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Buff This Card! / Re: Firefly Queen | Elite Queen
« on: December 08, 2011, 06:26:14 am »
IMO, this is the quintessential example of an 'elements' card, it really is one of the most diverse, powerful and symbolic of most things with elements.

(I mean, from Faerenheight, to Hope, to Empathic Bond, it is the single awesomest source of trio decks, the reason for control, and one of the coolest end games you can ever have)

If I was to sticky one topic as my last act as GS&F Moderator, and the last act of any GS&F Moderator ever (lol@Feedback Manager) it would be this one.

- 1 cost to FFQ!!!
or even 2, if cards are going to be OP, at least make them ones I like!!!

Air / Re: Round 9 - Main Topic
« on: December 07, 2011, 10:24:44 pm »
Vault audid think -> something yellow, get confused -> PM kevkev

I think all we have to do is put that deck in, and +3 pillars/pends, then, curse majofa to death. Darkness are doing so well maybe if we found a voodoo doll...

Also, if somehow, somehow, we are alive next round, I think we might need someone to act as General. Because apparently, people don't think free subbing is okay in 0 salvage environments. If upped cards are a huge issue, I can PM my account pass to someone (I need to change it anyway), its not like anyones gonna steal it with such a shitty username. (Oh, and 5 air nymphs, and at least one of each other one  ;) ) - this the last round i'll be able to work in, and even then, I'll need to rush the actual match, we might need a sub if I can't find majofa early

Hover over cards for details, click for permalink
Deck import code : [Select]
5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5oc 5od 5og 5og 5ol 5on 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 5pu 7mu 7mu 7mu 7mv 7mv 7mv 7mv 7mv 7n5 8pr

If anyone wants to quanta balance/ fix the deck I will most likely be using in all games (assuming the Hope/dimshield deck), that would be awesome. (Up to 9 upgrades, the only cards available are in QuantumT's deck posted above by Legit.

Air / Re: Round 9 - Main Topic
« on: December 07, 2011, 06:53:51 am »
I doubt anyone would bother go through all of those to find our decks (I did see one from the deck ideas thread by Perve, with only 3 upgrades), its a waste of time really.

I guess if anything is left to discuss, its what mods to take in each eventuality. -2 wings is the obvious starter, assuming the hope deck, minus the shockwave as well, and pendulums I guess. Light is a pretty shitty team to come up against to be honest.. ugh. I guess for the second deck, we go for outdamage early, and constant OE to try keep RoLs down. Probably has a few too many Wyrms, upping dragons will give us 3 extra attack. Of course, that can be changed back if they play something else.

And yes, I'm a little immature, but :P , I don't mind messing with the minds of Team  :time and  :entropy ,  we know exactly whats going on in there..

« on: December 07, 2011, 06:52:09 am »
I was supposed to Mass PM all of you, but I couldn't. BatCountry and Robotocracy, your inboxes are FULL, please clear those as soon as you see this message, I plan on deleting this thread as soon as possible, and want to be able to contact you if we forget something.

Now, kevkev has just gone through and deleted all his replies on our Round threads, with the decks the other teams were planning to bring against us that round, and game info. He politely reminded me that we need to delete or modify every single post which quotes or references to these posts. War is ending soon, and the secret sections are going to be revealed to everyone, so the posts have to be gone. I will be deleting this thread as soon as everything is cleared.

I've gone through, and the only applicable topics are

Round 4
Round 6
Round 8

And again, this is urgent, since you're reading this, you have time, go do it now!!!!

if anyone appears to have missed anything, inform them of it IMMEDIATELY

Edit: this refers only to kev's special posts, all Warmaster duties are to be ignored as they should be there

Air / Round 9 - Main Topic
« on: December 06, 2011, 08:58:11 pm »
Apparently, the round is being delayed, less than 24 hours. Unless a game changing event card,we have pretty much one deck (33 cards), and 9 upgrades.

Of course, we should wait until we know our match up and the event card for sure.

In other news, I think we should freak Team  :entropy and  :time out, we know that both of them have been keeping track of our decks, we know for sure that at one point in time, ffun kept track of our salvages. Confront the players on them is where we found out, I found another one for Time, will never be able to find that link again.

If nothing else, Team Air has personality  ;)

Three-man Team PvP - Battle Results / Re: [X] Wild Mongrels vs. Armedilgo
« on: December 05, 2011, 09:31:12 pm »
 :air :gravity :water 2 - 1  :darkness :earth :water

Hover over cards for details, click for permalink
Deck import code : [Select]
55k 55k 55k 55k 55k 55k 55k 55k 55k 55m 55m 55s 55s 55s 55s 55s 55t 55t 562 562 5od 5od 5og 5og 5oi 5oi 5oi 5oi 5oi 5op 8pr

The first game was lost very early on, I realised that if he did play EQ, I would be quanta starved the whole game. Of course, realisations like this are completely useless after they play EQ, I probably should have thought more while building decks. I drew 2 pillars I think, then 1 much later after being quaked. All I did was Fly one Titan, then GP it, then discard :/

Hover over cards for details, click for permalink
Deck import code : [Select]
5i4 5i4 5i4 5i4 5i4 5i4 5ib 5ib 5ib 5ii 5ii 5ii 5jm 5jm 5oc 5oc 5oc 5od 5od 5od 5od 5od 5og 5og 5p0 5p0 5p0 5pu 5pu 5pu 8po

The second game was the most fun IMO, a deck like that can be very inconsistent, but I drew everything I needed to pull this off (especially the second squid, which might have been the changing force). I only produced 3 UGs, and used just 2 in the game, considering that I had 2 nymphs (one on field, one in hand), they could have just as easily been UG cards, but, I guess I'm just a show off. Steam Machine hit the final blow

