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Title: An Apology
Post by: icecoldbro on February 02, 2011, 04:17:36 am
Well guys Im sorry, Im sorry for all the problems I have caused so many people, and i apologize if in the cross fire, or for supporting me or someone else, during an argument that most likely i created, or made it keep going.
I know one apology from some inmature kid wont help you, but still I do hope it can make a small difference even though its tiny.
I also know that most people will think that this is just a way to get back in chat, no its not i sincerely did this as I felt this was the right thing to do, its not being ordered by anyone, and I do not expect to go back in chat just cause I made a Im sorry thread.
I know I crossed the line one too many times, and I know that I do not deserve to return, and I know that ultimetly whatever I do or people think its SG's decision.
I know I deserved that perma, I know that it actually should have been implemented earlier, and yes I know that a person doesnt change from day to another, I know that my mentality will take time to grow, but then again isnt life about learning from your errors?
Specific people id like to mention in here that id like to mention specifically, as I feel i have caused you the most trouble:
SG: Well this one is kinda explained just from my personality, I can assure you in the future ill try to change, if i even have a future in this community, as thanks to all the mess ive made im pretty sure ill be permabanned from forums also
Ryan: Im sorry for lashing out on you, and I admit the blame is all mine, you did nothing wrong, a couple of hard days in life made me a little more prone to lashing out, im very sorry, and i sincerely apologize
Drag: I called you out in one of my vids, which might have affected you in voting part, and im sorry for distancing apart from you since peak at war to rock bottom this week, you like it or not Ur my bro for life *P.S, killed video as not only did it suck for me it was mean to you*
Vrt: I attacked you in a hard period of your life for no reason, and then undermined your authority for coming back when I shouldn't have, I apologize and i promise you your authority and anyone else will now be abided by to the fullest extent
Ddevans: You have been caught in the crossfire, and I apologize for not being same as before WAR, I cant promise ill be the same person as before, but I do assure you that I will try my hardest too still be fun, and I thank you deeply for helping me out and covering my back when only you and TNG cared.
TNG: You had my back all the time, no matter who or why I was getting badmouthed, and all in all I miss you man
Hugs: I fucked up bad, I made mistakes along the way, yet still you supported me, even encouraged me, you helped me get thru hard times, and i definitely thank you, even when I told you i didn't want you near you'd still comfort me, and im proud to call myself your little online bro.
I have many more apologies to give but i don't think right now is the time, for that, many more will be coming along.
Title: Re: An Apology
Post by: pervepic on February 04, 2011, 05:03:18 am
Who taught you that guilt-stuff? Throw this away asap.
Title: Re: An Apology
Post by: OldTrees on February 04, 2011, 05:27:40 am
I do not know the details of what you did. However the remorse, desire to learn from your mistake and willingness to accept punishment are good signs toward improvement. Owning your mistakes is an important lesson in life. You may still be immature but you have the signs of maturation occurring. Good luck and may you continue to acquire wisdom.
Title: Re: An Apology
Post by: johannhowitzer on February 04, 2011, 07:21:31 am
I don't know the whole story either, but I know guilt beyond making amends serves no purpose but to grind you down.  You've made what amends you can.  Don't dwell on this, move forward and learn from it.

And for heaven's sake, stand tall!  In all my contact with you, I've been struck by nothing so much as the way you talk yourself down.  That's no way to be.  You have friends here, probably even among the people you think you've hurt.  In the past, I made some mistakes and hurt some people, and I was astonished when the same people who had to condemn my behavior also stood by me after the dust cleared.  Even on the Internet, of all places.