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12 Realms / Re: The 12 Realms Story (All Characters Slots Taken)
« on: January 11, 2012, 12:57:17 pm »
Meeting Fate chapter 60
PoV: Alez'es (Izan'os daughter)

I didn't understand what the true purpose of going to the Aether realm was, I mean, why my grandfather suddenly decided that we go there four days after our reunion.
It was rather strange, but I was glad I was with him once again, after so many years of solitude.

Saphzar'al was rather nice as well, he seemed to be very close to my grandfather, if not his best friend. I was happy for him. My father said that he wanted to show me the things i've missed during my time in the secret underground estate.
We were riding on a small transport vehicle and phasing our way to the Aether realm using a similar ability that Saphzar'al used.
We were only but a few minutes away from it. It was beautiful, high pyramid like towers dotted the realm, the highest one of all at it's core must have been Saphzar'als palace.
It was dotted with city like clusters which consisted of various tall buildings, a lot of them emanating a strange fluorescent electric blue. The detail with each building semeed very elaborate and intricate. I could see many Aether elementals phasing from one point to another in order to get to their location. It was fascinating, a massive city of wonder.

We finally reached the main palace roof of Saphzar'al and stepped out of the vehicle. We were escorted by an Aether guard. His armor was just as glowy and intricate as the buildings, by the looks of his cape and helm, he seemed to give the impression that he was an elite.

He bowed in front of Saphzar'al and said:

"Welcome home my Lord Saphzar'al! I am hoping that your trip was a good one, I am glad you returned here safely"

Then he saw my grandfather and his eyes went wide with shock.

"Lo...Lord Izan'os! It's been a long time! I remember you being here around fifty years ago! I was but a mere child, It's such a pleasure to meet with one as great as yourself once again. Oh dear my humble apologies I must have spoken out too much!"

He dropped to the floor in a respectful and gracious bow.

"calm yourself young warrior, I remember you too for I have seen you in my visions and have seen what you may and perhaps will become, be proud and aim for your goals my child, for it is a noble one, rise please no need for the pleasantries for me, you're making me blush"

Grandfather gave a cheery laugh and the guard smiled then suddenly rose up and saluted.

"yes my lord! please allow me to escort you and..."

before he could continue he saw me and suddenly went quiet.

"uhh...umm, it is an honor to...uh, meet you my lady"

he made a smaller but more gracious bow to me. I was quite embarrassed, I didn't know what had transpired to put him into such a state or to make such an action.
He even blushed and tried to look away.

"Thank you very much, but I am not someone who deserves a bow, you are too kind, please rise" I said with a smile.
He rose and saluted in an exaggerated manner.

"yes ma'am, apologies ma'am! Please let me escort you all to Lord Saphzar'als lounge"

He made a quick spin to face the opposite direction and commenced the escort.
I caught Saphzar'al just in time to see him raise an eyebrow at the soldier's sudden and strange behavior.

We walked through very runic halls, all bright by the fluorescent lights of the same color as the light that emantes from the buildings outside.
We took a left then a right, passing various rooms. We came up towards a door marked with the Aether symbol at its center. Saphzar'al stepped forward and touched the center with the palm of his hand. Suddenly the symbol glowed to life and the door opened, revealing a strange round glowing portal, with steel legs of silver.

The guard stood and motioned us into the portal. It seemed as though he wasn't allowed in there.
So we walked in, I felt so cold suddenly as the energy from the portal enveloped us all. The feeling only lasted for a moment, then I found myself standing in front of a family mansion-like estate, it was quite tall and beautiful. The environment here seemed different, as though it were in Nerora, not that it wasn't a possibility through the concept of phasing.
It was mostly white with aqua blue accenting the edges of the roof, railings of the stairs, balconies and things like that. It seemed to be the most intricate building i've seen so far.

"Welcome to my estate, my personal home"

"I can never get over the lovely decorations of your home Saphzar'al"

"Why thank you"

It truly was a very nice building, and the very fact that it was hidden in between two dimensions was astounding, inconcievable.
We went inside, the furniture and decoration was just as impressive. The bookshelves made of oakwood, couches made of the finest fabric, glass tables and things like that.
In the center of the room was a wide royal staircase that led to the second floor, just as intricate as everything else, plated with electric blue metal on the railing.

