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Voting: Forbidden Romance https://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=20285.msg257607#msg257607
« on: January 26, 2011, 05:38:50 am »
Vote for the deck that you think should be the next FG deck added to Elements. Vote based on this criteria:

1. How much fun the deck would be to play against (50%)
2. How well the deck fits the "Forbidden Romance" theme (50%)

The community now has a chance to decide what happens in the game. We ask everyone to take this vote seriously and really think what kind of FG opponent would make Elements a better and more fun game. Voting for joke decks or really bad/boring decks would only show that we are not up to the task, and we won't be asked for any FG ideas ever again.

While every deck has an opportunity to be added into Elements, there are no guarantees for the winning submission of the competition to be added into the game.  It will be Zanzarino's decision as to which one will be added.

NOTICE: Several participants had failed to follow the rules before the competition-submission period ended. Below are the reasons and names listed why their FG deck has not been included in the poll:
  • BatCountry - Only created the deck
  • funerallaughter - Didn't link a FG discussion thread
  • Wizelsnarf - Didn't link a FG discussion thread
 Also, please read this regarding advertising your entries: http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,16251.0.html

Code: [Select]
710 710 710 710 710 710 710 713 713 713 713 713 71a 71a 71e 71e 71e 71e 71e 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ao 7ao 7ao 7ao 7ao 7b0 7b0 7ta 7ta 7ta 7ti 7ti 7ti (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,19658.0.html)

The tragic life of a young women and a young mans untimely death.
They were not ever meant to be, their parents thought this was against nature.
She created the beauty of nature, he consumed the life of all creatures.
It was........... unnatural, so to speak. They must be prevented to wed.
They met under of the glimmer moon in a sky as black as her fathers heart.
They ran. Their love guiding them through the night using the forest as their cloak.
How long could they avoid the rage that would soon be brought upon by their parents?
What on this earth could make them live eternally happy? Death.
Yet, this was impossible, the man was already dead, he could not die again.
She could though, she threw herself into his body.
The touch of death. It was all over.
He stood there, grasping the body of his beautiful nymph.
She was gone, he could never join her.
This love was never meant to be, his life going forever, shall never be fulfilled.
He wanders this earth, grasping with him a vial of poison.
This is his reminder. It is why we can never be happy. It is the reason she is dead.
He wonders, he waits. One day, she will return for him. He shall be ready.
She left him once, she shall not leave him again.
He is death, she is life. It was forbidden, yet it was perfect.

LIMBO (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,19790.new.html#new)
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7jo 7jo 7jo 7jo 7jt 7ju 7ju 7ju 7ju 7jv 7jv 7jv 7jv 7k1 7k2 7la 7la 7la 7la 7la 7t4 7t4 7t4 7t4 7t9 7t9 7ta 7ta 7tb 7te 7te 7te 7tg 7tg 7tg 7tg 7tg 7to 7to 7to
A straightforward deck:  Voodoo Dolls are the centerpiece of the deck, providing targets for Blessing, Eclipse and Liquid Shadow.  This makes for very strong vampiric creatures.  Archangels provide support with healing ability and additional attack, Dark Nymphs add additional poison/voodoo damage and decent midrange attack.  All creatures here are resistant to light CC, even moreso with Archangels in play.  LS/Nymphs provide lobo ability/minimal CC.  Steal for minimal PC. Buckler, Dagger and MG for flare.  Antimatter/Purple Nymph would be disastrous on this deck.

Ophelia (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,19648.0.html)
Code: [Select]
6u2 6u2 6u2 6u2 6u2 6ug 6ug 6ug 6ug 6ug 6ug 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7aj 7b0 7b0 7b0 7b0 7b0 7bu 7bu 7bu
Long, long story short, Ophelia was to be the bride of Prince Hamlet, but then he pretended to be crazy, so her father forbid her to marry him, so she went for real crazy.  That is why the only true creatures in this deck are life and entropy nymphs, to show the dichotomy of her character.  These nymphs may appear to have low attack values, but the life nymph provides adrenaline to boost their attacks to 12 each, and the antimatter from the purple nymph will not only flip the attack values of opponent creatures, but also prevent the antimatter from the opponent from sticking on the nymphs themselves for very long.  The thorn carapace provides a method to deal with immortal creatures who could not be reached by the purple nymphs antimatter.  The chaos power will also boost the attack value of the nymphs should the life nymphs have their towers destroyed.

