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Dragon of Atlantis

 :water Chapter 1 - Voyage to Atlantis Island
Spoiler for Hidden:
Samuel, the main character of the story
Banging his dry, scaly fist onto the old table, he asked for more jugs of cottage brewed beer, he pretty much do not seems self-aware of his pathetic state, and he pretty much does not seems to look like our main character for the story, but in fact he is actually our main showman of this story.
But our story is not a linear copy and paste story of other popular story books talking about a hero fighting against all the evil in the world.
The person we are going to read about is barely even a good person, and right now he is just a lazy garbage that is trying to get himself drunk and unconscious.

A man with pristine clear face guy with nice and tight clothes stepped over to the drunken man,” Hey pal. Are you alright?”
The man with red rosy cheeks struggled to peel open his eyelids to peer at the nice guy trying to console him,
”Fine, I am just drinking the last bottle of wine in my life."

"After this nice cold beer, I will be heading to the Atlantis Island.” Instantaneously, everyone in the bar laughed out loud, there were fist bangs on each of the table and people were whispering,” That guy is mad.”
Samuel didn’t knew what the jerks were laughing about, even the man with pristine clear face turned away and left in awkward silence.
Samuel felt uncomfortable and nauseated, he had this fishy smell in his own breath, he headed straight right out of the bar and puke out vomit to the wild patch of grass.
The stench was overcoming, his tummy is unwell, he had reached his limit for the day.
A guy appeared and offered Samuel a towel. It was the same guy that talked to him.
Samuel offered him his thanks and asked for his name.
"James, I am an adventurer just like you. If you need a hand, pigeon me."

Samuel was supposed to embark on his trip tomorrow, he figured he should get a deep sleep as there is a long voyage ahead.
But when he climbed up the stairs of the Inn that he already paid for the overnight sleep, it felt like he was missing a little bit of fun before he leaves everything behind.

To his dismay, he couldn’t find a seductress that wants anything to do with a man with horrible stench, he left the Inn and head to the nearest nurse house.

Previously in the morning, he had passed by the healing halls and caught noticed of the beautiful maidens working there.
The first sight of the round cheeks and sharp eyes of the nurse with long twisted braids branching and decorating her petite face soothes his heart.

He tells the female doctor with long white cloak there that he have got depression and as he expected, he got to stay overnight for observation.

The tightly knitted bed was much more comfy than the Inn’s and the air here is more ventilated, you could even feel the night breeze coming in and sweeping across your face, and this was the moment Samuel is waiting for; the nurse wearing nicely knitted nurse cap came to his bedside and asked him,” How are you feeling now?”

The sleepy Samuel explained,” I am feeling very tired now, I do not know what is the point of life,
I mean do we came into this life to suffer, to work, and repeat endlessly?”

The nurse gave an empathetic look into the eyes of Samuel and then gave an energetic smile, "Why do you have so much suffering? Where do you come from and what do you worked as?” Samuel tried to shirk away the topic as though the nurse was convincing him there is nothing wrong in this world, but unknowingly, he let off his self-thoughts that have been haunting him for years, "I do not care, I am going to the Atlantis Island, i am going to escape everything, all the sufferings, i am going to be happy at Atlantis Island, there is no people to bother me there, I do not need to work, I can just grab coconuts from trees to drink and pick berries to eat.”

And then he started revealing his medical conditions, "I feel very sick, I have those pains in my neck, shoulders and all parts of my body, I came from the village up the river, and at the river end, the area there is obscene, thieves and robbers have better life than those whom did an honest living. I was a fisherman, but when these bullies appeared from nowhere and started attacking fishermans to steal the fishing spots, I was forced to change from a fisherman to a cobbler, yes, the lowly job of repairing dirty and black shoes, I smells the grease of the shoes and the scent of the dirty feet every single day.”
The nurse was delighted that the patient had confided in her and slowly walked out. It was dark midnight, even though there are candles shining the room, bad thoughts came into Samuel’s mind as the nurse’s butts swayed when she got out of the patient’s room. Jizz came into Samuel’s pants. Ew, you are still reading this pervert’s diary? The perfume smell of the nurse lingered in the air as he felt the embrace of the fluffy blanket, he grabbed it with both his hand and legs and moved his abdomen up and down against the fluffy blanket. He imagined vividly the nurse with her luscious black hair falling onto his pillow, while with a cat like posture, sitting on top of him, "Hey baby, how are you feeling now?”.
It is the day he have been waiting for, nobody bothered to checked him out so he automatically left the patient room. He came to the pleasant looking shipyard, he looked at the rows of long but slim wooden boats being laid out of the sandy beach for sale. To be sure, he checked his tiny bag of coins to see whether he could afford a boat, it was his last fortune actually, as small as it is, he tried out a medium sized boat just fit for his strong body, Samuel tossed his bag of fortune to the carpenter and rowed his boat out to sea, there was not much wind, so he had to paddled more than he wanted.

When he sailed far, he looked at the land he left behind. You could see the unwillingness in his eyes, he is going to leave everything behind, he is going to forsake his homeland, he is going to somewhere else where he have never been to, not because he wanted to but because of some bullies that came into his village and made his life into a miserable story.

Anger pounded onto Samuel's mind, the toxic thoughts blinded his thinking, he wished that all the villages in front of his sight was set on fire.
Unbelievably, smoke arises forming smouldering clouds, people screaming and rushing for their lives. "Did i just casted a spell?" Samuel wondered.
A nurse on another boat keeps on paddling as fast as a dolphin, when she came close to Samuel, he realized it was the nurse he talked to yesterday.
"What is your name, madam?"
"I am Suzy, I helped you!"
"Yes, thank you for your counselling."
"No, i meant, i burned the rows of villages and streets."

Samuel got shocked.
Suzy's boat was much smaller, hence, it moves quicker, as less strength is required to move the boat.

"Why are you rushing so fast?" The nurse with the creepy smile gives Samuel a bad vibe.
Even though Samuel tried so hard to row his boat, the nurse had already reached Samuel's boat, she crossed over to
Samuel's boat and sit down exposing her beautiful big thighs.

Samuel saw Suzy holding a knife, Suzy realized and explained, "We need something to cut the coconuts and berries, do we not?"
"You looked so scared, like i am going to do something bad to you with my knife."
Samuel knew something is wrong, but he cannot do much, he is in the middle of the big blue sea with another lunatic.
"I wish to go alone on my trip, please return to your boat." Samuel said in a serious tone.

Suzy respected Samuel's decision, she returned to her boat and row a bit of distance away then shouted,
"You do not have to suffer, work and repeat endlessly anymore." The nurse gave a beautiful big grin and smile.

Samuel started to regret his decision, he is a guy, he have sexual needs, he looked distantly at Suzy's beautiful face and pondered.
Then fire started engulfing his boat. "Holy no! What?" He kept pouring sea water to douse the flame, but the flame had already spread wide
and there are flammable oil all over his boat. He realized the nurse did not meant to bid him farewell to his voyage, but rather, she was bidding
him an eternal goodbye.

Flame covered Samuel's clothes, he turns into a human fire ball, he leapt off his boat and dived into the sea.
Bubbles sang a rhythm into the silence of the sea. Fishes and urchins got stunned by his appearance, and Samuel
got stunned by the serenity of the underwater world.

