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I'm not sure how well this deck would work against a human player, since I only tried it in the Trainer against t50, AI3, and the Gods a few times (it's not designed for the Gods, so it got slaughtered each time). I was attempting to design a fast and effective PvP deck that could get around not only Rainbow decks, but mono-Aether/Dark/Fire, Time-based decks, Bone Walls, and whatever else. It still needs tweeking, but I need to get to sleep. >.<"

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Yes, everything was upgraded. It works better that way. It's very basic, boring, and straight to the point. TU the 7/5 Momentum creatures and just mass charge them. The Phase Shields are meant to buy time whenever you need it. I might switch those out for upgraded Sundials, since they now stall for two turns for both players (but stalling my creatures slows down my deck as well). Or perhaps a combination of Shields and Sundials.

Tell me what you think. =D
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Gravety/Aether - I know, I wtf'ed too. https://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=286.msg2551#msg2551
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Do you really need 6 shields?

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No, not really. It worked fine with four shields and two extra Aether Towers. I could probablly use three, even. I'm still tweaking it. My current project though is a deck that I can't make in the trainer, since you can't get Shards or Miracles in the Trainer unless you win them (which I really don't feel like doing with the trainer game >.<").

Gravety/Aether - I know, I wtf'ed too. https://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=286.msg2553#msg2553
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I remade the deck. It works better now, and can even stand up to early Devourers (the bane of the deck before).

Mark of Gravity

4x Gravity Tower
11x Aether Tower
6x Elite Charger
6x Twin Universe
3x Thunderbolts

30 cards

The bolts were there to finish off the opponent late game, if needed, but to also get rid of early threats (Devourers, Otys, Mind Flayers, Fallen Elves, etc). It works SO much better now, though it is still pretty basic and boring. Sundials pose a threat, still, and so does double Firestorm (which is what killed it in t50 ONCE), but it wins pretty often. o-o