Cr8zy (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,19690)
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744 744 744 744 748 748 748 748 74c 74c 74c 74c 75m 75m 75m 75m 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7an 7an 7an 7an 7b0 7bu 7bu 7bu 7bu 7n2 7n2 7n2 7n2
Crazy Eight was once a normal man like the rest of us.  But one day, something in his head snapped, and he was never quite the same.  Some people would say that his head just wasn't screwed on right, but you usually never heard from those people again.  Others claimed that his wife's death wasn't an accident, although those people would disappear too.  Crazy Eight eliminated his enemies with 8 trusty tools under his belt--Gravity Towers, Massive Dragons, Titans, Gravity Pendulums, Emerald Towers, Epinephrines, Life Pendulums, Animate Weapons--and 2 beautiful daughters by his side.  You see, he loved those daughters very much...Maybe more than any father should.

Darkangel (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,19651.0.html)
Code: [Select]
7jo 7jo 7jo 7jo 7jo 7jo 7jo 7jo 7ju 7ju 7ju 7ju 7jv 7jv 7jv 7jv 7jv 7k5 7k5 7k5 7t4 7t4 7t4 7t4 7t4 7t4 7t4 7t4 7t4 7t8 7t8 7ta 7ta 7tb 7tb 7tf 7tf 7tf 7tf 7ti 7ti 7ti 7to 7to 7to
The valiant crusaders were returning from their latest mission when they saw nymphs playing in the shadows. They were intrigued, though they knew they could not associate themselves with such dark beings. Unable to choose a course of action, the crusaders turned to their guardians, the archangels. However, the angels were lost in their fascination at the stone gargoyles, who themselves were guarding the nymphs. The dark ones looked back with equal interest, though neither side dared approach the other. They finally came to realize that the difference in their elements meant their longings could never be satisfied. Still, the crusaders do their best to cast blessings when they can, in return receiving some vampiric abilities.

Code: [Select]
7q0 7q0 7q0 7q0 7q0 7q0 7q7 7q7 7q7 7q8 7q8 7qk 7qk 7qk 7ri 7ri 7ri 7ri 7ri 7ri 7ri 7ri 80a 80a 80d 80d 80d 80d 80d 80d 80h 80h 80j 80j 80j 80j 80j 80s 80s 80s (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,19669.0.html)

He was a god; she was but a mortal. It was supposed to be taboo... yet here I am. My mother was denied the afterlife, my father disgraced. I would have been killed... I should have been killed. But I escaped- their weapons could not harm me. I had to learn how they thought, so I could survive. Eventually, I was discovered... but I had found a way to slow them, and I escaped yet again. When they thought I had starved, I gathered their armies, along with my few friends, and brought them to their knees. Now, I am one of them. I am Kebechet, daughter of Anubis and his lover- an Aether Nymph.

AGONY (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,19672.new.html#new)
Code: [Select]
7q3 7q3 7q6 7q6 7q6 7q7 7q7 7q7 808 808 808 808 808 808 808 808 808 808 808 808 80e 80e 80f 80f 80f 80f 80g 80g 80k 80k 80k 80k 80k 80k 81q 81q 81q 81q 81q 81q
Such is an endless fate; a fate which in the worst of cases, worse then death. Oh, few would choose the agony in which the young man experienced.
Lady Encampria - perhaps the fairest of them all. Oh, and to the eyes of that young lad, she was. Deep in the outskirts of Egypt, a pyramid resides. Cursed with an awful binding spell, it was impossible to move the pyramid, even by the strongest of men...or the strongest of magic.
But oh, that young lad tried to his very extent. Years he spent, mastering the art of that cursed magic of aether, embinding his soul into the element. Encampria had studied as well, but to the making of pyramids - not to the destruction or move of them. The elements of time and aether were always forbidden apart deep in those outskirts. Lady Encampria despised all that attempted to ruin her pyramids, executing each and every one of them.
It was a shock to find herself in a romantic relationship with one.
Oh, the young lad she loved. A poor soul, from a desperate and poor family of no great name. Lady Encampria had fallen in love with the boy. But she had her superiors; people from the very highest spots in Egypt. And so a trial was held for the lad's head..and Encampria's as well.
The execution was simply days after the verdict found the two guilty. Deep in a dungeon where none other then the highest would know about. The lad, name lost in time, was restrained. Forced to watch the vile execution of Encampria as her soul was put at not rest, but for an eternal agony.
The element had taught him well; he was keen on the art of words. As they were about to finally destroy him with those binding words, he shout out the words to the silence spell. He drew his sword from thin air; a rare weapon, especially for those found in Egypt, the land of time. Electrocuter, as most commonly known, was his weapon. And he used that weapon to slay his captor and escape.
But the memory haunts him to this day; the brutal saying of the one he loved. He aches in eternal agony in the lands of aether, awaiting for someone to awaken his soul.
Eternal agony...the purest and cleanest form. Agony was the name he took on, as he lived in silence and eternal agony.

