50/hp)%.
I agree "50/creature's HP%" is an improvement
Cool, I learned something :D

General Discussion / Re: [Poll] How many nymphs do you have?
« on: July 21, 2011, 01:11:00 am »
I haven't got any since last post.
Just posting to say I'm jelly.
Raspberry Jelly of you all  :D
Still  :death :darkness :darkness :aether :aether

Introduce Yourself / Re: Hi, after ages of forum stalking...
« on: July 21, 2011, 01:00:32 am »
Mind ghost? Neuro-Deus?
Awesome name.

Humor / Re: You know You're Addicted to Elements When...
« on: July 21, 2011, 12:53:27 am »
When you have a post with 500 views, and you know half those views are probably your own.

Rainbow Decks / Re: Quick Draw - Rainbow OTK
« on: July 20, 2011, 04:03:34 pm »
I might be missing something you do but I think max damage is 90 with the deck below too.
Maybe add another BL?

"Fractal and play 6 more BL, there's 50 damage."

cards in hand = Fractal + chim + Blitz
Cards after fractal = Chim + Blitz +5 more ball lightnings?

My bad fractal is replaced - wasnt thinking :P


Damage is rounded down.

So you do 14 damage to opponent? You get 7 damage.
Opponent does 17 damage to you? He gets 8 Damage.

You firebolt a creature? Nothing happens. Creatures aren't sentient.
You firebolt opponent? You get 1 damage for every 3 he gets. (damage rounded down)

It's a water card. I'd rather it was time since it has great synergy with sundials but it was taken :)

Healing might work with this too.

Open to suggestions.

Both freeze and congeal mean to solidify something. The means by which they do it are different.
A shock-wave would not shatter a liquid or gelatinous body.
A shock-wave might shatter a solid body.

Rainbow Decks / Re: Draw.gon + (V.V)
« on: July 20, 2011, 02:34:18 pm »
Thanks for coming back and lending more advice :D

Sanctuary is awesome in this deck, but it's really hard for me to add it.
I did a lot of play-testing with sanctuary and there nearly always needed to be a choice to play sanctuary or draw a card, or a need for sanctuary to be discarded in favour of something else.
If sanctuary was added, it would be the highest costing card outside the actual combo. (Time towers make up for the 4 cost of hourglasses and dial spam)
Pretty much what I thought was that it made the deck way stronger vs its weaknesses but a little less strong vs its strengths.
PvP for me now normally goes - VS. rush deck, rush deck, stall deck, rush deck, cool odd deck, rush deck, COUNTER DECK, rush deck, PC/CC control deck, rush deck.
This deck beats everything easily enough except counter deck and to a lesser extent PC/CC control deck.
Counter deck could be anything from Black hole to ghost of the past. Darkness pests aren't as bad but can still wreck if enough come out early with a bad hand.
Sanctuary is awesome but its most awesome times happen too rarely to let it weaken the deck Vs. its bread and butter.

About most types of big control - They cost only a little less then the combo cards.
This means that the combo would be played almost immediately after them (keeping in mind draw speed)
This goes for things like firestorm, bonewall, phase shield etc.
That's the main reason I wouldn't add cards that cost more than a single nova to play (outside time quanta)
Cloak is cool though - I've never tried using it. I'll work it in and play a few games.

I think the most likely card to add is basilisk blood instead of a precog.
If anything goes out of the deck it'll be precog. He's like the substitute player :)

I hate nightmare, mostly because most times I see it it destroys me.
I know thats no reason not to give it a shot though, so I'll give it a go after BB.

Thanks for soundness silux!

Tried to get some AI grind statistics for (v.v) played 50 games.
Cleaned up OP a little.
Looked for where I left PvP statistics - Can't find them :(

Rainbow Decks / Re: Quick Draw - Rainbow OTK
« on: July 20, 2011, 01:34:40 pm »
If you're going the fast draw way I'd definitely go supernovas and time towers. Supernovas remove the need to wait for quanta and make the decks speed purely about its draw speed. With time towers the option to add in dials is easier and novas can easily fuel light quanta. The dials can then stand in for your other control and add to draw speed. Drawback of this is that sanctuary becomes way harder to play.
I like OTK decks a lot and they all have a peak efficiency aside from the actual combo itself.
So far I think time towers, dials, hourglasses and novas (entropy mark) are the fastest way to get any combo like this out.
As an aside I think precogs are incredibly handy in OTK decks since so much is riding on one play.
They're also good to know if its safe to play hourglass/ a single dial or if you need two dials.
I agree they'd be less useful in a deck with your level of control though.

[10 minutes later....]

Just after trying the above suggestions and it really doesn't work better than your deck.
You can get to 0 cards quicker but sundials and fractal do not work together at all in this deck.
The sundials either stay in your hand preventing crucial fractal or they're played and prevent an attack altogether.
This means that EVERY game is one turn slower than it needs to be. (because you must play a dial and then wait)
Even then it can still mess you up - if you draw another dial

Thanks for the deck though mate, and good call ditching explosions for chimera.

Sorry, I didn't mean to offend.

Rainbow Decks / Re: Draw.gon + (V.V)
« on: July 17, 2011, 11:10:31 pm »
Thanks mate! Appreciate it :)
Updated OP to current relevancy.
Was transfered to rainbow decks from help section (Thanks for that willng3 :D)
Added (V.V)

Just because this isn't in help section doesn't mean you can't help!
If you'd like to or have any advice or ideas please don't hesitate to share
- I'll add people who help out to the credit list if that's what tickles your boat.

Thanks to all posters and onlookers,

Some stuff

Change upped sundial to cost one time quanta to play and no light quanta to draw a card.
At the moment it messes with your mulligan chance so its normally better to leave it unupped.

Reduce initial cost of grey nymph. Its currently 8 death quanta.
It costs the same to play alfatoxin with no turn delay or extra cost to use the ability.

Buff Druidic staff.
It heals 5 per turn and deals two damage as a rare card.
Its been outstripped by non rares and shards completely. It needs a buff.

Reduce mindgates initial cost.
Currently 5 quanta - change to 4.
To play mindgate seriously it needs to be out quickly. Less initial cost could help with that.

Turqoise nymph. Serious buff needed. Outstripped by anubis by far.
Costs 3 quanta to use ability with 8 quanta to play.
Grants immortality but with such a high aether cost is tough to use outside mono or duo aether decks - where many creatures are already immortal.

Reduce pharaohs initial cost.
Currently 9 quanta - reduce to 8.

Give devonian dragon ability : Lay fate egg

Eclipse vs. Rays of light - light needs a little buff and its good to be awesome vs dark.
Make eclipse grant 1 less attack for every two rays of light on the field.,28609.0.html (,28609.0.html)

This chaps idea is good imo.

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