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Title: War Nostalgia
Post by: Wyand on September 21, 2020, 09:31:51 am
Was thinking that many veterans here must have some nice stories from previous Wars.
Be it a nice victory, awful or fantastic rng, something that occured while testing or just
something public and funny about teamchats.

Post it here for eternity, and to entertain us. :)
Title: Re: War Nostalgia
Post by: PlayerOa on September 21, 2020, 10:14:52 am
Tons of good memories, but these are the ones that stand out to me in particular:

i) Being young, inexperienced and pretty unknown around these parts, I got drafted for Team Life in War #3 by wizelsnarf for 2 cards. The excitement was huge and I had a blast from beginning to end, although we failed pretty badly that war. Winning my first ever War match vs the Grandmaster, Zeru, was a great moment.

ii) Winning War #4 with Team Death (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/round-10-409/(final)-(death)-gen-mrblonde-3-(light)-gen-majofa-1/). The tournament format of the last round of that war was controversial, and while it probably snubbed Team Light from winning War, the format made for an incredibly tense set of matches, where we managed to win the whole thing. Teaming up with the likes of MrBlonde, RootRanger, Jaymanfu, jippy99 and ralouf was a great experience.

iii) This match. (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/round-11/(aether-g)-deuce22-3-2-(time-lt)-playeroa/) This fucking match. The context here is that during Round 11 in War #5, where I was playing as the Lt of Team Time, we would win the entire War if we won our two matches of the round. 10 men did his job vs Fire, so it was all boiling down to whether I could beat deuce22 and Aether in my own match. I went 2-0 up, and things were undoubtedly looking really good. Then.. everything fell together. deuce won a somewhat normal game 3, he got a ridiculous draw but that's fair. Games 4 and 5 I got slaughtered by some insanely poor series of draws, which led to deuce completing the comeback. He then went on and inevitably beat our Ghostal the following round. A sad conclusion to a great War - and what was a masterclass from start to finish by 10 men.

iv) I lost the following Time Trials final battle to 10 men 2-5, but he opted out of leading Team Time for a third time. He picked me as his replacement, which was a huge moment for me. I ended up leading Time to a respectable 4th place in my first War as a General. Sadly, that War ended with a conflict with one of my teammates, but it was overall a nice experience. The following War I had the mastership, grabbed guys like TheonlyrealBeef, andretimpa and Dm with me and we ended up 3rd after some unlucky turns of events during the later rounds of that War.

v) The last War I managed to grab deuce22 for my team, along with moehrpi and Naii_the_Baf. After an insanely strong start we thought we could win the whole thing, but some poor judgement mid-war probably cost us the prize. What stands out in particular from this war is the lengthy discussions I had with deuce regarding all things War. He's a 8x Master and a 3x War winner for a reason, folks. It was a blast.
Title: Re: War Nostalgia
Post by: Wyand on September 22, 2020, 10:28:13 pm
Participated only in 2 Wars. War#12 was lots of fun - despite the huge workload, and being a first time general, while War#13 was hell.
Let's start with the bad memories.

I simply cannot forget (and forgive) this (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/round-1-246/(light-lt-)-zawadx-3-0-doctorc-(entropy-salvager)/msg1295594/#msg1295594). Worst RNG ever experienced. Poor Doc had to play this and instead of winning 3-0 we just got
steamrolled to 0-3. I think it sorta defined our War mood: the whole idea of scaring opponents with this crazy deck brutally backfired
(funnily enough, shock did the same with their immo deck - but rng was kind there). I still don't understand why Zanz haven't corrected
this obnoxious mulligan system (if you don't get a free card in hand then your first 7 cards get swapped with your next 7 cards...
if that didn't contain any free cards, you are entirely screwed for 7 turns... no ppms at all).

However, the start of War#13 was perfect! I was playing against :earth on a nice Sunday noon, and everything went as planned.
Expected some BB stuff from them, and got that in a form of a strange stall. That afternoon was the only time I felt good through that entire War.

So many awesome things happened at War #12! As a newcomer general learning a lot from Aves and Blacksmith. And they were cool
enough to not argue about my crazy ideas like the 24 ups mono rush deck and that Anti-Nymph stuff against :air ! These were so satisfying wins!
Though the stress load was huge, I enjoyed the whole event. Had great chats and lots of tests using serp's oetg-v (rip :( - I really loved using
that stuff! Made testing super easy!).

Saturday chaos, tests and last minute vault editing, heh! Nerve-racking, still enjoyable. Want to feel that again.