Lotus (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,19674.0.html)
Code: [Select]
710 710 710 710 712 712 714 714 714 714 718 718 718 718 71a 71c 71c 71k 72i 72i 72i 72i 72i 72i 72i 7ai 7ai 7aj 7aj 7am 7am 7am 7am 7an 7an 7an 7an 7an 7ao 7ao 7ao 7ao
He was a warrior. She was a healer. They were never meant to meet.
He fell in battle. She tended to the wounded. Their eyes met as she nursed him.
They were on opposite sides.
He loved her life and energy. She loved his bravery and selflessness. They quickly fell in love.
His side lost the war. Her side was to return all captives. They fled the city.
They were both of the royal line.
His family mustered all their troops and prepared an army. Her family departed with vast sums of gold to ensure her return. They were on the run.
He was still sick, cursed by his own blade. She still tended to him, keeping him alive. They were too slow.
Their opponents found them.
He still fought on, using his own sickness against them. She healed him and enhanced his attacks. They worked beautifully as a team.
His family's army slowly withered away. Her family's paid mercenaries were failing. Their families never gave up.
They are still running away, forever fleeing from anyone trying to prevent their immortal love.
One day, someone will ultimately succeed.

Caliph (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,19689.0.html)
Code: [Select]
749 749 74e 74g 75m 75m 75m 75m 7dm 7dm 7dm 7do 7ds 7ds 7e4 7e4 7e4 7f2 7f2 7f2 7f2 7f2 7f2 7f2 7f2 7f2 7f2 7f2 7f2 7f2 7f2 7f2 7f2 7q7 7q8 7qc 7qc 7qc 7qk 7qk 7qk 81q
Caliph's deck represents the friends and allies of a tribal leader from a valley where the Fire Tribe and the Sand Tribe have been warring for generations, and his story is too complex to summarize easily, so please read this first. (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,19689.0.html)  Suffice it to say, the Forbidden Romance is between the Caliph and his star-crossed lover, the exiled Princess of the Fire Tribe.
Caliph is a complex God, utilizing a variety of strategies to bring success.  His focus is on expensive creatures with powerful skills -- Anubis, Pharoah, and two breeds of Nymph -- with a few straight hitters -- Ruby Dragon, Fire Eater, and Minor Phoenixes -- as backup.  He brings strong creature control with Fire Storm, Scarabs, and Red Nymphs, a little bit of PC with Explosions, and if he gets Anubis and Aether Pendulum out at once, he can get quite annoying.  Red Nymphs can make Anubis, Pharaoh, and any advanced Scarabs into hard-hitting badasses as well.
At the same time, he's quite slow for an FG in most cases, and unless he does get Anubis out (rare), he suffers badly from strong creature control.  He also goes down hard to quanta denial -- the Pesty FG deck would probably be an 80% win here -- and he has very limited permanents, so even a little PC would do the job to keep him out of weapon and shield.

Love Potion (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,19687)
Code: [Select]
7dg 7dg 7dg 7dr 7dr 7dr 7dr 7dr 7dr 7f2 7f2 7f2 7ju 7ju 7ju 7ju 7ju 7ju 7t4 7t4 7t4 7t8 7tb 7te 7te 7te 7te 7um 7um 7umThe Angels of the realm beyond, in all their beauty have always been forbidden to involve themselves with the "lesser races". They were considered superior, and an icon of Light. Therefore we've always seen but a glimps of them, lurking in a place beyond our reach.

Now however, Love Potion has arrived, and has corrupted the Angels with his potions. Now all they can think of is love, they're no longer capable of understanding what is forbidden. The Archangels are about to decend upon the elemental world, and show you some of their love...

Strategy is the classic Raging angels with Liquid Shadow added to make more of a threat. I purposefully put only 4 Liquid Shadows in to prevent all Archangels from getting Liquid Shadowed (and thus not being able to heal eachother).

NIGHTINGALE (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,19693.new.html#new)
Code: [Select]
78q 78q 78q 7jt 7ju 7ju 7ju 7ju 7ju 7k1 7k2 7k2 7t6 7t6 7t6 7t6 7t6 7t8 7t9 7t9 7t9 7tb 7tf 7tf 7tf 7tf 7tf 7um 7um 7um 7um 7um 7um 7um 7um 7um 7um 7um
Beautiful, grotesque; heavenly, earthly; light, darkness—there were many reasons why love between an Angel and a Gargoyle would never happen.  And yet, it did.  This deck fulfills the theme both in the Angel/Gargoyle cards as well as the Light/Darkness elements.  In play, this deck is like a toned down version of Decay but with creature damage instead of Siphon Life.  It uses Pests to slow you down while spamming Angels and Gargoyles for the kill.  A few Earth Pendulums help the Pests and Gargoyles withstand CC (Angels have the Heal ability).  A few weapons, shields, Steals and Miracles help round out the deck.

