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Re: False God Competition: Adaptation https://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=20177.msg260966#msg260966
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Icybraker, be sure the mark to your submission deck is "Air" and not "?"

Everybody else, we're looking at some fantastic submissions to far, keep it up!
Fix'd. Thanks!

Re: False God Competition: Adaptation https://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=20177.msg261039#msg261039
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Someone mentioned something about wanting a Dune Scorp deck in chat. I was tired of all the lame Crusader/Mindgate decks, so I made another idea (still managing to sneak in a Crusader)
Also, we get some adaptation coming in. We aren't allowed to use new cards apparently, but that's ok. This god likes rewinding skeletons, because they look cooler in his hand. Till the next patch anyway. No new mechanics here. None at all. Also, you're probably going to be adapting too, with those neurotoxin counters on you.

Ok, so the deck doesn't really have a central strategy. Play Scorps, Bless them. Play skeletons/mummies. Rewind them. Luciferase adds some light quanta, and will give this a weak little hope shield. A false god was eventually going to have one, be lucky this one is weak, and the creatures you get won't be guaranteed to be luciferase-friendly. Eternities are the only control in this deck. However, I would advise not using discords against this deck. The creatures he gets will have some abilities, and you wouldn't want to feed those creepy crawlers that will come. It's not Osiris, but it'll do some damage. The sundials and hourglasses will help this FG speed through his deck, since he may need a little push in the right direction.

The name means Rebirth, or born again. Think about it. It's also a new way of doing things in terms of history, and adding some innovation, and doing things when new techniques and strategies are available to you.