Hover over cards for details, click for permalink
Deck import code : [Select]
5i4 5i4 5i4 5i4 5i4 5i4 5i4 5ie 5ie 5ie 5ie 5ie 5ie 5jm 5jm 5jm 5jm 5oc 5od 5od 5od 5od 5od 5od 5of 5of 5of 5oo 5oo 5oo 5op 8pr

Third game, this deck was built on the spot. It had huuuuuge excesses of Water quanta, especially since I only drew one Toadfish the entire game, and that was on the very last turn. However, the water pillars did have their use, they got Quaked early game over pendulums, which was nice since they were being useless, and would sometimes bait the devs into taking from them. I had amazing draws with dragonflies (all 6 before 15 cards I think), and was able to beat him down with them and dragons, while Wingin' it because Steals vs Airborne creatures?

Good games Acsabi, it was pretty unlucky, but how else does a team like Amedilgo get into the Semi Finals? ;)

Round 8 / Re: (Earth) Avenger 3 - (Entropy) Gen. MatrimKK 0
« on: December 04, 2011, 09:23:36 pm »
I dunno whether this was brought on by salvages, or entropy had it planned, (I prefer the second, we gave you guys so many salvages I'd like to think you didn't just convert them all off), but your deck is pretty great, Eagles Eyes and Maxwells demons, thats one of the coolest combinations since always.

Air / Re: Post Predetermined Absences Here
« on: December 03, 2011, 10:47:30 pm »
Not sure if necessary, but I won't be able to play in about a week, or come onto forums and stuff. The WMs know about this, I told SG before War to make sure it was sensible to act as General, (she had assumed War would most likely be over, or at least we'd be out of it :P ) so there shouldn't be problems or anything.

Round 8 / (Air) Gen. DrunkDestroyer 3 - 0 (Entropy) DeathAngelx
« on: December 03, 2011, 10:37:53 pm »
I wanted to take a different deck here, but you can't argue with a 3 - 0 scoreline, DeathAngelx didn't even have a chance. (Sorry to end your unbeaten streak  ;) )

Hover over cards for details, click for permalink
Deck import code : [Select]
7ms 7ms 7ms 7ms 7ms 7ms 7ms 7mt 7mu 7mu 7mu 7mu 7mu 7mu 7mv 7mv 7mv 7n0 7n5 7n5 7n7 7n8 7n8 7oe 7oe 7oe 7oe 7oe 7oe 7oe 8pr

Surprised to see disc/BH rainbow deck, there was no way in hell it could have ever beaten a 30 card Mono Air (upgraded), which was the obvious choice for us.

In a certain sense, it was satisfying to beat that deck and discords which have been paining us all War, but the most fun I really had was betting on which Wyrms would hit or miss through fog. (I kept betting on that right one, it just kept on failing. And those two rounds in a row, I bet on the right one, left and middle hit, bet on right and left, only middle hit - worst day ever)

I think this is first blood, we're here for another round still


Air / Re: Round 8 - Main Topic
« on: December 03, 2011, 03:10:47 am »
Unfortunately we can't make that deck, the upgraded card bonus means that we have to use our original vault, which basically means the mono air that Legit is using now is the only option :/

Air / Re: Round 8 - Main Topic
« on: December 03, 2011, 02:11:13 am »
^Shit, really? Our deck won 3 - 2 in my brief testing, with some very questionable moves with OEs

(To be fair, entropy deck had some average draws, but in no way was I expecting that result)

Okay, been playing against this entropy with mono air

Entropy deck has won 3 - 1 where maybe one of those could have wins on our side with a human player.

Hover over cards for details, click for permalink
Deck import code : [Select]
4vc 4vc 4vc 4vc 4vc 4vc 4vd 4vd 4vf 4vf 4vl 4vl 4vl 500 50u 50u 50u 50u 50u 50u 50u 50u 6tt 6tt 6u7 6u7 6u7 6u7 6u9 6u9 6u9 8pj

9 upgrades, although now that I use my brain, I think they can use 12? (If they choose even card 3, this is pretty much a worst case). Discords are useless, I suspect that they would try fit a BE in here instead, a Maxwells changes the whole game, and OEs can take down infinite

Going to work soon, be back later to try get things sorted.

Politics / Re: Occupy Wall Street
« on: December 02, 2011, 10:10:37 pm »
UTAlan's video doesn't surprise me, our pathetic version of Occupy is pretty much the same, the whole thing looks like it could just as easily be a Legalise Marijuana protest as the Occupy movement (both of which I am in support of actually, although I as a person feel no need to join any protests this badly run when my life is currently okay, and there is no legitimate or actual progress and/or direction, and I would have to try to fit in among the mohawks and mullets of the world, which really isn't my style)

In fact, none of them even seemed to have a legitamate, or even agreed upon goal. Just the basic 'Capitalism = Bad', then a lot of other issues from Global Warming to War to Drugs, but nothing further than yep, they're bad, down with the government, the government should fix them, or we should take matters into our own hands, and tell the government to do it!

In theory though, I am fully in support of it. The 99% is me (well, not in Nigeria), and I personally am against pretty much everything, and definitely more pro-equality, the rich-poor gap is ridiculous, and growing. I don't know how to solve anything, which is why I'm not protesting.

When it's run well, I might even stand behind it. For me personally, it is almost joke in some of these local ones - I hope that there is some real direction and intelligence in the better formed ones. (Like Occupy Wall Street - I haven't gone to much effort to research anything outside a short drive away, so it could really be the real thing that people really should be in support of)

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