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Politics / Re: FEMA's new toys
« on: January 29, 2011, 09:10:59 pm »
I guess at this point it would be prudent to let something be known, especially in the face of such ridiculously logical logic.

I have considered the possibility that anything/everything I've heard as evidence of conspiracy theories is as fabricated as they claim the government's stories are. I've actually contemplated it at some length. The reason I appear to believe it solidly and without question is probably because I generally believe it, and I'm just starting to talk to other people about it, so I'm still figuring out the best way to get other people to consider my points. Lately I've been operating under the assumption that apparent confidence in your points makes one take you more seriously.

It could be better to come across as more contemplative and considerate of the theories instead of bluntly confident, since many would probably take that to mean the person is more reasonable and less extreme conspiracy theorist. I'm starting to think that's probably so. It's a learning process.

Politics / Re: FEMA's new toys
« on: January 29, 2011, 10:27:47 am »
The only "personal attacks" I engaged in against unit were that he's the kind of person the government loves and that he's accepting of propaganda.

"I'm tired of people trying to know The Truth." That makes me twitch right there. Regardless of whether the government is as corrupt as I believe, assuming for the sake of argument that it is or at some point will be, if everybody stops questioning what they're told, stops trying to know The Truth, we might as well all be signing a form to be converted to slave sheeple.

Maybe not every conspiracy theory is true. Maybe. My point in bringing up the FEMA-related theories is that they seemed a working example to get people to look more at the other theories, some of which are really hard to argue against.

Buff This Card! / Re: Crimson Dragon | Ruby Dragon
« on: January 27, 2011, 06:50:06 am »
My first thought when I saw Crimson/Ruby Dragon under Buff This Card - "...Um no."

As many have said, the difference between 2 and 3 HP is insignificant against a CC deck (what does two damage in an upped deck usually does 3) and completely insignificant against CC-free decks.
As many have said, 12-15 attack is huge. That's 9(7) turns to kill your opponent from full with -one dragon- if they don't heal.

No buff.

Religion / Re: Why Atheism?
« on: January 26, 2011, 12:56:39 am »
(I am not saying it is hard to be reasonable and believe in an afterlife, but I am saying I have yet to meet someone who does both, in real life so far)
We're a rare breed.

Do you believe there is a part of the world that exists outside science?

Your statement seems awfully like dualism, where there is believed to be a physical brain that is governed by science, and a separate spiritual mind that has no physical form, and isn't bound by science.
Yes and no. It's complicated. My beliefs are in a generally constant state of flux (a few key things are solid), and right now I'm leaning towards this:
Matter is energy reduced to a slow vibration. The energy we perceive (like light or fire) is another form of energy reduced to a slow vibration... or something. I'm not sure I have the right function. Working on it. Regardless, I believe the higher form of energy is what constitutes our consciousnesses.

It could potentially be bound by science of a sort, but not by any science we know. Kinda like how quantum mechanics can't be predicted by Newtonian physics. As is, it can't be seen but everything's made of it deep down.

Everything I didn't preface somehow with some form of the word "believe" should be considered so prefaced.
Personally, I'm more the gentle cynic when it comes to atheism. I won't accept a deity 'just because', and I find that there is some truth in all religions. I think that each and every person must learn to set aside their differences, and accept people for who they are and what they believe.
I like people like you. I was exactly like that before I found my personal beliefs, and I completely support anybody who thinks that way staying atheist/agnostic until such a time as personal experience makes them want to change, should that time come.

Religion / Re: Why Atheism?
« on: January 26, 2011, 12:33:26 am »
1) The possibility of an afterlife is not destroyed by truth, and I doubt it ever will be. Equally, the possibility that we die and are gone will probably never be destroyed by truth. The evidence seems to point to a lack of a beyond, but that can be shrugged off with the statement "Science just can't measure the part of us that moves on," or some other similar thing. It really just comes down to having faith in the apparent direction of science or faith in something invisible to science. Faith either way. =P

2) I believe that we come to this world with intention - with a plan. We forget what that is when we come here, as we forget everything before, but when we're done here we will remember and we will know if we accomplished it. I believe that we find our plan again as we find what in this life brings us unparalleled joy. I believe it's not pleasant to discover we wasted our time or failed miserably in our intentions (this discovery is what I believe Hell to be). This gives me motivation to do my best in this life for the sake of the beyond.
Point of this - I can't argue that believing this is -it- doesn't help one live a fulfilling life. I can't argue that "Just be good and you get eternal heaven," doesn't make some people lazy and boring. I can say that there are beliefs involving an afterlife that are just as motivating as "this is all there is."