When they say an island, it is no mere island, it is huge, Samuel realized it when he is swimming towards the shores of Atlantis Island.
It is so unquestionably big that Samuel wondered whether he had returned back to his homeland, but no he did not as the view of this island have no buildings, no people, no smoke, no roads unlike where he came from. He tripped onto the sandy beach and all he could see was just endless forests, not coconut trees, but fruitless trees, the greenery slowed down the chorus of his heartbeat. It had been so many years before Samuel actually felt this much at ease, he couldn’t hear the chatter or loud footsteps of any human beings, just quietness that soothes your spirit, it was unbelievably comforting. He focused on his acute hearing and finally hear very low sounds of insects and birds chirping. He had lost his wooden boat, it have became a one-way trip. Even if he regrets coming here, he do not know how to craft another boat to bring him back.

Exploring the island by foot was a long and tiring process, although it is still bright, Samuel assumed night fall is coming any time soon. He head into the sea of green jungle in search of a habitable shelter, preferably one with a roof to cover him from any rainfall. There were tall trees, medium trees, short trees and bushes, it was a jungle but he could not find the thing he need for survival; a shelter, berries for food, coconut trees for water. He was getting thirsty so he changed his direction and heads uphill to get a better view of the surroundings, at the high spot atop a hill, he felt thirsty and he looked at the flowing stream of water beneath him, he splashed his burned crisped face into the river and replenished his thirst, he was so surprised that the stream of water tastes so natural.
- Editor's bookmark - code1

James held his staff pointing to the moon. The fires engulfing the villages all got siphoned into his miracle staff.
Already many wooden houses have fallen to this flaming ordeal.

"This is a bad omen. A storm is coming and will reshape the world. That drunken guy was foretold to be a savior, but he himself have forsake everything.
I must report to the king to search for the next hero!"

The two strongest kings are far apart from each other.
One lies at the North West, the other stays at the edge of the South East.

James, the young wizard serves the North West's King.

6 months earlier, the council of wizards foretold bloodshed at the North Kingdom. If it turns up to be true, South Kingdom can use the opportunity to attack North Kingdom and gain reign of monarchy power from all sides of the world. James was lucky enough to find a person of gold aura, Samuel, however his actions does not matches with his destiny, James have no choice but to call it a failure and report back to his king.

Hopefully the other six wizards on the same task found someone of capability.

The north Kingdom is guarded by a white palace and thousands steps.
Soldiers wearing winter white clothes stood regally before the shining sun.

James was in apparent white clothes too and the guards knew he is a servant of the King and let him passed without verification.

Pluto, the prince of the South
At the South of the world lives a new king.

The new king’s empire is actually located at the South East corner of the world.
The South East are the most populated empire with the highest number of military soldiers in the world.
It was a legend, a conquest empire, conquering all surrounding villages, cities and castles and it all dissolved into one united South Empire.

And there stood the young new king,” My father have unfortunately passed away, he is the one whom unite the lands, but unfortunately he did not managed to continue the rulings of these united kingdom. But perhaps he have gone to the other world to conquer new lands. My deepest sadness grows as the doves flew away over our heads, we shall settle down and made peace with the other remaining nations of the South.” Everyone stood in the parade looking at the king making a speech under the hot sun.
Then the king pretentiously dropped his leaflet he was boringly reading from.
“We will expand on our ships building and conquest the North.” The words had impaled the shocked audience, the peaceful speech halfway turned into a war speech. The king’s counsellor, Master Peter go towards the king and took up the inquisitive leaflet,” Im sorry, my fellow citizens, the new king is a little bit disoriented, we are going to focus on expanding our ships and improving our citizens’ housing for better trade and better livelihood.”

Pluto, the new king in angst didn't stopped, "In order to unite our empire into one cohesive power, we will remove all the religions except the Light Deer Religion.” The old counsellor butted in,” we will unite all religions into one religion, everybody can still continue their old religion practices in the name of the new religion, no religion will be left behind and will have a place in the new religion.”
Pluto was in displeasure but continued his own deviant speech,” we are going to open our marketplace to all the merchants that pays a trade route fee, and there will also be an entrance fee to any of our big cities by foreign visitors.” That seems like a pretty good idea to earn more revenue for the empire, the income of merchants depends on far distance trading, and they did make a shortcoming if they do not continue to come for trading in the South Empire. But Master Peter, once again rebutted in,” what the king means is that our marketplace will be opened out to all foreign visitors regardless of nationalities, there will be no trade route fees or entrance fees.” By this time, the citizens have become undoubtedly confused. Who are they going to listen to, the new king or the old counsellor?
Pluto have a rage of fire in his belly, how dare this old guy intervenes into each and every of my new governing policies, he even have the balls to send someone to give me this stupid leaflet to read out from.
The beautiful sunset across the shores have lines of mansions and bus roads, but instead of doing their routine jobs, some people have chosen entertainment as another way to fulfil their days. Inside the crowded taverns, instead of dining or downing beers, guests are admiring the new attraction of the tavern. There was a young guy wearing a mask that is cleverly drawn with a familiar face of a king and another old guy wearing a mask that have a portrait of a fragile old looking grandfather, both the masquerades were dancing on top of the stage to the sounds and tunes of drumbeats and flutes.
The masquerade king marched towards the audience and told them, “We are going to attack the North!” The masquerade old counsellor walked towards the masquerade king, “Sure, you will go and conquer the North your own self sire.” The crowd laughed at the scene, the masquerade king throws down the leaflet he is holding and peered cautiously at the audience,” We are going to remove all religions except the Light Deer Religion.” The masquerade old counsellor looked at the masquerade king, “Yes Sire, You can join the Light Deer Religion yourself.” There was some chuckles at the back of the audience. The stern masquerade king tiptoed to see who is laughing at the back, as the chuckles stopped, he continued “From now on, there will be trade route fees and entrance fees.” The masquerade old counsellor faced the masquerade king,” As you wished sire, you will need to pay trade route fees and entrance fees, only you sire!” With that, the whole of the tavern bursted into laughters.
At the castle of Infernal, inside the king’s chamber, the king that was preparing to sleep was disturbed by the old counsellor, master peter. “Sire, Im sorry to bother you late at night, I just want to let you know that everything in the king’s parade are conducted in a prearranged manner.” Pluto, master peter glanced at the king, “Are you okay, sire?” Pluto didn't showed his unhappiness inside him, “Okay.” Master Peter didn’t noticed the king’s unpleasantness and sleepiness, “It’s a really splendid looking bedroom you have.” The walls are polished with shine, the bed are made with beautiful mesh and laces and the windows have transparent glass as panels. Pluto in silk clothes that only the royal wears turns his face away from him with distaste but replied, “I understand, Master Peter. I should have followed the procedures and protocols that you taught me before the speech.” Master Peter smiled, “I am pleased to reach an understanding with you, my king. I have served your late father faithfully and I will serve you as faithfully.”   
Pluto thought to himself, I will not give you the opportunity to rule this lands with my authority. The memory of the counsellor interfering and influencing every single of his royal orders and matters had infuriated him. How much he wished the counsellor would back off now and stop disturbing him. But he remained calm like a king is supposed to be and the counsellor continued to chat with Pluto like a dutiful servant in his cosy bedroom.
Even in his dream, Pluto was all powerful and could control how his dream flows. “Guards, kill the old counsellor.” The guards with red scarf folded around their neck marched into his bedroom in a precise manner. The old counsellor stared at the incoming guards with helmets covering their faces, none of them dared to approach him. Its okay though, Pluto stood up from his bed, pulled a long sword out of the elite guard’s scabbard. He flipped horizontally the cold metal and pressed onto the old counsellor’s neck, “Do you know what your mistake is?” The old counsellor twisted his old head and stared at him with contemplation. “You are not the king, I am the king.” Blood drips from the cold metal edge, Pluto fidgeted his long sword away so it would not continue hurting the old counsellor. “I dun give second chances.” Pluto hands the long sword back to the elite guard.

