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Re: Pre-War Responsibilities https://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=31850.msg404213#msg404213
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I loved the transcript, and the artwork is great.  If we can get the comic out our propaganda section will be finished before the other teams.

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Re: Pre-War Responsibilities https://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=31850.msg404253#msg404253
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Ok it's done.  The Star was ones took me a while cause I had to trace out each plane from another picture and then set it in the background.  Now we had better damn well win those 12 extra propaganda cards lol, I'm pretty happy with it though.  Any suggestions/changes I should make?

Also, everyone needs to post in our Propaganda topic, more replies makes it look sexier, some discussion can only help to win us votes.

Re: Pre-War Responsibilities https://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=31850.msg404559#msg404559
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And feel free to click the star button at the top. Make sure you click it when all the stars are gold (there should be five of them) just to appeal to my ego.

Putting comic up now.

Edit: It's up now. Gonna search for the top Gun  theme on soundcloud, then try make it a little prettier. I suck with that stuff, so if someone wants to play around with colors/fonts/layout and stuff, feel free to quote from the OP and go for it.

Edit2: And people seem to love it. Noice!
Music widget code put up so that we are 'officially' finished. It says by Van Halen. SG has to fix it, but I'm not gonna pressure that since I'd like to clean the section up a little.

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Re: Pre-War Responsibilities https://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=31850.msg404657#msg404657
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Good job you have done here  :). I can't speak about that much, since I'm not familiar with the Top Gun, I don't have Photoshop and English skills and my music is usually hated by everybody  :) Just to mention, there is also a great Air album from a Canadian DJ and an example of it. All songs should be about the birds and Hajnal means a swan in Hungarian language. But perhaps not exactly what a war song should be.
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Re: Pre-War Responsibilities https://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=31850.msg404741#msg404741
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I'm listening to that song right now Pervepic, the start is pretty war-like with the up tempo and stattico violins.  Maybe next war the comic can be with birdies instead of planes.  : P

Oh ya, and there is also the aplty named "Air War (
)" by Crystal Castles, but nobody likes techno.  : P

So I'll put up the Air Propaganda page as I would post it.  There are supposed to be three parts; poster, song and speech (comic?) so I took out all the extra stuff.

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Re: Pre-War Responsibilities https://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=31850.msg404758#msg404758
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"Death From Above" War Banner courtesy of Krava (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,6660.0.html)

<object width="250" height="40"><param name="movie" value="http://grooveshark.com/songWidget.swf" /><param name="wmode" value="window" /><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always" /><param name="flashvars" value="hostname=cowbell.grooveshark.com&songIDs=28021438&style=metal&p=0" /><embed src="http://grooveshark.com/songWidget.swf" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="40" flashvars="hostname=cowbell.grooveshark.com&songIDs=28021438&style=metal&p=0" allowScriptAccess="always" wmode="window" /></object>




So in the barracks of the skies, behind the clouds of E-Yore and beyond the storms of Zeh-Uss, DrunkDestroyer and his Air Force Team assembled for the final meeting before commencing operation 63. Operation 63 was not to be talked about outside of the meetings. Ever.

DrunkDestroyer, who deeply regretted the codename he was now stuck with, spoke first. His trusty warriors, (Wingmen) sat, braced for an inspiring speech.

"Well...I got nothing".

There was an awkward moment of silence. If someone had dropped a pin, they probably wouldn't have heard it, but if it had landed on someones head 4000 feet below, they may have heard a scream.

"No, seriously, I have nothing. Help me out here guys! We need to inspire all our devoted and trusting followers, as we step out onto the plains of battle. We need a speech, or something"

BatCountry stepped up to the metaphorical plate. Actually, Legit did but BatCountry forcefully reminded him of the Ladies First rule, before he could so much as shout 'Sup Homies'. "Well, you would expect team Air to have a lot of: Fans". She looked around the room expectedly, but everyone seemed more concerned with Legit groaning on the floor in pain. She scowled and returned to her specially embossed designer throne.

Tucking Fypo stood up next. "Y'know, we could work with that catchphrase you've been shoving down our throats for the past year or so. The, 'Air - It's Better When You're High' " A universal groan was heard about the room, aside from one little giggle coming from the Fearless and Charming General of Air (who had the same logo printed on his T Shirt).

Bloom, who seemed to be opening up to this fruitful turn in conversation, tried to keep the flow going. "It doesn't have to work by itself though. Think about it, two sentences, joint together might work. Get High, and enjoy flying ponies and gassy ladies. As natural as breathing in and out, just like Air"

"Don't you think its a little innapropriate?" said Pervepic. The room waited for him to elaborate, confused, aside from Robotocracy who was wondering what right a guy called Pervepic had to talk about innapropriate. "I mean, it's too peaceful. It needs to be more about killing, destruction and stuff! It's not a ballet, its not even a West Side Story dance off!"

This is when Legit chose to speak up again, notedly this time he was neither put in a headlock or sat on. "Violent! How about: Team Air - we will blow all the other tea-
"NO!" Shouted ScaredGirl from the distand land of World of Elements, scaring everyone aside from BatCountry.
"ms out of the water?" Legit ended weakly.

DrunkDestroyer sat at his chair sipping at his blue soft drink, offering a thoughtful and inspirational look. And the inspiration struck plastiqe. Across the face, in the form of Robotocracy jumping up out of his seat with his suggestion.

"What about a rhyming poem?"
"Sure, that'll show 'em!"
"Why that's a great idea!"
"(However, not viewable for fans in North Korea)"

plastiqe rushed out with a list of statistics.
"Teams which rhyme do 18.5644% better on average in the voting phase in propaganda!"

Which kind of broke the mood, since nobody could think of a word to rhyme with propaganda fast enough, and the atmospheric music which had been building up in the background crashed and burned as DrunkDestroyer started sulking and called plastiqe a sad panda.

Luckily, Bloom, sensing the impending doom, thought it was safe to assume that he should be the one whom, would revive this chat room.
In rhyming fashion of course.

"Not all is lost, us air elementals are brave, we are strong"
"We can fight all day and all night long!"
"Our singing song will never end"
"You could not even begin to comprehend"
"How amazingly awesome we are"
"As powerful as we are bizzare"
"We fly in plumes of silver"

Suddenly, 10 different shoes were thrown at the imbecile who uttered the last line.
At that point, DrunkDestroyer just gave up completely on the rest of his team, grabbed the recording hoping for pity points, and wondered if anyone would be prepared to buy the high heel digging into his back.

Re: Pre-War Responsibilities https://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=31850.msg405193#msg405193
« Reply #18 on: October 06, 2011, 05:53:51 am »
I dunno about the 'Vote for Team Air' bit, it seems a little weak (we can beg for votes later ;P) , but the rest I'm doing. Put Fight with Team Air because just Team Air looked weird. Listening in case anyone has any suggestions

And man, I've heard some people whose music tastes I respect mention Crystal Castles before, but... damn. Nooooooo....
The other sond (hajnal) is much more interesting. Not much of a war song, I can't exactly place it. It seems to be trying to calm me while exciting me at the same time. Interesting.

And while not a requirement, it is highly reccommended for each and every one of you to vote for Air in the propaganda poll

because, if we win, we get more cards, to build more decks and do more work!