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« on: October 25, 2015, 07:23:45 am »
DesertKnight is tinkering in his broken airship as he steps outside chatting with you as if you've been with me the whole time.

Video Games :) and the PC used to play them.

I had an old 486 66Mhz computer that played a lot of good DOS games. Until I had to figure out ow to tinker/tweak/tune the computer in DOS.
My family didn't have the money to buy a new computer/let alone more ram.

So I've had the habit to find ways to get the instruments I did have on hand to play the games I wanted.

I remember in high school how I took an old Pentium II and 4x CD rom, and it struggled to play MystIII: Exile - it stuttered and lagged like crazy. And this was a single player game!


I have 3 main computers:

1. An Acer Aspire one netbook (1st generation) ZG5 built in 2009.

A tiny 8.9 screen, portable. Was the real road/school/college warrior that helped me get through Physics, Biology, and other monotonous classes.
Small & weak, it was never truly meant for playing video games. But really for work.

I've gone on 3 tournaments with this netbook and still think it has been a good choice for me

This laptop ran Fedora and XP.  But I soon switched to crunchbang, distrohopping towards Linux Mint .

the fan annoyed the living hell out of everyone in the library.

2. A nettop (small desktop / but with the specs of a netbook ) : Asus EEE Box B202

Just a beautiful white box, about the size of the netbook.
This was the classic desktop using machine. - mostly for work/banking/and serious stuff, a good backup

Very weak but could fit more memory than the netbook , still it was a joy to have.
took only 5W to power up :D

3. A true laptop (my main "gaming machine") - Acer 5735 what I played skyrim on to kongregate games, and visit website and do more fun stuff like sing onto vocaroo. write poetry, and tinker. Running windows 7 and Linux Mint.


at the time (before Oct 21) it was the strongest machine I had.

This was donated to me by my EX from Australia


Well , with my new job at the hospital - it has been everyone's wonder why I don't 'get a new laptop/a tablet/a new NUC i7?!'

My intention was to upgrade all 3 systems.

and I've done the first one, which I'm very happy and pleased to do :

eeebox b202 -- > IPC2 (Intense PC 2 ) by Compulab.

So I went from a 1.1Ghz N270 Atom processor , 4 GB memory 80GB hard drive
An i7 2.1Ghz processor , 16 GB memory, 1 TB SSD...

"aye times have changed"

It has no fan!... It's just a solid piece of metal.. and... it's smaller than the eeboxb202
it does take more Watts to run.. 5W vs 15 W but it's a small price to pay..

The final thoughts was that I got into kongregate and games like elements because I didn't have a PC with good specs on it.
Skyrim was on very low graphics..and modded to death to remove grass/trees/effects and get everything to run at very low specs.

So.. two more topics here and I'll get your opinion and help here :D

1st:  Old tech stuff doesn't work with New tech stuff - a crash course on HDMI and Displayport

Ahh.. back in 1995 I bought a small 15 inch screen VGA, works beautifully . I got it on a whim - 40% store closing discount - and paying the cash up front STILL made me broke for a week.

I've since then played with 'switching boxes' that would link a laptop and the eeebox together with a few clicks of my keyboard.

Once I got everything installed for the IPC2
I noticed some strange ports on the back and no where to connect my VGA monitor...


;_; So I can't use this monitor anymore, and I've bought and tried different adapters.. but nothing works, my monitor is simply too old..

I did eventually buy a new TV/PC screen that would handle VGA, HDMI.

I lose the ability to quickly switch with my 'switch box' but at least I got it to work...

It was frustrating as I thought I had a broken IPC2 computer...
It was also frustrating as I felt I didn't need to buy a new computer monitor...
More frustrating to buy more cables to connect HDMI
I didn't even use the display port...(I don't see a connector to my monitor for that)
I do have an adapter for it ... might play with that later on (if you feel that I should use the display port instead of the HDMI port.. let me know)
Displayport -> HDMI adapter
"aye times have changed"


2nd topic:


so the netbook,


"the gaming laptop"

My thoughts was to get a netbook with the similar specs as the IPC2...
or.. go in deep and get a tablet :O


I feel that the gaming laptop will be purchased last.. as it will be an expensive investment...
But sadly no, I won't be playing games on the IPC2, I strictly want to use that for my work now :)

:D so my friends, do you have any suggestions for my desk?
You ideals and thoughts on tablets? Should I just go for a netbook instead?
Any suggestions on a future 'gaming laptop' ?