The counsellor stood still.

"Actually since its just a dream, I might as well cut off your head for fun."
The long sword swiftly flew, and Master Peter's head rolled onto the ground.
"HAAhahAHAHAHHa ahAHHAHAAH" Pluto gone maniac.

He returned his stained sword to the guards, the guards took out their helmets and revealed their faces,
both of them have the faces of Master Peter.

Pluto, the king got stunned.
His face was like a lizard getting caught in a trap, shocked.

He dropped his blood stained sword onto the ground.
He awoke from his bed with tears from his eyes ducts.
He shivered with cold.

The wind spoke to him, "My lord, you have gained the power of darkness."
He looked at the moving curtain, "Who are you, why cant I see your physical body?"

"Because I am you.
You have activated the powers living underneath you.
And now I am alive."

Pluto speak worriedly, "I see no benefits to this powers."

The wind answered, "You haven't cast your dark magic on someone else yet.
But beware to cast dark magic on another as you must be willing to subject yourself into a nightmare
to gain access to your locked powers."
Pluto thought of the perfect target to be his victim, Master Peter.

Samuel, the main character of the story

He thought it was night as darkness cowed over him, his shadows is buried into the darkness, he looked straight at the sky, there was a gigantic scaly dragon descending from the clouds to him. The dragon let off a loud pitch of scream that shook Samuel’s gut. The scaly dragon had frosted ice covering all over his body, it was an unnatural sight, dragons are rare and mystical creatures that only a few would had seen one. It was no night time but the dragon blocking out the sun made it seemed like one, Samuel could sensed the danger upon him and run as he might as though he could run away from a winged beast that flew faster than a raven could. Up and down the rocks beside the stream of river, the approaching dragon heaved itself towards the frantic human. He took a change of direction and head into the maze of trees, the dragon was blocked from entering the trees that stood tall and flown up to the top of the jungle instead.

In sweat and panic, Samuel was anxiously trying to outpaced his predator. He keeps eyeing out for hiding spots but couldn’t see any.
He quickly hid behind a row of tall trees and catch his breath, he couldn’t breathe, he had to relax before he could take in any oxygen, he regained his composure that he always had and stood straight. Even hiding for hours did not stop the Dragon of Atlantis from creating a havoc, the high pitch screams by the dragon makes sure Samuel unnerved him. In a fear dilemma, he thought whether being a cobbler or being a dragon’s prey are the better alternative. Is there even any place in this god damn forsaken world that is fit for him?

Just when the skinny guy thought the dragon have stopped raging, a flow of ice breath freezes the trees Samuel was hiding behind into ice vertical cubes. Samuel was alarmed at the knowledge that the dragon can spew ice out of its foul mouth, beware of a possible followed up attack, he somersaulted like a squirrel and his foolhardy gymnastics made him accidentally slipped down the hill slide, rolling down against sharp rocks and hard boulders, he was left with a bloodied and battered body but the fall didn’t stopped, when he tried to twist his body facing upwards, he haphazardly slipped into a dark ground pit hole and landed onto the bottom.
He heard whispers in his head.
"Pick me"
He is confused, in the deep hole covered with darkness,
he could see no one.

He moved his fingers and navigate the dirty ground.
He touched something like a blanket.

"Yes, hold me and wrap me around your injuries"
 He was dumbfounded that he is listening to an object speaking,
He followed suit and the blanket miraculously soothes his pain.

He got frightened as he felt scorpions crawling over his body, but then he sensed no harm from the vicious creatures,
the scorpions seems to passed him several cards which he could not identify the details in the dark.

He chanted "Heal" and hold on to his cards as instructed by the blanket.
Energy and life force healed his body and he felt his stomach expanded by the exhilarating mana.

 :entropy Chapter 2 - Pandora’s Chest

Spoiler for Hidden:
Samuel, patron of the  :life
“Giant” is a name that belongs to an heinous man, greeted as an evil warlord, reprimanded as a vile man, dismayed by all whom stepped foot into the battlefield, he clasped onto the shiny rims of his prize loot, his sceptical soldiers warned him that the chest's design looks ominous and he shouldn’t be curious about what is inside it. It is a well known tale that those whom opened the pandora's chest would unleash everything into this world, all the heavenly and good stuffs and also all the demonic and bad stuffs. To open the taboo chest is a fool's decision. The soldiers' faces were filled with fear as Giant lifted the chest's lid up, looting the purple jewel onto his big plump, oversized palms. The skies protests with a cracking loud roar. What is done now is irreversible.

As the sky is painted with pitch dark blackness, all could heard the high pitched screams from the wind vortex above, voltage running behind the black clouds. The fearful Giant quickly retreated his troops back to their camp, or even safer yet, return to their castle, considering the eerie weather, they really shouldn’t be wasting a minute on the battlefield even though there are still more war loots to be claimed from their dead victims. Disasters animated in Giant's pupils. Meteorites striking the ground hard, tidal waves crashes onto cities, lightnings randomly zapping victims into blue charcoal. Roads and walls are torn apart by dancing earthquakes, lavas springing out from the drinking wells and melting down the farmlands, frantic tornadoes running in circles picking up unwanted guests.

There are 12 elemental artifacts in the world, they grant the users unparalleled power and authority, its the saddest news that one of the ultimate rare piece of elemental artifact landed onto the hands of the last person it should have landed on. This is a tragedy.

There is this sudden change of strong winds causing the fire to be excited, the fire grows bigger and bigger and swallow everything it can swallow, the fire spread worldwide and are famously known as world fires, villages gets burned down, forest goes up into burning flames, Giant only gets excited at the terrible scenes. Disasters bringing down cities and villages, making it only easier Giant to conquer the world and slaughter more weaklings.

The solitude island Samuel was at was also not safe from the disasters, the forests are flickering with fire, trees and bushes are burning and all becoming into a fiery heat pile of fire, Samuel could feel the heat getting closer. He started packing his essentials backpack, located his wooden boat and started steering back his boat, his only reliance of survival, over the open seas back to mainland.

Reaching the coast, Samuel could see no Inns, no people even, only piles of black rubbles and collapsed buildings. It had changed so much that it was like coming to some strange place, a place that held no memories for him. The Inns and houses laid razed upon the ground into black ashes, you can conclude the disasters had in fact destroyed this place. No bandits or robbers would be insane enough to torch down these important buildings that makes food and brings in trade and wealth from foreign visitors.

