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General Discussion / Re: Does elements work on a Mac?
« on: January 17, 2011, 05:16:45 pm »
I have a Macbook Pro 15" and it works perfectly here :)
Actually better than it did on my old laptop, but well... That was a really crappy one. :)

Hope it helped :D

Trio & Quartet / Fractader
« on: December 26, 2010, 02:43:14 pm »
Well.... I saw the Vader Sader deck and got inspired...
i present you the ehm..... superAwesomeMegaehm.... Fractader deck!
- now with extra super awesome :D
Hover over cards for details, click for permalink
Deck import code : [Select]
7jo 7jo 7jo 7jo 7jo 7jo 7jo 7jo 7jo 7jo 7jo 7jo 7k5 7k5 7k5 7k5 7tb 7tb 7tb 808 808 808 808 808 808 808 80i 80i 80i 80i 8pt

It's pretty simple... Fractal those Crusaders and endow the vampire effect!

So far i've only been playing lvl 3 and lvl 5s.

and well... It's a bit to slow to really be a great AI3 Grinder. TTW is ≈ 9
But for lvl 5s it works brilliant and is quite good, played 20 games in lvl 5, won all... 17 EMs.
I guess it could be used in PvP too... But then i would add in a mirror shield and maybe a few silences.

Rewinds/eternity - does require alot, and won't happen to often.
Antimatter - Just give up D: Especially if they have purple Nymph.
Gravity shield - This one has a counter, don't endow the crusaders, and you could attack through the shield.
Stall/deck-out - Well... Firelances and simply outdecking... Adding steals and/or Mirror shield could prevent it

Well... Any ideas?
Name ideas is really appreciated :D

Darkness / Re: Cloak
« on: December 17, 2010, 01:28:10 pm »
Ehm, already think i found a bug.
My opponent had a boneyard, then played cloak. One of my creatures died, and there was suddenly a skeleton and Cloak on the same time.

Ill try to take a screenshot if it happens again

Art Class / Re: Lesson 1: An Introduction
« on: December 09, 2010, 08:39:17 pm »
A Bit about myself:
Soooo, i'm 14 years old, live in Denmark, and i like geeking around on the interwebz :D
Tried to make flash games when i was younger, but failed at the art, and thats why im here, to learn how to draw simple stuff that doesn't look retardish :)

Okay, first of all im retarded with a pencil and simply suck at drawing sketches, so i simply try to make draw what i want directly without a sketch.
For this one i had no mouse, so i was mainly trying to learn the tools instead of trying to get the perfect shape, and i didn't really use the brush either.

And for the changeling i kind of imagined a dark form of ditto from Pokémon. Some kind of creepy dark slime thingy.

But enough talking, heres my drawing:

Really enjoyed the Bevel function :D

Competitions / Re: Voting: MASH-UP! Cards
« on: December 08, 2010, 02:58:49 pm »
 :aetherVote for number 13 :aetherBecause, Aether will be sad if you don't  :'(
Same goes for me :'(
And it's original and it would be awesome against (some) rainbows :D and Rushes :D

If you arent voting for it:

Issue Archive / Gravity Shield + Basilisk Blood
« on: December 05, 2010, 02:41:53 pm »
Don't know if this is a bug, but earlier today i played and wondered why my opponent was delayed but still was blocked by my shield.

Rainbow Decks / Re: Sharing is Caring
« on: December 04, 2010, 10:20:40 pm »
might want to add a PA to avoid EQ.
Great idea, ill try that

Rainbow Decks / Sharing is Caring
« on: December 04, 2010, 08:57:41 pm »
Deck Helper comment: 
This deck was posted before the 1.32 game update and as a result may work very differently now.  Use at your own risk.

Soooooo, i was messing around in the trainer when i got this idea for a fun deck.

Hover over cards for details, click for permalink
Deck import code : [Select]
6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6u3 6u3 6u3 6u3 6u3 6u3 7ba 7ba 7ba 7ba 7q5 7q9 7q9 7q9 7q9 7q9 7t9 7t9 80i 80i 80i 80i 80i 80i 8pu

The idea is simple, Generate quanta with the Towers and Novas. Stall With the Sundials, and when you have enough quanta. Fractal your enemy's creatures, and show him that sharing is great :D

Im also using a version with an Jade shield, but thats more than 4 elements and would be posted in rainbows.
But its useful against lances and Siphons

It's Clearly a fun deck, and its the most fun deck i've played yet. Might not be good, but can easily win lvl 5 matches.

Steals are mainly to show that its also great to share permanents...... Especially Fire bucklers, Thorn carapaces, Lobos and EEs.

General Discussion / Re: Elements Community Nymph Totals
« on: December 04, 2010, 05:19:43 pm »
Just got an Death Nymph today so now i have:
 :aether :darkness :darkness :gravity :life :entropy :death

Card Idea Competition Submissions / Re: Xenophobia l Xenophobia
« on: December 02, 2010, 12:53:42 pm »
-Leave the ATK|HP section of the table blank if the card isn't a creature
-Add a '.' or period to the end of your TEXT section (the ability must match in both the table and card image, word for word, punctuation symbol for punctuation symbol)

Aether has a lot of expensive cards, but this one actually justifies it the most - if you play it early enough before you opponent can get new creatures out, you've effectively denied them the ability to do any offense towards you (aside from weapons and spells). For that matter, how would this work with Animated Weapons? Since the weapon is a permanent, and it gets flown (turned into a 'creature'), would the weapon still be okay (since it was on the field before the card was played), or would it just disappear?

Ridiculous synergy with Fractal as well, now that I think about it. :P
I think i fixed it now..... i think...

And i really don't know, i guess its okay, but depends on the coding, if the Animated weapon and the weapon is seen as the same i guess its okay, but if it's 2 cards, then i guess it wouldn't be okay.

And i guess Aflatoxin, kills the creature and spawns a new, so wouldn't work. Same goes for Boneyard, FFQ and Pharaoh.

And yeah, it might have a ridiculous synergy with Fractal, but Mono-Aether isn't the best to fractal ;) But i would help an Phase spider deck.

i have a love/hate relationship with this card
i love what it does (YES'D) but i hate that its in aether
darkness would be a better home for something like this (and that Xenon mind controlling gas thingy)

Thanks i guess :D Glad you like it, and i agree here, defenitely fits Death or Darkness better, but tha wasn't allowed in the Competetion.
And if it we're darkness, damn it would be retardishly awesome in Fractal Devourer

Card Idea Competition Submissions / Re: Xenophobia l Xenophobia
« on: December 01, 2010, 07:17:24 pm »
Great, thanks for the responses... ill try tweaking one of the following days, but for now it'll be as it is now

Card Idea Competition Submissions / Re: Xenophobia l Xenophobia
« on: December 01, 2010, 06:59:50 pm »
It would be too OP if without a counter.

Imagine a version of the RoL+Fractal+Hope deck that uses this and changes mark to earth to use Protect Artifact.

Also, imagine a deck using the new Soul Catcher to get death quanta for plagues and aflatoxins + RoL + Fractal and this. Kill your opponents' creatures so that only you can play them.
I see What you mean. Seems a bit OP that way.

But im Planning on making a Xenophilia, that works the opposite way. Only new Creatures could be played. Would also counter Fractal :)

But thats also a heck of a combo too pull of.

And a Trio isn't easy to pull of.

And weapons, Lances and stuff like that can still attack.

And a Rush would easily outrush it ;)

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