Saphzar'al looked at me and smiled.
"Alez'es my dear, please don't hesitate to look around, feel free, my house is your house"

"Oh thank you my lord, I will it is very fascinating, I love the design and decorations"
he raised a hand.

"no need to call me by lord Alez'es, just Saphzar'al will do, your grand father and I are very close friends, there's no need for formalities"

he smiled again and I laughed nervously.

I immediately climbed the stairs to see what was on the second floor while my grandfather and Saphzar'al sat down and began a conversation.

There was generally more furniture and some paintings of Aether elementals; then I came across a very interesting painting featuring who seemed to be both Saphzar'al and my Grandfather in a casual pose together. They truly were best friends, my grandfather had generally told me stories about his adventures with Saphzar'al when he came to visit me at the underground estate.

I kept walking down a corridor until I came across a door that was intricately designed and different to some others I saw. I could see light emanating from under the door gaps, I couldn't tell what was going on in there but I could hear strange electric sounds.
I put my ear on the door and could hear it more loudly, then I thought how rude I was being and was going to lift my head until the door suddenly opened inward and with a small yelp I fell forward into someone's chest with my head down. I was quite shocked and embarrased, my head was resting face down on what felt like a man's chest.

"Are you okay?"

I slowly look up and into his turquoise eyes, lined with light electric blue on the edges. His eyes suddenly looked shocked as though he had seen something he hadn't expected. I take a quick step back and examine him. His face was very fair and quite sharp, his body was very slender and athletic though he wasn't that tall; only half a head taller than I was. He had silvery silky hair, it fell slightly above shoulder height. He was quite good looking. He seemed quite shocked, his reaction was slightly similar to that of the guard's, except much less exaggerated.

"Umm...yes i'm fine thank you" I said

He suddenly regained his composure and smiled.

"I'm glad, I'm Raz'eth, son of Saphzar'al, who might you be?"

"I am Alez'es, Grand daughter of Izan'os"

Again the same shocked expression had taken form on his face.

"I'm sorry, did you just say grand daughter of, Izan'os? The lord Izan'os of the Time realm?"

"yes, why?"

"My goodness, is he here with you? I haven't seen him in years!"

he seemed quite excited at the mentioning of my grand father's name.

"Yes he is, I'll gladly take you to him if you like"

"I'd love that! Thank you Alez'es"

I only nodded and started walking, with Raz'eth by my side. He seemed sort of shy suddenly.

"So, has your evening been?"

"Quite fine thank you, in fact it was very interesting, the Aether realm is a truly remarkable one, so full of surprises and wonder. It's very beautiful, and yours?"

"Well it was okay I guess, just same old as usual"

He made a small shy laugh and scratched the back of his head.
We decended to the lounge and found them both.

"Hello father, it is a pleasure to see you back here safely"
Saphzar'al only smiled and nodded.
Raz'eth turned to my grand father.

"Izan'os, it is indeed an honor to meet you once again, I have missed your presence"
Izan'os made a cheery laugh and clasped Raz'eth by the shoulder with his hand.

"Indeed, it has been long since we've seen each other, my you've grown into quite the man, yet I still see that same innocence in your face, you're face has not changed as much as your height and stature. You'll make a fine ruler one day and I don't have to look into the future to confirm, I have faith in you"

He made that same shy laugh and scratched his head again. I found it was a cute habit of his. My grandfather was examining Raz'eths face as though he were searching for something, then he grinned.

"So, I see you've met my grand daughter Alez'es, I hope you get to know each other and become good friends"
He smiled but then coughed as I caught Saphzar'al nudging my grand father softly in the side and looked at him for an instance.

"Erhem.. ah yes, there is a subject that I need to bring up with you, Saphzar'al shall we discuss the matter in your office?"

