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Good games!
L :earth
L :entropy
W :fire 40%
L :darkness :time
good games buddy rng was on my side for sure
40 time
40 time

good games
PvP Tournaments / Weekly Tournament - October 20th - Right Back At You - Semi-Upgraded
« Last post by Zso_Zso on October 16, 2019, 10:15:08 pm »
Which one did it better? Sokka's boomerang or the Reverse Uno Card?

Weekly Tournament - October 20th - Right Back At You - Semi-Upgraded

Tournament Organizers: Submachine, Naii_the_Baf or Zso_Zso

To find out your local time, check this link:

2 days 8 hours 51 minutes remaining.

Please enter the Tournament room at least 15 minutes before the tournament starts.
Click "Rooms" in the top left to find it.

Please read the PvP Tournament rules carefully before joining the tournament.
Remember to also read the Special Rules listed below!

1st place5,000 electrum + Nymph/Mark + Trophy (Forum Icon)
2nd place5,000 electrum
3rd place4,000 electrum
4th place3,000 electrum

In case of 16 or more players, tournament prizes will be increased.

Points for the World Championship
1st place4 points
2nd place2 points
3rd place1 point

NOTE: You need just one presentable forum post to be allowed to join tournaments; you can post it here. If this will be your first tournament, a Tournament Organizer will test your knowledge about the rules. So please be present in tournament room 30 minutes before the tournament starts.

Special Rules

  • Each player is assigned a random starter element. The starter element will be different for each player.
  • The elements available for deck-building change between each game of the match:
    • In G1, the starter element must match the deck's mark, and the deck must contain 6 or more cards of that element.
    • In G2, players must use the exact same elements that the opponent used in G1 (same mark and same set of used elements, but specific cards maybe different).
    • In G3, players are not allowed to use any element that was used in either G1 or G2.
  • If an element is used in a deck, 6 or more cards must be included of that element (PPMs also count).
  • Other cards are allowed in every game, regardless whether or not they were used in previous games.
  • Within each round, the number of upgrades increases from game to game: 5 for G1, 10 for G2 and 15 for G3 respectively.
  • Maximum deck size is 36.
  • The following cards and their upgraded versions are banned:

    Hover over cards for details, click for permalink
    Deck import code : [Select]
    4vl 568 593 5f4 5ic 5j2 5li 5pa 61t

Tournament Organizer Note

If you think there is an overpowered card that ought to be banned, or you have some concerns about the tournament metagame, mechanics or other stuff, do NOT post it publicly in the comments or anywhere else on the Forums. Instead, send a private message to Tournament Organizers, who will privately discuss about it. Thanks for your cooperation.


Q: Can I use the same mark for my deck in G3 as in G1 or G2 ?
A: No, the mark of G3 decks has to be different from all elements used in G1 and G2

40 :water
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blarg: Submachine,Naii_the_Baf,Zso_Zso