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So in the barracks of the skies, behind the clouds of E-Yore and beyond the storms of Zeh-Uss, DrunkDestroyer and his Air Force Team assembled for the final meeting before commencing operation 63. Operation 63 was not to be talked about outside of the meetings. Ever.

DrunkDestroyer, who deeply regretted the codename he was now stuck with, spoke first. His trusty warriors, (Wingmen) sat, braced for an inspiring speech.

"Well...I got nothing".

There was an awkward moment of silence. If someone had dropped a pin, they probably wouldn't have heard it, but if it had landed on someones head 4000 feet below, they may have heard a scream.

"No, seriously, I have nothing. Help me out here guys! We need to inspire all our devoted and trusting followers, as we step out onto the plains of battle. We need a speech, or something"

BatCountry stepped up to the metaphorical plate. Actually, Legit did but BatCountry forcefully reminded him of the Ladies First rule, before he could so much as shout 'Sup Homies'. "Well, you would expect team Air to have a lot of: Fans". She looked around the room expectedly, but everyone seemed more concerned with Legit groaning on the floor in pain. She scowled and returned to her specially embossed designer throne.

Tucking Fypo stood up next. "Y'know, we could work with that catchphrase you've been shoving down our throats for the past year or so. The, 'Air - It's Better When You're High' " A universal groan was heard about the room, aside from one little giggle coming from the Fearless and Charming General of Air (who had the same logo printed on his T Shirt).

Bloom, who seemed to be opening up to this fruitful turn in conversation, tried to keep the flow going. "It doesn't have to work by itself though. Think about it, two sentences, joint together might work. Get High, and enjoy flying ponies and gassy ladies. As natural as breathing in and out, just like Air"

"Don't you think its a little innapropriate?" said Pervepic. The room waited for him to elaborate, confused, aside from Robotocracy who was wondering what right a guy called Pervepic had to talk about innapropriate. "I mean, it's too peaceful. It needs to be more about killing, destruction and stuff! It's not a ballet, its not even a West Side Story dance off!"

This is when Legit chose to speak up again, notedly this time he was neither put in a headlock or sat on. "Violent! How about: Team Air - we will blow all the other tea-
"NO!" Shouted ScaredGirl from the distand land of World of Elements, scaring everyone aside from BatCountry.
"ms out of the water?" Legit ended weakly.

DrunkDestroyer sat at his chair sipping at his blue soft drink, offering a thoughtful and inspirational look. And the inspiration struck plastiqe. Across the face, in the form of Robotocracy jumping up out of his seat with his suggestion.

"What about a rhyming poem?"
"Sure, that'll show 'em!"
"Why that's a great idea!"
"(However, not viewable for fans in North Korea)"

plastiqe rushed out with a list of statistics.
"Teams which rhyme do 18.5644% better on average in the voting phase in propaganda!"

Which kind of broke the mood, since nobody could think of a word to rhyme with propaganda fast enough, and the atmospheric music which had been building up in the background crashed and burned as DrunkDestroyer started sulking and called plastiqe a sad panda.

Luckily, Bloom, sensing the impending doom, thought it was safe to assume that he should be the one whom, would revive this chat room.
In rhyming fashion of course.

"Not all is lost, us air elementals are brave, we are strong"
"We can fight all day and all night long!"
"Our singing song will never end"
"You could not even begin to comprehend"
"How amazingly awesome we are"
"As powerful as we are bizzare"
"We fly in plumes of silver"

Suddenly, 10 different shoes were thrown at the imbecile who uttered the last line.
At that point, DrunkDestroyer just gave up completely on the rest of his team, grabbed the recording hoping for pity points, and wondered if anyone would be prepared to buy the high heel digging into his back.

There are days, where a man can simply be. This time is not now.

   In harsh times, a man must adapt. He can no longer be just a man. He must become a symbol; a symbol of stregnth, of tenacity, and of courage. It is said that one lone man can take down an army. One man, with something to fight for.

   The time is approaching. Our rule of the skies is being challenged. Our skill with these wings is being confronted. This is not only defiance from the jealous. This is an attempt on our freedom!