"Indeed, let us go there"
They were going up the stairs to the second floor, then grand father turned around and said,

"Now you play nicely kids, we'll be in the office for a while"
He winked and followed Saphzar'al.
I found my grandfather's behavior quite strange, but I ignored it, I thought perhaps he had changed after all these years.

So we ended up sitting on the couches ourselves and being quite silent.
"So, what do you do often these days?" asked Raz'eth

I felt sad to hear that question, due to the fact that I was practically a prisioner of my own danger and risk in life. Sent in hiding for the better part of my life, with no friends, no family; nothing.
In certain ways, I resented my grandfather for doing such a thing, but at the same time felt his love and concern for me because he did such a thing. But I can't deny that he could have found better ways to do it, and neither can he.

"Not much to be honest, I just came back from many years of hiding, not much to do when you're isolated from the rest of the world"

"what? isolated? hiding? From what?"

"It's complicated and a bit of a long story which I really don't want to talk about. Besides what's important now is...Im finally free and out of that place"

I felt a tear coming down my face, it was quite embarrasing so I wiped it off straightaway.
I saw Raz'eth seemed guilty of himself for asking such question, but I guess it was a common curiosity.

"Anyway, what do you do Raz'eth?"

"Well, generally I just help my father out with some deeds involving tactics and security for the city and the realms military. I also am currently conducting a research based on the limits and maximum saturation of raw Aether energy, and how to implement them within other elementals and objects. Of course I've only been into it for two years now, it'll take much more to actually make it happen, but prototypes recently have proven to be successful. Eh... sorry am I rambling too much?"

"No! not all, I'm quite interested, please keep going"

So thats how one great chunk of the evening was spent, me and Raz'eth exchanging stories (though I didn't have much to tell, only small parts of my earlier life) and facts.
I found Raz'eth to be quite a nice person, he seemed just as innocent as my grand father told him he was. He had some funny and cute habits like being shy at compliments and scratching the back of his head while laughing nervously. He was quite cute.
For being the first guy or for that matter the first person that i've seen besides my grandfather since my ages in hiding, it was a great experience and step for me.

"Say, would you like to see something interesting?"

"Yes, of course"

"Come with me"

We climbed the stairs again and back to Raz'eths room. He opened the door and gestured me in, the first thing I saw was this strange electric aqua blue light. I thought it was right next to us at first, however it seemed to be at a great distance toward the end of the room and I could see it was behind a thick glass screen.
 It was a strange sphere about 4 feet in diameter. It was held on a pedestal and was glowing a lot. I could hear a strange humming noise coming from it.

"Wow, so this is your experiment, this is full of aether energy?"

"Yes, it contains so far ten times the amount of energy six elite soldiers could produce at max in one instant, or so calculated."

"So, thats enough to do what exactly?"

"Beside's from destroying this entire building, It could cause an actual space rift to open if released and combusted at one instant, of course this has never been tested due to its dangerous nature"

I was quite shocked that he'd have something dangerous like this in his house, that said something else about him.

"And this is in your house because?"

"I couldn't find anywhere else to put it, I couldn't put it in the actual palace outside of here because it would put other people's lives in danger, however if I put it here, where just me and father are, we could easily phase out of here before it actually combusts if anything were to go wrong. Im sorry if it seems so vague but I didn't know where else to put it. In all honesty I didn't think I was going to be able to grow it to this size. At first it started out as the size of a small marble. Two years it took to be able to grow it into this size without it combusting and blowing up."

