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to get back on track
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dont do it math
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i enjoyed endgame alot more than i expected to.
I liked the defeated tone they opened with; tony monolouging to his broken helmet about how he had to try to save the world even tho he had a life with pepper beginning to start, begins to foreshadow his eventual self sacrifice. it was quickly undercut by a humorous scene but oh well.  the killing of thanos and 5 year time jump caught me by suprise and i got really excited not knowing what to expect, the time jump was basically expected but killing thanos outright was not. On the whole the first act was surprisingly dark with how broken the remaining cast were and i quite liked that. was not really on board for the time heist, they say that time travel doesn't work the way it does in back to the future and namedrop literally a dozen other timetravel movies and then they fuck up their own timetravel rules super hard. There are so many hanging threads, whats going on with loki and the tesseract, surely that cant be good for that universe the 2012 time and mind stones came from? An elevator full of 2012 hydra agents think that Steve is a part of hydra now or at the very least think Steve knows they are hydra, how could this not be addressed after the cliche rule of not talking to your past self was established. This didnt strike me as a problem at the time because the first act has already emotionally drained me and the 'heil hydra' line was too much fun in the moment but on reflection it became a problem for me. Also didnt like that the time travel that was inevitable come from ant man rather than the time stone. this leaves time travel as an option in every future movie and it is not the messy possibility i wanted for the MCU. I would have prefered that the time travel soloution was powered by the stones and that the stones were then all destroyed again for the safety of the universe. Third act was a blast of pure fan service and i loved it. was worth seeing in theaters just for crowd reaction of cap wielding mjolinr. have so much respect for the writers by having pepper say 'you can rest now' instead of [itll be okay.] Even tho i normally have a hard time separating character from actress with Pepper because Gwenth Paltrow is such a cow that line still hit me so hard 10/10. where was the post credit scene of cap returning the soul stone reeee.

in regard to thor
i have seen a lot of outrage about 2023 thor about how they were playing his drunkenness off for a laugh and that the joke went on too long but i disagree.
Thor is one of the most tragic characters in the MCU and his character explores loss;
    (its been ages since ive seen thor 1) but his story starts with his arrogance ruining a truce between asguardians and the frost giants, his father who he respects strips him of his birthright of throne, his godly powers, only being able to use his hammer again once he was "worthy"
Lets examine where thor is at just before the time jump: His mother is dead. His father is dead. His thoughts about his father are shattered after he has learnt that the peace on asguard was won through bloody war and imprisonment of his sister whos existence was kept secret from him. His sister is dead. His brother is dead. His homeworld is destroyed. half his people were killed. Then infinity war starts, Thor thinks of himself as the strongest avenger and has at this point lost more to thanos than any other avenger so feels the responsibility to take thanos out is on him, he comes painfully close to killing to stopping thanos before the snap but he missed his chance. it is important that this defeat was not a lack of strength on thors part but simply a missed oppotunity to aim for the head and stop thanos outright. HALF HIS PEOPLE DIE AGAIN. half the universe is dead and thor feels as if the blame is on him. he stews in his rage for 3 weeks knowing thanos is out there somewhere with the stones and that it is up to him to avenge the universe. Then on titan II they find thanos and the stones are destroyed, thors one shot to fix his mistake is gone and he kills thanos, half the universe is gone irreversibly and so is thors enemies. thor had been constantly fighting since ragnorok and had not processed all he has lost ( hammer. father, image of father, broher, sister, 3/4's of his people and his homeland) he had constantly had an active enemy to chase but in this 3 weeks between the snap and titan II he had been stewing on anger with his failures. when he killed thanos there was nothing for that anger to do, and how did thor react?
It broke him
he has no hammer to see if he was worthy (important to note that his self worth is tied to his ability to lift his hammer) he is living with the last of the asguardians on earth in the location where his father died. he has no hope of redemption. this is truly a tragic place for his character and it is no wonder why he has slipped into alcoholism and depression. If i were to change how thor was done in the movie i would want to see the themes of finally dealing with emotional baggage, alcoholism and depression explored more than what they did. I wouldve like to have seen an even more broken thor but they still went suprisingly far with broken thor for a movie that needs to sell to 8 year olds
this is what makes the is the end of the third act make sense for thor. He has his hammer back and with that his self worth and confidence and just as importantly he has an enemy to fight again. Thor is a warrior.
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