Torch (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,19697.msg267134#msg267134)
Code: [Select]
7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ai 7ai 7ai 7ai 7al 7al 7al 7al 7an 7an 7b0 7dg 7dg 7dg 7dg 7dg 7dg 7dg 7dg 7dl 7dm 7do 7dr 7e4 7e4 7n2 7n2 7n2
Eleven Nymphs, and one Queen to rule over them all. The Nymphs are for the Elementals, to help them prosper, grow, succeed in their battles. The Nymphs are to remain impartial, helping out whoever might need them. But plans don't always go accordingly. In a world where they exist solely for others, two nymphs have broken from the traditional path. The Life Nymph and the Fire Nymph were thought to be similar and yet worlds apart. The Fire Nymph gives power through destruction. the power it gives is sometimes so great, the creature won't survive. The Life Nymph helps those who are weak, enhancing their power and increasing their offensive output. Together they were thought of has hindering each other's strategy. But over time, they learned to work together and soon, a bittersweet romance bloomed between them. The Fire Nymph could safely get close to the Life Nymph for her great health, although she would suffer some injury. And the Life Nymph could enhance the Fire Nymph, helping her attack much more. Together, they are some of the few who can use their own ability and greatly benefit from it.
The Queen got word of their relationship and greatly disapproved, forcing them apart. They tried to raise up against her, but the army she could create on command proved too great. Instead, the Life and Fire Nymphs fled to the forest, where the Life Nymph could help protect their relationship. She great healing could keep them alive, while the Fire Nymph brought with her her destructive power. Using her abilities in the forest could create great misfortune, but at least they were together now, and forever.

Yearning (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,19699.msg267162#msg267162)
Code: [Select]
778 778 778 778 778 778 77b 77b 77b 77b 77e 77e 77e 77k 77k 77l 77l 7ms 7ms 7ms 7ms 7ms 7mt 7mt 7mt 7n7 7n7 7n7 7n8 7n8 7n9 7n9 7n9
Years of jealousy led to a grudging respect between the earth and the air.  After millenia upon millenia, they began to share with one another the lack that they felt, only to realize they they could help one another.  Discovering just how well they could work together, a burgeoning affection began to blossom, just as new and tender as the first blossom of spring.  They could never be truly together, but they could help to fill the holes in each other.
This deck is intended to mix some of the best of earth with some of the best of air.  While it does have a good amount of CC between the Basilisk's Bloods and Shockwaves, it doesn't have the repeatable CC that so many FG decks have, and this was on purpose.  The large amount of small, quanta generating creatures serve the dual purposes of doing early damage that we know tends to add up as well as provide an engine for the large quantum creatures and spells (Dragons, Sky Blitz, and Granite Skin).  My intent was to make a FG that had a good, but not insurmountable start, but a heavy finishing blow, should it be allowed to develop.  Also, what shields Yearning does have are transient in nature, and will disappear if not removed by the elemental.  One will also take note of the fact that Yearning has no PC whatsoever, again on purpose.
Let us bridge the earth and sky together.  They deserve to be happy, don't they?

Vengeance (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,19723.0.html)
Code: [Select]
778 778 778 778 778 778 77g 77g 77j 77j 7ae 7ae 7ae 7ae 7ae 7ae 7dm 7dm 7dp 7dp 7dp 7dp 7dp 7dp 7dq 7dq 7dq 7dq 7dq 7dq
Once upon a time, there were two lovers: an elemental of Life and an elemental of Fire. Their love was great; so great, so burning, that envy filled the heart of other elementals. They wished to separate them, they wished to harm them. They tried to force the Life elemental to marry an elemental of Earth, against her will - but her lover would not let it happen. His raging flames engulfed the Earth elemental in flames and absorbed its essence. But the uncontrollable hunger of his flames could be calmed only by his lover. He embraced her within himself, absorbing her essence as well. But when he realized what he had done, he had nothing in his burning mind but Vengeance...
This deck was born from my hate of the famous Life Rush. Yeah, you get sick of it after playing it a hundred times in Top50. Anyway, this god is supposed to be a pure rush. However, there are problems with it - as tested with the help of Jen-I, the AI does not cremate upped frogs. They are probably too powerful (nerf them! :D). The AI needs a 'fix' to play this deck properly.