He laughed joyously and kept smiling at his work. We looked at it from the other side of the glass. Only then did I notice the rest of the rooms features. Mainly there were many test tubes and glass like loops that contained moving liquids which traveled from one test tube to another at certain moments. I could hear some bubbles from boiling liquids and drops of liquid falling on other surfaces. It was quite a fascinating laboratory.
So it was true that Raz'eth was a studious scientifc person. However what seemed strange to me was that this didn't seem to fit his personality at all or at least the person that I saw from the outside.
First off I thought, he had quite an athletic body and seemed to like being active and exercise, something I'd expect most scientists to hardly ever have since they spend hours on end in the same room and same chair or position (the reason I knew so much was because I was schooled at the secret underground estate). Secondly, he never uses any strange scientific words or keywords, he has a habit of using the words "thing, liquid, energy, etc" but no actual definitions or actual names. I was wondering if he were hiding the true nature of this thing. However I never wanted to impose, so I left it at that, I even wondered why he had shown it to me in the first place. Im thinking, hes only known me for like four to five hours and yet he shows me a piece of dangerous scientific work, conducted for perhaps over two years. It was all quite strange. I tried ignoring it, but I couldn't over look this so easily. So I was going to keep my mind open to it and be cautious.
 "So, what do you think?"
 I woke from my thoughts so suddenly that I flinched a bit.
 "Umm, yea I think its quite beautiful, yet so destructive"
 I laughed at what I had said, it seemed so corny, Raz'eth had caught on to it and we both ended up laughing about it.
 "Yes, that may be true, but this thing will one day become a great asset to not mainly miliatiristic properties, but essentially for medical purposes which is the main reason I do this. If we can harness some saturated energy and use it to restart an aether elementals energy flow, we can save that person from energy clotting which tends to damage the insides of people because of how it stacks on one spot and also causes back flow which interrupts energy flow to cause chemical reactions within the body. Certain aether elementals suffer from such a disease, at least i've classified as a rare disease for now"
At that moment I truly saw why he was doing this, I was beginning to think he was some kind of military freak of some sort, but it turns out he must have personal reasons for wanting to help such disadvantaged people, it was very nice of him to dedicate so much time for the cause of others. He suddenly seemed like the nice Raz'eth I had met once again. It also explained why he wasn't using so much scientific terminology, since he was doing this perhaps because of a hardship he had gone through in the past. I would have also thought that after two years he would have gained a lot more energy than this, but again it explained itself after all, he needed to read about it and find more information before conducting such experiments which counted as part of the entire research. It all made sense at that moment.

"Sorry, I must be boring you with all this stuff, would you like some fresh air?"

I was beginning to think that his meaning of me being bored or uninterested in such affairs had something to do with my gender, however I knew he wasn't that kind of person, but I had an idea at that moment and decided to play a joke on him out of sheer randomness.

"Are you implying that because I'm a woman I naturally wouldn't be interested in science? Is that some kind of sexist joke?"

"Huh!? Err, well, I, No no noo!. I meant it sencerely to consider your, er, personal interests and um, wait no, that's not right. I mean, I want to consider your needs and perhaps, er  other interests, and, oh yea! And also to show you around more rather than just one place!"

He laughed very nervously and scratched the back of his head vigorously, but this time he was blushing quite a lot on his face.
I smiled in a cheeky way and laughed so hard at his reaction, I couldn't stop for at least twenty seconds.
"It was a joke silly! Of course I know you wouldn't mean such a thing, even though I've only known you for as much as today, I don't think you're that kind of person!"

I smiled and giggled. He paused and looked at me with a rather strange expression.
Then he started laughing out loud and I couldn't hold it, we both started laughing again for a few seconds. At that moment as we were laughing ourselves like crazy, I took a step back and slipped on something, then I doubled over toward Raz'eth to keep myself from falling backwards, I made a yelp sound as Raz'eth heard it and looked shocked as he saw me falling over toward him. He was caught by surprise and fell backwards as he caught me. I shut my eyes tightly.
The moment we landed on the floor I found myself lying on top of him, staring into his bright blue eyes. I could feel his breath on my lips and feel him holding me tightly against him.

We glanced at each other for what seemed to be an eternity, our eyes locked on to each other as though they were inseperable magnets, as though they were one.
I had a strange sensation run through me, it almost felt like a rush of heat through my veins and heart. However in that same instant I came to my senses and tried to get up, but Raz'eth was still pressing me against him.

"Umm Raz'eth?"


"Thanks for saving me and breaking my fall, but could you please let me go?"

He seemed confused at one point but then came to his senses.

"OH! Umm, yes of course, so sorry"

He let go and I got up slowly, as I did I helped Raz'eth up as well. I examined him.

"Are you hurt?"

