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Time Sport's Entry: Notice Goal! https://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=67367.msg1293815#msg1293815
« on: September 21, 2019, 11:39:24 pm »
This is a Team sport.
Two uneven teams create a setup while pushing to their goal, a hit instance of Time.
Field is an area of 38 width x 40 lenght cubit, or about 17 x 18 m. It's divided in half.
There are 9 rows of 4c plus 1c wide sidelines. 5 columns of 4c span for both sides.
Areas are set for various actions and modifiers.

The start position is as follows:
Record Urchin (Deja Vu) posse goes at the front. Three of them make the front line.
A single Time Elemental goes behind. There are also 3 Scarabs on the sidelines.
Two more Urchins go on the back, they provide positional support.

The 2nd team has 2 Duel Ghost (Ghost of the Past) at its front, 2 Scarabs behind.
An opposing Time Elemental can start anywhere in the center of the board.
There's also a Devonian Dragon at the backmost row as support.
It may move sideways, and attack with fire in any direction, only to open lines.

The goal is different for each Player:
First player:
Get 2 of own Scarabs to the Dragon row.
Bind both Ghosts between Urchin path lines at the same time.
Second player:
Get a Fireball or a Scarab to the back row.
Down 2 enemy Scarab with own Scarabs.

The Urchins and Ghosts have varying stats.
An elite Urchin easily holds 3 instances of itself at any time.
Stats are thus: Power 2-4 Speed 2-4 Body 2 Units 2-4.
An elite Ghost may reverse 2 instances or delay 4 moves in a single round.
Stats are thus: Power 4-7 Speed 3-5 Body 7-9 Range 3, 4.

Scarabs are always:
Power 3 Speed 4 Body 2.
User gets 4 points to add buff.
Dragon is always calibrated to:
Power 8 Speed 2 Body 8.
Attack of Dragon is:
Speed 6 Body 5.

Elemental can Shift the Time of instances, but not of Scarabs or Fire shots.
Its movement is restricted by other players, must move in free move bursts.
Opponent Elemental can change the direction that a Fire shot was fired.

Move: Straight or Arc moves are allowed. First leaves a line which the unit can appear again. Second is used for other moves.
Repeat Instance: Create after-images by setting instances of itself. They can act as shields or as sentries.
Launch: Scarab goes at higher speed when launched. Can drop an enemy Scarab for instants, bouncing 1 away, past or back.
Needle: Urchin stops and fires, shutting an opposing Urchin or Scarab path for few instants. If it hits something, that unit can perform a move itself, then it's reversed for few seconds, otherwise it skips time, moving at will, then taking a stat penalty.

Move: Can move to adjacency, then it may Swing, or Dash a distance and Whip.
Swing: Knocks enemy back. All instances are affected.
Whip: Undoes target Urchin instances. Triggers a new set in that line.

Fly: Movement. Follows the Elemental directions.
Block: An attack will be blocked without effect to the instance. Player 1 Scarab use will trigger 1 Dragon's Fireball.
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