3) I'ma stick with my briefly stated belief on Hell, and expand to say the only Hell is the one we make for ourselves both in this life and in the potential beyond, and also that not everything in -any- religion should be taken literally.

4) That's cool.
  a) That's awesome.
  b) If that's what floats your boat, awesome.
I will say on this point that if it were possible to remove something or someone from existence completely, I'm pretty sure minute changes at the very least would ripple out from there over time. Thus, there are always traces left, even if not necessarily to the unknowing or untrained eye.

Overall, your beliefs are pretty solid and I have no urge to mess with them. I figure if I'm right, and I'm pretty sure I am (else I'd believe something else), you're not going to Hell. Enjoying life and not going to Hell is what counts, right? Right. Doesn't really matter what you believe while your here as long as it works for you.

Crucible Archive / Re: Parturient Dragon | Pregnant Dragon
« on: January 26, 2011, 12:15:29 am »
But you need an upgraded dragon to do that.
I missed that. Limited net time = less than enough to fully read topics. I just went with it cause he said it would break pvp1 and that implies it wouldn't require any upgraded cards.

Anyway, carry on.

Crucible Archive / Re: Epidemic | Pandemic
« on: January 22, 2011, 09:08:41 pm »
Sorry to have such a lame complaint but by definition epidemics are bigger than pandemics. The titles should be switched.
A pandemic is a geographically widespread epidemic. The titles are well ordered.

Crucible Archive / Re: Parturient Dragon | Pregnant Dragon
« on: January 22, 2011, 09:04:16 pm »
2) Why/how would it break pvp 1?
PVP1 is supposed to be all non-upgraded. Rewarding people who use Pregnant Dragon by giving them potential for upgraded cards mid-battle when nobody else can get em would kinda suck.

Card Ideas and Art / Re: Name Stealer | Face Stealer
« on: January 06, 2011, 03:20:37 am »
Flayne -
1. I don't get in on something without bothering to read the previous posts.
2. Maybe I'm a little weird, but I'd give the players a tidbit of developer power and allow the name to count as a game stat. Regardless, I do see your point.
3. This is the internet. There's no reason to take a hardly serious "Be imaginative" and get all butt-hurt. If you get butt-hurt about me saying you got butt-hurt, you're missing this point right here.

Sorry I apparently insulted you, and I'm sorry you allowed yourself to be insulted through a computer screen.

Game Suggestions and Feedback / Re: Reduce the Selling Penalty
« on: January 06, 2011, 03:03:34 am »
IMO lowering selling penalty would increase play rates and more new players annually, helping the game to become even more popular and fun. Also it does make it more entertaining by being able to make better decks or change them a lot quicker so you can play against people giving a more fun experience.
...Wait, you you not being serious when you said lowering the penalty would make things too easy?

Crucible Archive / Re: Cauldron | Superior Cauldron
« on: January 06, 2011, 02:56:49 am »
my feeling on this is that it falls somewhere between :entropy and :aether, not sure why.
Cause it involves a kinda analog of alchemy, which is closest to aether here, and the spell produced is random other than element?

Regardless, I agree.

Now see, the thing is, a warm welcoming of spam is still more enticing to a newbie than the cold shoulder at cannibalistic supper.

...Yah? Yah.

Besides that, I mostly went to the intro section to raise my count to 200 for my avvie, and I took the time to personalize each welcome (unlike some intro spammers we know XP).
Now I have my avvie and I go out of habit and because I really do like welcoming the newbies.

A less-than-perfect reason to do something at first can be the beginning of a great reason later on.

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