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The Arena / Re: The Unbeaten
« on: December 05, 2011, 08:27:44 am »
I remember loosing twice vs that deck including one game when you had 2 HP and topdecked a bone wall which allowed you to kill me :)
 ;D Gotta love multiple bonewalls + dexterity.

The Arena / Re: The Unbeaten
« on: November 30, 2011, 04:27:51 am »
29-0 was my best undefeated streak.

It was with a chrysaora build in gold league.

The Arena / Re: GOOD lasting decks that you took down from the arena.
« on: November 16, 2011, 08:40:43 am »
More Chrysaora decks for this collection. Getting that card in the oracle is incredible, and I got to rank 1 in gold league, so very happy about that  ;D

Hover over cards for details, click for permalink
Deck import code : [Select]
52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52p 52p 52p 5i5 5i5 5i5 5i5 5i5 5i5 718 718 71a 71b 71b 71b 71b 7gn 7gn 7gn 7gr 7gr 7gu 7gu 8pp

Gold league level 55

2 X mark
3 X upgrades (so 3 of the chrysaora should be upped)
165 hp to start with

Managed to go 29 wins straight up until midway through day 3, where it got to 31-2. Managed to make it twice to the top of gold league (rank 1). Modified the deck on day 6 due to HP loss changing mark to 1 to give it more hp and swapped some pillars for pendulums. Final score was 56-7 (rank 7) at the start of day 8 where I had to change my deck.

Duo-Decks / Re: Lights In The Sky [upped][no rares][PVP2][pillarless]
« on: November 11, 2011, 12:50:34 pm »
I like the build.

My only question is have you tried using a morningstar in the build? Would still be fine with the Anti-PC theme you've got going there while hitting for decent damage per turn.

Edit: I meant morning glory.

Deck Help / Re: Flooding FG Killer
« on: October 13, 2011, 05:13:46 am »
Thank you for the reply.  The general theme I am hearing is I should just scrap the deck and go with a different strategy.  Perhaps you are right, I am probably just wasting my time with this one.  I'll save it for my little pet project and go back to grinding with something else.  Back to the drawing board.
NNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Dramatic No is needed)

What you are doing is quite good, and something you should keep trying to improve. The flooding idea really does take advantage of several problem aspects that SG's false god farmer cannot counter/had a hard time countering, especially I think for the following

-Osiris (No way to counter the scarab army otherwise)
-Incarnate (even easier than before)
-Morte (Turn his own graveyards against him would keep his larger creatures off the field in favour of weak skele's)
-Decay (debatable: if it got 8 siphon life in hand when at 75  :darkness quanta would mean death, but stopping him from constantly stealing from your quanta pool would be quite good, provided you could keep flooding running)
-Fire Queen/Ferox (Less healing they get from feral bonds is always nice)
-Paradox/Gemini/Elidnis (Provided a  :water creature is not TU'd, those gods only get about one turn to use their creatures they obtained from TU before losing them to flooding, provided you've got the non flooded part of the field full of less useful creatures)

Looking at your latest fix, it seems your still going for 3 quints. This I guess is okay as this does allow the potential for you to use some unkillable PC then.
Perhaps to the 38 card build, add this
+1 Butterfly effect (BE)
This would help you considerably, as you produce a large number of creatures which can be targeted by this card. Proceed to quint, and then you have PC on a stick, which would probably help against some of the more annoying FGs with permanents (Elidnis, Ferox, Neptune's accursed permafrost shields etc.). Only thing with this fix is BE would compete with the supernovas for quanta, so you may have to replace them for towers/pendulums.
+1 Elite Otyugh
Yeah, I do harp on about this, but it is entirely necessary for you to have one asap. FG's like gemini who use momentum will become easier if you have an answer to momentum earlier, while the mutants chaos lord creates (and destiny to a lesser extent) may need to be eaten at all costs before they can wipe you out, and growing creatures such as the ones elidnis have need to be eaten early. I really feel without the second you may be making some games harder for yourself when they don't need to be.

Really don't give up. No build is perfect, and ever since the SoG nerf, people might be looking to find a new FG farmer which promises great success, and the one your using may not be too far off from being a build to use, whether it be regularly or as a temporary farmer.

Deck Help / Re: Flooding FG Killer
« on: October 12, 2011, 07:19:45 am »
Hmm no replies yet? A pity, this does look like a decent farmer, or could become better.

Firstly, going to supply you a link to an old FG farmer that is somewhat similar to yours,1615.0.html
I used to play a mostly upgraded variant of this and It did good enough until I moved onto a CCYB variant.

Secondly, Though I haven't tested it, there are several problems here with your deck.

-You are using FAR too much aether quanta with a deck that doesn't reliably produce it.
-You are failing to use a very good shield to take advantage of flooding (Bone wall)
-You could be putting those skeletons generated from boneyard to better use.

I think your deck could use the following.
-A fallen Druid
This will help against several false gods. It may help in making akebono slightly more beatable, while converting your skele's into far better creatures, or turning things such as pufferfish into safe to eat creatures for your otyugh.
This should be obvious. Against incarnate and neptune, this shield is capable of reaching some ridiculous numbers, while a very good defense against many other FG's.

Maybe try this to start with.
-1 momentum: You won't need this. If a shield is blocking you, just use eternity to rewind your own creatures until you can overcome it.
-1 Quint: Too many. Some creatures you won't need to quint. generally 2 quinted creatures, depending on the match will see you through.
-4 supernova: This might be a personal preference here. I'm not so sure how useful they are to you. In this sort of deck I'd use Quantum towers, but I can see some advantage to it, so up to you if you change them for quantum towers.
-4 Phase shield: Just too much aether usage.
-1 Miracle: You should have otherways to regenerate your health, as long term options.
-1 Electrum Hourglass: Too many for a 40 card build.

