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Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Abbreviated Nicknames!
« on: April 27, 2011, 11:19:35 pm »
people usually abreviate my name to sengi, i prefer "sengir" tho since that is what i based it on.
Had some scandinavians pm me questions in their language, as apparently seng=bed in danish and norwegian.

FG Proposals / Re: False God Proposal: Anubis
« on: October 17, 2010, 07:18:25 am »
can take out the pest part and hourglasses then, the spine carpace helps generating food for oty, that also results in having a better momentum/dune rathio

FG Proposals / Re: False God Proposal: Gaea
« on: October 16, 2010, 08:18:27 am »
FGs cant have unupped cards, otherwise i'd have used druid instead of jade staves

FG Proposals / False God Proposal: Gaea
« on: October 15, 2010, 11:13:20 am »
Code: [Select]
7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ad 7ad 7aj 7aj 7al 7al 7al 7al 7al 7al 7an 7an 7an 7an 7an 7an 7n2 7n2 7n2 7n2 7n2 7n2 80h 80h 80h 80h 80h 80h
Flying untargetable, adrenalined druidic staves for life regen, spine carpase to get rid of opponents attackers, dragons to get past diamond shield

FG Proposals / False God Proposal: Anubis
« on: October 15, 2010, 09:51:16 am »
Code: [Select]
74a 74a 74a 74a 74a 74a 74b 74b 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7aj 7aj 7n2 7n2 7n2 7q0 7q0 7q0 7q0 7q0 7q0 7q0 7q0 7q8 7q8 7q8 7q8 7qd 7qd 7qd 7qd
the idea behind this deck would be to control creatures with (flying) eternities, poison him up with momentumed dunescorps and gradually weaken+ eventually eat non bounced creatures with otyughs

Edit: removed some towers, removed the darkness component, removed hourglasses and added 1 animate weapon

on "argument ad populum":

So if someone commits a crime and seventy people saw it, would you then say that none of those seventy people should be allowed to testify at the trial because it's "argument ad populum"? Or is it, for some reason I've apparently missed, allowable to discard the testimonies of millions of people, but not seventy?

A single testimony is not generally considered strong evidence, since people are often mistaken. But many testimonies that corroborate one another? When those testifying had no chance to check their stories with one another? Occam's razor is getting pretty sharp.

On me not being religious at the time of my experiences:

The orignal claim by Scaredgirl was "That's actually something that might explain your weird experiences: people sometimes see things they want to see. It's a very common psychological phenomenon."

Therefore if I didn't want to see those things then that statement doesn't apply. If there is another way I could have imagined such things please explain it.

On the articles:
Were you able to get the full text or just the abstracts? You have to read them pretty carefully to find it.

On a more general note:
Can we move both debates to one thread? I keep going to respond on the wrong thread.

I'll post a reply in the other thread when I get back
If 70 people saw a crime being commited, its not only them testifying that the crime happend, there is also proof that it happened, as (in the case of theft) the object is missing, if the object was indoors there are traces of forced entry, fingerprints (if the thief didn't wear gloves), toolmarks and alot of other evidence that the crime happened + that the described person was indeed near that crimescene.

In the example of someone telling he saw a pink animal, while multiple people that are at that location did not see it, the person saying he saw that pink animal is  "seeing things" as in being delusional, as there is no proof of that aledged animal to be there.

To put religious text into this, the bible and other texts like it often contain a small number of people that suposedly are being contacted by a deity, being told what to do, and what to say to others.

In this they are the same as any religious/cult/sect/shamanistic or druidic mediums, they say they have been adressed by that deity, and that others have to believe their word on that, and act as they are told to.

Those "shaman" as they are called in some primite tribes perform strange rituals/tell strange stories and as people fear/are impressed by the unknown, they start to believe in what that shaman is telling them and start to mimic that persons behaviour, similar to what a herd would do if a dominant animal starts doing strange things.

In what way are those shaman different from that single person saying he saw a flying green octopus?

They all claim to have experienced some unlogical occurance which they have no proof for, they expect others to believe them and those that do, make the shaman feel important.