The popular streets of Neba had consisted of several fishing villages, including one of the desolated village that Samuel had spent his years at. When the village woman, Mu witnessed the breaking apart of the world as the sky is filled with rage of lightning and spiral tornadoes, her village was super duper lucky and avoided the disasters, while she laughed at her frightful sky – she saw the fires spreading from other villages to her village, houses were burning down into charcoal bits – she didn’t think that the disasters would spread like wildfire, and they sure did, and it looks like her own village is not safe from harm either.

“Father, Mother, do not bring any more things, we must hurry now” many villagers accustomed to their homeland and belongings found it hard to leave what they ever had possessed. A crowd of chaotic people charged into the direction towards the woman’s parents and snatched their belongings and bundle of breads from them. Mu was shocked but held steadied and avoided the frantic crowd, pushed her angry parents into the opposite street for temporary hideout. It was chaos everywhere, the woman felt lucky enough that their parents aren’'t hurt. Many people have already fallen victims to the disasters and chaos.

At high above the clouds, “Apocalypse, is there really a need for such extremes?”. Apocalypse is a golem that is in a human form made up of burning rocks, he gave a solemn silent.

“You are wasting precious lives and resources here.” God gave a dejected sigh.

The golem’s head hover and flared up with fire as though he was in anger, “There must be balance, if there is life, there must be deaths, the world is overpopulated with humans and that in itself is the worst disaster it can be.”

Apocalypse, the blazing golem landed on earth and greeted Giant, the Giant was well amazed by how powerful his pandora's box is, it even brought a fire golem from the heavens to his side.
"I sense no fear from you." said Apocalypse.

"I am excited instead. Lets conquer the world together." Giant persuaded the big golem.

"I am just here to let you know the powers contained within your tiny box is not to be wield by any worthless beings,
play with fire, and you can get burned," warned the golem. The golem squatted, then blasted back up to the sky to where he belongs.

Pluto, the king of  :darkness
To the South, as the fire storms ravaged the citadel, setting fire ablaze on everything, some people were still reluctant to forsake their home town. The south empire at the distant south had been decimated by the disasters, the buildings were side by side; showed how developed the nation, but the close proximity of the buildings had only made the wild fire spread faster. It was like forest fires, a fire accident that had set ablaze the whole of the South civilization. It seems that nowhere in this world had been spared from the heaven’s wrath, it have only become a living hell to all those whom still set foot on this land.
"We need to leave sire! This is no time for foolishness!" yelled the impulse old counsellor. The counsellor face were filled with terror, when the wisest person in the south starts to get scared, you know something ominous is happening. "You can go yourself, my opportunity have come and I shall not abandon my destiny." says Pluto with a tinge of fear. The counsellor looked at Pluto with dread, Pluto thought he had agitated him and was smiling inside. Pluto didn't expected the counsellor to actually walk off, the counsellor have been sticking around him so long to make use of him and his authority.
He saw the back sight of the counsellor once as solid as a rock, unmovable, finally shifting away out of the dusty fog.

Pluto was mad.

 :darkness Chapter 3 - Unholy War

Spoiler for Hidden:
Samuel, the patron of  :life
He got really hungry, he haven’t eaten for days, he needs to do something before his body gets broken down. Two soldiers making rounds of patrols saw the weak guy, “Sir, do you want to join the The Black Army?” Samuel looking like a lost puppy, “Is there food?” “Of course, lets bring you to our camp and freshen up.” The senior looking soldier pulled the tired man’s arms and lifted him to move faster.

Not only did he received food, he got bathed, he received coins, he felt puzzled, what army did he joined again? If there was one thing that would help him up on his knees and put his life back on tracks, that will be coins, a continuing supply of coins, that clinking coins will end the series of unfortunate events he experienced, there will be meaning into his life again. It seems like the Black Army is the only thing he can trust and depend for now, the soldiers there made him forget the feeling of loneliness. This is the moment of opportunity and he will change and be a part of something great.

Due to the ongoing and impending disasters, many rose up for rebellion fighting against the rich and warmongers, one group of such rebelling soldiers named themselves The Black Army, Samuel was starved and thirsty, knowing that he would get food supplies, he desperately joined the rebellion in the heat of the moment. He didn’t know how to fight, he was just a fisherman and then a cobbler, it was the very first time he is holding a weighted sword, even as he tried to find someone to teach him swordsmanship, he was in a bad form, he could not hold his sword still.

The friendly soldiers treated him to some food and gifted him a handy dagger. That very night, assassins came into the rebellion camp and slaughtered the rebellion leaders in cold blood. Samuel and a few others soldiers on night guard, stopped the assassins from leaving. The deadly assassin shove his fist towards Samuel, Samuel saw the assassin’s fist holding a knife, before the incoming slash, he instinctively brandished out his weighted sword and frantically raised it and swiped it diagonally across the assassin’s neck, blood splattered. The assassin fell down with his masked face flat on the ground, the adrenaline still trembling in Samuel hands, unable to control his impulse, he goes on and executed all the assassins down leaving traces of blood on the camping grounds.

With the brutal fight image still freshly printed in his mind, the rebels already treated Samuel as the leader of rebellion to replace the late leaders, random people from villages away heard of Samuel tackling the assassins at night, was so impressed by him that they flocked to him and pledge their loyalty to the Black Army, the Black Army eventually became the most dominant military group with the most fighters. Samuel could feel his tense muscles, he was strong, to the knowledge that everyone treats him as the leader of the Black Army inflated his pride, he should behave like a real soldier, the one that treats battlefield as the place where he belongs. As he goes about the camps during the night spot check, the night watch guards immediately stood up and greeted him like he was some kind of royalty. The aura surrounding Samuel was glowing it wouldn’t be long till he have an influence of a king.
Dashing across the endless battlefields, dead bodies littered along it, The Black Army hurried their momentum and attack every other foes with small armies. Samuel heart pounding with anxiety but little did he felt fear as he pulled out his blade from the shoulder of his foe. The battered foe lying on the ground fidgeted and tries to catch his breath and a blade thrusts into his chest.
“Kill everyone that is coming at you!” screamed Samuel. His troops have their morale boosted greatly for they had an invincible leader.
The Black Army unfortunately in the end had to face the invincible evil warlord of the North West, Giant, but morale was high, using tactics and strategies, the Black Army demolishes Giant's war troops in the battlefield and head straight for the Giant’s Castle.
Samuel was blocked by Giant, a warlord with an aura so intimidating that people can’t stop noticing him and backed off from him. Unwary of dangers, Samuel decided to close in towards Giant.
It was to be an easy win for Samuel’s troops then a dragon rose from the back of the castle, Samuel recognized the flying beast instantly. Speeding through the skies and disappearing in sight, the Black Army found themselves to be shot with layers of freezing ice.
Giant stood face to face at Samuel grinning. "Look at my dragon pet" said Giant flauntingly. That was no pet, somehow the Giant have managed to manipulate the berserk dragon. The flying ice dragon landed behind Giant and stared hungrily at Samuel.
Samuel was sure he could take Giant's head off, end the unending wars and bring peace to the world but now he stood alone against the menacing warlord and a berserk ice dragon... Samuel doubted if he could even get out of here alive.
Samuel run in circle around Giant looking for a blind spot to attack or escape. The ice dragon fired an ice blast from its mouth and froze Samuel. Giant charged straight at Samuel delivering a punch to the tummy and spin vertically his great war blade. Frozen Samuel in an attempt to save himself tipped himself off balance and fell on the dirt ground, the great war blade hit the dirt inches beside Samuel's neck.
Pluto, the king of  :darkness
Pluto was just a puppet king with the strings being pulled by the old counselor. The old counselor had more power than Pluto, he indirectly controlled the ships, the religion, the marketplace, he controls the entire Light Empire of the South.
The old counselor fled with all the citizens of the south to the center of world, where there is mountains and man-made shelters to protect them. It was a great opportunity for the young King, Pluto to seize control of his own empire left by his respected deceased father.
"This is a command, we are going to march against to the North. Where all the people constantly wage wars, we are going to liberate them!" The enormous army was unsure of Pluto since they have always followed commands from Master Peter, the old counselor, but with no sight of the old counselor, the thousands foot strong army accepted the young king’s first military command.
The army march was a long road of burning fires and lightning but the steady fortified army stood strong. Pluto helped the wounded citizens along the way and gave them a chance of better life by making them joined the army.

