Nymph's Tears

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Nymph's Tears
Nymph's Tears

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TYPE Spell
COST 7 Water
ATK | HP -
DESCRIPTION Turn one of your pillars or pendulums into a Nymph. The Nymph will inherit the target's element.
BUY/SELL 61/43
Nymph's Tears
Nymph's Tears


TYPE Spell
COST 6 Water
ATK | HP -
DESCRIPTION Turn one of your pillars or pendulums into a Nymph. The Nymph will inherit the target's element.
RARITY Common (Upgraded)
BUY/SELL Impossible/1162


While nymph creatures are extremely rare (as most can only be won by redeemable prize codes or from the Oracle), the Nymph’s Tears provide a direct way to conjure a rare nymph onto the field for various purposes. After being used on any elemental pillar or pendulum, Nymph’s Tears will conjure a nymph creature of that elemental type on the same field of the pillar/pendulum/tower.

General Use

Quick Facts:

  • Nymph’s Tears generates a nymph on the side of the field where it was used (i.e. - used on one’s own pillars, they receive a nymph, and vice versa).
  • Will generate a Nymph according to the pillar or pendulum’s elemental type.
  • Quantum pillars and towers, as well as rare ‘Mark Cards’ generate a random nymph when Nymph’s Tears are used on them.

As the last alchemy card introduced within the set, Nymph’s Tears provides players an easier way to obtain nymphs in their decks. As each nymph has alchemy abilities representative of its element (for example, the Water Nymph having Nymph’s Tears as its active skill), Nymph’s Tears can be a very versatile card - regardless of what type of elemental pillar its used on, the nymph can reuse its alchemy skill repeatedly (assuming the player has enough quanta), which can be incredibly useful depending on what alchemy effect is utilized. One thing to remember is that Nymph’s Tears creates nymphs on the side of the field that was targeted - players that use the Tears on their pillars or pendulums will spawn a Nymph, while using it on an opponent’s stack of pendulums will generate a nymph for them.

An important thing to note is that this spell has a random effect on quantum pillars and towers. Unlike the other element-aligned pillars, using Nymph’s Tears on a quantum pillar will generate a random nymph of the elements. Additionally, the even more rare ‘Mark’ cards (which are only won from special PvP related events on the official forums) surprisingly also have no elemental alignment. In other words, using Nymph’s Tears on a Fire Mark card will not always make a Red or Fire Nymph (assuming it can be targeted - the mark cards don’t always stack with the player’s original mark). Because of this, quantum pillar stacks have the most versatility in them when it comes down to generating a nymph, but the least reliability of gaining any specific one compared to the specific elemental pillars.

The following table provides a list of all the Nymphs' stats and abilities; some nymphs may be more useful than others based on their offensive prowess, creature/quanta control capabilities, or other bonuses:

Element Name Skill Stats (Unupped - ATK/HP) Stats (Upped - ATK/HP)
Aether Turquoise Nymph Immortality 7/4 8/5
Air Blue Nymph Unstable Gas 6/5 7/6
Darkness Black Nymph Liquid Shadow 3/5 5/5
Death Grey Nymph Aflatoxin 7/8 8/9
Earth Auburn Nymph Petrify 4/8 5/9
Entropy Purple Nymph Antimatter 3/1 3/2
Fire Red Nymph Rage (or Berserk) 1/6 1/7
Gravity Amber Nymph Black Hole 1/3 1/4
Life Green Nymph Adrenaline 3/6 3/7
Light Light Nymph Luciferin 6/9 7/9
Time Golden Nymph Precognition 6/8 7/9
Water Nymph Queen Nymph's Tears 5/6 6/7


Because Nymph’s Tears destroys a pillar (like Earthquake) to convert it into a nymph, this alchemy spell could be strategically used as a form of PC that can limit the enemy’s quanta. Most nymphs are expensive, usually costing 8 quanta of their respective element to play (Nymph’s Tears are only 7 or 6 upped). Because of this, Nymph’s Tears on an opponent’s pillar stack combined with a card like Reverse Time | Rewind can be served as a combination of quanta and card denial. Unless the opponent can play and use their nymph effectively, Nymph’s Tears can be used to remove towers and revert them into expensive and somewhat frail creatures.

Because Nymphs are generally prized creatures that need to be kept safe, many players often need to find ways to protect them or prevent them from being killed upon entering the field. Cloak | Cloak serves as a way to protect all the key cards; while the Nymphs are protected from single-target CC tactics from Lobotomy to damage, the pendulums and pillars required to generate the Nymphs are also covered as well, making them immune to Earthquake targeting. In addition, players who happen to use Quantum Towers in their deck can surprise the opponent; as Cloak shrouds the field in darkness, so the challenger will have no idea what Nymph is created until Cloak wears off or the corresponding alchemy skill is utilized.

Since many of these alchemy skills are also equally expensive when used repeatedly, it’s advised to have a Shard of Readiness | Shard of Readiness to reduce the nymph’s ability cost to zero. Many of the nymphs' skills are greatly reduced in comparison to the Alchemy counterparts, but having a free skill can often give users greater leeway in how to spend their quanta. In particular, using this on a Golden Nymph will have major benefits, as the instant double-draw and ability to see the opponent's hand immediately via Precognition can drastically change tactics for the player and speed up their deck.

Other Cards With Synergy

Several alchemy cards, such as Antimatter, Adrenaline, Liquid Shadow, and even Unstable Gas, become much more accessible by having the related pillars to generate the Nymphs with Nymph’s Tears. Several decks attempt to create the ‘Liquid Matter’ effect by using Tears on an obsidian and amethyst pillar, so that they can easily apply both alchemy spells on enemy creatures to receive healing (while damaging the opponent).

Players using Discord can consider using the Tears on a Gravity Pillar/Pendulum, allowing the typical Discord-Black Hole strategy as a surprise manuever. Others might consider using Mitosis in conjunction with Tears, to mass-produce a certain nymph (this is especially effective, again, on Golden Nymph with Readiness). Even Nightmare can be an effective denial tactic; most players won't have the necessary quanta to play a Nymph, even from the same element, for filling an enemy's hand with mass copies of a Nymph will usually slow them down.


In any case, Nymph’s Tears can be both a fun and unexpected card in several decks, and has the potential to bring up a very potent combo depending on what element is selected…

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