Since mankind is nothing more then an ape evolution, and often survived by mimicing other apes behaviour, some of those who didn't believe the "flying green octopus" man, start to join his followers due to the "hey so many ppl believe him, maybe it is true". In other words, herd behaviour + ignorance create followers.

Those followers tell others about the amazing flying green octupus guy ("fgog" from now on), and ask them to join them, some do some dont, so that fgog has an ever growing flok of irrathional and illogical, often delusional believers  surrounding him, most of which end up tell that fgogs ramblings to their offspring and say its the truth, the brainwashed offspring tells that to others, making the flok grow even more.

Fgog, now a "mighty" person gets older and eventually dies of old age, the fgog followers proceed to mourne for that persons death, and continue to distribute his words as the "truth", generations of brainwashed offspring later, no one is around that knew fgog, but they all believe in the written down, often altered, stories about him, resulting in thousands of fgog followers who know/believe that those stories are true, and that anyone who state the oposite is blasphemous.

ergo: fgog=shaman=founder of a religion
Religion= mass brainwashed acception of rathional void, discrimination "those who believe are better then non believers, only those who believe have certain rights", control over believers, who are "forced" to undergo some rituals and are looked down upon if they dont.

my 2 cents to this

Forum Archive / Re: RARE CARD FARMS - updated daily by the community!
« on: October 09, 2010, 02:30:58 am »
I'd like to request either of these: eternity, trident, druid staff

in a recent farm session i ended up upgrading some of my rares, and upped 1 to many of those 3 resulting in not having a set of 6 unupped anymore.

Thanks alot in advance.

Feel greatly disapointed in whatever god there would be, tell it that it did a horrid job perserving the image it was said to project on earth.
Ask it why it made humans into a such pathetic animal (physically weak, slow, low defence, low endurance), ask its opinion about the crimes/wars/disease outbreaks that happened while it was watching and doing nothing.

Religion / Re: Is the future Atheist?
« on: September 10, 2010, 03:36:25 pm »
Sorry for the necro.

Many religions have written down stories of what they say happened, the order in wich that happened, where and when.
Yet the majority of these "facts" have been disproven by science.
The bible alone mentiones 4 science-proven occurances and says jesus had a certain age while they happened, if you count that amount of years back, he was not born in the so called "year 0", as those facts give him a birth year of -8 or -4 or +4 or +8. So why believe one date in the book, when the very same person is said to be different ages at the same time?

Furthermore, the chronologic sequence in wich things are told to happen in those books, leaves many doubts. "god created earth and the sun 3 days later" The sun excisted way before the earth (or any other planet in this system) was more then a pile of gas and dust orbiting the star. So we are quite litterally the result of intergalactal waste being compressed by gravity, larger objects atracting smaller ones and thereby forming a planet. Finaly a truth in the bible "from dust to dust" yes we started as dust and will end as it.
Every single religion, pictures their deities as being one of their tribe/a person from the area they live in, wearing clothes one of their tribesmen would. Asian tribes? the deity has asian characteristics, Central african? the god has brown skin. If there would be 1 god, he/she/it would have 1 appearance, and even if "it" had the ability to shapeshift, those "not local looking" shapes would have been represented in the religious texts.  Yes i called god it, if it has to be neutral to both genders, it cant be either of them without being biased. The deity also performs things the people can not understand, examples of "i cant grasp that, nor do i understand why it happened, it must be caused by god!" are still in languages. Prime example = "Act of God" for natural Disaster that damages property, let it be a lightningstorm/flood/earthquake/volcano eruption. It all is suposedly caused by god. (funny that good things aren't "act of god")
Suprise, hardly any religion mentions their god changing skin collor, if any religion does at all. Hence all religions who describe "it" differently then how it actually looks = wrong.

Humans are proven to be evolved from apes, life on earth was litterally sparked into existance in the waters of the early planet. (science can replicate life "creation" by sending a jolt of elictricity into a protein containing bowl with water). The jolted proteins became 1 cell organisms. The organisms consisted out of: Bacteria, Viri, Animals and Plants.

Other animals (humans= mamals= animals) have lived LONG before us, so the timeline presented in those books yet again is made up and is disproven.

