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Ugh, I read on this God being the easiest and decided to give it a go when the oracle told me he would be up. I got owned horribly fast due to an overflow of 5/5 Déjà Vus. He kept duplicating them and I didn't have enough quantum to use my phase shields =/

Maybe just a bad draw.
Every once in a while Paradox does exactly what I designed him to do, lol. The problem with using Quantum Pillars/Towers is that it's very luck dependant on getting the exact quantum type that you need, exactly when you need it. =\


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Beat him twice with some bad deck I have. Like the easiest FG out there.


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He's really contrasting. Sometimes, he totally destroys you, but if you have the right cards in your hand

Fire Storm(s)
Permafrost Shield

Or any combination thereof, you can win relatively easily.


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I could do it without Permafrost.

And no upgrades sans one Firestorm out of three and two Hourglasses. No Towers, no Supernovas...


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Once I was fighting with him, I stalled for a long time with dials and phase shields, then I have only one shield left and fire storm + bone yard in my hand. I thought I'll keep drawing until I get my graveyard and use rainstorm to seal the win, so I left myself open, not wanting to waste my shield. Then he blessed a deja vu that didn't divide to 11/11 and copied it about 6 times, and I died. That was a real surprise. Think about what would happen if he use all their skills the next turn. That's 132 damage on originating from that one deja vu alone.