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Issue Archive / Antimatter + Adrenaline [Not a Bug]
« on: August 08, 2011, 07:59:50 am »
Using Antimatter and Adrenaline on creatures with an attack power of higher than three, when compared to using Adrenaline alone, yields some anomalous results.  For example, a creature with an attack power of 4, with Adrenaline, will deal damage three times ó 4, 3, and 2.  However, that same creature with both Adrenaline and Antimatter, so that its power is -4, heals three times but for different amounts than would be expected from what the damage figures would suggest ó 4,2, and 1.  I have to wonder whether this is the intended behavior of the combo, considering that the damage and healing figures are identical when used on creatures with an attack power of 3 or less.

General Discussion / Re: List of Acronyms
« on: August 08, 2011, 03:02:25 am »
I was just looking for that, myself.  Thank you.  Itíd be nice if either of had slightly more prominent links, though, possibly somewhere in the Newbie Area.

« on: August 07, 2011, 11:00:34 am »
These feel a bit weak after the some of the earlier offerings ó SMB 1-1 is just beyond epic ó but I might as well make my own mark here, too, with four of a handful of 16x16 icons I made for use elsewhere and never got around to using.  Just because itís 7:00am and I should have been in bed hours ago and Iím too braindead to know any better right now. x.x;

 :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :fire :fire :fire :fire :fire :fire :fire :fire :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness
 :fire :fire :darkness :fire :fire :fire :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :fire :fire :fire :darkness :fire :fire
 :fire :fire :darkness :darkness :fire :fire :fire :darkness :darkness :fire :fire :fire :darkness :darkness :fire :fire
 :fire :fire :fire :darkness :darkness :fire :fire :fire :fire :fire :fire :darkness :darkness :fire :fire :fire
 :darkness :fire :darkness :fire :darkness :darkness :darkness :fire :fire :darkness :darkness :darkness :fire :darkness :fire :darkness
 :darkness :darkness :fire :darkness :fire :fire :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :fire :fire :darkness :fire :darkness :darkness
 :fire :darkness :darkness :fire :fire :fire :darkness :fire :fire :darkness :fire :fire :fire :darkness :darkness :fire
 :fire :fire :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :fire :fire :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :fire :fire
 :fire :fire :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :fire :fire :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :fire :fire
 :fire :fire :fire :fire :darkness :fire :darkness :fire :fire :darkness :fire :darkness :fire :fire :fire :fire
 :fire :fire :fire :fire :darkness :fire :darkness :fire :fire :darkness :fire :darkness :fire :fire :fire :fire
 :fire :fire :fire :fire :darkness :fire :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :fire :darkness :fire :fire :fire :fire
 :darkness :fire :fire :fire :darkness :fire :fire :fire :fire :fire :fire :darkness :fire :fire :fire :darkness
 :darkness :darkness :darkness :fire :darkness :fire :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :fire :darkness :fire :darkness :darkness :darkness
 :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :fire :darkness :fire :fire :darkness :fire :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness
 :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :fire :fire :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness

 :death :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :death
 :death :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :death :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :death :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :death
 :death :death :death :death :darkness :death :death :death :death :death :death :darkness :death :death :death :death
 :death :death :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :death :darkness :darkness :death :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :death :death
 :darkness :death :death :death :death :darkness :death :darkness :darkness :death :darkness :death :death :death :death :darkness
 :darkness :death :death :darkness :darkness :darkness :death :death :death :death :darkness :darkness :darkness :death :death :darkness
 :darkness :death :death :death :darkness :darkness :darkness :death :death :darkness :darkness :darkness :death :death :death :darkness
 :darkness :death :death :death :death :death :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :death :death :death :death :death :darkness
 :darkness :darkness :death :death :death :death :death :darkness :darkness :death :death :death :death :death :darkness :darkness
 :darkness :darkness :death :death :darkness :darkness :death :death :death :death :darkness :darkness :death :death :darkness :darkness
 :darkness :darkness :death :death :death :darkness :darkness :death :death :darkness :darkness :death :death :death :darkness :darkness
 :darkness :darkness :darkness :death :death :death :darkness :death :death :darkness :death :death :death :darkness :darkness :darkness
 :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :death :death :death :death :death :death :death :death :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness
 :darkness :darkness :death :darkness :darkness :death :death :death :death :death :death :darkness :darkness :death :darkness :darkness
 :darkness :darkness :death :death :darkness :darkness :death :death :death :death :darkness :darkness :death :death :darkness :darkness
 :darkness :darkness :darkness :death :death :darkness :darkness :death :death :darkness :darkness :death :death :darkness :darkness :darkness

 :light :light :light :light :light :light :light :light :light :light :light :light :fire :fire :light :light
 :light :light :light :light :light :light :light :gravity :gravity :gravity :light :light :fire :fire :light :light
 :light :light :light :light :time :light :light :gravity :gravity :gravity :gravity :light :fire :fire :light :light
 :light :light :light :time :time :time :light :light :gravity :gravity :gravity :gravity :light :light :light :light
 :light :light :light :time :time :time :light :light :light :gravity :gravity :gravity :gravity :gravity :gravity :light
 :light :light :light :time :time :time :light :light :light :light :light :light :gravity :gravity :gravity :light
 :light :light :light :time :time :time :light :light :light :light :light :light :gravity :gravity :gravity :light
 :gravity :gravity :gravity :light :time :light :light :light :light :light :light :light :light :light :light :light
 :gravity :gravity :gravity :light :time :light :light :light :light :light :light :light :light :light :light :light
 :light :light :light :time :time :time :light :light :light :light :light :light :fire :fire :fire :fire
 :light :light :light :time :time :time :light :light :light :light :light :light :fire :fire :fire :fire
 :light :light :light :time :time :time :light :light :light :light :fire :fire :fire :fire :fire :light
 :light :light :light :time :time :time :light :light :fire :fire :fire :fire :light :light :light :light
 :light :light :light :light :time :light :light :fire :fire :fire :fire :light :time :time :light :light
 :light :light :light :light :light :light :light :fire :fire :fire :fire :light :time :time :light :light
 :light :light :light :light :light :light :light :light :light :light :light :light :time :time :light :light