"What? No I'm fine thank you, more importantly what about you? are you okay? are you hurt?"

I laughed briefly

"No of course not, you caught me and saved me from the fall remember?"

"I'm glad you're okay, what did you slip on by the way?"

I looked at the place where I slipped and found a small cork. I gently plicked it up and showed him. I laughed a bit.

"Oh dear, I'm so sorry, sometimes I can be so damn messy when it comes to tiding up this room"

"No, its okay, accidents happen and besides no one is perfect, we all forget things sometimes, I can be a bit reckless and clumsy too"

"No, nothing to do with you, it was all my clumsiness, but im glad you're okay"

He somewhat exhaled in gladness, though as he spoke those things, he seemed pensive and at the same time shocked.

"I guess I'd like to take up your offer on some fresh air now"

"Oh yes, of course, come this way"

I followed him through another corridor until we entered another room, this one with similar furniture but it was a bedroom, with a double bed and a balcony. I pushed the dark blue curtain away and we stepped onto the balcony. There were two seats at the end of it, the balcony rails seemed just as intricate as the railing of the stairs to the second floor and its floor was made of white marble. Below us was the garden, it was very nice, with a large round fountain in the center of the field, the flower beds seemed to copy its shape and surround it partially.
It was very beautiful and there was a light breeze. I took in a deep breath of fresh air.

"Thank you Raz'eth"

"For what?"

"For saving me and giving me some fresh air"

We both laughed as we sat there just watching some small exotic chirpy birds fly around the garden and land on the fountain to drink some water. It was a beautiful peaceful afternoon. I was finally grasping the true feeling of freedom.

to be continued...

Forge Archive / Re: Hunter | Slayer
« on: October 18, 2011, 06:07:41 am »
I don't like the random targeting. I think an active ability would be better.
that depends though, think about it:

refering to its upgraded form, It has an attack of 7, most creatures in the game have lower hp than 7, The creature card would be too OP if one had the choice of which to destroy, remember its a creature ability; not a spell card, and imho, I think its already very powerful.
however this statement is only applicable if you are suggesting it to be a "choice" of creature rather than random.

Level 3 - Armory / Re: Cloud | Stormcloud
« on: August 25, 2011, 05:13:54 pm »
*erhemm, coughs* it was my idea to add the lightning passive ability u know  ::)

wow, this topic has stayed alive for quite a while, it always spams my inbox ^^;

Crucible Archive / Re: Corruption | Despiser
« on: August 16, 2011, 11:39:35 pm »
nice, interesting take on anti-rainbow decks,  like it,

btw, typo on upped "turn" -> "turns"

Forge Archive / Re: Catalyst | Catalyst
« on: August 16, 2011, 11:37:16 pm »
i'd say changing it to ALL creatures on field, not just enemies, that way you can spam it on yourself, but also making it risky if opponent has creatures on field, typically ones that have 4 or less atk.

12 Realms / Re: The 12 Realms Story (All Characters Slots Taken)
« on: August 02, 2011, 04:33:01 am »
Chapter 59
Another maniac inside my head!?

