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I was pretty nervous going in, I really dislike being the last one to play  because I feel like I have a lot of pressure on me.

I think both me and Rember used the same deck both games. This was the original build of mine

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55q 55q 55q 55q 562 576 576 576 576 576 5c5 5c5 5c5 5c5 5c5 5c7 5c7 5c7 5c7 5c7 5c7 5c8 5c8 5og 5og 5oi 5oi 5oi 5oi 5oi 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 8pn

In the first game, I looked at it, and I just thought Shit, those do not look like enough pendulums to me. So, I took out a Forest Scorpion, and thats it.
The second game, I was changing between decks every two seconds, until Rember finally said something along the lines of 'Ok, ready', which make me run with the deck that happened to be in there at the time, so it was an exact copy.

Low on quanta both games, never had more than 1 pend of each type on at a time, first game out of choice, second out of neccessity. Games went pretty normally, play druid, fly it, adren it, momentum it (although my momentums were sparse in both games) - or some of these, play perms when its safe-ish / to not discard , Acceleration once killed a phoenix. Sometimes he would Fire Bolt my druids.

 :air :gravity :life 2 - 0  :fire :earth :life, good games Rember, and good luck to Cali Snowstorm in the next rounds!

I think the "Better Game Balance" should be split into different entries. I wouldn't vote for "better game balance" as a whole because it's excellent as it is, but for something like "More Permanent Control"? Heck sure I would!
To me, that seems like a Card Idea thing. Opening up things like 'More Permanent Control' really just invites for infinite more categories, like 'more Quanta protection' 'Hand control' 'more alternate quanta generators' ... ect.

I get that 'more permanent control' is one of the most realistic and needed, but once one gets put up, it really opens doors for limitless others, and it's not really right for me to dignify which ones are worth putting in, and which ones aren't.

I was thinking about stickying the Metagame thread actually, provided you can keep discussion going on the current events and going ons in the metagame :) - I'd hate to sticky a thread only for it to go stagnant. That way any conclusions (like 'More Permanent Control') could seem more, official.

Air / Re: Round 8 - Main Topic
« on: December 01, 2011, 08:59:36 pm »

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5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5od 5od 5of 5of 5of 5oi 5oi 5oi 5ok 5ok 5ok 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 7k2 7k2 7k6 7k6 7k6 7n5 7n5 7n5 7n5 8pq

Not much difference between  this one and the one before. Except - next round, we have 2 new cards to try to beat a deck that can possibly counter ours entirely.
This one card can change a game. It's a little draw dependant, but if this deck above works just as well as the one I had posted before, then we have something we can try next round.

Upgrade 3 Fireflies, + 2 Nymphs. Unexpected, and really the only true way to really change our deck up with 1 - 3 cards IMO.

If we can win 2 more rounds, well thats fucking awesome isn't it :)

And thanks A LOT (in advance) for the testing  ;) - I can't build decks.

*** Oh, it has no shields. Ugh.

<24 hours left, I put a rough build into the vault to get the groundwork up. I am still liking the nymph idea, I'm not too sure how else we can really make a significant difference to our deck otherwise. (Assuming Fireflies are a positive contribution to the deck, in case of antimatters or whatever)

I've drawn up what we should have, we have 33 cards now and the deck is playable (needs 3 more upgrades though, but thats really an afterthought, I just didn't want to have to figure out the vault at the deadline). What is in there is WRONG, but it will hopefully make it easier to work with when we have a final deck/vault. PMing Kevkev just to make sure that its the right way to do it, if nothing else I want to fight till we're out. (although the plan, still is, to win this round)

kev says its all good, lots of potential mods (+Fogs/Shockwaves/Wyrms, EEs don't need upgrading tbh), trying to do a little testing now

Air / Re: Round 8 - Main Topic
« on: December 01, 2011, 06:28:20 am »
Well, it did lose twice to AI3  ???
I forget why exactly, maxwells demons were/are an issue, but entropy hasn't really been taking too many this time around, and there must have been some other legitamate reason as to why it lost to AI3.

Don't get me wrong, I love the deck, and I think it would be an awesome deck to take to the end (might need to be built a little better though), if people are cool with taking it, I'd be proud to use it against entropy. It just might not be the most sensible option in terms of...winning. (After one round, bar a crazy event card, we will have 1-3 hidden cards to change up from the previous round. Dragons could actually change the deck a bit though...)

the other options would be

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5og 5on 7ms 7ms 7ms 7ms 7ms 7mt 7mu 7mu 7mu 7mu 7mu 7mu 7mv 7mv 7mv 7n0 7n5 7n5 7n7 7n7 7n8 7oe 7oe 7oe 7oe 7oe 7oe 7oe 8pr

the very basic and expected (two unupped cards should be upped, I am more than willing to sell any CCYB/oracle prediction cards to build anything team desires)

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5lm 5lm 5lm 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5of 5of 5of 5of 5oi 5oi 5oi 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 7k2 7k2 7n5 7n5 7n5 7n5 8pq

the not so basic or expected, in fact, this one is a little like the nymph one, just less extreme

quanta balances are made up and ungood, as well as card counts. (The second can have pretty much any air card we want, first..cant)

Huh, now that I think about it, they are a little interchangeable, fireflies can be used as quanta in the second - if we choose one of these, we could probably mod it a little so that we can still change up the deck for a hypothetical R9

So yeah

War Archive / Re: War #4 - Round 8
« on: December 01, 2011, 12:22:11 am »
I was excited upon seeing the event cards because I thought that Team Air could run a new 72 upped card stall.

Unfortunately, there were a few things wrong with that sentence.