PLANET STAR (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,19700.new.html#new)
Code: [Select]
744 744 744 744 744 744 744 745 745 745 745 745 745 748 74c 74c 74c 74c 7ju 7ju 7jv 7jv 7jv 7jv 7jv 7jv 7n2 7n2 7n2 7n2
It's summer, and all of the Chargers had secretly loved the Massive Dragon for a few years, but they din't say it to the Dragon. So all of them hunted Blessings so they can be cooler, and the Massive Dragon hopefully would love them. One day, the Charger named "Chail" found some Blessings and buffed himself. Then the Massive Dragon thought Chail was cool, but not nice. "Not my type," said the Dragon.
Suddenly, another Charger, called Chaim, found the big Chimera. Then all of the Chargers used that Chimera. "Now the Chimera is gone, forever," said a sixth of the part, the gone Charger "Chaip".
And after all that, the Massive Dragon still did't love them. But then the Archangel came, and brought them together.
This is a pure rushing god, with NO control or healing (Archangel's "heal" isn't healing, right? :) )

Titanus (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,19911.msg269545.html#new)
Code: [Select]
744 744 744 744 744 744 744 744 744 744 744 744 74c 74c 74c 74c 74c 74c 74g 74h 74h 74h 7n2 7n2 7n2 7n2 7n2 7n2 7n8 7n8 7n8 7n8 7n9 7n9 7n9
Legend has it that during the Third Great War, Titanus was a mercenary employed to fight for his home nation, Graviton. Although his talents were astounding, his comrades were disgusted by his lack of loyalty to their nation, as he had fought for their enemy several times---and did a fine job doing so. Finally, enraged by this fact, they enhanced the force of gravity on Titanus and left him to die, unable to move, let alone remove the curse from himself.
Shortly thereafter, a beautiful woman from his rival nation, Ayrae, saved him from this fate by granting him the incredible, foreign ability of flight. With amazement from his newfound gift and the fact that one from a rival nation had saved his life, Titanus fell in love with her. He followed her to a marvelous tower, but overheard a heated argument about the woman she loved. They said she was to be executed for helping an enemy during wartime.
Furious at the people of Ayrae and betrayed by his own people, Titanus went mad. He brought the tower to the ground and started his rampage across the twelve nations in an attempt to avenge his loved one. He claimed to be a god, that his gifts made him more powerful than any other creature in the world.
Perhaps there was a bit of truth to his claims…

Succubus (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,19785.0.html)
Code: [Select]
6u2 6u2 6u2 6u2 6u2 6u2 6ug 6ug 6ug 6ug 6ve 6ve 6ve 6ve 6ve 6ve 6ve 6ve 6ve 6ve 6ve 6ve 7t8 7t8 7t9 7t9 7t9 7tc 7td 7td 7td 7td 7td 7td 7to 7to 7to 7to
It is forbidden to love the Succubus.
She'll lull you in with her beauty, promise you immortality, promise you things you cannot believe.  Her looks will stun you, and you'll find yourself showering her with compliments, with gifts.  You'll stammer, professing your love for her, unable to think for yourself.  Your world will be upside down, backwards, and the only thing you'll know is that you will do anything in your power to earn her favor.  She'll sit back and let you do it.
It is forbidden to love the Succubus.
Your love for her will only make her stronger, and suddenly things will take a turn for the worse.  She'll show her dark side, and start leeching the life out of you.  Slowly at first, then quicker.  All your attempts to woo her will only make her more ferocious.  Your attempts at survival will prove futile.  And, if in anger you strike her, you'll hit nothing.
Because she was never there.
It is forbidden to love the Succubus.
Because there is no love there.  Only pain.  A long, unending pain.  Because there is no love there.  Only death.  A slow, quiet, death.

Cleopatra-Caesar (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,19822.new.html)
Code: [Select]
744 744 744 744 744 744 744 749 749 74c 74c 74c 74h 7jo 7jo 7jo 7jo 7jo 7jo 7jo 7jo 7jv 7jv 7jv 7jv 7k5 7k5 7k5 7k5 7k5 7k5 7n2 7n2 7q0 7q0 7q0 7q0 7q0 7q0 7q0 7q0 7q0 7q9 7q9 7q9 7qc 7qc 7qc 7qc 7qk
Cleopatra - the last Pharaoh of the ancient Egyptian empire. Julius Caesar - the most famous ruler ever of the ancient Roman empire. These two had the most famous and critiqued romance ever in the history of man. This romance is what this deck is based on.
The deck is based on the Pharaohs conjuring Scarabs, which eat stuff. The Crusaders endow Titans, hopefully flying and blessed, and do massive damage to the opponent. As a finishing strike, the Trebuchet catapults flying Titans on you as a finishing blow. The Gravity Shield is for blocking anything that is too big for the Scarabs, and the Sundials are for drawing cards. The Golden Nymph also draws cards, as well as she does viable damage.
Thematically, you can probably see what most of the cards represent.