+4 sundial: Uses up light quanta, good use of time quanta. More temporary stall than dimensional shield, but also helps get through your deck quicker.
+4 quantum tower: Pillars will do if you can't replace them with the upgraded tower, for now.
+1 Fallen druid: Make some outrageous mutants. Also may help PC if you get a mutant with steal/destroy
+1 Elite Otyugh: Eating things as soon as possible is very important vs most gods.
+1 Bonewall: Enjoy a never ending supply of bones to protect you.
+1 Feral Bond: More healing

I think this should do for a start. It's a lot more similar to the FG farmer I linked you too, and will probably require some adjustment in order to play, but I feel the changes will help while also keeping your original idea. In order to stay alive though, you'll have to take much more damage at the start before trying to chain sundials or use those dimensional shields (This will vary between the FG's, as some with large weapons will require the chain of sundials to start earlier) (Save the bonewall for as long as possible). The only other thing is that with bonewall and flooding, timing of playing both will be pretty crucial.

One other thing to note: If you do use the druid, keep in mind any FG with Twin universe will take advantage of larger mutants made, which can backfire very badly depending on the element of the mutant.

Upgrades: Agreed that you should upgrade the phase shields. Towers next maybe.

Hope this helps.

The Arena / Re: GOOD lasting decks that you took down from the arena.
« on: July 29, 2011, 06:27:40 am »
Okay I think I've got one for this thread.

Oracle card was precognition, so making a SNbow seemed the way to go.

Final stats were 50-7 in gold league, ending at rank 44, after 5 days (so 5 days old).
Best was 36-3 on day 3 at rank 27.

Hover over cards for details, click for permalink
Deck import code : [Select]
4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4vh 4vh 4vh 55v 55v 590 590 5oe 5rr 5rr 5rr 5rr 5rr 6qq 6qq 6u3 6u3 6u3 6u3 6u3 6u3 713 713 7ah 7dm 7dm 7ds 7gm 7k1 80b 8pj

-2x mark (entropy)
-3x wisdom (3 of the precogs should be upped, I have no idea of the codes sorry)

I modified the deck on day 4 due to HP loss, but the above version was when it was at it's best.

Would find it weird that the AI were not using stoneskin properly, given the AI is normally capable of using it properly (The AI3 elder with it seems to use it alright).

I think those who have said that any card so far is useful are probably correct, though I would be pretty irritated if I got 5 shields, with the exception of phase shield, wings, or hope (RoL/Hope is okay, though a shield heavy hand would be bad for the AI), as so many copies are just repeated dead draws except if the opponent has a lot of temporary PC (e.g a few deflags, not something like pulveriser).

General Discussion / Re: Elements Nymph Count
« on: July 09, 2011, 09:49:20 am »
 :aether :aether :life :life :light :light :entropy

I seem to have received my nymphs in pairs before getting the next one.

I really hope that trend continues  :)

My point would be that if you were to remove quantum towers, you would probably have a knock-on effect of further cards players would want banned because you simply would be too disadvantaged by the oracle's pick of a card.
Sure, but you know you dont need submit decks everyday. If you get a useless card, skip submitting a deck with it. After 3 days your deck just get -8HP, and still can fight.
That is very dependent on your previous submission though, as the previous build must get to such as position where you don't have to use the oracle's next card.
To expand further on my example, the day before dusk mantle, I got a hope shield, so obviously RoL/Hope seemed like a good option. It got to 16-8 but upon ageing dropped out of the T500.

Next oracle card was dusk mantle.

Not many options left for me there...

As for shards, no False Gods use shards. None. The obvious reason for this is that no one wants to fight a deck with 12 SoGs + 12 SoDs. Yet these decks are scattered all around Platinum. In my opinion, shards do need to be banned, at the very least against double draw opponents.
Agreed with this.

I think though, I will change my mind on the new poll cast. While I still think the shards should not be permitted to be used by arena decks (The AI controlled ones), I'm going to change my mind on the quantum tower issue and say they are okay. (I originally voted ban QT, for reference).

The reason I say this is because I feel in some cases, setting up a sub-optimal rainbow is the only hope for some of the oracle chosen cards. As an example, I got a dusk mantle from the oracle a few days back. Needless to say, my attempt at making a build around FIVE of those shields failed miserably (Tried to make a GotP/Nightmare build with hourglasses). Had I thought to make some sort of rainbow though, I strongly suspect I may have had a better chance of not getting knocked out in an hour or two, perhaps even earn myself some electrum. My point would be that if you were to remove quantum towers, you would probably have a knock-on effect of further cards players would want banned because you simply would be too disadvantaged by the oracle's pick of a card.

But perhaps then I'd need to explain why my above thoughts should apply only to quantum towers and not shards. Asides from Xenocidius' point, Shards just make any deck much better and much more advantageous than it would normally be to run, even more so when combined with false-god like properties. On the other hand, quantum towers can only do this if the rest of the build either works with the oracle card, or can function well to offset the disadvantage of the oracle's choice.

Deck Help / Re: The fat eternity lock: Light/Time duo (unupgraded)
« on: July 01, 2011, 09:46:52 am »
Yeah,this deck is a troll deck,RT all opp creatures to lock his draw,prevent other cards,like CC,PC.Completely shut down immolation decks because they have low quanta.
...And your point is...? Did you have anything to say about the build of the deck, something useful?

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