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Some of my most recent works https://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=55228.msg1148781#msg1148781
« on: August 01, 2014, 11:47:16 am »
Hello guys and girls,

it has been some time since I have checked in here, but I have not been inactive in my writing deeds. I have actually published a couple of poems in US magazins, so I have that going for me. ;) A couple of my most recent poems:

Spoiler for "Through the eyes of a child":
I wished I could see the world
through the eyes of a child again.

Amazed, I would gasp at cars passing by,
shake the withered hands of scruffy vagrants,
and hurry to reach the pot of gold
at the end of the rainbow.

I would take the world for what it is;
convinced that there is a purpose
to each, and everyone, and everything,
and that the warming smile of the morning sun
is all I will ever need in life
to be happy.

I would dance around the muddy freckles
soft rain paints on the dusty ground,
believing that it is the face of earth
that reaches puberty.

I would love without limits;
oblivious to the painful sting of unrequited love,
my heart will be a hearth for friends
and strangers alike.

I would read stories
in brick-patterns and zigzag pavements,
or dream of fabulous creatures
which I once heard of in a lullaby.

I want to wonder, wonder -
I want to wonder again!
And if not until the end of time,
then at least until I breathe my last;

unaware of my last day's nearing yet,
but knowing that one day I
would be old enough to
say stupid things like

I wished I could see the world
through the eyes of a child again.

I wrote this piece for a contest on deviantART about childhood memories. It is a piece I wanted to write anyway, so that was a good excuse to finally raise the pen. :)

Spoiler for "Eye for an eye":
"Turn the other cheek!"
a priest commanded,
spittle dripping from my face;
I was searching for
a way through life and
thought Hell! Why not?
and let him slap
the other cheek too.

These pretentious words
weren't any use though, so
I thought Why follow
what the bible says?
I should do it
the other way around!
Instead, I lived the
'eye for an eye' way--

I passed every blow back
and turned every joke
upside down, and
it was great fun! --
but then I met a bloke
carrying a gun, and
finally, I knew what
the bible should have said:

For living by 'eye for an eye'
one needs to have a
damn lot of eyes.

When there is one thing I love, then it is irony. In this piece, I tried to convey that even the naive and stupid people possess wisdom through experience, even if the way they obtain it is unlike that of the intellectual. Sometimes, we just got to learn things the hard way, aye?

Spoiler for "When the rain pours...":
when my clothes drown in water
and clench to my skin,
when droplets of water
mix with my tears
to tickle my chin,
when rain pours like
it is the last day on earth,
then I dance and I dance
all through the rain;
then I spin and I spin
through empty alley ways.
then I will spin around
as time

I love rain! I love to walk through rain, with a t-shirt and normal jeans on, until my clothes are so soaked with water that it simply trails down my body. It is a purging in a sense. :)

Spoiler for "Empty Canvas":
you are an empty canvas.
no taint stains your blank perfectness.
a white scenery of unbound potential and
infinite space for acrylics or watercolour.

I can imagine dream castles,
and surreal landscapes of cheese and cake,
knights battling dragons for gold and glory,
and fabulous fairies turn strands of hay
into magic carpets.

I see flying ships dive into a sea of clouds
bathing in their oscillating depths,
and birds made of words pooping phrases
on their quarterdecks.

in my mind I see dragonflies dance before
a dreamy lake's shores,
and I swear I hear them hum
an alluring melody,

but the image fades -

you are an empty canvas again,
and none of this is you.

The poem has many levels of understanding. I wrote it after my ex-girlfriend broke up with me, and it sums the relationship up pretty well.

Spoiler for "Tourette-Sestina":
"Let it be said, you fucker,
tourette syndrome is not fucking funny.
The ever-present hiccups of cursing
surround me like shit on diarrhea.
I utter swear words at unpleasent times,
shout uncontrollably at passers-by."

"What you look at, pisser-by?
Go mind your own business, you fucker!
I too wish I could be silent at times;
hell, do you think I find this shit funny?
Shit escapes my mouth like diarrhea!
Fuck it! It's the curse of fucking cursing!"

"When did I start the cursing?
I don't fucking know, random passer-by.
I think I had verbal diarrhea
when my mouth slipped and formed the word fucker.
I was a kid and thought it was funny,
but dad beat my ass more than sixty times."

"It's been like that many times.
I was beaten so often for cursing,
that sometimes my head felt kind of funny.
My mom gave me a gag for passers-by
so I would not curse at them, these fuckers!
God knows what causes this diarrhea."

"I know that diarrhea
is something different, I heard it times.
Co-pro-fucking-la-lia, you fucker.
Yeah, that is the doc's term for my cursing.
Told me to be quiet 'round passers-by,
they would find my cursing less than funny."

"But.. you know what is funny?
My favourite word, it's diarrhea!
I will repeat it around passers-by;
again and again, for so many times..
'Diarrhea, fucker!' - God bless cursing!
Docs say I'm crazy, but fuck these fuckers!"

"You think it's funny to tell me times
that my verbal diarrhea is called cursing?
Hey, fucking pisser-by, you barf bag remain a fucker."

This sestina was a lot of fun to write! In the words of a 4chan-kid, I would probably be labeled a 'new-cigarette poet', because I like to walk ways not treaded before. Sestine are traditional poems that, instead of rhyming, use 6 so-called rhyming words which are repeated through the entire poem as the last words of the lines, which are scrambled with every stanza. I was poking fun at a fellow poet from the US who has absolutely zero sympathy for curse words in poetry. Well, I showed her it's possible. :P


If you guys like my poetry, I will make sure to share more. I have a ton of other poems I'd love to post! :)
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