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Forum Games / Re: Elements Mafia 79 - by MasterWalks
« Last post by PlayerOa on April 26, 2022, 06:38:40 pm »
Wow, this was some ride at the end. Well done guys, sorry I couldn't commit more.
Forum Games / Re: Elements Mafia 79 - by MasterWalks
« Last post by RootRanger on April 26, 2022, 06:29:42 pm »
Oh wow, gg then. Well, thx for the save andre! N0 was crazy improbable in retrospect, with the two PRs targeting each other and the Doc getting a successful save. Tough to come back from without getting a snipe on Sheed.

How much of the Omegon claim was planned from the start? The fakeclaim and N1 Linkcat target was impressive, since there's a case to be made that Alpharius wouldn't target his buddy. Really got lucky there that I'd targeted andre N0.

The thunderdome was perfectly valid. Winning the 50/50 means winning the game, since he could kill Sheed afterward.

I liked the ruleset! The mafia wincon of Cop/Doc both dying probably prevents follow-the-Cop from being the best strat. At least, I didn't want to risk it. The symmetry of the Alpharius/Omegon and Ingo/Sheed is super interesting too. Prevents us from figuring everything out just with the Legionaries, since if someone is incapable of claiming a true Legionarie target, they're just as likely to be a civ PR as they are to be mafia. I especially liked that all the regular civs had information roles.

Rerolling is a tricky topic. I hosted a game once where, if I recall correctly, the Cop went totally inactive midway through, which caused the mafia to win when they would've otherwise lost. It felt kinda awful, so I can understand rerolling. Probably for the best when there's a player who is new to both mafia as well as the forum overall.
Forum Games / Re: Elements Mafia 79 - by MasterWalks
« Last post by MasterWalks on April 26, 2022, 06:29:10 pm »
Host diary is a mess. What I get for trying to do bbcode in Google docs. I'll fix here here in a few hours.
Forum Games / Re: Elements Mafia 79 - by MasterWalks
« Last post by kaempfer13 on April 26, 2022, 06:26:08 pm »
Also both w3 and marsmoons inadvertently almost saved Linkcat if anyone had targeted them (and w3 wasnt lynched anyways)
Forum Games / Re: Elements Mafia 79 - by MasterWalks
« Last post by kaempfer13 on April 26, 2022, 06:23:45 pm »
@serp why would you ever get into a thunderdome when you think there is 3 lynches left and you are the last teammember? You need people to suffer a stroke twice and also win a 50-50. From your PoV that was a 100% losing play, actually made me hesitate for a bit.
Forum Games / Re: Elements Mafia 79 - by MasterWalks
« Last post by serprex on April 26, 2022, 06:08:47 pm »
1. rerolling roles is generally fine if you do it right. Linkcat would say I don't do it enough (he had to ask me to nerf his mafia team back in 76 to reduce number of scum vigs)
2. I didn't save marsmoons D1, I saved Oa. Two reasons: I knew Oa wasn't a PR, & I wanted to be able to counterclaim Omegon (even when I didn't realize that this is heavily a counterclaim format)
Forum Games / Re: Elements Mafia 79 - by MasterWalks
« Last post by MasterWalks on April 26, 2022, 05:59:05 pm »
Scumpad will be posted when I have confirmation they're ok with it.

Here is the targets by each night.

Here is my host Diary.
Spoiler for Hidden:
My notes post game.
First things first. Y'all suck at spelling. Ignoring Legionarie, I count 3 misspells of Omegon. Omecron was my personal fav with Oregon a close runner up. I assume some of that was intentional but still entertaining.

I'm glad the ruleset wasn't immediately broken. The first night was a rollercoaster of emotions for me. I was legitimately worried y'all were gonna figure out a way to solve the game immediately. But then targets started rolling in. Mafia briefly argued on target but final answer was RootRanger (Omegon). I was going to be super bummed to have an immediate Harrowing. Andre didn't send his target until last minute, and when he chose root I was so hyped. It made for a great N0 but also ended up being a double edge sword the next day. Everyone assumed a missed NK due to inactives, which led to a genocide of low posters. It wasn't a terrible assumption, a N0 doc is pretty low probability. Still a better outcome than immediate cop NK.

I'm happy Legionarie didn't get placed on Mafia team. With a N0 blocked NK, Mafia knows doc would probably target the same player. It would've quickly narrowed down Sheed. Without a N0 block, I still think Legionarie would've been power role on Mafia side, especially due to the inherit hiding it allows from Omegoncop.

Here's a few fun D1 posts.

Wyand hard(kinda soft) claiming role and target, as per tradition for new players.
I volunteer to help www.

