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Ancient Aegis (Death-Water-Light) [upped] http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=66143.msg1277890#msg1277890
« on: July 16, 2018, 05:18:12 am »
It's a hope deck that doesn't rely on expensive cards to duplicate RoLs...

It's a sopa deck, without the crippling weakness to reverse time...

It's a mummy deck, without being garbage!

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Deck import code : [Select]
710 710 710 710 710 710 710 71a 71a 71d 71d 71d 71d 71d 71d 7gl 7gl 7gq 7hi 7hi 7hi 7jp 7jp 7jp 7k3 7k3 7k3 7k4 7k4 7k4 8pp

Luciferin once you have a couple of mummies down, and they will add to the hope shield. Mummies can boost freely with SoPa, the undead ability making it unlikely an AI opponent will rewind them.

Physalias aren't essential, but they pair well with sopa and can convert excess :death into damage.

Arsenic is low priority and should only be played when no mummies are available or your defence is already sufficient to block all damage. The deck has very little healing so protecting yourself is most important. Arsenic is handy in the event of a late-game Gravity Shield if your mummies are already past 5 HP, but it could be worth swapping them out for miracle, or maybe sanctuary to make this deck into a solid Ghostmare counter.

Purify is there to help against faster poison decks. It's not much, but with hope blocking enemy arsenic it can really cut down their damage output.

The deck is rarely short on light quanta, so upgraded hope was taken.

Basing this analysis on the most conventional builds; Roltal Hope, Mito-RoL and New Old Times (SoPa Roltal for FGs)

+ Arsenic and Chrysaora along with SoPa make this a more powerful stallbreaker.
+ Lack of fractal means discord and ghostmare are less troublesome.
+ Mummies have higher attack than rays and are resistant to Reverse Time, one of the best checks to SoPa's effects.
+ Apart from RT, Mito-RoL gets screwed over big time by Lobotomiser. The inclusion of luciferin here means even if they have a lobo, the only crucial ability it can remove is easily replaced by a cheap spell.
+ Mummies have convenient 5|3 stats, meaning they can wait a turn under SoPa, then attack for 7 damage through gravity shield while being immune to unbuffed elite otyughs.

- Your hope is limited to a maximum of 10 damage reduction, while all other builds can fill their board with light generators (up to 24 defence).
- Like any sopa-off-mark deck, this is weak to Pest and Black Hole.
- If you manage to not draw an early Luciferin or a RoL you'll be defenceless, and effectively end up playing an underpowered death rush. Some would call this adaptability, but I think the more common term would be "inconsistency". Being a trio doesn't help consistency either.
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