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for me, last year's joke was better :)

Entropy / Re: 60 Cards // No Dmg // Deck Out
« on: October 24, 2010, 02:48:25 am »
change mark to time, add entropy pendulums, eternity(2 at least), add some hourglasses

General Discussion / Re: [Poll] How many nymphs do you have?
« on: September 26, 2010, 03:50:10 am »
 5 nymphs now :)  :death :life :life :darkness :gravity

Light / Re: Healing Angel Stompy
« on: September 16, 2010, 03:19:44 pm »
id go for
-3 miracles
-1 arch
+2 towers
+2 light dragons

Forum Game Archive / Re: Another Murder Mystery by Gl1tch
« on: September 09, 2010, 12:22:31 pm »

Forum Game Archive / Re: Another Murder Mystery by Gl1tch
« on: September 09, 2010, 07:33:33 am »
The hacker is Essence (i think)

proof 1:
[22:55:35]Essence [] Scaredgirl: I have to go change my baby.  This is getting bad, isn't it.
[22:55:37] Antagon [] Scaredgirl: When did you find out.  Yesterday when we were PMing?  I thought this was just some fail troll... we're seriously in trouble aren't we?
[13:37:00] Miniwally [] Scaredgirl: Just a heads up, chat's compromised too.
a few seconds after essence posted that he needs to change his baby, the chat goes wrong and Miniwally was hacked

proof 2:
Gl1tch:  I have hacked Gl1tch's account.  I will hack one master's account per day as vengeance.  I have been angered with all of you for a long time.  All of the masters.  The war is not over.

My revenge is at hand.
water was the first to be eliminated in the war so he wants to get revenge.

Deck Help / Re: Rainbow deck - can't defeat ai5
« on: September 06, 2010, 12:54:16 pm »
if you want to have a successful rainbow then try the deck in this thread:,1615.0.html

you can grind halfbloods with that deck but the deck in this thread is faster than a rainbow and is also considered one of the best ai5 grinder:,3154.0.html

Deck Help / Re: Another new deck idea.
« on: September 05, 2010, 01:38:04 am »
take out an oty, shield, BE(if you dont have a pulvy, keep it), an afla, an HG, the nymph, 1-2 deflag(since you have BE/pulvy)
add a boneyard, another UG(optional)

General Discussion / Re: [Poll] How many nymphs do you have?
« on: September 04, 2010, 05:23:36 pm »
4 nymphs now :)  :life :gravity :darkness :life

Deck Help / Re: FG Rainbow
« on: September 04, 2010, 03:31:14 pm »
take out 7 pillars,  the sundials(optional), 2 dimen shields, an rof,
add a permafrost/jade shield, another quint

Trio & Quartet / Re: Tearing a Rift in the Fabric of Eternity
« on: September 01, 2010, 11:58:04 am »
whats the ?? earth pends?
I decided it was time for a new fun deck with rares to stick in T50.  I worked on comming up with an irritating, lethal combo built around flying eternities.  I tried several permutations, and I found a combo of eternity and quicksand to be quite yummy.  The basic premise is destroy their quanta stream with early earthquakes and then use a redied eternity as a combination or CC and draw prevention.  The dragons give the deck a decent damage potential, and then anubis is SoR'd can make your eternities untouchable.  The ??? are earth pendalums; running earth pendalums gives you the best chance to get out an early earthquake. There will be a bit of extra earth quanta, but it usually works out that the SoR and animate come from the earth quanta

The deck is meant to be a fun deck and a psuedo rare farm, but it has quite lethal potential if it can get set up quickly.

Let me know what you guys think.

Code: [Select]
6rq 6rq 6rq 6rq 77j 77j 77j 77j 77j 78q 78q 78q 78q 78q 78q 7n2 7n2 7n2 7n2 7q0 7q0 7q0 7q0 7q6 7q6 7q7 7q8 7q8 7q8 7q8 7q8

 i like the idea :) + karma

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