Code: [Select]
6rk 7dm 7dm 7dm 7dr 7dr 7dr 7dr 7f2 7f2 7f2 7f2 7jo 7jo 7jo 7jo 7jo 7jo 7ju 7ju 7ju 7ju 7ju 7ju 7k2 7k2 7k5 7k5 7k5 7k5
Cyrano loves his cousin, Roxane. He can’t declare to her, both because she’s his cousin, and because, behind his fiery temper, he is ashamed of his big nose. But no man in France can wield a sword like Cyrano. He’s a polite and loyal man, and his fame might come after his nose, but he will not give you his life easily.
After Icarus and MacBeth, this is my third literature work. I was going for Romeo and Juliet, but then, that would have been to easy and I had already done Shakespeare. The first that came to my mind was Cyrano de Bergerac. Cyrano, is, in my opinion, one of the best characters in French literature, if not the best.

Prometheus (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,20057)
Code: [Select]
74a 74a 74a 74a 74a 74b 74b 74b 74c 74c 7dl 7dl 7do 7do 7do 7ms 7ms 7ms 7ms 7ms 7ms 7ms 7ms 7ms 7ms 7ms 7ms 7ms 7ms 7mu 7mu 7mu 7mu 7mu 7n4 7n4 7n4 7n4 7n4 7n4
Gravity and Air. One of the most unlikely pairs, almost as if they only had opposite attributes. Yet there's some unexpected sparkle between them and it pulls them together, towards a common goal. Can you see it too?

Promise (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,19916.0.html)
Code: [Select]
7jv 7jv 7jv 7jv 7jv 7k2 7k3 7k3 7k4 7kc 7n2 7n2 7q0 7q0 7q0 7q0 7q0 7q0 7q0 7q0 7q1 7q1 7q1 7q1 7q1 7q5 7q5 7q5 7q8 7q8
We were never meant to be... I was just a nobody, and you were everything. And yet, we still loved each other. And so, we decided, we would meet, in that promised place, so we could run away, and be together forever.
But you never came...
Even now, I wait in the promised place. Hoping, praying for a from a blessing from god, that a miracle might yet happen.
But every day is the same, a repeat of the last. Hour after hour, the hourglass turns, and yet I still have not seen you.
But I will wait, for all eternity, until the day we can meet again.
This god is quite simple. Hourglasses draw through the deck until those eternities come out. It starts rewinding deja vus, and re multiplying them. Blessings increase the damage. Luciferin turns them into light generators, putting up a hope wall.
Then it either kills you, dies, or decks out. The miracle is just in case it ever needs a lot of healing.

DAEMONUCULUS (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,19947.msg270101.html#new)
Code: [Select]
6ts 6ts 6ts 6tt 6tt 6tt 6tt 6tt 6tt 6u2 6u2 6u2 6u2 6u2 6u2 7dg 7dg 7dg 7dg 7dg 7dg 7dl 7dl 7dm 7dm 7dm 7do 7do 7dr 7dr 7dr 7dr 7dr 7dr 7e4 7f2 7f2 7f2
  Daemonuculus, twisted and warped in logical truth, poor Daemonuculus. As soon as his gaze first dwelled upon the Flame, he fell in love. Enchanted as he was by the brightness, warmth and mystery of Flame, he could never grasp a bite of his beloved because of the thousand Demons surrounding him, shifting truth and killing the ones who think they are strong.
  Poor, poor, Daemonoculus, enwrapped in the Demons of misleads he always killed the strong but fragile Flame when he was near. So as the Paradox says: the only Flame his Demons couldn’t extinguish was the one burning in his heart.
This False God is MASS creature control. Your creatures would need 12 more HP than Atttack (at least) or get killed after attack by one of his many Chaos Power'ed Max Well's Demons. Unless he just wastes the Rage Elixirs on them >.< - you never know; he just wants to see Flame once more, before she gets killed   :(

