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Yeah, thats why I added mindshields to the typical phase dragon and dshield farm, it lets me clone his shields, and he doesnt think to do it as often, if you time a silence right, you can nuke him in one round after cloning his dragons and spiders too.

Yeah, it must have been 30 rounds or so. The Dshields really became ridiculous when we could mindgate the others shields, i went through about 8 of them i think, and i had plenty more of them left...

Random, Normal and Elder / AI3 Aether vs My Aether Phaseshield spam
« on: March 07, 2011, 04:45:40 PM »
I had to create an account just to share this insanity :D

I was trying to get a lobotomiser drop and decided to go up against the Aether AI3 with another shield spam deck...

I only won because he had silence coming up in his deck and i mindgated it many, many times so that his shield ran down and he couldn't replace it. I went through a ton of shields in that fight, and by the way, I was using the basic shieldspam that only has Phasedragons for damage, all those other cards are his...

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