   Insulted, defied and challenged we stand. Before me are seven great warriors, each stronger, braver and more dedicated than the last. A more powerful group has never been seen. The strength of the skies, the craft of the clouds, the balance of the birds.

   It is said that one man can take down an army. One strong dedicated man, with something to fight for. The day is nearing. Twelve armies amass from across the land. The field of battle is just a wing's width away.

   Eight will rise up, and fly high above the rest. Eight will dive down with the speed of the wind. Eight will survive and conquer. We will be doing more than defeating one army, seven, or twelve. We, we will defeat the entire land, outstrip our opressors and reclaim our freedom!
Today, I address you all. As equals, to fight together, in the approaching war. The other elements cower on the ground. They taunt us, yet they fear our power. They envy our freedom, our skill with multiple weapons, our ability to distance ourselves from all creatures hindered by land. Behind their jeers they are weak and ignorant, distracted by our thunderstorms and mislead by fog.

Today, I answer you all. The question in all of your minds. Can it be done? Can Air win the war? And with utmost certainty, I answer, Yes, it can. And yes, it will. You may choose to ignore us, to taunt us, and yet, we will still overcome, outlast, and obliterate all our competition. Our throne is the sky, and nothing can prevent us from reaching the top. We may not always be noticed, we may not always be respected, but our anger has been constrained too long. And when air is constrained too long, it will explode, and may all other elements be blown to dust.

Today, I ask you all: Will you cower along with the restricted elements, or will you fight, with grace and speed. Will you continue with the static path of life, or will you dare to venture out of your usual world? The choice is always yours, to risk nothing and fail, or risk it all, and soar above the competition. This is your chance, perhaps only chance, to prove yourself. Will you join the masses, the ignorant and disbelieving, or will you be brave,step out, and fly above the rest?

And now, I have spoken. You have been addressed, answered, and now asked. You may dismiss my words, like the other elementals dismiss Air's power. You may despise my answers, as you fear the truth, once constrained now free. And you may decline my invitation, to be a part of the most Powerful Team, in the history of War.
But this will not stop us. For those that do not fear our power, nor dismiss our wisdom, nor reject our freedom, this is your chance, to join a team full of passionate and talented individuals, ready to fight and win the war.

So all the believers, the dreamers, the thinkers, the pilots and explorers of the world, let us unite, and form the unstoppable team of Air!

So, I have this nymph right?

She's a real fine girl, always dresses up, wears this pretty light blue dress all the time. Intelligent, clever, engaging, she's got it all. Pretty nice to look at too, in her mysterious kind of way. Not that I would look at her. I mean, that would just be inappropriate. Even though she is very attractive.

But, she doesn't seem the same around the other girls. It's weird, because they all look like twins, right? I mean, how weird is that? You'd think they would get along. But no, there's a slight problem.

The one wearing the dark blue. She's the ringleader, top in all the subjects, great leadership skills and everything. And she's jealous. She's not strong herself, but with those other girls, they can really pick on her. And she's got them right where she wants them. It's almost as if, she had, created them to do her will or something. No, just kidding, move along, I'm not crazy or anything! Definetely not crazy, no crazy person here.

But together, they make the pretty one in the light blue dress's life quite difficult. She's just not strong enough to stand up to them. Not that it would do much good in this situation. Strength doesn't matter here, the one in the purple dress, she is an abuser she is - you can tell just by the way she walks, she has this... way of making others useless. She kind of blinks her eyelids, does a cute little curtsey and the guy who was about to hit her suddenly decided that then would be a good time to jump off the roof of the school. True story there, I was on lunch duty that day, and watched it all, amazed. Okay, and a little scared. But not much.

There’s this other one, who dresses up in a lush green, who we know is supplying drugs to the school -not that we've been able to prove it- and she always manages to slip this stuff in the nymph's food or drink. I mean, we can tell, because she's got a slight digestion problem. And this stuff just speeds it up. No idea how it does it, I want nothing to do with it.

