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Guilds / Re: Bunchie Peace Embassy's Official Moon Headquarters
« Last post by Linkcat on Today at 12:54:31 AM »
This one's for rob.

Competitions / Deckbuilding Competition: Elelections [VOTING]
« Last post by Aves on Today at 12:02:01 AM »



Spoiler for Lake Sword-based Autocracy:
Lake Sword-based Autocracy
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5i4 5i4 5i4 5i4 5i4 5i4 5i4 5i4 5i4 5io 5jm 5jm 5jm 5ld 5ld 5lf 5lf 5lh 5ll 5ll 5ll 5ll 5ll 5ll 5m6 5m6 5m6 6rk 6rk 6rk 8pq

Spoiler for The Explanation:
"Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government!"

"If we assume that by 'strange,' you mean that their motives and decision processes are opaque to us, sword-distribution-as-election has one significant benefit over democracy, especially democracies like what we have in the Unusually Square Alliance. Here, becoming a major officeholder (think President, Senator, or Supreme Court judge) requires a lifelong, single-minded commitment to the pursuit of power. You have to raise your profile through smaller elections, you have to build your own fortune or raise a huge amount of electrum, you have to endure lots of humiliation, both in the form of press scrutiny and sucking up to people you don't like because of their influence or wealth.

What this leads to is an environment where only people who are truly power-hungry would ever end up in our most powerful governmental roles. And hunger for power often goes hand-in-hand with very undesirable traits for rulers.

Lake Sword-based autocracy, however, because of the 'strangeness' of the sword distributors, can't be gamed in the same way, and so results in something more like a daily spin, where people are chosen for government irrespective of their desire to be powerful. They would also choose them irrespective of their qualifications, but I think, if you look at our last three leaders, you can find at least 50% of the country who thinks each of them was totally unqualified, so it's not like democracy is knocking it out of the park there.

Now, your question leaves the door open to only using the sword distribution as the 'basis' for the system of government, but not the end-all, be-all. You could set up a system of checks and balances, whereby the sword recipients pass and enforce laws, but those laws are able to be vetoed by a representative body or even a council of Elders.

We could make it work."

Original source includes references to real world politics.

Spoiler for The Draconic Union:
Create a deck to represent an elemental Political Party or Faction!

The Draconic Union

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6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6tv 711 748 77b 7ad 7af 7ag 7di 7gt 7jq 7mv 7q6 7t5 80d 80d 80d 80d 80d 80d 80f 8pu

A catchy campaign slogan with a strong ideological platform is highly recommended. Why should elementals support your party?

"Our Blood is Draconic
Our Religion is Draconic
Our Party is Draconic"
Nitodix, Jade Dragon High Councilor & Propaganda Leader

"Dear Dragons and Dragon-like creatures. Our time has come! The time to rise up and demand our draconic rights. The time to stand up and support our bloodline. The time to wake up and vote The Draconic Union!"
Scotasia, Ivory Dragon High Councilor & Campaign Leader

"Why should the elementals vote for them? Isn't it obvious? Look how many times the Dragons have served the elementals in their OTK decks, stall-breakers or even pure rushes!"
Ike, Leaf Dragon & The Draconic Union Supporter

You should be able to justify why your deck uses the cards it does, and how they fit into the party platform or faction goals.

The 12 Dragons represent the Draconic High Council, which holds the highest power within the party and it includes a single Dragon from each one of the twelve elements. The Leaf Dragon and the Elite Cockatrice represent the dragon-like creatures that are not pure dragons but still have some draconic blood running through their veins (in case you didn't know, Cockatrices are indeed half-dragon creatures: The Phase Shields represent the Draconic belief that they originally came from another dimension, as well as the habit of their political party to Stall with its bureaucracy. Quantum Towers represent the vast wealth that the Dragons possess.

All of the cards are Upgraded due to the elitism of the Dragons.
The Mark is Aether to remind the Dragons where they came from (The Draconic Union believes that all of the dragons came from another dimension) and where they hope to return (they also believe that when a Dragon dies, if the good deeds were more than the evil ones, his/her soul returns to the dimension they originally came and lives there for the eternity). For the dragonkind, good deeds are building lairs, hoarding treasures and participating in the OTK decks of ambitious elementals. On the other hand, evil deeds are betrayal (especially one of your blood), murder (especially if the victim was a Dragon) and not voting The Draconic Union!