Spoiler for This will make you remember.:

RootRanger getting sussed on inactives but still targeting the active players with cop.
I'd expect the Doc managed to target the same person as the night kill, but it's a valid possibility that the mafia just didn't send in a target. In which case, well, the less active people would be a bit more likely to be mafia, so :/
If mafia slept through their NK, then the inactives are more likely to be mafia. If mafia and the Doctor both targeted the same player, probably someone on the more active side, then the active players would be less likely to be mafia, so, same thing.

Linkcat (1) - serprex
PlayerOa (2) - Linkcat, RootRanger
marsmoons (2) - Mobian, kaempfer13
kaempfer13 (1) marsmoons

I would also be happy lynching shockcannon.

This might also be helpful.

N1 and the following day were pretty bland at first. Clearing up inactives in the thread saved me some time, but I still reminded all players when they were on final phase to post before modkill, and all posted. I did get pretty excited that Omegon found Sheed at this time. I bet that put Root in a headache but a good one. N1 in the end became a huge factor in fact checking.

I did find this post interesting
Mobian switch to www3 or timpa & I'll follow & timpa will follow on www3 & kaempfer get off marsmoons
I don't think serp was actually trying to O R C H E S T R A T E or invest in wagonomics, but truly wanted his friend to enjoy the game for a bit longer. Nice guy.

Later on, this post here put me in a difficult spot.
If you didn't receive a PM with results, but feel that you should have, please let me know. I'm getting reports some got the PM and some didn't.
If you are a Legionarie, even if your target makes no target themselves, you should still see a PM.

I have not received a PM.

Glad to avoid NK. I thought: if kaempf is truly scum, I’m the target for NK.

Now agreeing with kaempf and will watch Link.

First Captain Sheed Ranko- Target a player. That player can not be Night Killed this night.

How does this play out? If mafia votes Sheed’s protected player, do they lose their vote or do they choose another?

Mars didn't target at all. I'm not sure if he thought he did, or was trying to decieve everyone. Bad taste but galaxy brain if it was deception. I told him so in PM and never got a response. I'm curious to know now.

The thunderdome of RootSerp was the climax of the game and a damn good one. I believe if serp lied and said he targeted Andre N1 (instead of link which was also a lie) he could've convinced most players. No one targeted serp N1 to refute his claim.

My votes on best player go as follows:
andretimpa is underrated. Dude plays super well all games and always get sussed late game. He didn't listen to everyone about N0 missed NK was due to inactives, instead he made the correct choice of targeting Root every night. After Mafia 78 serp and I had a discussion on how underrated Andre is and seeing it first hand cements those thoughts.

Root gets my vote simply for sending his targets with a real quote from 40k, and even going as far as keeping it Alpha Legion related. Nerd respect nerd. Also had some nice thunderdome plays.

My 3rd vote is probably Link. I thought his Ingo target on serp N1 was for the memes, but he thought ahead enough to know how big of a deal that would be after he died. It didn't really work since no one targeted serp, but it shows Links forward thinking and planning ahead.
Kaempfer is a close runner up for being a good town leader.

No offense, but I did find the SerpCat team a bit disappointing but still entertaining. They played exactly how I imagined. The bickering and bussing was expected. Link making the most High Risk Low Reward play of targeting serp N2 was a lol moment, but other than that, nothing unexpected. They did communicate very minimally as you'll see in scum chat which actually showed some skill.

Link saying I am a competent host made me blush, but I do have a confession. When I rolled roles for the second time after marsmoons signed up, marsmoons got Omegon. I made the tough decision of rerolling Omegon. I didn't want a new player under that much responsibility, and tbh I'm glad I did. He never sent a target in and was pretty inactive. Maybe it could be entertaining, but not a balanced game especially with SerpCat on the other end. If wyand would have rolled a power role, I probably would have kept it since I know him personally to be very active and intelligent. I'm curious to know, both morally and game spirit, if this was the right choice? I couldn't exactly ask anyone for advice since that would give away a townie.

Forum Games / Re: Elements Mafia 79 - by MasterWalks
« Last post by MasterWalks on April 26, 2022, 05:51:25 pm »
Serp and ending Mafia games early, name a better duo.

Town wins!

I'll post more in a moment.
Forum Games / Re: Elements Mafia 79 - by MasterWalks
« Last post by serprex on April 26, 2022, 05:51:03 pm »
You are a fan of your nautical rules, aren't you, Serprex?

Oh gods, I just realized with as much as they bicker, a SerpCat scum team would be really nasty for us.......

Mobian isn't wrong. Nautical rules are hilarious
Forum Games / Re: Elements Mafia 79 - by MasterWalks
« Last post by Mobian on April 26, 2022, 05:50:00 pm »
Well damn... and to think I called it N0.....

Was wrong, it was D1.
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