Ghost of the Past

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Ghost of the Past
Ghost of the Past

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TYPE Creature
COST 6 Time
ATK | HP 7 | 4
DESCRIPTION Obsession: Inflict 10 damage to the owner of this card if discarded.
PASSIVES Obsession
BUY/SELL 60/42
Ghost of the Past
Ghost of the Past


TYPE Creature
COST 7 Time
ATK | HP 9 | 4
DESCRIPTION Obsession: Inflict 13 damage to the owner of this card if discarded.
PASSIVES Obsession
RARITY Common (Upgraded)
BUY/SELL Impossible/1163


Ghost of the Past, commonly abbreviated as ‘GotP’, is a Time creature that has a somewhat risky ability. With an impressive attack-cost ratio, Ghost of the Past will deal 10 (or 13 when upgraded) damage to the owner if the Ghost is discarded that turn.

General Use

Quick Facts:

  • Ghost of the Past has a passive skill, Obsession, that cannot be removed by Lobotomization
  • Obsession deals 10 or 13 damage to the player that owns the card if it’s discarded (has no effect if it’s played, killed, or removed other ways)

In terms of cost, Ghost of the Past is fairly cheap despite its high ATK stat. For 6 , a player can summon the creature to deal 7 damage per turn; upgraded, the cost only increases by 1 quanta, and damage improves by 2, making it even more efficient. The high ATK is however balanced by its lack of durability, or 4 HP (for both versions). Thus, it becomes one of Time’s major damage dealers at the price of being targeted by very dangerous CC cards such as Lightning and Shockwave.

Ghost of the Past also has a unique passive, Obsession. If a player discards Ghost of the Past, they automatically take 10 (or 13) damage based on the upgrade version. While this may make it a risky card against decks that deny the ability to play one’s cards (via quanta or hand denial), the Ghost can also be combined with a few key cards to make it a decent hard-hitter and also provide some devastating recipes for decks. It’s important to note that players who have this card in their hand should avoid discarding it at all costs unless they have more vital cards in their hand that they do not want to discard or play.

Also, Obsession is a passive ability and cannot be lobotomized or removed; thus, cards that grant abilities (Mitosis, Acceleration) can be given to it without removing the passive skill.


Nightmare | Nightmare is one of the most devious cards to use alongside Ghost of the Past, due to the obvious synergy of clogging up one’s hand with the Ghost. Against an opponent that has no access to quanta, using Nightmare on a Ghost while the enemy’s hand is empty will not only guarantee a wasted turn, but will also force the foe to discard one of the Ghosts (and take the additional damage from Obsession). If used repeatedly, a player can be locked down and destroyed by this combination, as the inability to draw any new cards while taking additional damage from discarding can be easily underestimated.

To further amplify the Nightmare + Ghost of the Past combo, Reverse Time | Rewind can further add insult to injury. In certain cases, fast enemy decks can easily play 1 or more creatures on the field before being able to setup the synergy. To help alleviate that issue, Reverse Time can send one of those creatures back to their deck, so that upon using Nightmare on the Ghost, they can’t draw it on their next turn. Having an Eternity as well can provide a major lockdown against various opponents in conjunction with GotP, given that the opponent emptied their hand as much as they could on their turn.

Other Cards With Synergy

Silence can occasionally force a discard with GotP (given that the player managed to use Nightmare alongside the Ghost), although the strategy may be tricky to do with the three elements involved. Sanctuary can provide a major benefit against quanta denial cards like Discord and Devourer so that they can play the Ghosts without worry (unless it gets stolen). Finally, a full-offensive deck that doesn’t focus on the Ghosts can also use fast cards such as Precognition, Golden Hourglass, and Graboid to get fast damage onto the field.


Even with the potential backfire of Obsession, Ghost of the Past is a decent offensive creature for the Time element with a tricky passive skill. Most important however, is the ability for the card to play mind games on a veteran opponent ? holding back cards becomes necessary against Time, rather than a haunting afterthought…

Popular Deck

Nightmares of the Past!

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