Lets take a closer look at the bible.

God plays with clay and makes a man, he cuts that mans rib out and makes that rib transform into a woman (transexual mutant? the rib is MALE when it gets cut out, yet becomes female after). Science: animals start as female as early embrio, and change into males if the chromoson package tells them to, otherwise they stay female.
The man (magically healed of the rib that has been cut out) proceeds to have sex with that transexual mutated rib. (Nice way to write in a book "go yourself" as he basically is having sex with his own rib)
They get 2 sons, the sons end up hating eachother and start to fight, one of them kills the other. Later on the surviving son manages to produce offspring. How can he have offspring? did he have sex with his mother? did his parrents get a daughter? either way it is incest.

Lets take a look at the suposedly 144.000 spots in heaven, if that number was true, it will be filled up fast, unless out of the billions of people that died in the past, only a very selected few would be allowed to enter. (must have been fun for the 1st person to enter, existing totaly alone) What makes believers belief that they actually have a chance to get there? if the place is reserved for perfection, (and perfection is used as total absence of evil) then no one that ever killed an animal, no one that ever made a negative remark, no one that ever was angry or annoyed about anything, no one that ever thought about the things described before, would get a spot.
Resulting in a overly paranoid, humorless, emotionless shade of a human. Must be alot of fun to be ending up in heaven then!

Ever wondered why jesus'symbol is a fish? Or why he suposedly fed loads of people with plenty of bread and 2 fish? Here is why: we are in the sun era of fishes (0-2150), sun eras are based on the time a certain nebula takes to orbit the sun. The bible itself states "when i return, it will be the end of this age (old version: era), and a man that brings water will come with me" Gues what the next solar era is? Aquarius.

This all leads to the conclusion (yes not a fact for once) that the bible is a collection of astronomy and historical occurances centered, made up stories. Telling things that did happen, or teach things in a story bound, easy to follow text was a habit at that time, and is used alot by writers between the year 100 and 500.

The 34 attack was used as an example to illustrate that paying 1 quanta for an ability that could end up killing a random creature, quinted or not, if it isn't water or other based, is to powerfull. Highest attack value i had on a creature was 49 attack golem, but that was against a SoD/SoG/Miracle/Granite Skin stall deck.

Thorn Carpase is a good (allthough slow at start) counter to growth creatures, eventually they will kill themselves, requires sources of healing to outlive the creature till that point. Gravity Shield also disables them in most cases.

They could use a more potent counter, but not something that outright kills them in 1 go.

The crawl is suposed to be a little extra, not a powerfull ability as the creature itself isn't that bad, so it'd be a flood dependant ability.

would this be a better solution?
Aqualungs 2 :water : target creature gains aqualungs, allowing it to be in a flooded area and survive as if it was a water or other creature.

Buff This Card! / Re: Blue Crawler | Abyss Crawler
« on: September 09, 2010, 01:29:25 pm »
I think the point that they're trying to make with all the comparisons is that for any job blue crawler works well for there are better options available, even within :water

I think some minor ability wouldn't be out of place- maybe something in :earth? It would fit well with the idea of something crawling along the bottom, and the synergy would help the trident out . . .

Emphasis on minor though. Comparable to "web" on flesh spider -> web uses off-element quanta and is only useful in combination with one specific card. I think most of the abilities suggested so far are too strong.

Tea's idea sounds workable to me I suppose.

How's this sound for an ability?

 :earth : Dredge. Move 1 square of flooding to a random space on the field.

It's similar to the web ability in that it requires a duo, only works well when there is a transient permanent on the board (either wings or flooding, as the case may be) and suggests a strategy that can be based around it, without interfering with the card's original purpose as a mid-hitter.
I think that moving a flooded square randomly is to powerfull, yes it is random, but you could end up killing a 34+ attack quinted creature in the middle row, simply by paying 1 :earth

how about

Toxic crawl 2 :death :put 2 infest counters on target creature in a flooded area

Game Suggestions and Feedback / Re: New name for upgraded steal
« on: September 08, 2010, 08:54:25 pm »

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