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Competitions / Re: War is coming..
« on: February 26, 2010, 09:29:55 AM »
If this is the setup, I will have to side with evil morally challenged.

Rainbow Decks / Re: PuppyChow's FG Rainbow
« on: February 20, 2010, 10:12:35 AM »
Just finished my century batch for this deck. I'll give you my statistics and impressions below. I didn't submit statistics to ElementStatistics (yet) because I don't record Elemental Mastery.

Chaos Lord: 9-0 It is theoretically possible to lose against it but since the deck usually doesn't use its mutations too early, even luck can't save it most times.

Dark Matter: 0-4 The matchup is not quite as horrible as it may seem. If it doesn't get a Nymph early on, you have a fighting chance. In two games I was only 2-3 HP short of stabilizing before the Chargers did me in. Don't resign immediately and let the AI work for the win.

Destiny: 2-1 Easy matchup. The one loss stems from a horrible misplay where I tried to rush against an Eternity without having drawn all of my control cards yet. After a few Reverse Times later, I had nothing to stop a lucky mutation... as long as you remember not to do stupid things like that, you're fine.

Divine Glory: 0-1 I'm just glad, I didn't have to face it more often. If you're opening hand doesn't contain a lot of tempo (like, 2nd turn Druid-tempo), feel free to resign immediately.

Elidnis: 4-2 The matchup is quite fun because it is a bit unpredictable. I highly recommend Permafrost Shield because sooner or later, there will be too many immortals for you to handle with a Bone Wall. Also, it enables you to just let the Pufferfish live. With some luck, Elidnis wastes a Quintessence on them that they don't have for an actual threat later on. I also use Quintessence on the Druid almost all times - I just don't feel like slugging through the defenses with a FFQ alone.

Ferox: 2-0 Pity I didn't get more matches. If you aren't rushed to death early on (unlikely), you just have a walk in the park.

Fire Queen: 5-1 Not much to fear. One loss from a game where I saw about one pillar/nova each before dying. Without bad luck, you should only remember not to waste your Firestorm too early (because several FFQ's can rush past one established Oty).

Gemini: 2-2 Pretty much anything can happen. One loss from getting rushed early by Recluses, one loss from when I got a good mutation and Gemini used TU to kill me with it. Maybe it is a good idea to save the quintessences and just use them on your good mutations (if you haven't had with an Electrocuter)

Graviton: 0-2 I didn't get much play in those two games. I guess you can win if you establish an Oty in time, but I'd be surprised if your odds got anywhere near the 50%-mark.

Hermes: 1-2 The good news is, that it at least kills you quickly. In the game I won, I found the combo of FFQ (protected) and Bone Wall to be quite effective. Hermes uses Firestorm whenever it sees three creatures and doesn't pause for one turn to let the Bone Wall fall.

Incarnate: 6-2 One loss from a horrible draw where I got rushed by vampires (kinda embarassing) and another loss from a misplay (I didn't play aggressive enough and got stalled by a Bone Wall when my Eternity lurked at the bottom). Except for freak occurrences, there really isn't much to fear. Once again, keep the Firestorm in your hand until it has maximum effect.

Miracle: 7-3 Only one of the losses can be explained with a misplay of me (I went astray on the touchpad and used the Hourglass instead of the Eternity next to it. Oops). Two games actually went down against a quick squadron of Dragons. Once you've survived these, you're golden.

Morte: 5-1 There is not much that could go wrong. The loss came from a game where an early Arsenic stood uncontested for a bit too long. I recommend, using some of your control cards early to keep the RoL out. Even an unprotected oty and and early Firestorm are possible - not having to deal with Angels (and Miracles later) is worth it.

Obliterator: 3-2 This is another matchup where I rely on the Druid rather than the FFQ. You can't establish the Eternity cycle reliably and it might take a bit too much time to get past a Diamond Shield. Of course it also helps a lot when you are the one who has the Pulverizer established first :D

Paradox: 2-0 Take care of everything that is getting big as soon as possible and try to win without Mutants. Not much to fear, except for one luck TU strain and even that can be prevented easily.

Rainbow: 0-10 I don't know what has to happen in order to win... even my neigh-perfect draws get shot down by Rainbows massive card advantage. Even an early Oty got overwhelmed by sheer number once. I guess you could go for a purely defensive setup and try to have Rainbow draw itself to death, but honestly - I lack the stamina for that.

Scorpio: 7-3 You'll lose a few matches if you fail to deal with the threats early on... leave the Pufferfish and Arsenic uncontested for one turn too many and you suddenly have 25 poison counters that you wil never be able to offset. When there is no Ulitharid, you can try tossing out the Druid as bait to let it waste some Congeals on it.