Harlequin (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,20100.new.html#new)
Code: [Select]
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"When the rage of the war has been diminished very few found their way back to their lives before.. This is the story of one of them.
There was this actor - whose name was not even known to the comrades he spent his years with -, who was retractive and silent mostly from the day he joined the artists, but turned out he is a well-talented performist and a quick learner in any task he got. Soon he became the channel between the audience and the stage, as his attributes fitted the role perfectly. He quickly personalized the most loved, celebrated and dearest of all, while another time the most hated, feared and despised character. He was a honored friend amongst the people and in the world of the theatre by then. He was succesful; but then came war..
Chaos and havoc waved across the land without sign or purpose, pulling in everything, be it heartbeats or consciousness. He was one of the few who somehow managed to outlive the fury, but despair took away all that was left for him, nothing could become untouched by chaos. With all hope shattered, he started to roam and let emptiness take place. Haunted by the plays of his before-life he slowly began to build up his own twisted reality, where he soon realized the remedy for the way to bridge the diversity of his mind and the abyss in between. With the heart of an actor aided by some skill of a stage magician, his experiments soon had broken the seal of one of the greatest taboos, unleashing a force never seen before..
Now, one of the most insensitive and hollow creature wanders the land, involving all who he meets in his tragicomedy of life, with a trick, that made him one of the more-or less immortals.
Yet, somehow the gods seemed to turn a blind-eye on this action, leaving him on his way to redeem.. or revenge.."
Just a few (obvious) thoughts:
Had a dilemma over the name between Harlequin or Pantomime, decided the former because of the common comical thinking of mimes.
He is a trickster (false) god, with a tactic hard to resist. Though almost entirely unprotected, he can heal back major damage quickly while setting up. His goal is to bring out as many creatures as he can, and while angels pose a threat on their own, the unresistable harm that comes along with them from the merging of contrasts on the dolls can bring down any on their knee.  Capable of doing this quite fast, also his creatures have more than average staying power. Minor equipment for self defense, until the start of the show.
Not much else to say about it, though..
..I hardly believe the current AI can play it as it was meant.
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Re: Voting: Forbidden Romance https://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=20285.msg257618#msg257618
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2011, 06:05:06 am »
So many good choices, Limbo and Nightingale get my initial votes.  Well-constructed and dangerous.
Bring back Holy Cow!

Re: Voting: Forbidden Romance https://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=20285.msg257623#msg257623
« Reply #2 on: January 26, 2011, 06:45:45 am »
OOPS =.="

Oh well, it's fine, I fell in love with Promise anyway haha
Other than that one, Yearning and Love Potion seem to provide new FG tactics to go up against

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Re: Voting: Forbidden Romance https://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=20285.msg257656#msg257656
« Reply #3 on: January 26, 2011, 09:26:57 am »
My votes went to:

Darkangel: seems like a very fun deck to play against, also it's well thought out. Original story wich fits the theme.
Succubus: Great story, and big chance to win upgraded cards on the spin!  ;)

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Re: Voting: Forbidden Romance https://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=20285.msg258186#msg258186
« Reply #4 on: January 27, 2011, 04:32:30 am »
LOL, someone actually voted for Cr8zy..


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Re: Voting: Forbidden Romance https://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=20285.msg258225#msg258225
« Reply #5 on: January 27, 2011, 06:54:28 am »
Please vote for Darkangel


How well the deck fits the theme

I think it fits pretty well. If you've read the story, there's not much else I can say, as it is up to your own interpretation of "Forbidden Romance" and the deck.

How fun the deck would be to play against

This deck should be fun because it actually lets you play.

If you've done a good amount of FG grinding... You know how depressing it is when Ferox or Miracle rushes you to death in five turns. You know how frustrating it is when Hermes or Rainbow controls everything you play. You know how much you want to ragequit when Decay or Dark Matter stops you from even playing your cards. Yet you also know how boring it is sitting there watching Neptune or Destiny try to grasp the concept of dealing damage, easily dealing with anything they have, and simply waiting for the game to end.

Darkangel doesn't kill you before you can retaliate, doesn't beat you down with overwhelming control, and doesn't deny you of any quanta to use. You can therefore make full use of your arsenal, the way you designed it. However, this god isn't just a pushover and provides interest with a strong fight.

Its key trait is resilience. The creatures have relatively high health and are kept alive through blessings and angel healing. The god itself is healed by the vampire ability. And it can still eliminate some threats with the dark nymphs. Otyugh? Turn it into a 0 attack vampire. Lava golem? Remove its growth ability and kill it with poison. Even when you do think you have everything under control, Darkangel drops a cloak to let his creatures keep powering. Yet its survival isn't quite as annoying as Fire Queen's mass bonds or Divine Glory's miracle spam, as stopping the offense also stops the healing.

When you finally do defeat him, you feel the satisfaction of winning a hard battle. There are several copies of most cards, so there should be a decent chance of winning a card in the spin as well.

So, a satisfying fight with satisfying rewards. I hope you agree; I know Darkangel is not a name I would groan upon seeing.