A good political party or faction is capable of winning over the populace. At a minimum, it should be able to defeat Elders(AI3). Justification or support of this requirement is encouraged.

The deck/party is able to defeat the Elders(AI3) because:
1st: My grandma can beat Elders!
2nd: It is not even a fair comparison; we compare upped meta with unupped one! :P
3rd: We have screenshots!

Spoiler for screenshots:

An incomplete list of governing ethos that may be useful and in no particular order from Stellaris that your party may hold a preference for:
Authoritarianism vs Egalitarianism
Xenophobia vs Xenophilia
Materialism vs Spiritualism
Militarism vs Pacifism

* The Draconic Union supports Authoritarianism to the core. The whole party is ruled by the Draconic High Council and its word is rule.
* The supporters of The Draconic Union are mostly Xenophobic, believing strongly to the elitism of the Draconic race over the other lesser races. Moreover, there is a secret sect that hides well within The Draconic Union political party known as Pure Bloodline. The Pure Bloodline extremists believe that only the true dragons should exists and view both Cockatrices and Leaf Dragons like half-blood maggots, worthy only to extinct. The Draconic High Council strongly denies any relations with Pure Bloodline, but some half-dragons believe otherwise.
* Dragons view themselves as Spiritual creatures, so does The Draconic Union; they came from another spiritual dimension, they carry their highly spiritual agendas and they are quite religious worshiping many Draconic deities. However, to the eyes of the rest of the races, they are Materialistic to the core. They build their huge and expensive lairs, they hoard their mythic treasures and then they claim how spiritual they are!
* The Draconic Union used to be quite Militaristic in the past. However and in spite of actually supporting Oligarchy, due to its desire to participate in democratic elections in several democratic elemental realms, they have abandoned the old-fashioned war-like attitude of theirs and today they tend towards pacifism in order to achieve their goals.

Spoiler for The Dark-Aether Coalition:
The Dark-Aether Coalitionby CactusKing
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Deck import code : [Select]
7t5 7t5 7t5 7t6 7t6 7t6 7t6 7t6 7t6 7t9 7t9 7t9 7tb 7ti 7ti 7um 7um 7um 7um 7um 7um 7um 7um 7um 7um 7um 80b 80b 80j 80j 80j 80j 80k 80k 8pu

yes it beats ai3, in case you couldn't tell
Spoiler for Ethos:
Authoritarian- The Darkness Party knows that the people need strong leaders in order to survive, so they only allow the very best into their party (Dragons). They are equipped with the latest high-tech tools from their political partners at the Aether Group, and use them to keep the people in check, citizens and foreign spies alike.

Fanatic Xenophilic - The Darkness party simply can't get enough of foreign culture, and will go to great lengths to get it. This is part of the reason they teamed up with the Aether Group, because they are specialists at hiring soldiers from other lands, even those we are at war with.

Militaristic - The Dark-Aether Coalition isn't just going to sit back and let our enemies invade. They aren't going to waste time with diplomacy or small forces either; should we ever be invaded, their first move will be to nuke the enemy with cloned dragons.
Spoiler for Propaganda (with side-notes from their opponents):

Don't you simply despise those parties where they act all friendly one minute and then they stab you in the back? Well you won't have to worry about that if you vote for the darkness party- we're all about transparency, and never taking away people's rights.
We aren't like those other clans- we're always true to our values, never swinging from one policy to another, and all of our ideas are innovative and original.
But above all else, we value the privacy of our citizens, and respect their freedom of speech. These are the key to a successful society, so our budget is aimed at keeping these ideals alive, while cutting out unnecessary military spending.

Spoiler for The Pacifist:
The Pacifist
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Deck import code : [Select]
5fu 5fu 5fu 5fu 5fu 5fu 61o 61o 61o 61o 61o 61o 61o 61o 61o 61o 61o 61o 61o 61o 61o 61o 61o 61o 61t 61t 61t 61t 61t 61t 624 624 624 624 624 624 7q9 7q9 7q9 7q9 7q9 7q9 8po

The Ethereal Palace is one of great magic and wisdom. And through this wisdom, they have learned to never resolve political quarrels with violence. They instead let the opposition drown themselves in their own brash behaviour.