I was still awake at the hour of night as I watched the group sleep deeply, perhaps dreaming.
Once again I found myself pondering strange thoughts about my very existence. Was Aznaraex right? Was I brought here to forge my own destiny by having an ambition? I didn’t know. But one thing was for certain, he had an ambition and was surely not going to let death itself stop him; it was the reason why he taught me a few things on survival and fighting.
Many things were unknown to me, from the very beginning. Though I had an interesting thought:
It seemed as though my basic knowledge on what basic things were in my existence was either natural or it came from a source. I was basically born from the ground, with no memories of any past, yet I seemed to know a lot about the things that existed here, their names, basic functions and such; could that knowledge have come from a past life?
Suddenly it seemed as though my head started to hurt with too much deep thoughts flowing in it. But the pain started to grow, then I find that it wasn’t really pain at all but a strange feeling, as though my very perception started to become distorted. Suddenly the moon had begun to distort itself into a weird spiral, then I realized it was my sight and suddenly all became dark.
I felt as though I was falling fast into nothingness. But things began to light up a little, and I could make out some clouds that I was falling through, suddenly I broke out of the final layer of clouds and I could see a large amount of very tall buildings. I was falling faster and faster toward them, I find that I am falling in between two of them, heading straight for the ground. Until suddenly I started moving backwards from whence I fell, though I still felt as though I were falling in the same direction, until suddenly I began to “fall” in the other direction, falling back towards the sky.
Suddenly I stopped dead in the air, as though I were floating still. I see that I am right next to the edge of the tallest and thickest building. I try to move toward it, and with success I found I was able to move slightly through the air until I gained footing on the building roof.
It seemed gravity was normal at the point. I looked around to see where I was, but there was only silence. These were strange looking buildings, they were gold colored and had strange golden attachments to them. I was beginning to think Aznaraex had pulled me in here.
“Gabran” called a strange voice behind me.
I turn to look and there was a figure standing there, he was very dark, practically black, his eyes were big circle shapes, glowing a strange electric blue color. I could barely make out the crystalline colored wings that he had.
“Who  are you?”
“I am Liahnz, your creation”
“Yes, you created me Gabran out of raw psi energy”
“Gabran? Sorry you have me mistaken for someone else, my name is Flayne”
He came closer to me until he was eight feet away and stopped. He examined me more thoroughly, the glow of his eyes were constantly changing in intensity. He stood there for a few moments, pensive.
“You’re right, I seem to have confused you with someone else, apologies…Flayne”
His voice sounded as though two or more people were talking simultaneously.
I wondered who this Gabran was, and also wondered what his “creation” was doing in my head, it all seemed confusing.
“So who are you really, and what are you doing in my head?”
“I am a mimetic spiritual psi organism created by Gabran, I am not sure however of the reason that I am in your mind, however I can only assume…”
“Assume what?”
“It doesn’t really matter, what matters now is that fate has brought us together here, tell me about yourself Flayne, who are you and what do you do?”
“There is not much to say, I was born from the ground, gave myself a name, joined a group of people and am now on a journey to an unknown destination. I am not sure why I exist”
“Ah, so you are not yet sure of your personal goals or needs correct?”
I only nodded.
We both just stood there.
What he said reminded me of Aznaraex, about the things he said based on ambition.
“hmm, Aznaraex eh?”
I froze, then I asked myself, did this guy just read my thoughts? 
“Who is this persona? tell me about him”
As he said this he walked towards me slowly
“I can’t I’m not supposed to”
A Flashback came to my head, I did my best to conceal the image of Aznaraex, the shadow of Aznaraex said: Remember, do not tell anyone of my existence here; it is vital to have trust in each other, I need you promise me this…
“I see, due to that, there is a bit of a problem”
I was feeling a bit strange suddenly, as though suddenly the presence of danger was occupying the atmosphere.
“I was born to be the Guardian of this mind, I must destroy all intruders, You are not an intruder because I find I can trust you and your heart seems to show no threat to this mind.
But, this Aznaraex figure, I shall find and eliminate”
“Why? Has he done wrong? What gives you the right?”
“I am the guardian of this mind, and for a while I have been sensing a presence that threatens this mind…”
“Could you stop calling it that!? My mind, ok?”
Liahnz was quite for a moment.
“Apologies, your mind”
“I guess it won’t matter anyway, I can’t allow you to kill someone for no apparent reason or for something they haven’t even done yet. In fact Aznaraex has been a great help to me, so I cannot allow you to kill him”
“What are you going to do to stop me?”
I rose my sword and took a stance.
“Flayne, you know not what you seek, you were born into a world confused, with no sense of identity or direction; what makes you think you do the right thing now? Perhaps Aznaraex could be using you or deceiving you”
“Perhaps you are the one deceiving me”
Liahnz made a low laugh, the sound was strange, it sounded as though ten people were laughing simultaneously accompanied with the sound of electricity.
“Good answer, but still, you know not whom to trust. That places you in a bad position”
“I’m still not going to let you kill someone for nothing”
“Hmm, interesting, despite the fact that you have no sense of identity or ambition, you tend to have a strong moral judgment affiliated with justice. But such things may at some point lead you to your doom if not judged correctly”
“Enough of this! Stop patronizing me!”
Suddenly a deep anger burst into flames within me, I wasn’t going to let this person lower my self esteem and treat me as though I were a senseless rat.
I leapt into the air, slashing downward towards Liahnz, he just simply stood there observing me. My blade was within a centimeter of his neck, then suddenly he vanished into nothing.
Then I felt an ice cold touch across my neck, it was so cold, that it prickled my skin.
“Flayne, you cannot defeat me, unless you keep track of your emotions and think before acting. I easily prompted you to attacking me with the use of taunting”
“What was that you did just now?”
“Through the use of very little mind energy or in more appropriate terms, Psi energy; I simply tampered with your sense of sight and caused you to believe that I was still standing in the same spot, when in reality I just took one step to the side and walked behind you”
I couldn’t believe it, he just simply used the power of his mind to simply screw with my senses and fool me. I caught myself thinking: who was this person and what was he?
“Of course, I could’ve just used slightly more psi energy and simply teleported behind you, but I prefer to be more strategic when it comes to the usage of energy”
He removed his blade from my neck, I turned around to see that the blade was part of his arm, which was now morphing back into his normal arm.
“So, is that your true power?”
“No, my power is far beyond than what you saw, but that is not important, what is important, is your survival, I will help you Flayne. I will guide you through your life, as well as protect your mind from the harm of others, including Aznaraex if that is what he is intending”
I couldn’t be bothered arguing with him, it seemed that he believed Aznaraex was a great threat, so I just nodded.
“I will teach you some things Flayne, that will be used for your defense on the outside world, but first, let’s see what you can really do with that blade of yours”
“But you can teleport and stuff, what can I do against that?”
“´Patience, I will play easy, we will start from the bottom and work our way to the top. Mind you even teleporting cannot save one´s life forever. I will not teleport or use any mind trickery, only blade techniques and general movement for now. Come, let us spar”
I lifted my blade and went into a battle stance, I wasn’t sure how long Liahnz was going to keep me here, but if it really was for my good, I suppose it didn’t matter.
To be continued….

