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Edit Data

TYPE Permanent
COST 3 Fire
ATK | HP 4 | 5 (when flying)
DESCRIPTION Deal 4 + X damages at the end of every turn. X is the number of you own, divided by 5.
BUY/SELL Impossible/147


TYPE Permanent
COST 3 Fire
ATK | HP 5 | 5 (when flying)
DESCRIPTION Deal 5 + X damages at the end of every turn. X is the number of you own, divided by 5.
RARITY Rare (Upgraded)
BUY/SELL Impossible/1299


The brighter the flame, the hotter the fire; Fahrenheit is an extreme weapon that gets stronger with more quanta. Because of its scaling damage, Fahrenheit is the only weapon capable of dealing lethal double-digit damage on a single hit, invoking the unforgiving power of the Fire element.

General Use

Quick Facts:

  • Fahrenheit will deal 4 (5 upgraded) damage as a minimum.
  • Its ability, ‘Fiery’, scales with quanta - for every 5 quanta one possesses, the weapon deals an additional point of damage.
  • Fahrenheit can deal a maximum of 19-20 damage (at 75 quanta)

Fahrenheit only costs 3 for either version (upgraded or not), making it fairly efficient as a damage dealer. While it may not have any unique abilities compared to the other rare weapons, Fahrenheit focuses on one crucial tactic: damage. If a player has Fahrenheit out without any additional quanta in their pool, Fahrenheit does 4 (upgraded, 5) damage - a decent amount compared to many of the other weapons at the level. Eventually, given enough -generating pillars, pendulums, and other cards, the damage begins to increase steadily based on the quanta accumulated, dealing more damage each turn. For every 5 quanta the player has within their quanta pool, Fahrenheit will also deal an additional point of damage. With 24 for example, a player would deal an additional 4 damage that turn, boosting the weapon to have up to 8-9 damage total. Given enough -generating cards, Fahrenheit can easily become a relentless tool to wither the opponent’s health away.

Due to the quanta cap limit, Fahrenheit cannot OHKO (one-hit knockout) a player or False God; the following table shows how Fahrenheit scales with quanta up to the maximum amount of 75:

Total Fire quanta Bonus Damage Total Fire quanta Bonus Damage
0~4 0 40~44 8
5~9 1 45~49 9
10~14 2 50~54 10
15~19 3 55~59 11
20~24 4 60~64 12
25~29 5 65~69 13
30~34 6 70~74 14
35~39 7 75 (max) 15

Note that at the maximum amount, Fahrenheit deals 5 + 15 Fiery damage for a total of 20 damage. Twenty percent of a player's health is no laughing matter (except for the owner of the weapon, perhaps).


One of the main cards Fahrenheit is usually paired up with is Fire Bolt | Fire Lance. Since the damage from Fire Bolt scales with quanta as well, both cards can be paired together to deliver a deadly one-hit (where all the damage is dealt within a single turn) K.O., although this type of damage requires some thoughtful calculations in order to ensure that enough damage can be dealt within that turn. A calculator to determine the amount of damage one can deal with multiple Fire Bolts alongside the flaming sword can be found here: Fire Bolt Calculator.

Ash Eaters | Brimstone Eaters are also incredibly synergistic with Fahrenheit. While the non-upped form of the creature can serve as Cremation fodder to quickly generate quanta, Brimstone Eater’s ability will trigger and generate 1 each turn (as long as it isn’t frozen or delayed) after attacking. Although these creatures are extremely delicate (1 HP), they often can shave off modest amounts of HP (2 ATK each turn) from the opponent in conjunction with Fahrenheit, while empowering it at the same time.

The Crusader | Crusader can allow players to deal absurd amounts of damage with the Fiery skill alone - because the creature allows one to theoretically have multiple Fahrenheit weapons on the field at once (via using 'Endow' to gain Fiery), the amount of damage dramatically increases. Crusaders will also have more HP than Flying Fahrenheit counterparts, and can be alternatively help reap the benefits of the excess quanta should the opponent have PC to destroy the weapon.

Other Cards With Synergy

While Flying Weapon is an idea choice for those who enjoy having multiple Fahrenheits on the field, Fahrenheit is often split into two categories: a support weapon in a rush, or a major damage dealer in a stall. For the former, cheap and/or hard hitters such as Minor Phoenix, Lava Golem, and Seraph become the focus of the enemy's attention. In longer battles, Rain of Fire, Fire Shield, and Protect Artifact often become key cards to prolong the battle and help clear out enemy creatures. In some cases, Sanctuary is highly advised to prevent quanta disruption; a single strike from a Discord can set back Fahrenheit's growing damage by several turns, as its damage output relies solely on reliable quanta generation.


Because of its nature, Fahrenheit is generally suited for decks that focus on accumulating quanta as quickly as possible, and thus, is a staple in many mono-fire decks or duos that center on the Fire element. Players who find themselves fighting against the flaming sword should either remove it as quickly as possible or mitigate the damage with shields and quanta disruption tactics before the heat becomes to overwhelming to bear.

Popular Deck

Fire Stall

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