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Card Ideas and Art / Re: Distortion
« on: August 21, 2010, 06:25:24 pm »
An expensive way to shoot yourself in the foot and hurt your opponent?

Needs a serious change. No one will use this. Except in a maybe Mono-Entropy deck that doesn't use creatures with skills.

Reduce the cost to maybe 4 :entropy and 3 :entropy. The fact that it affects all creatures balances it's cost in my opinion.

Nerf This Card! / Re: Lightning / Thunder Bolt
« on: August 19, 2010, 10:20:23 am »
I have no problem with Lightning Strike.

You can have a maximum of 6 of them in your deck.
Most decks run more than 6 creatures - or buffs (Quintessence/Plate Armor/Chaos Power)

So, as someone mentioned before - it is a card for card trade.

Compare that concept with (as mentioned) an Otyugh, Eagle Eye, or Maxwell's Demon.

Each of these cards has the potential to kill 6+ creatures in a game.

So - Lightning Strike is balanced. If it wasn't - you'd see a lot more people using it. The fact is, a reverse time + quanta denial / congeal or basilisks blood - can also nullify creatures. Let's not mention Antimatter.

Crucible Archive / Re: Sea urchin | Sea Urchin (Elite)
« on: August 18, 2010, 10:44:12 pm »
Personally I think it should work like Armaggio.

Yeah, at 1hp it will only ever effect 1 creature and then die. Unless it is buffed.

Otherwise, just trust me. It is extremely under-powered as it is. Sure, it's some cheap Creature Control card that does a bit of poison and a stasis effect... But CC also stands for Crowd Control... which is usually applied to cards such as Rain of Fire or Thunderstorm, and sometimes an Otyugh or Eagle Eye (because they can, over time, kill lots of creatures).

If you were to make this card work like a 'Gravity Pull' effect (for grounded creatures) ie. just like Armaggio. Then it has the potential to be really useful. But, it would only gain this potential from being in a Duo or Trio deck. It is balanced, because it only effects Grounded creatures.

The reason I am laboring this point is because... it is rare that someone will try and kill you with only 2 or 3 creatures. The Sea Urchin (as it is) can only ever stop 1 attack per turn. So you will need 6 in play to stop 6 attacks per turn.  And you would have to buff them repeatedly to keep enjoying this pause in incoming attacks.

Compare this to a Sundial - which stops ALL attacks for 1 turn.

If it were to work like an Armaggio (but take 1 damage per attacker), you could buff a Sea Urchin with a Basilisks Blood, Blessing, or Plate Armor and then it alone can stop a wave of attacks. This would give Water a few synergy options. Not to mention a very nice way of dealing with Immaterial and Immortal attackers.

My final question would be, what about Momentum creatures? Gravity Pull works like a 'Shield Effect' which Momentum ignores. I suggest - for further balance - that a Momentum'd creature ignore a Sea Urchin - my reasoning is that it is under such a momentum that a prick from a sea urchin will not stop it from attacking.

Crucible Archive / Re: Hidden Den | Foxhole
« on: August 18, 2010, 09:17:56 pm »
Yes. Creature Cards in Elements can have 3 abilities.

Active - an ability that is actively used by the player, by clicking on the card. This can be, Paradox, Lobotomize, Devour..... or burrow.
Passive - an ability that is always used by the creature, no matter what. Like Incandescence for Fire Fly's creating Fire Quanta or Puffer Fish doing poison damage when it attacks.
Status - a status which is unique to this unit. This could be like Immaterial. See Immortals and Phase Dragons.

So, this brings us back to the point that if you 'hide' a creature, it will lose it's previous ability. The game does  not store what the creature was in the past, or what abilities it had in the past.

If I put a Blessing on a Skeleton, that does not become a 1/1 + 3/3 = 4/4 skeleton, it is just a 4/4 Skeleton now. Similarly, if I mutate an Otyugh into a Fate Egg and then Hatch it into a Dragon with Freeze - the game does not see that as an Otyugh which was mutated, then hatched... It see's it as a dragon with freeze.

Crucible Archive / Re: Hidden Den | Foxhole
« on: August 18, 2010, 07:35:24 pm »
This seems to have been forgotten.

Quote from: Elements Forum
Warning: this topic has not been posted in for at least 60 days.
Unless you're sure you want to reply, please consider starting a new topic.

Something has been over-looked.

The notes mention that 'creatures can unhide for free'

I am presuming that when you 'hide' a creature in a Foxhole, it is done so: by clicking on the Foxhole to use it's ability, then selecting the creature you want to hide?

And I'm guessing the 'unhide' ability is given to the creature that got hidden?

So, how will this store the creatures previous ability? If I was to 'hide' a Mind flayer, he would lose the ability to 'lobotomize'... Any creature would lose it's ability.