Air / Re: Round 8 - Main Topic
« on: November 30, 2011, 02:10:11 am »
I'm kinda glad we're against entropy, I would have just 'cbf'd if we were to vs Earth, no way would I be making another of those team topics  ;)

IMO, our only choices are really Light Duo or Mono Air. (Or choose event card 1 and run 5 blue nymphs. Shit, now I wish I hadn't just said that in chat when it occurred to me - entropy would have never expected that)

With the light duo, we can make it absolutely perfectly built by using the first event card - which would be kind of nice.
Or run a fully upped mono air, discard all/most darkness/light cards and try to use them next round. (Assuming we survive, we could still have 3 hidden sanctuaries)

Ugh, I'd like to throw a vamp dagger into a mono deck cause discord, but then, that wouldn't work.

I forgot to do it before, here are our salvages

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5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5of 5og 5og 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 61q 61q 61q 61q 61q 61q 622 622 622 7mu 7mv 7mv 8pu

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5c5 5c5 5c7 5c7 5of 5oi 5oo 5oo 5oo 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 7an 7ao 7ao 7ap 7ap 7ap 7mu 7mu 7mv 8pn

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4vd 4vd 4vf 4vl 4vl 4vn 4vn 4vo 5od 5of 5og 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 6u7 6u7 6u9 7mu 7mu 7mu 8pj

Hmm, we could even run upped fireflies with the nymphs... lol no next idea.

lolshit no salvage. those 3 extra cards better be good ones.

Long term idea would be mono it this round, pack sancts/miracles next round which might just change the deck enough. Thinking long term has fucked us over before, so if thats not the way to go, it shouldn't be used.

The other potential idea IMO is pandebonium, they'll probably expect the mono air deck. I think, my predictions haven't been working.

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Deck import code : [Select]
5lm 5lm 5lm 5od 5od 5od 5od 5od 5og 5og 5ol 5p0 5p0 5p0 5p0 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 7k2 7k2 7n4 7n4 7n4 7n4 8pq

I hope all your special vault prediction tools were soooo useful in this matchup!! And guess what, they'll be just as useful if you play us again next round! Ha, all your hard work was effectively worthless!

Yeah, maybe we shouldn't take that one.

Since Kuro failed to lock the voting before the masses of uninformed were allowed to voice their opinions, I feel it is my duty to show the results, as they stood

That's right, no other element will ever be able to have 100% of the vote. Air wins again.

 :air :air :air :air :air :air :air :air

Forum Bugs, Suggestions and Feedback / Re: End of Year Forum Awards
« on: November 29, 2011, 09:12:08 pm »
And in a shocker of a Result, the Favourite Forum member poll has resulted in a 8146 way tie, with every player recieving exactly one anonymous vote.  :o

Round 7 / Re: ~~ War #4 - Round 7 Match Results and Countdown ~~
« on: November 29, 2011, 07:42:40 pm »
IMO people underestimate how much playing the decks can make the difference. In my game against valuka (3 -2), when I won the last game, I realised, had I played devourers/pillars or a few other cards as I drew them, I would have lost.

And in the games against MatyrX (3 -1 loss), I RTed too early/too late a few times, when I should have waited it out or gone for it. If my basic maths skills are correct, neither of these actually changed the result of any of the games however had the draws been closer in any individual games, they really would have.

I can't speak for other players, but it makes sense for someone like Pervepic, who thinks through all his moves to have a higher record than people like me, who do tend to make mistakes, or not take certain things into account while playing cards.

Trio & Quartet / Re: Making Air Accessible to Everyone - Air Trials Deck
« on: November 28, 2011, 09:34:53 pm »
Will this work with... 3 air nymphs?
I've been making decks along these lines since I got my 2nd air nymph. It weakens it a little, 4 seems to be the perfect number if you are relying on quints too, it just means that somewhere you should try to to fit a little more defense in - or just run it at 31 cards (might work actually), or even 30 (lose a damselfly).

wish i was rich! that would make the game so much easier... but alot less to do :I
No, if you could afford it, I would advise you to buy a good deck. This one works, its a very fun deck, and it does do quite well against arena, but really, the reason I like it is because I built it myself, and used/use it and enjoy winning with it. In the end, you will usually be better off with some SPLAT that everyone keeps talking about, or Instosis to win. This deck is good, and fun and I do reccommend it to those who can afford it, but it isn't a top tier PvP/Arena deck, you'll be better off enjoying a deck you made for yourself, best way to approach the game IMO.

Now, this deck is easy to make. If you have lots of available cash, and at least four air nymphs, and willing to use sub-par arena decks.

This made me lol

Won 1st Air Nymph today in fact, so with those odds ill have 4 in 3 years! when i do, ill drum up some stats for you! :P
Sweeht - thanks. let's hope 3 years of metagame changing makes this deck the next firestall ;)

Air / Round 8 - Main Topic
« on: November 28, 2011, 08:35:37 pm »
I doubt there will be much to discuss here, we have 33 cards, and one matchup.

I don't know what happened last round, and I really can't imagine why teams  :death and  :entropy , well, mostly  :death played the decks they did, but it looks like it worked.

Apparently the round is being delayed by 1.  IMO, the best we can really do is just make the strongest/best balanced deck possible here, and hope for a win. We were a strong team, we deserve a place much better than 11th, and we should fight for that until the very end.

Nothing to say now- just waiting on the matchup and event card.

Round 7 / Re: (Death) Jaymanfu 3 - (Air) plastiqe 0
« on: November 28, 2011, 08:26:01 pm »
To be fair, Air has been using PC in many of its decks so far, which is why I am very surprised to see this deck show up.

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