 :gravity Chapter 4 - Prisoners of Twilight
Spoiler for Hidden:

The battle cries have have come to a stop as the war dies down. The disasters no longer roams the world. The rebels were not killed but instead became slaves. Tied in chains, they slumbered in groups, at sunrise, they starts cleaning dirty plates then they clean the smelly toilets, and at night they proceed to spend their last of their energy working in farms, digging in caves.
“What’s the point of all these? I dun get any money!” a rough looking slave voiced his objection.
A club whop the back of the slave with a sound whack. “What are you doing?” the slave stared at the slave master, another harder hit to his redden back to make the furious slave knows who is in charge. The slave turns back to his working spot and returned to digging his mine, seeing the disappointed scene, the other slaves goes back to working as well.
“Ouch, this is hurting my shoulders”, the rough looking slave complained quietly so as not to attract attention from the slave master. “Seriously, I cant even poke a hole.” For some reason, he hit a hard ground, he stopped digging, using his brains, he analytically lifted the mud stone out. “This soil sure looks funny. What is this?” The mud stone shrinks into his hands and decreased in weight until as light as a feather, he continues to dig, to his surprise, he dug out long straight tunnel, that mysterious mud stone have given him some strange powers. He jumped inside the tunnel and escaped. Using the Earth Artifact, he becomes an infamous house robber that digs tunnels into people’s homes and steals valuable items and resell them at Dragon District. People calls him Nathan the Mad Digger.
Nobody knows where Samuel, the great rebel have gone. They regretted fighting for rebellion, for Samuel, they thought whatever they could to make themselves feel better, they thought they become slaves because they have sin and rebel, it makes their daily chores and jobs a lighter burden.
Deep inside Giant Castle, down the ground, into the dungeons. People are not living in fear, they are living in pain, the leaders of rebellions army and all those whom go against Giant are captured here. Tied in chains, the groaning and cries for salvation. Down to the most bottom and secretive dungeon, Giant holds a spiky whip and slashes loudly his whip on Samuel.
In bruises and agony, Samuel pleaded for forgiveness.
The Bun
And so the Bun stood at the bottom of the hill, summoning energy to his stubby leg to move forward. Anyone looking down at him might have supposed he was advancing to fight an ogre. But that was not that case, the Bun is just a dwarf compared to the sea of tall people walking alongside him. It was his first time traveling such a far distance for the Bun and he both longed for and dreaded his first sight. As the citizens of the South journeyed to the center of the world for refuge where the high mountains at, people started to chatter to ease the boredom of the arduous journey.
“Up till now, we have only spoken about humans and wars. Let me tell you a story of a Giant in the mountains of the center of the world. Houses, cities and shelters surrounded the mountains.
Blonde hair, silk dress, the Giant lay on top of the houses gently. Birds daringly stood atop her smooth outstretched legs. She stared bewildered into the sky.
There were neither human noises nor chirping of the birds, only silence. You can only find peace here. Where are the people?
So long the troubles, only remain quiet emotions. The heartbeat of the Giant can be felt from the trembles of the ground. The horizon of the mountain remain the same as ever."
"Master Peter, are you sure we should go to the mountains? There could be a giant? Are you not fear for your safety?" asked the short scholar.
The counselor turned around and lower his eyesight to the dwarf, "There's no giant there, that is just some folk's tale."
"Well that would be a pity, I will not get a chance to witness the giant boobs."
"Careful, you get squashed by the giant boobs."
"The serious counselor made a joke, now this is rare."
"Oh well, we still have a long way to go."
The citizens walked wearily crossed the widening grass plains.
After many days, the citizens is running out of provisional foods. The afternoon sun was beginning its downwards journey. It would be dark before they reached their destination, and they dreaded the night when they have to camp in the open plains to sleep. Fortunately, they reached upon Circle Cities before the sunsets. There was no walls barring them from entering, anyone is free to cross over to the cities. Their eyes sparked with hope and their stomach growled, time to look for food. The roads of the cities are crowded with people from all over the world.
You can see black skinned people, light skinned people and people that wear clothes covering all of their bodies and faces. It was a busy street, they started to go over to the storehouse and grab emergency food supplies.
"Hold on there!" shouted a tall guy with mustache. The Bun, scholar of Light stopped taking apples from the provisions tray.
"You will have to pay money for food."
The old guy, counselor of Light stepped in,"Nonsense! This is emergency food supplies, you can't just use it for trade, I bet this storehouse aren't yours either."
Many tall guys well dressed stood atop of the storehouse’s platform started to glared downwards at the counselor. Soldiers poured in from the doors of the storehouse, they grabbed the reluctant counselor to the public crossroads. The Bun immediately chased after.
The hungry by passers started hovering around to see what is going to happen.
"What should your punishment be?"
The old counselor have been poorly dragged across the road with his face scratching the dirty road, when he raised his neck, he saw a guy in blue dragon robes sitting on top of a chair situated on a higher ground. There was a sympathetic murmur from the crowd. “Where was I?” He blew his nose that was harshly rubbed by the ground. “Ah yes. There I was, at the storehouse objecting and mindlessly saying the storehouse food is emergency food supplies. Its true, the center of the world is mainly a refuge for all citizens to seek safety and food at, but really, at such an old age, I probably shouldn’t interfered the rude youngsters nowadays.” He sighed as that is all he could do now. "Only the guilty should be punished, I do not know what law or justice you serve, may I know where do you come from?" The counselor picked up his strength to ask that one question to determine his situation.
The wise guy in blue robes sitting in front of him sighed," I am from the Dragon District to the southwest of the world, The Judge of Dragons. Fair trade is the basics of justice and law that protects the peace of the world after the Dragons’ Age.” He did not know how many times he had to say this that he is getting tired of it.
Even being unfairly treated, the old counselor still spoke politely," I think there is enough food for everyone, why not share it?"
"I judge upon fair trade not charity."
"Can i offer you a trade then?"
A tall guy with mustache walked into the public crossroads where crowds are gathering. "I am only the judge, you can trade with Belthazar, a famous trader from Dragon District. He is the one who reported you as a criminal for trying to steal and rob his property."
"Mister Belthazar, I am from the South Empire, I have great riches but I can offer you something more. I have lots of ships built, I can let you use them for trade transportation for a dozen years as long as you would let the people here share the food."
The hungry crowd cheered and applause for the old guy.
"I'm sorry, mister, I dun know if you really are that rich or have that much ships, looking at your plain clothes, I see no reason to deal with you."
The Judge rise up, “Its' time for judge, the thief shall be thrown in prison unless willing to work as a slave."
The Bun was stunned but couldn't come up with any plans to save the old counselor, he looked at the counselor helplessly.
"Wait! What if I tell you the secrets of this mountain, the size of this mountain could hold countless of gold and treasury, it’s said that anyone that comes to this mountains in search of the treasure got killed by the traps.
If only I was there to lead the path to the secret treasure hideout."
Trader Belthazar and the Judge of Dragon District have their eyes shined upon hearing the vast richness kept in this solace mountains.
"May I know your name?"
"I am Master Peter, counselor from the South."