 :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :fire :fire :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness
 :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :fire :fire :fire :fire :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness
 :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :fire :fire :fire :darkness :fire :fire :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness
 :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :fire :fire :fire :darkness :fire :fire :fire :darkness :darkness :darkness
 :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :fire :fire :fire :darkness :fire :fire :fire :darkness :darkness :darkness
 :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :fire :fire :fire :darkness :fire :fire :fire :darkness :darkness :darkness
 :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :water :fire :fire :fire :darkness :fire :fire :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness
 :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :aether :water :fire :fire :fire :darkness :darkness :darkness :water :water :darkness :darkness
 :darkness :darkness :darkness :aether :aether :aether :fire :fire :fire :darkness :water :water :water :water :water :water
 :darkness :darkness :aether :aether :aether :aether :fire :fire :fire :aether :water :water :darkness :darkness :water :water
 :darkness :aether :aether :aether :darkness :darkness :fire :fire :fire :aether :aether :darkness :darkness :water :water :water
 :time :aether :aether :darkness :darkness :aether :fire :fire :fire :aether :darkness :darkness :aether :aether :aether :darkness
 :time :time :darkness :darkness :time :time :fire :fire :fire :darkness :darkness :aether :aether :aether :darkness :darkness
 :time :time :time :time :time :time :fire :fire :fire :time :aether :aether :aether :darkness :darkness :darkness
 :darkness :darkness :time :time :darkness :darkness :fire :fire :fire :time :time :aether :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness
 :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :fire :fire :time :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness :darkness

Issue Archive / Re: - Loadin arena all time
« on: August 07, 2011, 07:21:22 am »
Yep, I get this problem fairly regularly, too.  Returning to the menu and re-entering the Arena will usually clear up the issue for me.

Confirmed Issues / Adrenaline vs. Gravity Pull
« on: August 07, 2011, 07:17:57 am »
Iíve noticed that if a creature with Adrenaline kills a creature with Gravity Pull without having needed all of its attacks to do so, the remaining attacks donít go through to the player that turn.  Furthermore, only the Ďleftoverí attacks from that turn are processed on the next turn, and not the creatureís full Adrenaline attack routine.  Is this the intended behavior?

Introduce Yourself / Warning: Incoming nuisance.
« on: August 07, 2011, 06:19:29 am »

I was first introduced to Elements by my step-father-in-law a ways back, but only started playing a couple of months ago.  Iím only just now venturing onto the forums.

I havenít tried my hand at assembling an Arena deck as yet, though I do have a few put together for either general grinding or occasional PvP (and my PvP record here is horrible, mostly because I hardly ever get any quanta to work with).  Mostly my decks are made for fun rather than efficiency so far, though Iím particularly proud of one tri-element deck Iíve put together thatís proven to be an unexpectedly successful nuisance to play against.

Trio & Quartet / Antidrenalessence
« on: August 07, 2011, 05:04:53 am »
Hover over cards for details, click for permalink
Deck import code : [Select]
4vc 4vc 4vn 4vn 4vn 4vn 4vn 4vn 4vo 4vo 50u 50u 5bs 5bs 5bs 5bs 5c2 5c2 5c2 5c2 5c2 5c2 5c4 5c4 5c4 5c7 5c7 5c7 5c7 5c7 5c7 5de 5de 5de 5de 5de 5de 5de 5de 61o 61o 61o 61o 61q 61q 61q 61q 61q 61q 61r 61r 621 621 621 621 621 621 63a 63a 63a 8pj

This deck has the distinction of being the only time in any sort of online gaming where Iíve been accused of hacking, cheating, using a cheap trick and a blatant exploit, and causing my opponent quit the field of battle in a huff.

There are a few distinct weaknesses with the deck (with Immortals or Phase Dragons and anything with an quick and overwhelming offense being the most common culprits), but against a lot of other decks itís an exercise in passive-aggressive gameplay and patience.

Yup, this is a full sixty card deck.  With no creatures.

Its basic premise is fairly simple, though ó as the title suggests, Antimatter, Adrenaline, Quintessence.  Let your opponentís creatures keep you healthy, and make them impossible to fix or kill.  Certain more troublesome creatures, especially anything with Ablaze or Growth, are more easily dealt with by throwing Lightning at them, and annoying weapons are usually susceptible to Paralleling something weak and putting Butterfly Effect on it (and maybe a Quintessence, too, if youíre facing Otyughs, Lobotomizers, or the like).  This isnít a quick deck to get started, and the Heals are invaluable while youíre getting things rolling, but once youíve got it set up, you can pretty well coast your way through the game until your opponent runs out of cards.  Elemental Mastery tends to be the rule rather than the exception when it wins (especially if you can hold onto a Heal or two for the last turn), and Itís not uncommon to finish the game with both players at full health.

General Discussion / Re: Mutation deck chronicles
« on: August 07, 2011, 04:16:38 am »
As the friend in question, I can say that watching this deck in action elicits many giggles from the anomalies it produces ó like that 7/9 Skeleton.  ÖWith Dive.  ‹ber-skeleton paratrooper!

I couldnít ever use a deck like that, though.  Too much chaos for me; like he said, I like a little more certainty in my decks.  This is basically like playing with a different deck every game.

ÖBut itís still a hoot to watch something like this when it works. ^.^

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