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TYPE Creature
COST 7 Gravity
ATK | HP + | +
DESCRIPTION Combine all your creatures in a single one. Gravity pull, momentum.
SKILL Momentum
BUY/SELL 103/71


TYPE Creature
COST 6 Gravity
ATK | HP + | +
DESCRIPTION Combine all your creatures in a single one. Gravity pull, momentum.
SKILL Momentum
RARITY Common (Upgraded)
BUY/SELL Impossible/1162



With the quickest potential of reaching the maximum attack and HP threshold for creatures, Chimera is an amalgamation creature that combines all of your current creatures into one monstrous entity upon being summoned. In addition, it’s the only creature that can only be on its side of the field one at a time.

General Use

Quick Facts:

  • Chimera absorbs (does not kill) all creatures on the side of the field it’s being played on
  • Gains variable stats; its attack and HP are the cumulative total attack and HP stats of the creatures on the field it has absorbed
  • Has both Momentum and Gravity Pull upon being played; it cannot absorb abilities or creature statuses
  • Two or more Chimeras cannot exist on the same field

Chimera is a specialized ‘creature’ that actually merges all of the creatures on the caster's side of the field for 7 (or 6 upgraded) quanta. Upon being played, all of their creatures become 'fused' together (they do not die, nor do they trigger any death effects), and the new Chimera gains stats equivalent to the total current stats on the field. Thus, it has no specific attack power or HP; its stats are truly dependent on what creatures are fighting the opponent. Because a Chimera will always absorb all other creatures on the side of the field it’s being played on, playing multiple Chimeras have no effect, as new Chimeras will reabsorb the old ones, preventing a person to have multiple Chimeras on the field at once. From that, Fractal and Twin Universe have absolutely no benefit on this card, as multiple Chimeras nullify one another.

More importantly, it has two additional effects upon being summoned: Momentum and Gravity Pull. Thus, with a lot of high HP creatures (found in the Gravity element for example), Chimera becomes an increasingly difficult target to kill, and a potential ‘tank’ for the player to absorb incoming damage from multiple creatures. Conversely, with a lot of high-attack creatures, it can be used to serve as a finishing blow against an opponent with a powerful shield. The fact that it can be used both ways makes it an incredibly versatile tool to be reckoned with, and one that can be presented as a major surprise for the opponent.

Note that Chimera only gains the combined stat totals of the creatures, not abilities or status effects. For example, if there were several creatures afflicted with numerous status affects (Poison, Adrenaline, Freeze, Delay, etc.), none of them would be transferred to the Chimera upon it being played. Active abilities ( Burrow, Infect, Bioluminescence) and passive skills Mummy, Voodoo, etc.) are also not transferred. With this, Chimera is unaffected by previously played creature control, with the exclusion of stat-reducing effects.

Despite being a huge powerhouse though, several ‘soft’ forms of CC can oftentimes ruin the creature’s potential. Antimatter can counter Chimera directly (by placing it on the Chimera, which will heal the opponent for large amounts instead of dealing damage) or indirectly (placing it on high-attack creatures for the Chimera to absorb - positive and negative attack ratios are calculated when Chimera comes into play). Sundials can be a huge setback; playing a Chimera while one is out will often give an enemy the opportunity to stun, lobotomize, or otherwise negate its damage somehow. Above all though, Rewind is the most lethal counter. If a Chimera is rewound back into the deck, then it will be effectively useless even if a player has the quanta to replay it again, as the creatures on the field have already been absorbed. Because of these cards, one should carefully calculate how much damage a Chimera can deal before being played, as in most cases, Chimeras are often finishers for a duel.


One highly synergetic card to combine with the Chimera is Pharaoh | Pharaoh. Pharaohs are rare Time creatures that have the ability, ‘ Scarab’, which generates a Scarab (or Elite Scarab upgraded) for only 2 . While the Scarabs themselves are weak initially, given enough set-up time, their health will gradually increase with multiple Scarabs on the field due to their Swarm passive. A full field of Elite Scarabs, for instance, would have 23 HP each, thus giving the Chimera the maximum amount of HP at 499 (if there was no HP limit in the game, the correct total would be 529 HP), and 69 attack power (or more if the Scarabs devoured other creatures). Because of this, Chimera serves as a wonderful finisher and tank once the field is filled with several Scarabs, and strengthens the synergy between the Time and Gravity elements.

Liquid Shadow | Liquid Shadow also has a fun use with Chimera - undeterred healing. As Liquid Shadow grants a creature the ability, ‘ Vampire’, placing a Liquid Shadow on a Chimera (which is guaranteed to always hit because it has Momentum on it also) can oftentimes recover the player’s HP to their full amount. Although Liquid Shadow poisons the creature with the ability, most Chimeras will often have enough HP that the poison is considered negligible.

Also, Armagio | Elite Armagio often serve two major uses alongside a Chimera; due to their HP, they can help increase the Chimera’s HP stat when they’re on the field before the Chimera, or if the Chimera is already out, an Armagio can redirect the Gravity Pull effect away from the Chimera onto themselves, thus keeping your Chimera safe from creature attacks.

Other Cards With Synergy

In addition to the above cards, any stat increasing effect will oftentimes improve the effectiveness of the Chimera, especially ones that give off a high increase of either stat for multiple creatures ( Eclipse and Sky Blitz). By playing those cards before using Chimera, the player can dramatically increase the damage (and/or health) of the Chimera itself so that it can deal each more damage to the opponent. Should someone create a moderately strong Chimera early in that its damage will kill the opponent in a few turns, but will still be susceptible to CC, having a Quintessence can be beneficial in that only creature attacks can whittle down the Chimera, in contrast to a single RT spell.


All in all, Chimera is a majestic and unique creature because of its highly variable stats, adaptability, and having its own Foil Chimera (which appears as relics in the spins) via donating. When you donate, for every $5 you receive a code. You enter that code into the game and receive a choice of Shards and the Chimera (Foil). All the choices are upgraded. This is the only way to obtain the Chimera (Foil).

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