 :light Chapter 5 - Dragon King

Spoiler for Hidden:

Then it had been autumn, now it was spring, the seasons passed so fast that the two years passed in a flash. One could see smoke was there still from the wreckage of home fires caused by the world wide disasters. But now it mainly came from the fallen houses and collapsed buildings, it seems that the smoke have no purpose except to emphasize the black scars upon the land; violent scars that could never be healed.
Everyone thought that, with the destruction of the lands and the end of rebellions at the gates of city of Northwest where the Dragon throne stood still, the endless power fight and money monopoly would have stopped. But no no, in fact this very desolation created even more tension and jealousy between the rich and the poor. However, everyone was anxious to plow over the black and charcoal land, scorched by years of fires, and bring back their good life 2 years ago.
A poor kid with ragged clothes kicked out of Millennium City looked at the yards of blackness beyond the gates of Millennium City. Here, nothing would grow. No plow could turn the soil that has turned into blackness; black charcoal soil and soaked with the blood of rebels, murdered by the Dragon King’s army. He was finally found out by the guards that he had infiltrated the Millennium City without permission, even as he stole valuable foods like grapes and apples, the guards didn’t throw him in prison or kept him as slave, they only brought him out of the gates, pushed him out of the city yards and leaving fate to decides what happens to him. The city prison is filled to the brim with prisoners of rebellion and a slave so tiny wouldn’t be of any use, instead he will be draining their food supplies when many granaries have already been depleted of food resources, it was amusing that a person's life was so insignificant value, that he is tossed away like thrash.
The poor kid smiled grimly as he turned around, one side is a city barring him from entering but running out of food and another side is a long and wide infertile black fields. He wishes no more, he could imagine how an eyesore he was to irritate the people in Millennium City. He was glad he did been there, if he could, he would had been there to live throughout the rest of his of life. His stomach squeezed, he spit black liquid out from his mouth, the pain caused him to kneel and bow down. Then he laid face down on the black burned ground, his hunger pangs have finally helped him on his last way to the other side.

Sitting on top the throne no one else dares to sit, with pale face such whiteness like snow and drooping muscles sagging like rotten grapes, The Dragon King formerly known as Giant suddenly passed away.
Stuffing himself with delicacies, zero exercise, lack of mental stimulation, he easily reduces his lifespan.
 It was “peace" for the years the dragon king was holding the throne.
When the dragon king felled down on his throne, lying on the cold hard tiled floor of his castle hall, eyes opened staring into nothingness, evil warlords risen up and starts snatching bigger piece of land and territories that was once belonged to the dragon king like a flock of vultures picking on the dead carcass.
Soon enough, unsatisfied greedy warlords unable to control their desires, their wants and ambitions soon bring dark clouds to the kingdoms of the North. One spark of a war is followed by chains of wars and massacre, it was an internal conflict between the North Continent, but with people killing each other brazenly, the wars soon becomes the war with the most bloodshed ever known.
The Moon clan Master from Moon Village scouted into chaotic dragon king's castle for treasures but instead found bloody and dead prisoners, she sees the unconscious Samuel and was unwilling to leave him there, she made a clumsy decision to carry him with her timid shoulders back to Moon Village.
In the lit chambers, The Bun accompanied Master Peter.
The bed was white linen, smooth and cozy.
"I didn't knew the treasure of the Mountains tale is true!"
"I do not know the treasure, my boy, I just repeated this story you told me along the journey." Master Peter sounds frustrated.
"You do not know the location? What if they find out?"
"I am just gaining time for myself, and for you too." the counselor gapped open an eye at the young scholar wearily,
"Waiting is better than being a slave now, once you become a slave, everything is over...You will suffer until your life ends.
Remember, do everything you can do to stop yourself from being put into a slave pit."
"But it’s an only option to become a slave, you can remain a prisoner of crime." reasoned the Bun.
"Prison life is horrible and shit, they can stop sending you meals and you will have nothing to eat except your shit.
This is reality which your books do not preached of."
They didn't sleep but discussed some following plans.
The next day, the sun breaking over the horizon, before trader Belthazar and the dragon judge even asked Peter for the way to the treasure trove, they started accusing each other of trying to steal all of the fortunes for themselves.
Master peter smiled wickedly, The Bun  and him had each informed the trader Belthazar and the dragon Judge that each other wants to steal all the fortunes, it was a wicked set up.
But blinded by greed and anger, trader Belthazar and dragon judge wouldn’t start thinking and have any common sense, all they could think was how to kill this traitor first and take all the gold for themselves.
Forgotten in the heat of moment, Master Peter and the Bun made their silent escape. They greeted each other apart.
The Bun was curious about the treasures in the mountain, it was all just a tale but yet he was curious like many other people in circle cities, The Bun made a party of himself, village woman Mu, her parents and other treasure hunters.

Peter was of course not trusting in this fallible tale that he used to make his escape twice, first to escape punishment for robbery, second to escape from deception of knowing the locations of the treasure trove in the mountains. Peter went back to his capital of the South. To his dismay, he saw that almost all the troops have left war by Pluto’s command. He leads the remaining soldiers in his empire and embarked on a sea trip with thousands fleets of vessals to the North and enticed the soldiers Samuel brought to War to return home.
Samuel forcefully commanded the army to continue the pointless war, it ended up a hefty price to pay for, soldiers kept on dying, the evil warlords of the North have been used to battle for years, Samuel’s novice army is not meant for practical war against these savages. The long exhausting journey to the North have already fatigued the soldiers and lost many troops.

Until very little troops remaining in the losing battles, the demoralized few troops goes to Master Peter’s vessals finally at last.
They cut off the ship’s anchor and launch a mutiny, they abandoned both Samuel and Peter and set sailed to the distant Sea, to the rumored place of Paradise Island.

 :air Chapter 6 - Blissful Marriage
Spoiler for Hidden:
The parents of Moonlight handed her their family heirloom, a crystal ball, it have special abilities as its a water artifact. By peering inside the ball, you can see places from around the world, it does requires deep concentration by the user otherwise images inside the ball will be blurred. “Thank you, I shall keep this treasure very safe and sound.”