Forge Archive / Re: Black Cat | Felicia
« on: August 18, 2010, 07:20:34 pm »
As much as I like this idea... I think it is stupidly powerful.

The only way to do this kind of damage reduction to your opponents creatures is with a Diamond Shield... for comparison:

Diamond Shield
Cost: 7 :earth
Ability: Incoming physical attacks are reduced by 3 damage.
Countered by: Steal, momentum, explosion, blessing, chaos power, rage potion, pulverize...
Maximum in play: 1

Black Cat
Cost: 5 :darkness
Ability: Causes all enemy creatures to do 1 less damage.
Countered by: Rewind Time, Lobotomize, Mutation / Sniper & Otyugh (maybe)
Maximum in play: 6... (with fractal - a lot)

Sorry, sg. Need's a mega nerf in my humble opinion!

Maybe make it a permanent. That stays on your side of the board. Gives -1 to all enemy creatures. This way, there is no fractal abuse, and no 'play this card, but put it over there' stuff... Also, if your opponent uses Steals/Explosions, he would have to make a choice between stealing the Bad Luck, Shield, Weapon or another Permanent (of which there are many choices - empathic bonds/eclipses/shards etc). Think of it as a negative eclipse affecting all enemy creatures :)

Crucible Archive / Re: Sea urchin | Sea Urchin (Elite)
« on: August 18, 2010, 01:56:03 pm »
So, in that case.

A Sea Urchin works like a Armaggio?

Each attacking creature attacks like normal, in order. If a Sea Urchin is in play, for each "Grounded Attacking" creature, the Sea Urchin takes 1 damage and the attacking creature takes 1 poison. This would continue until the Sea Urchin died. Different to the Armaggio, in that the Sea Urchin takes 1 damage regardless of the Attacking Creatures attack power - a bit like a Bone Wall. Whereas the Armaggio takes full damage.

If this is the case. I don't truly understand the benefit of this card. Especially considering that a Plague, or a Retrovirus can poison EVERY enemy creature, air-born or grounded - for very little cost.

The only benefit of this card would be to poison Immaterial or Immortal creatures. But, that is extremely luck dependent on the order in which they have been put into play.

The overcome this problem I suggest that the card does instant damage (like a fire buckler) and applies a stasis effect (like procrastination).

Give it an HP increase, so that it can affect more than 1 creature.

Maybe, something like:

Sea Urchin (normal)
Stats: 0/3
Ability: Attacking Grounded creatures take 1 damage and are stasis for 1 turn. Sea Urchin takes 1 damage per attacker.

Sea Urchin (upgraded)
Stats: 0/5
Ability: Attacking Grounded creatures take 1 damage and are stasis for 1 turn. Sea Urchin takes 1 damage per attacker.

Anvil Archive / Re: Quantum Flash | Quantum Flash
« on: August 18, 2010, 01:47:24 pm »
I understand everything you say and it is deliberate.
People still beleive it is strong, have a look at the poll.
Okay then. If this gets implemented, we'll see how few people use it.
I'm stuck in an Impasse. At this time the majority thinks it is already on the upper edge of strong but you want me to make it more powerful. What can I do?
so, the one who voted "underpowered" suggested that a card that gives 3 quanta and lets you draw a card should cost 2 upped? :)

Shows the Accuracy of Polls whn evaluating mechanics eh?
I'm at an impasse about this card.

I don't think it is overpowered, nor underpowered. Yet I don't think it is right as it is.

In terms of quantum generation.
Quantum Towers are adequate enough to fuel Rainbows.
Supernova's are possibly the best in boosting off-element cards.
Pendulums give an added kick when running a Dual (Mark + 1 element) deck.

If people want a streamlined, fast, and effective deck - the last thing they want to do, is put a card in that does this:

  • Lose 4 Random Quanta
  • Gain 3 Specific Quanta
  • Lose 1 Card, Gain another
For comparison, a Quantum Tower gives you +3 random immediately, and another +3 random at the end of your turn. They cost nothing to put into play.

I understand why you feel this card is needed.

With 6 of these in your deck, as it is, lets say upgraded. You're going to lose 18 Random Quanta (just less than 1 Supernova worth) to gain +18 of one specific element.

The fact that this card costs random quanta to play - it would limit it to Trio or Rainbow decks.

Any my main argument is this: With the card as it currently is, would Quantum Towers or Supernova's not be a more effective and less card-heavy solution to fueling 'off-element cards' ?

Anvil Archive / Re: Quantum Flash | Quantum Flash
« on: August 18, 2010, 11:16:56 am »
Okay then. If this gets implemented, we'll see how few people use it.

Crucible Archive / Re: Sea urchin | Sea Urchin (Elite)
« on: August 18, 2010, 11:14:41 am »
Overall. I like the idea.