The Tools to Keep the Peace

The energy gathered from these marvelous structures is what defines this strategy. The amount of these might seem excessive, but they are able to provide multiple uses. First, they allow for the other tools to be used. But secondly, they can be held close, protected, so that reckless behaviour can be kept to a minimum.

The barrier that has helped keep peace for millennia. This shield can stop even the mightiest of aggressors from destroying the land. It is, however, temporary. They must be renewed often, which is then aided with the following:

The deserts of Time have acquired many strange and fascinating technologies. One of which can halt all aggressors for a short period of time. With trading agreements between the two nations, this technology can be used by the Ethereal Palace to maintain their peace.

Some politicians from other nations spout nothing but nonsense. Silence helps against that. That being said, it helps the opposition more than it hinders them. After all, it protects the barbaric leaders from other nations from embarrassing themselves in front of their people!

At first glance, this looks like a tool that an uncivilised nation would use, but the Shards of Bravery are quite versatile. Not only do they provide the Palace with the tools it needs, earlier, but it also clogs the opposition of their own strengths! They rarely are able to handle all of this, and often they fumble and destroy the very tools that they attempt to use. With this comes the added benefit of forcing the opposition to run out of their tools earlier, leading to an easy win for Pacifism.

But of course, this is just words without proof! How can we know that pacifism is effective unless we can witness it with our own eyes?

Spoiler for The Fireflies:
Ah the Fireflies, a brutish clan. Tried to overpower us with sheer numbers. Alas, it was not to be, as they could not breach our defenses before falling in dismay.

Spoiler for The Wanderers:
Outcasts of multiple nations, they couldn't help but run out of energy in their absurd attempt to overthrow the Palace.

Thus we can see, that there be no need for outlandish feats of violence and war, and that being of civilised nature can lead to wisdom and prosperity.

You have 6 days 21 hours 39 minutes remaining.
Platinum League Decks / Re: Manuel's Plat Decks
« Last post by Manuel on August 18, 2017, 04:27:11 PM »
Health Points
Max Upgraded
Oracle Upgraded
Mark Multiplier
Card(s) per Turn
Deck Size
Electrum Earned
Age (days)
Thumbs Up?
Thumbs Down?

Hover over cards for details, click for permalink
Deck import code : [Select]
7t5 7t5 7t5 7t5 5ul 5up 5us 5us 5us 5us 7t4 7t4 7t4 7t4 7t4 7t9 7t9 7t9 7t9 7t9 7ta 7tb 7tc 7td 7td 7td 7um 7um 7um 7um 7um 7um 7um 7um 7um 7um 8pt

Spoiler for Hidden:

this was supposed to be a placeholder because plat was bugged/hacked or something

winstreak ended at 36-0, rip

Introduce Yourself / Re: Hi
« Last post by TribalTrouble on August 18, 2017, 02:50:14 PM »
Hey, always nice to see a new face! Enjoy your time here, elemental SpiritWolf. :)
Mentor Program / Re: Join as an apprentice
« Last post by worldwideweb3 on August 18, 2017, 02:41:51 PM »
any one willing to take on an apprentice

Sure, will send a pm.
Design Theory / Re: Steal My Idea!
« Last post by Chapuz on August 18, 2017, 12:48:39 PM »
I guess that what I should have said (and actually meant to say) was that I think there should be ANOTHER card with a different mechanic.
. Cells and skeles are both 1|1, so yeah
PC/Video games / Re: Fragments
« Last post by Fippe94 on August 18, 2017, 12:34:14 PM »
So I made a discord server for the game: if you want to join.
Introduce Yourself / Hi
« Last post by XxSpiritWolfxX on August 18, 2017, 12:22:13 PM »
I'm new to the game but my brother has played for a long time. Looking forward to having fun with everyone!
General Discussion / Re: How to kill immortal creatures with momentum
« Last post by RapidStar_ on August 18, 2017, 03:43:24 AM »
Just use Shard of Sacrifice ;)
Design Theory / Re: Steal My Idea!
« Last post by Ides Usher on August 18, 2017, 03:30:10 AM »
I guess that what I should have said (and actually meant to say) was that I think there should be ANOTHER card with a different mechanic.
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