Samuel was immensely thankful of the person that saved him, he would do everything for his savior or even be his hard working slave. To his surprise, the person that saved him is a woman in deep blue dress. After recuperating fully, Samuel was brought politely by village girls to the sandy beach with starry skies, villagers of Moon Clan blows celebratory flutes and singing. Samuel felt strange, he never met upon such a peaceful situation.
The refreshing cold wind blew across Samuel's face, Samuel and his savior, Moonlight walked slowly across to each other near the small bonfire. The fire was just warm and the air is so fresh. With their eyes connected, Samuel knows why he was saved, Moonlight was physically attracted to him.
Moonlight hugged Samuel in the Moon Villagers' view, he could feel his chest heated against the woman’s bosoms. It was a wedding night and Samuel became Moonlight's husband. Moonlight is beautiful, possibly the most beautiful woman Samuel has ever seen, her long hair reached below her shoulders, waving dress below the knees, her breathtaking gaze, but in Samuel's mind, he is taking it as repaying his debt to his savior.


On board the stolen vassals, the mutiny leader convinced the troops to forsake their commanders and never face back to the land where they have all been treated like sacrificial pawns, Indiana took his monocular and see smoke in a far distance. If there is smoke, there must be land, they continued in the same direction and was elated that they had reached the Paradise Island. But what gives the Paradise Island its name is the mermaids, the mermaids were swimming everywhere at the blue sea by the beach.
The mermaids were very beautiful as the rumor says, they stayed at the island and built houses.
The sea surrounding the island is magical, troops that try to sail out of the island through the sea keeps coming back to the island.

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:time Chapter 7 - Ghost of the Past
Spoiler for Hidden:
The Moonlight village were the most peaceful life Samuel have ever been, he wants to stay here permanently, but he can’t get rid of something bothering his mind. Moonlight was pleasant with the twin babies, she supported her husband fully even when she do not know what is going on.
Samuel was packing his bag and constantly walking around his room.
Samuel asked softly while peering into Moonlight's eyes,
"Can I really?"
"Yes, just this once, since it’s so important to you."
Moonlight looking tenderly at their twin babies and hugging them with northerly love.
Samuel set off to a journey to the extreme North, where there is only desert. The heat was unbearable making him so thirsty that he is drinking his own saliva, he have got a bottle but no river to refill it. His forehead burns, nobody accompanied with him in this sandy land. Samuel started to think it’s a bad idea, stupid idea perhaps.
He got so tired that he sat down on the sand dunes and shadows blocked the light. “Oh no, I can’t see anything!” Moonlight using her secret crystal ball got anxious.


Before the sun rises, when the night is at its darkest, a stranger came into the remote village, his quiet steps and    silent steps makes sure that the villagers would not be awake by his trespassing. Climbing out of a tunnel, he got access into a hut quickly, there it is, his spot of gold, he quickly captures the sleeping baby into his soiled hands and made his quick retreat. He was stupid enough not to seal his tunnel but it doesn’t matters he digs tunnels very fast, climbing out the tunnel exit, he is going to make his escape on a boat through the seas where no trace of his escaping direction is visible. The other twin baby of Moonlight is kidnapped by the heartless Nathan the Mad Digger,”Im going to sell you for a high fetch amount of gold”, the smart baby opened her eyes to the unfamiliar face, she rolled out of Nathan’s arms and accidentally rolled out of the small pirate boat, she felled into the sea before she could even cry mama. “What a waste, I could have sold this baby to the infertile parents for some fortune.” He didn’t bother to dive into the sea as he knows he couldn’t swim, in such deep sea, he was afraid once he jumped into the water, he would be like a boulder, swiftly plummeting downwards vertically and never to see the sunrise again.
The time was moving slowly, the long corridors were decorated with floating flaming fires, it’s a description of the netherworld, right in the center of it is the hell, there is this little baby sent to hell for judgment,
The maiden grabbed the innocent baby for judgment. The Yama Judge, Judge of the netherworld, declared that the baby is to be put into eternal rest for suicide and that there will be no reincarnation for her forever, the spirit of the infant will be vanished into nothingness. The decision was of course appalling, how can a baby that is not even of an age that could think maturely be casted away to the void? The otherworld guards standing beside Yama Judge looked at the judge precariously. “How could a baby be judged,” as the otherworld guard sees that the baby is innocent, the guard bravely stopped the Yama King’s death tablet, he snatched the death tablet and the baby, the death tablet splits the dimensions and they fell into it and was warped back to the mortal land, to the paradise island.

 :aether Chapter 8 - Swordsman Guild
Spoiler for Hidden:

Samuel went back to his homeland, desert.
He died and entered the netherworld, found his father
whom gave him a relic
Samuel returned to mortal world and bandit approached him.
He killed the bandit and drink his blood to cure his thirstiness.
After many years passed when Samuel becomes a loving father
and Samuel's son, John became 15 years old, its known that as the father
had too many injuries and sickness from being tortured in the dungeon, his health keeps failing.
As John wanted to helped his father to become healthier and live forever, he search and found
a necromancer book of very ancient age, the villagers of moonlight thinks John is trying something satanic because its a necromancer book after all. They started hunting John, John run away with his treasured book
John escaped to a cave but eventually realised the cave cant protect him.
He charged out while villagers were blocking the cave entrance.
He went to side forest to find his childhood friend, David.
David told John to stay low or even live at his house surrounded
by trees and nature but in order to find out the truth in this book , he went on a distant
journey with David to the South church and sort out the mystery of this book, as it was known as the church is the best literate places in the world.
However the church people shown by John the demonic book was determined to capture him away, perhaps lock him into some dungeons.
He went alone to the church,
He walked to the altar of god and saw a familiar relic
which shine at his presence,
he took it. (The relic was stolen from a houserobbery and end up at the church.)
The relic teleported him back to the past.
He saw Samuel and instantly recognised as his father.
His father was young but stress with wrinkles.
Samuel was uncomfortable with John as though
he dun know he is his own son in the future.
John followed his father until at the island of atlantis, when surprised at the dragon
of atlantis, John teleported both of them back to the past, to the dragon age.
John sees Heliot, dragon man with his daughter, the dragon man becomes very sicks and seek death, the daughter thought that Heliot was murdered by the townsfolk and bear a hatred for humans as that what she saw; Heliot being killed by townsfolk, but she was still of a young tender age to understand that his father is suffering from some illnesses and seek death himself.
So they returned back to the future, where Dragon of Atlantis is attacking John and his father, they convinced that Dragon of Atlantis his father was actually seeking death himself, although accepted the fact, Dragon of Atlantis still hates humans, she turned into a human and took a journey with Samuel the time bender, John the death manipulator, Moonlight the healer to Dragon district to find their kidnapped twin, Mary.
(At here Samuel lost his time artifact again…)

Mary have an advisor always beside her whom is actually the otherworld guard that saved her. The guard leads all the ghosts that trespassed into the paradise island into worshipping them. They then journeyed to the center of the world, circle cities as led by the otherworld guard, actually everything is planned by the otherworld guard, from when Mary is abducted, to Mary is judge to death for suicide, to Mary becomes the Mother God.
They reached the circle cities and Mary inadvertedly wake up the dead of the past, ghosts and unexplained phenomenum started happening everywhere. The otherworld guard found the secret chamber inside the mountains where many gold is buried and also many dead skeletons, he recalled the whole dragon age things, when dragons were dominating the world, many humans were killed and eaten like livestocks, many humans entered this high mountains and seek solace and safety, they build a big city and allow everyone to come in.
One day, the dragons found out this big city, they all gathered and started to terrorize this city, they surrounded city not letting anyone out to gather food from farms, slowly the people hiding inside the city started to deplete of food rations, then they killed each other for more food rations, its was the first terrible incident of humans killing humans, the faith, moral and good in human blood drop drastically, they evolve into the kind of humans that can kill one another for food, money and woman. The otherworld guard met his friends, girlfriend and family, all ghosts, they were all innocents caught out in this brutal history, the otherworld guard thought they could live happily together whether ghosts or human...but the ghosts seeks revenge....the ghosts started haunting all the alive people down to fill the gap in their heart and rest their mind.