One thing is puzzling me though.

I have 2 Sea Urchins in play. Both Upgraded.
One has 0/7 (I plate armored him)
Other has 0/1 (I couldn't afford plate armor)

My opponent is attacking with:
One 5/5 Elite Cockatrice (with Adrenaline)
Three 2/2 Elite Skeletons

What happens next?

a) Two skeletons take 1 poison counter. Urchin One takes 1 damage. Urchin Two dies.
b) The Cockatrice takes 3 poison counters. Urchin One takes 3 damage.
c) Each Skeleton takes 1 poison counter, the Cockatrice takes 3 poison counters. Urchin 1 takes 6 damage?

Crucible Archive / Re: Genesis | Greater Genesis
« on: August 18, 2010, 11:04:28 am »
Thought i'd bring this post back to life.

Quote from: Elements Forum
Warning: this topic has not been posted in for at least 60 days.
Unless you're sure you want to reply, please consider starting a new topic.

This card will have extremely limited usage. But, should we not be allowed to create completely unique decks?

Take Hope for example. It is only really 'powerful' in a deck that uses Fractal/Ray of Light or Bio-luminescence/Spam Creatures.

Bonewall, for another example. Is again, only really powerful in a situation where you can constantly kill creatures - or perform a mass-kill. Otyughs/Boneyard or Rain of Fire respectively.

While I still stand by my earlier point, that a pure 30 card rush deck (with Towers) might be faster and more efficient. I still believe that this card or concept has potential.

I think that to replace all your cards in your hand with Pillars/Towers is akin to shooting yourself in the foot.

So, why not re-work it?

Here are some draft options:

a) Play this card, 3 pillars/towers into play. Suffer some negative consequence. Maybe, don't draw a card for the next turn/two turns?

b) Play this card. Target friendly creature dies, gain 3 pillars/towers.

c) Play this card (permanent). The next 3 cards you draw will be pillars/towers. Draw a card.

d) Play this card. Gain +20 quanta. You now gain no quanta for the next 3 turns.

Anvil Archive / Re: Quantum Flash | Quantum Flash
« on: August 18, 2010, 10:40:35 am »
The draw a card effect means you are replacing the card that you needed to trigger the effect. The cost allows it to be played in any deck to get the quanta type required to play your out of element card. Weakness is you have to draw this card to convert the quanta over to what you need and the quanta generation won't hang around to fuel future turns.
Would it not be better to just use Quantum Towers / Supernova? (To get your out-of-element card)

The fact is, with this card being a spell (ie. a once off usage), and it's effect being: lose a card, gain a card, gain a little quanta... It isn't exactly that appealing now is it?

Sure, I am all for a card which allows people to generate more useful quanta. But this card costs 4 and 3 (random quanta) to play. This means that in some situations, you are only going to gain +2 or even +1 (if extremely unlucky) to your 'needed' quanta type.

Take this example.

I have
2 :fire
20 :death
1 :life
1: air

I play a Lively Flash (unupgraded). So, now I am going to lose 4 random quanta. I do not know the mechanics but I would imagine, that the probability of me losing 1 :life is as much as me losing 1 :death. Seeing as it is randomly chosen.

So, now I will suggest possible ways to (in my mind) make this card a little more appealing.

Option a) Make it a creature. Call it something like Quantum Sage for Life, or Quantum Thaumaterge for Fire, or Quantum Tempest for Air etc...

Cost: Debatable
Stats: 0/3
Ability: 4 (any quanta) / 3 (any quanta) - Gain 3 (specific quanta) and draw a card. This creature takes 2 damage.

Reasoning: This way it is a two-use card. So, 6 of these in your deck will now give you 12 usages of Lively/Timely/Atmospheric Flash.

A further note: Ideally, we would want a further layer of User-Interface... Make 1 card... Quantum Entity - play it, choose its respective element. Instead of making 12 cards... but I suppose this is a pipe-dream :)

Option b) Change the way it works. Keep it as a spell, but buff it a little. A spell is a once off use card, no-one is going to carry 6 of them in their deck unless they absolutely needed to (or absolutely chose to).

Make it transfer quanta from your most abundant, into your chosen type. From the above example we had:

2 :fire
20 :death
1 :life
1 :air

If this card was to be played now:
Cost would still be 4 (any - but most abundant). So I would lose 4 :death and gain 3 :life

Reasoning: There are many circumstances in which you find one of your Quanta types overflowing. This is usually because of a deck which favors 1 too many pillar - or you are not using high enough cost cards to that relevant quanta. Or, your mark is just pumping it up and you have no further use for it. Then, this card would be favourable. Instead of totally randomly removing your quanta to give you 3 specific new ones.

Anyways, hope I didn't ramble to long :)

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