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« on: September 17, 2011, 03:00:59 am »
Okay, so I like to program in Java as a hobby in my free time. Here are a few download links to games I've made. I'm only linking six right now; I'll give more when I feel like it and am on a better computer.

Since I'm on a mac right now (I hate macs), I can't make executables of these games or jars or anything so these are all BlueJ project files. In order to play the games you have to download the app at www.bluej.com, install it, and also have a java jdk on your computer. AKA, not many of you will be able to do so right now. The bright side of this is that you get to see all the source code.


SuperScrabble is just that -- two player Scrabble. It has all the normal rules of scrabble and I'm actually quite proud of it. That said, because it uses a text file (listing of all english words), it won't work unless you run it from BlueJ since I have no clue how to include text files in .jar files and don't know how to create .exe's either. However, I'd say this definitely has the best user interface and ease of usage of any game.
Basics: When it's your turn, click one of your letters to select it. Then click on the board where you want to put said letter. If you want to return a tile on the board back to your rack, just click it on the board then click the empty location on your rack. To move a tile on the board, click and drag. Double click on ? letters to change the letter.


Probably my largest game (and the one that took the most time to create). I can add levels if I want, but right now I think there's 16. I *think* the instructions for it are all available in game, but it's essentially a puzzle game. That said, it can be a VERY hard puzzle game when things like invisible walls, switches, and other fun things are present. Good luck. I haven't played it in awhile and am not sure I could even beat it, though I assure you that EVERY single level is beatable. I'll give something somehow to someone who creates a guidebook for all current levels. You can also make your own levels in BlueJ; instructions are within the "README" file.


A simple game; you should understand it as soon as you start. I do like how customizable it is, though if you aren't careful changing the dimensions can cause graphical bugs. I like the algorithm I made to make the "mountain" effect, since I did so from scratch.


Basically pong against the computer, but it has some extra features if you choose different level maps. Also note that with the BlueJ version you can change the levels to your liking my altering the level code (instructions are within the level files).


Simpler pong game, but more smooth.


Instructions within games; I'm fairly happy with this one's graphics.

And if you play them and find bugs, go easy on me; I'm only in high school  ::) .