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Updates on Arcana. https://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=67516.msg1294819#msg1294819
« on: December 06, 2019, 04:06:24 pm »

Final Design on Wave ( :fire :water) Arcana

Some rough coloring...

The staff is a weapon that can change form depending on the situation. It can turn into daggers, nunchucks, etc., but stays the same in that it can produce  :fire:water and ice magic. Fight choreography would be good if it can turn into simple sticks and pierce through particular points in space like Kuroko's darts (To Aru Kagaku no Railgun). Since her character is all about leadership, her favorite weapon to turn it into is a flag (like Jeanne D'Arc's).


-loli who has one of the three legendary bloodlines most highly revered in  :fire countries. Possessing both the Wave ( :fire :water) and the Cloud ( :air :gravity) Arcana, she was crowned princess of an entire country at just the age of five. Her unique spell ‹‹Emitter››, considered the holy grail in  :fire history, combines both  :fire and  :air elements to give everyone in her party invulnerability to pain. This turns  :fire's lack of defensive capabilities into a meaningless disadvantage, as  :fire users can now blaze through enemy ranks without concern for safety. Any party that includes her has an 85% chance to win battles. May be a pivotal character during the first part.

Oddly enough, the  :air school of thought frowns upon such use of sensory manipulation. Their philosophy goes the opposite: true battle advantage is nullifying your opponent's sense of pain and chopping his leg off without him realizing...

The two other bloodlines that have historically turned the tides of war in  :fire's favor were a  :fire :water mana-reduction field spell and a  :fire :earth spell that trades damage power for more defense crippling.

One more for  :time :entropy Arcana's varied personas.

-Shot of   :fire :water Arcana looking up.

-Chibi  :fire :water hugging a Shion plushie.

-Design for semi goth twintails loli that will be relevant to the story for some reason.  :darkness :death

God gave us two hands to headpat two lolis at the same time.