She’s never asked for help or anything. She seems fine being oppressed, but it pains my heart to see her being victimised, just because of jealousy. I’m not asking for a Miracle here, this girl is worth more than that. She doesn’t need more strength either; it’s not that she needs. Its stamina, and ability to stand up for herself.

So, what I am really asking here is, can you give this poor girl – whose friends are constantly suppressing her talent and ability - one more health. It will give her the strength to stand up for herself. And it will give me joy in knowing that my favourite student will reach her full potential, and also, I want to be able to use 2 unstable gases without her, you know, dying?

--Extract from the Journal of Mosquitino (1824-1890)--

It was dawn when I woke. Quite dark it was too. The village was but a blur in the distance, but I – being a time elemental – was not hindered or intimidated by distance. After all, what is distance but the passing of time?

Like always, it surprised me when I reached the village, a giant solid structure breaking through my wander of thought. This statement, while figurative, could be taken quite literally as well. It was no coincidence that the first people I properly met were the healers of the village. But pain is temporary, and my nose is now firmly attached to my face again.

While I initially suspected the village to be nothing more than a group of commoners, I was swiftly corrected by their expertise in healing. These were light elementals, but nothing like the obnoxious, self centred ones of the city. They were humble, and their skills were unmatched in areas untouched by the ones known to us.

But, their smiles, although bright and welcoming, seemed somehow forced. Often, I would catch them gazing wistfully at the sky. It was then I noticed how dark it was. The sun should have been at the height of its arc, with golden rays of light floating gracefully down to earth. But, instead there was an almost unnatural darkness. For them, it must have been a living nightmare.

The village was my home for many months. I was fascinated by both the people, and their situation. A few times, I thought I saw a mysterious figure wearing a white gown, who seemed to glow among the darkness. But whenever I turned, she was gone. I learned that the darkness had plagued the village for almost 4 years, which would become 5 on December the 21st. I felt a premonition here, but I forced myself to ignore it, and not bring false hope to the villagers.

But, when I awoke on the 21st, nothing seemed different at first. The sky was still dark. In fact, nothing unusual happened until I raised my head away from my breakfast, only to be scared out of my wits by the mysterious woman sitting in front of me. She was elegant and calm as I cleaned the milk I spat out off of my lap and face. And she spoke, and I will never forget her words, or the silky manner in which she spoke them.

“Good Morning Mosquitino. I have been watching you, as I have watched this village suffer for the last 5 years. Despite their troubles, they never once departed, in search of an easier life. I was wise to grant them my sword, so many years ago, in the guise of an old dying man. But, I too have been cursed since then. I am forbidden from direct contact with my people, although I was born of their spirits. I am forever bound to provide sanctuary to them, for our life forces are intertwined, and it pains me to not be able to help them.
But, you Mosquitino, you are unbound, and pure of heart. Could you present to them, my gift?”

Here, not for the first time, I tried to speak. After many incomprehensible sounds, including one that sounded uncannily like a rooster, I gave up due to her silent giggles and gave a slight nod.

“We all have light inside of us, burning brightly, and this bottle contains the fuel to truly make it shine. All you must do is open it at the campfire tonight. I regret that I cannot do it myself, but I am sure you will be fine. But now, I must leave. I must bid you goodbye. It was good talking to you”

She left me to ponder her last words, wondering what I had managed to say of value among my frequent coughs, sputters and incoherent syllables.

Needless to say, I went to the campfire under her wishes. There was energy among the people of the village, but this was not matched by the fire, flickering pathetically at their feet. The jar was in my jacket, and I slowly started to twist the lid. The light never seemed to escape from the jar, but slowly, light began emanating from the people of the village. Although on paper, it sounds slightly off-putting, let me now say, that I have never, seen anything more beautiful in my life.

As the villagers slowly realised what was happening, I left silently. I felt like this was their private time, and it was my time to continue my journeys. As I left, I saw one figure, an old man. He was the only one not ecstatic, but he gave an unnaturally beautiful smile, with hints of laughter at its ends. This smile stayed in my mind, as I walked far away, past the village, past the mountains, past the cities. And to this day, if I ever feel shrouded in darkness, I picture that smile, that laughter, and I feel… Hope.