Re: Voting: Forbidden Romance https://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=20285.msg258257#msg258257
« Reply #6 on: January 27, 2011, 08:28:40 am »
I'm going to be the first loser here to try to steal your votes.
But seriously guys, take a look at Lotus. It's an awesome deck. The story is...the best I could do with that time and the restricted structure I gave myself.

I don't want to lose any votes just because the AI may not be able to play it perfectly. If it makes it to the top, then Zanz will take a look at it, and if he likes it enough, something will be done. If not, then it just won't ever make it into the game. But please don't let AI influence your vote for the best deck. The best decks should be chosen, and then things like AI, perfect balance and possible counters should be considered.
(This applies to all decks here if I didn't make that clear)

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Re: Voting: Forbidden Romance https://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=20285.msg258348#msg258348
« Reply #7 on: January 27, 2011, 02:16:46 pm »
Look at Planet Star.
A :gravity / :light deck. That's not so normal. But it is effective AND uses the UP Dragon.
It isn't to easy. But not so hard like Hermes (hopefully).
And the story is cool 8)
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Re: Voting: Forbidden Romance https://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=20285.msg258354#msg258354
« Reply #8 on: January 27, 2011, 02:39:46 pm »
Thanks to everyone who voted for Succubus!

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Re: Voting: Forbidden Romance https://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=20285.msg258428#msg258428
« Reply #9 on: January 27, 2011, 05:12:37 pm »
Wow, look at all these advertisements. I think I'll add one more.  :D

Well, you might be wondering why in the world you would want to vote for Titanus. I know I don't want to face a guy whose only creatures are 8/50 Flying Titans! But if you look at him a bit more closely, you'll see how he can be cut down to size.

First off, Titanus has no creature or permanent control whatsoever. This means that whatever permanents you play actually are permanent and your creatures can live up to their full potential. This can be really good, especially if you have creatures with Ablaze or Growth, or require a lot of permanents to seize victory.

Another weakness of Titanus is that he's vunerable to simple delaying tactics. Using low cost cards like Reverse Time, Sundial, and Freeze can keep him from decimating you, for a time at least. Using an Eternity will also help you in the long run, as you'll just keep sending his Titans back to the top of his deck, ready for him to play with his limited number of Animate Weapons.

Finally, destroying his permanents will essencially lock him down. If you manage to take away Titanus's permanents via Deflagration, Steal, Butterfly Effect, or other means, you'll basically lock him down to the point where he'll have no protection and few ways to deal damage. His mark is the Mark of Air, and the only things he can play with it are Wings, which you can destroy or bypass with flying creatures, and Sky Blitz, which will double the attack of his Flying Titans, if he has any left, for the turn. By taking out his Trebuchets, you can avoid massive, unexpected damage and by taking out his Gravity Towers he won't be able to even play his Titans.

So in short, Titanus can be a pain in the rear if you don't disable him quickly, but he can be pretty fun to play against if you know the right tactics to use. By exploiting his weaknesses, and using a few healing cards in the process, you'll see that he's not as bad as you might think. If you use the wrong cards though, well... Titanus will show you what happens then.

As far as fitting the theme, well, the story explains it all. You can find it HERE (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,19911.msg269544#msg269544). Although it's quite lengthy, its similarities can be found the deck and Elements in general.

Being a mercernary (Graviton Mercernary) during wartime, Titanus was dispised in his home nation because of his lack of loyalty in a strict, no-compromise society. Eventually, this leads to his fellow teammates placing a curse on Titanus (Gravity Pull) to punish him for his deeds. Eventually, he is saved by a beautiful woman from his enemy nation, Ayrae, who gives him wings (Wings) to counteract his curse. The pureheartedness of this woman, who clearly knew he was an enemy, makes Titanus fall in love with her, and he follows her to a magnificant her homeland. However, when his beloved is executed for her crime, he goes on a rampage (Sky Blitz), bringing the enormous tower to its knees. Feeling betrayed by his homeland and feeling wrath at those who took his only love from him, he sets out to destroy anything and everything that stands in his way.

Gravity and Air can be seen as opposites, as Gravity represents order while Air represents freedom. Thus, love between Titanus and his beloved would seem utterly forbidden by both of their homelands. With the loss of his loved one, Titanus seeks to destroy all who have pained him, as justice for their wrongdoings. Becoming a chimera of Gravity and Air, he succumbs to madness and believes himself to be a god. Such is the pain of a broken heart.

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Re: Voting: Forbidden Romance https://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=20285.msg258815#msg258815
« Reply #10 on: January 28, 2011, 02:30:15 am »
For everyone that voted for serket, I <3 you all.
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Re: Voting: Forbidden Romance https://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=20285.msg263346#msg263346
« Reply #11 on: February 03, 2011, 05:03:28 am »
Topic Locked!
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