 :death Chapter 9 - Haunted Castle
Spoiler for Hidden:
Samuel and his group found a macho slave in dragon district and rescued him, the macho
slave pleaded them to help release the other slaves, it was mission impossible.
But they did it, long story short, they are branded as fugitives, criminals, wanted bounty posters are pasted on every buildings in the street
They of course returned back to their secretive homeland and rest out their amazing life.
During the trip to save the slave from the slave castle, Dragon of Atlantis found Earth mud artifact.

Otherworld guard stabbed Mary hence bloody Mary. Visions and phantasmal of Bloody Mary appears everywhere. The ghosts even grew more wild and started a killing festival of humans, the killed humans became ghosts and started killing the other remaining humans.
Mary then conjured all the ghosts to stay into the mountains and make the circle cities becomes empty cities.

:earth Chapter 10 - Roads of Riches

Spoiler for Hidden:
Dragon of Atlantis
she went to the circle cities and gained enlightment that dragons are not the only ones being hunted.

 :light Chapter 11 - Snow White

Spoiler for Hidden:
Along the slope, the snow stops the time,
downwards it goes, viewing back,
you see two bronze statues braving against the harsh cold
guarding the castle that has frozen stiff.

Is this what i have been looking for?
This serendipity stopping my heartbeat for a moment
that seems endless.
The cold seems untouched by others have rather
filled me up with the passion and curiosity.

Is anything else important?
Enjoying such a mountain full of pure white innocence.

 :fire chapter 12 - Samuel's Dark Past
Spoiler for Hidden:
Samuel have always been a loner kid until he meets a friend in school, not did he knew his friend is actually the prince of the state.
When Samuel's friend, Doro keeps playing with him, Samuel felt the other way, Doro keeps on insulting him, belitting his hobbies and shows him how to be a real man.
One moment, an action changed everything. Doro asked Samuel to pay taxes to him. Doro was joking but he was indeed greedy for easy cash. A big knife carved into Doro's neck. Samuel didn't even knew his father was behind him witnessing the murder.
The grand hall, only with the royalty's permission, can one be allowed in. Red carpets and red curtains filled the vast white hall.
Samuel was pulled away, his father took his chopper.
"Daddy?" asked Samuel timidly.
"Get out!" shouted his dad.

His dad shouldered the crime of killing the prince. He had to leave his family behind, his wife and son.
Days comes when the guards keeps harrassing the Samuel's mother,"Where did dad goes?
Samuel was too young to understand what he have done, he just felt sad and pity when his parents have to live apart. He dun understand how to fix the situation. The guilt in him grows little bit bigger each day passes.

"Son? Son?" the mother anxiously called out his son. The mother could not find his son in the house, in the school, even in the king's palace.

Where did Samuel went?
Samuel secretly wanted mother to go back to find father and live happily together but he didn't know mother keeps on searching for him diligently until the day she died.

With the loss of a heir, the old king loses his crown to a strong contender whom turns up later to be a tyrant, whom hosts lords in the kingdom that treats its citizens like slaves. Robbers and thieves starts a
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Nice map, though could use some re sizing :)

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Nice map, though could use some re sizing :)

resized to 25%.

was so inspired by game of thrones and with your positive support,
i decided to expand the story of Dragon of Atlantis.

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Nice map, though could use some re sizing :)

resized to 25%.

was so inspired by game of thrones and with your positive support,
i decided to expand the story of Dragon of Atlantis.

Nicely done, keep up the good work! :D
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Forewords and Updates

:sillyspin: Chapter 0 - Foreword/ updates

Spoiler for Hidden:
Novelette 10k words

Its 14/2/2018 today, i cant believe this story word limit challenge is still continuing
from 13/08/2015, its exactly 2 and a half years of challenge.
As my main language is actually chinese, writing more than 10 000 words is
quite the achievement for me.

I am supposed to keep on updating it, but as you know, its exhausting this way,
so im going to just leave the story like this and not give an ending yet not continue,
if I come back some other day to continue the story, so be it.

Writer's Goal 14/2/2018 - Expand on the story instead of increasing the length
of novel yet adding no quality or solidity to it. A great way of expanding it is to introduce
much more characters, as from examples, most good and fun stories have many characters.

But simply adding random characters into random timeline of the story might not motivate
me to make them lasts long throughout the story defeating the original purpose.
Therefore i will write background and skeleton of the characters, before introducing their
faces in the novel.

 :light This is a fantasy story based on my elements card ideas releases.

Story Theme:
"Inner self" exploration, fantasy, sword and magic fighting, traveling, mysteries

Books Anthology
Spoiler for Hidden:
Dragon of Atlantis
Special Interview
Special Preview
The Princess that saved me - Banned (Illegal Lolita content.)
Witches of the Elements - Work In Progress
Goddess of the Time - Work In Progress
Chameleon Archbishop - Future Development
Depression Island - Future Development
Vampire - Book of Forbidden - Future Development

Background information of Dragon of Atlantis

Spoiler for Hidden:

Rank system
Spoiler for Hidden:
Rank                      Address                 Description
The Swordsman        Sir                        A guild of invincible warriors that travels and slays monsters.
King                         Sire                        Fight against other kings for gold, food, land and slaves.
Counsellor            Master                     The king's advisor
Merchant               Mister                        Anyone that is rich and wealthy
Peasant              Handsome/Pretty          The common people

Characters Background and Agendas.
Spoiler for Hidden:
Counsellor of the Light from the South, Master Peter
Good at Politics, symbol White Robe.

Scholar of the Light, The Bun
Good at Knowledge, symbol Books.

Judge of Dragons, Dyrmiel
Good at Assisting/corruption, symbol blue dragon robe.

Trader Belthazar
Good at invading, symbol tall and moustache.

Master of Time, Samuel
Good at fearless, symbol pyramid

The Dragon King, Giant
Good at killing, symbol aura

Leader of Moonlight village, Moonlight
good at supporting/ husband love, symbol  beautiful

Slave, from Prison City, Fullrough
Good at enduring hardships, symbol naked.

Dragon man, Zweehar
Good at demolition, symbol dragon scales, sick.

Spoiler for Hidden:
What would you wish for if you can have one wish?
Counsellor Master Peter, I want to be of a noble blood.
The Bun, I dun need to get out of house and food arrives my home everyday.
Judge of Dragons, Dyrmiel, I want a true brother. (he means a very close friend)
Trader Belthazar, I want to be born rich.
Master of Time, Samuel, I want to stay in an infinite loop of time together with my love. (His lover is Moonlight)
The Dragon King, Giant, I dun need to wish, i get what i want.
Leader of Moonlight village, Moonlight, I want my children to be safe.
Slave, from Prison City, Fullrough, Some better tasting water.
Dragon man, Zweehar, I want to raise my daughter.

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