Dissipation Shield

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NAME Dissipation Shield NAME Dissipation Field
TYPE Permanent TYPE Permanent
DESCRIPTION Shield: use 1 to absorb 3 damages from physical damage sources. DESCRIPTION Shield: use your quanta to absorb damage from physical damage sources.
RARITY Common RARITY Upgraded
PRICE 57 PRICE +1500

Dissipation Shield and Dissipation Field are two entirely different shields within the frame of one card. Dissipation Shield is a common shield belonging to the Entropy element, and Dissipation Field is the upgraded version. Both shields prevent damage by spending quanta to absorb damage, but the conversion from damage to quantum absorption is vastly different between the two.

Dissipation Shield spends 1 for every three points of damage reduced from a single source. It is clear that with Dissipation Shield, you want to have as much Entropy quanta as possible in order to maximize its potential. Because of this, Dissipation Shield works best in mono-Entropy decks.

Dissipation Field, on the other hand, spends one random quantum for every one point of damage reduced from a single source. Since Quantum Pillars produce three times as much raw quantum than Amethyst Pillars, they are a natural choice to use in combination with Dissipation Field. Because of this, it is used almost exclusively in rainbow decks.

The greatest strength about both shields is also their biggest liability. The fact that they convert quanta into damage reduction means that you will most likely run out of quanta if you are facing a lot of damage. Thus, you have to be in control of either the damage race or the board before you play one of these shields. If you fail to maintain control of the board, you will soon find yourself with no shield and no quanta to play anything in your hand. It is because of this huge liability that the best cards that go well with either shield are creature control cards. Entropy's best cards to use with Dissipation Shield or Dissipation Field are Antimatter, Chaos Seed, and Maxwell's Demon. Other cards that can enhance the effect of either shield include Sundial, Otyugh, Lightning, and Plague, to name a few. A fun and tricky exploitation of Dissipation field's synergy is Supernova. The burst production of 22 quanta, meaning 22 more damage can be blocked often make a difference between living and death.

All in all, Dissipation Shield and Dissipation Field are decent shields that are only as good as the amount of quanta you have. Their strength is dictated purely by the tempo of the match or the strategy you are employing, but either can definitely help swing the damage race in your favor in a pure creature struggle.