Seism: 4-5 I can't be sure 100%, but I think it uses Rewinds too conservatively. Try to get an early Oty, even unprotected. Other than that, just hope that it runs out of Quicksands soon enough for you to set up before the Shriekers knock you out for good.

Unfortuntately, I failed to replicate PuppyChow's score, which is largely due to a few misplays (touchpad and stupidity...) and some scores being a bit too low compared to what could be expected of the match long-term (Miracle, Incarnate, Destiny, Gemini). My corrected score is at 56%, which is quite respectable nonetheless.

What I would suggest to try in the future:
- Replace one Shard of Gratitude with Feral Bond: There are some matches where 20 HP per turn just aren't enough. One Bond might help to keep you alive in the lategame. Aims to increase scores against Elidnis, Scorpio and Seism. Against Hermes/Graviton it might improve or might not work at all since it reduces your early defensive potential. At least you lose quickly if it fails.
- Replace the Pulverizer (or the Improved Steal) with the third Quintessence. This one is quite speculative and will jumble the match scores a bit. Hopefully, you can establish a protected Oty quicker and improve your score against some Gods where you have to set up quickly to achieve anything, like Hermes, Graviton, Dark Matter, et al. Of course, giving away some of your permanent control hurts you in other matches. Against FFQ the additional Oty protection will about keep the balance but your score against Scorpio & Morte will suffer since the danger of an early Arsenic is exacerbated. Against Gods where you need the permanent control later (Gemini!), you just use the extra Quintessence on the Druid and have it dig for a mutant with the appropriate ability.

Forum Game Archive / Re: Re: Corrupt A Wish!
« on: February 20, 2010, 08:54:41 AM »
Granted. I replaced your Hourglasses with Sparks.

I wish for the end of stupidity in the world.

Forum Game Archive / Re: Re: Corrupt A Wish!
« on: February 19, 2010, 01:05:23 AM »
Granted. I'll have you deep-frozen at -200C. That should be cold enough to deter any virus.

I wish for a bowl of white rice.

Fate Egg + Fate = Win
Tell me this awesome creature that has the ability destroy. Oh wait. There isn't one :).
Who said anything about destroying. Surely there is another way as well?
There IS momentum and you could (in theory) crack a fate egg to create a Fallen Elf that mutates one of your creatures into a mutant with the ability "destroy". I can calculate the odds for you if I have some spare time the next days :p

You have removed all permanent control from the deck? That's brave... but I really think there should be at least one card (Steal, Pulverizer, Druid) that can deal with a permanent. Even if it doesn't affect your win rate that much, it will allow you to win matches much quicker and create greater revenue.

This challenge is in no way fair. Mono aether will completely destroy ANY time deck I use, no matter what. Time has absolutely no permanent control.

I shouldn't be punished with regards to my title just because of my element's shortcoming.
Read the title: It's not the batlle of the masters, it is the battle of the Elements. Your fault if you chose to be spokesperson for the wrong one  :P

Forum Game Archive / Re: Re: Vending Machine
« on: February 17, 2010, 11:19:10 PM »
You get a stern lecture from Leo Trotzki on not to waste farming tools that could be used for the sake of society as a whole for your personal amusement.

I insert a soap bubble.

Rainbow Decks / Re: Attack of the Clones
« on: February 17, 2010, 11:12:33 PM »
Why the Improved Heal? You have a rather small deck, so I would try to make every card count - and 20 HP for one card is not enough for me most times. I see that you try to work around permanent removal but I'd still try to fit Shards of Gratitude in, if you have access to them. If not, Antimatter is also preferable IMO.

Humor / Re: What would False God do? (WWFGD)
« on: February 17, 2010, 11:06:03 PM »
Poor Scorpio... why do you always think the worst of him. Why should our weakly immune system be his fault?

Nicholas Gurewitch

Competitions / Re: Competition: Design a New Quest
« on: February 17, 2010, 11:01:07 PM »
Quest: Elemental Lords challenge.

Description: Start with 200hp and see if you can defeat the 100hp elemental lords, taking on each element you stay at the same health once you have defeated one e.g you defeat the first Elemental lord with 163hp you go onto the next with that amount.
With each elemental lord having the powerfullest deck imaginable of that element will you survive?

Reward: Upgraded mark to 3x or have 3different marks of your choice and Special elemental dragon according to your mark.
I suggest to revise this one. To me, it looks way too easy. I'll just play a decent control deck with some healing and the Elemental Lords (which seem to be restricted to mono) will fall 1 by 1. The reward is too high for the little challenge presented.

General Discussion / Re: False God's Genders?
« on: February 17, 2010, 05:06:31 PM »
OK, I see the problem: You are trying to conceptualize the False Gods as manmade and find analogies between human behavior and strategies of the Gods. I can't do the same, unfortunately, since I try to conceptualize them as natural beings, detached from any human creator.

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