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The Arena / Re: GOOD lasting decks that you took down from the arena.
« on: August 10, 2011, 10:48:00 pm »
Hover over cards for details, click for permalink
Deck import code : [Select]
5rg 5rg 5rg 5rg 5rg 5rg 5rg 5rg 5rg 5rk 5rk 5rk 5rk 5ru 5ru 5ru 5ru 5ru 5um 5um 5um 5um 5um 5um 5v1 5v1 5v1 7q0 7q4 7t9 7t9 7t9 7t9 7th 7th 8pt

Double draw, triple mark, 10 upgrades, 145 hp. I switched to double mark and 195 hp on day 6.

At peak.


WoE Archive / Re: (Life) YoungSot 2 - (Air) Krahhl 0
« on: May 26, 2011, 12:53:30 am »
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5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5od 5od 5od 5od 5of 5of 5of 5on 5on 5on 5on 5on 7mt 7mt 7mu 7mu 7mu 7n0 7n0
Game 1: Heal OP.

Game 2: Thought I had him. Then.. Heal OP.

Good games, Youngsot.

WoE Archive / (Air) Krahhl 2 - 0 kevkev60614 (Life)
« on: May 19, 2011, 02:35:35 am »
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5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5od 5od 5od 5of 5of 5of 5of 5on 5on 5on 5on 5on 7mt 7mt 7mt 7mu 7mu 7mu 7n0 7n0
3 base + 2 Calm Before the Storm skill + 3 fortified bonus = 8 upgraded cards.

I think the extra upgrades were really what helped me win.

Game 1: Awesome draw, with two damselflies and two wyrms, while he had very few pillars. Took him down pretty quickly.

Game 2: Much closer, with lucky RNG from fog shield saving me from death.

Well played, kevkev.

Feedback / Re: Alpha #2 - Map
« on: April 16, 2011, 04:38:03 pm »
How will the icons look in the actual thing? If there are more people, I can't imagine fitting ten icons in a single hex, if a lot of people are at a capital city for example.

Also, I believe there is a mistake in hex 131, as geyser is not spelled geysir.

Otherwise, it looks pretty epic, even if a few minor changes are necessary.

Forum News and Announcements / Re: WoE alpha will be relaunched soon!
« on: April 15, 2011, 11:55:27 pm »
Still up for it.

Jezebel / Re: Oracle : Jezebel
« on: March 14, 2011, 12:16:00 am »
Shakar's actually should have a lower chance of allowing her to get gravity nymphs.

The towers/pendulums are the only permanents, meaning they will be the only thing she steals. I'm actually not sure about the aether tower version since I don't use it, but I know that she will always use nymph's tears on a entropy pendulum before a quantum tower. Yay, seeing as none of your creatures are vulnerable to antimatter anyway.

False Gods / Re: Most humiliating FG defeats
« on: March 10, 2011, 10:30:03 pm »
I'm aware of that, but as you said, I don't think that was the case considering the number of cards in his hand. Just some RNG hate.

False Gods / Re: Most humiliating FG defeats
« on: March 10, 2011, 08:16:05 pm »
I had a less-than-awesome draw with entropy pillars, but I still got a nymph with SoR out pretty fast, then TU'ed it. Of course Ferox was even faster, and took me down to dangerously low health. However, I got his cockatrice and frog antimattered, and was set to continue antimattering anything he played. When I ended that turn, I literally thought to myself, "Alright, now the only way he can kill me is by playing two dragons this turn."

And what does he play?

Paradox / Re: Oracle : Paradox
« on: March 09, 2011, 11:30:10 pm »
You can play more RoLs to block uber-blessed creatures, yes, but you may end up decking out if he plays a mirror shield and you fail to power past miracle with dragons.

Auction Archive / Krahhl
« on: March 07, 2011, 01:50:59 am »
Buy A Slave

Forum NameKrahhl
Chat NameKrahhl
In-Game Namekrahhlxil
Timezone ( (GMT)GMT -5
Usually Online (GMT)From GMT 20 to GMT 4
Favorite elements
Preferred roles
Non-Upgraded cards
:aether Aether        78
:air Air                     57
:darkness Darkness51
:death Death           64
:earth Earth             33
:entropy Entropy      47
:fire Fire                    54
:gravity Gravity         47
:life Life                     47
:light Light                53
:time Time                 54
:water Water            62
     Other                   39
Upgraded cards       
:aether Aether        26
:air Air                     23
:darkness Darkness17
:death Death           18
:earth Earth             21
:entropy Entropy      22
:fire Fire                    16
:gravity Gravity         14
:life Life                     14
:light Light                 17
:time Time                 33
:water Water            15
     Other                   25
Non-Upgraded Rares
:entropy Discord      10
:death Arsenic          7
:gravity Titan            4
:earth Pulverizer       5
:life Druidic Staff        2
:fire Fahrenheit           9
:water Trident             3
:water Arctic Squid      5
:light Morning Star       3
:light Miracle                 3
:air Owl's Eye               3
:time Eternity                3
:time Pharaoh               3
:darkness Vampire Stiletto12
:aether Lobotomizer     7
Non-Upgraded Nymphs
:aether Aether        4
:air Air                     3
:darkness Darkness2
:death Death           3
:earth Earth             0
:entropy Entropy      3
:fire Fire                    2
:gravity Gravity         1
:life Life                     2
:light Light                 0
:time Time                 2
:water Water            3
Why I would make a good War team member                                                             
I'm pretty active in the forums and enjoy working in group events. I don't really care which element's team I join; I just want a chance to participate.

Forum Game Archive / Re: Composite Deck
« on: March 03, 2011, 04:58:34 am »
Looks like it would be slow... there are four pillars of which you need at least one to get going, and with cremations stopping automulligan, it seems you'd often not draw one early. If it weren't for the mono requirement we would've added RoLs or BLs ._.

Rainbow with a phoenix and water mark? ...

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7ds 7gp

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