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Forum Games / Re: Elements Mafia 70 - by Linkcat
« Last post by InsignificantWeeaboo on April 19, 2019, 10:53:21 PM »
Spoiler for Chat Log:
[03:37:08 PM] ‹MasterWalks› We need to figure out how to get a confirmed civ
[03:37:41 PM] ‹Mobian› The golden nymph will confirm someone soon
[03:38:06 PM] ‹MasterWalks› did you get GN?
[03:39:18 PM] ‹MasterWalks› lets hope and pray the iridium ward didnt target golden nymph
[03:39:42 PM] ‹Mobian› I did not. Kinda glad, too. Too much responsibility
[3:39:48 PM] Guest-FleshRecluse-9d55d joined.
[03:40:21 PM] ‹MasterWalks› did you get an information role?
[03:40:55 PM] ‹Mobian› That would be telling :P
[3:41:36 PM] Guest-FleshRecluse-9d55d left.
[03:42:21 PM] ‹MasterWalks› well it doesnt say anywhere in the rules you cant share your ability... unless your hiding something  :getlost:
[03:42:30 PM] ‹InsignificantWeeaboo›
(5d9) 9 + 8 + 8 + 7 + 9 = 41 ...!
[03:42:57 PM] ‹Mobian› How do I know you can be trusted with such precious information?
[03:43:56 PM] ‹InsignificantWeeaboo› What if your conversation is a ruse to keep people off your trail/
[03:44:25 PM] ‹MasterWalks› ill let you know that i used my ability within about an hour of receiving the PM
[3:47:32 PM] PlayerOa left.
[03:50:17 PM] ‹Mobian› I used my ability as well. But without knowing what these abilities are, that information doesn't do anyone any good
Where's Mudkip?
The original duos are ok, I think. Everyone is just puzzled by the 5/25 ups ruleset. Let's just say everyone is using 15 ups, and there we go.
I appreciate the work you did on this tourney - it is just too complicated for having only 48 hours to build decks (and having holidays, too).
Alternative can be tried another time, bit late to revamp. Ideally it wouldn't have to be restricted to monos
Platinum League Decks / Re: The Dragon's Arena Decks
« Last post by dragonsdemesne on April 19, 2019, 08:29:38 PM »
Not this time.  Basically it's just a monodarkness rush.  It's 19-0 so far but not many thumbs ups; about a third or so.
Forum Games / Re: Elements Mafia 70 - by Linkcat
« Last post by Linkcat on April 19, 2019, 08:10:54 PM »
Role Priority now includes all roles.
I find that fair criticism. To modify the rules, the biggest challenge is to keep the theme of the tournament. The theme requires some level of upgrade advantage against other types, but I try to present a more simple alternative.

Suggested alternative:

  • Choose a Type before each round instead of 2 Types.

     :rainbow can be Normal.
     :entropy can be Psychic.
     :death can be Poison and Ghost.
     :gravity can be Fighting.
     :earth can be Ground and Rock.
     :life can be Grass and Bug.
     :fire can be Fire.
     :water can be Water and Ice.
     :air can be Flying.
     :time can be Dragon.
     :light can be Electric.
  • Simplified type effectiveness table:

    Spoiler for Hidden:
  • Decks would only get bonuses if they are Super Effective (double upgrades). Being Not Very Effective would no longer count.
  • Only mono decks would be allowed, to make it simple.

Would that be a good start?

This alternative will not be used if we don't get everyone's approval on it.
There's no need to understand pokemon, all that matters is that your choice has a different upgrade count depending on opponent's choice

There are only 3 outcomes: 25 ups, 12 ups, or 5 ups

So when you make a choice, consider the set of choices your opponent could've chosen. Then build 3 decks, one for each case of either 25, 12, or 5 ups

I'm not finding some of the clarifications, 300 data point match-up chart, and link helpful at all.  In fact, I feel even more of an outsider in not understanding Pokemon.  I wish I could say I'd like to study all this new stuff.  I don't.  There's already 4 votes for not liking this tourney..I think its more about it seeming overly complicated and unclear as opposed to an objection to the Pokemon theme.

Make it so the EtG-mechanics and rules are clear and easy to understand.  For starters, set a fixed amount of upgrades per Pokemon character.  Don't change upgrades based on specific match-ups. A deck that was pre-built for 12 ups may not function at 5 ups.  What's the player to do?  Speedbuild?  How much time do they have to build?  Why invite this complication?

Even if upgrades are not the same for all "types" it should have nothing to do with Pokemon-balancing (as that seems to be the case at the moment) and have everything to do with EtG-balancing.  Why would I study a Pokemon type calculator?  What I need to know is the ups for the type.  Post that info clearly upfront. Also think participants should be able to pick 2 or 3 "types" to build decks from for a round so they aren't sitting dead in a best of 3 vs. a counter.

Forum Games / Re: Elements Mafia 70 - by Linkcat
« Last post by Coffeeditto on April 19, 2019, 07:26:03 PM »
Phoenix is still a clear town. I would argue that it's better to lynch and have a confirmed town that can still vote and half-communicate-half-not than mislynch into a golden nymph. Ideally, we would lynch a mafia but we can't always be so certain throughout the later game, where a mislynch is more likely to impact the game negatively. If we confirm the Phoenix early, it minimalizes damage otherwise and allows us to follow a leader with more information than anyone else might have due to a hunch, and even if the Phoenix can't confirm either way, I think we can agree that they will have more insight than the rest of us.
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