Crucible Archive / Re: Confusion | Confusion
« on: July 29, 2011, 11:26:23 pm »
Looks a lot better, however I've had a bit of an idea that may help you,

instead of :entropy "scrambled", it could be: Gain 5 hp for each :entropy involved.

This is essentially better than the effect now, because its not just :entropy scrambled, its also for each :entropy Appearance, for instance:

Disorder mixes or scrambles opponents quanta into different ones correct? therefore there is a chance that an :entropy appears or Disappears,
the same should be applied to the effects of this card, healing you for 5 hp for each :entropy Involved (appearance or disappearance)
this effect that I suggested is actually a lot better and more efficient, therefore I advice you to do the following:

put the Cost back the way it was but change the effect to what I suggested and give the same explanation of the effect on your table.
its totally up to you.

Crucible Archive / Re: Confusion | Confusion
« on: July 28, 2011, 07:57:23 pm »
I'd say increasing the life gained to 5 hp, that way it would have a little more healing potential against Rainbow and Entropy decks at least, but overall nice idea, I think it should be cheaper though, like 3 :entropy since it is far weaker than Black hole in Healing, but still has small effect, perhaps the Unup can be 3 :entropy and Upgraded can be 2 :entropy ?

Competitions / Re: Re-design competition: Marks : VOTING!
« on: July 23, 2011, 10:46:29 pm »
Winner of the first Mark redesign competition is:


Congratulations Moomoose!!!!

For designing a nice classy, clean, and groovy Life mark,

Enjoy your Award and hoping to see you in the next Mark redesign competition!

Is this forum even looked at? honestly....

Forum Game Archive / Re: Corrupt A Wish 3.0
« on: July 20, 2011, 02:15:03 am »
Granted but now people have started to add Numbers at the ends of their names like this: 13Flayne31

I Wish For an uncorruptable wish

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