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Re: God commanding death of innocent people https://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=52845.msg1236574#msg1236574
« Reply #24 on: July 01, 2016, 03:40:08 pm »
God intentionally created a perfect creation with the option of becoming flawed.I don't really understand this. So we choose not to be perfect? I don't het it God is not flawed. He is holy.

Language certainly does create a barrier, but do you realize that English has been influenced by Greek, and that translations of the Bible come directly from Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic. We don't need a third step - just straight from text to English.
Using the US Constitution is as bad example - as it was written by flawed men without the inspiration of a flawless God (It is also shamefully ignored - not unlike the Bible, actually). It would seem unlike God to leave the majority of humanity unable to effectively read His Word.

You are correct when you say God is Omnipotent. So yes - we really do need to follow His commands laid out in His Word,I still don't understand why you have to follow someones commands if they are omnipotent? the Bible.And how do you know that the Bible is God's words when it's in fact written by different human beings? Lesser beings like humans were created to serve God.Why would he need someone to serve him if he's omnipotent? God commands us to do things - I do not see why it matters why He chooses to command us.It's not relevant to this discussion why god commands us to do things. However it is relevant to the questioning if there is such thing as a god or not.
Also - the sole and only reason that humanity has any hope of accomplishing God's commands is through His Word, the Bible. This Book tells us how to live our lives in a way to honor Him as He commands.The bible tells us a lot of things and can be interpenetrated in so many different ways. SO there really isn't one way to follow it and honor his commands. I don't command you not to steal or murder or lie or commit adultery (if I did - I was in error and have no power to say such a thing): God commands you.

Languages do have idiosyncrasies. Similarly - the number 7 has a significance in Hebrew tradition of being the number of completeness. But we don't need to know that to understand the Bible or follow its commands.

What is wrong with being a mindless puppet?[/glow] [/shadow] ;) I don't agree that we are mindless puppets like robots. We do have feelings and intelligence and that is the difference. Also - God may have had reasons that He chose not to tell us. God is not asking your permission or anyone's opinion - He is issuing commands.If god truly created us, then he has no reason to ask me of my opinion since he does already know it. It's like asking a specific question to a computer game you programed, you already know what answer you will get since you was the one programing it. You have proved my point for me - God is the Ultimate Authority and therefore I want to follow all His commands. But by this time we must surely recognize both that no one is innocent and that God can issue commands without any restrictions.

I have not condemned nor can I condemn anyone. That is between them and God. Romans 3:23 For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. That's me and you, sir or maam. It is your choice to accept God's offer of salvation so that you will not perish and you will have everlasting life. In fact it's not my choice to follow a omnipotent god or not if god created me. If god create me and everything there is, my destiny has also been decided by him in the same way a RPG programer decides how a game will end. So god has already decided wether I will perish or get an everlasting life and there's nothing I can do about that.I want you to think seriously, Aves, about what your choice is.
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