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Elements Community News Letter: February 2019 http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=66838.msg1285334#msg1285334
« on: February 04, 2019, 06:03:39 AM »
Spoiler for February NL 2019:
February 2019
War is underway!
PvP World Championships Starts Soon
Table Of Contents:
PvP Events                         Competitions
Weekly Tournaments           Leagues
Forum Games                     All Over the Place
Staff Changes                     New Members
                     FCM Interview

  • War 12 is underway, with the first 3 rounds completed. Currently, Time leads the pack with a whopping 507 cards. Following suit are Light and Earth, in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. As this is only the beginning of War, anything can change in this race to the top!

  • Sign-ups for the PvP World Championships have just begun. If you believe you have a chance at taking home the title, sign up! Remember: Only those in the Green and Yellow area of the Final Standings can participate in the Championships.

  • Have you ever had a great idea for a new PvP Event? Post your rule sets in the PvP Event Ideas section, and let the PvPEMs know about your great idea so they can provide feedback and potentially run it if possibly.

  • The forums is hosting a Pot Luck, and not the PvP kind. Create your favorite dish and don't forget the recipe! Post the recipe in our very own The Elemental Cookbook and see if your's sounds the most delicious.

  • Stay in touch with the competition section by signing up for the Competition Mailing List! It will guarantee you getting notified whenever there's a new competition going, so you can begin right away!

  • When you need a Doctor, call on an Archangel. January 6th's Doctor 7 had players not only trying to beat each other, but gave an alternate win condition of having an angel with some photons placed in a specific pattern on the board. Congratz to moehrpi on the win!

  • Start with very few, and build up your collection of cards in January 12ths New Beginnings tourney. Congratz to shockcannon on the win.

  • When you can't stand the small guys, you call on some big league fighters to help you out. Heavy Hitters was a tourney on January 27th that had players building decks around around high attack creatures. Congratz to Wyand on the win.

  • Leagues 3/2018 is currently underway with multiple players battling it out in a free-for-all style event. The current leaderboard has worldwideweb3 in the lead with a spectacular 10 win 1 loss ratio, phoenix1211 coming up in 2nd place with 22 wins and 6 losses, and kaempfer13 with the 3rd place bronze holding a 10 win 5 loss ratio. Also a special mention to phoenix1211 having the most games completed sitting currently at 38. An extension has been granted, League 3/2018 will come to an end on February 13th. Make sure to get some battles in before deadline!

  • If you want to discuss anything exciting going on in leagues, or you want to post specific rules you want others to challenge you with go post some stuff in the General Discussion thread. Additionally don't forget about the weekly featured rules that bring new and exciting forced metas by the League Organizers.

  • Nothing new just yet. Have you got any plans or ideas for an interesting forum game? Send them to Forum Game overseer, Linkcat, he will be delighted by whatever you have in mind!

All Over The Place!

  • Along with this, the interviews mentioned last time are still going strong. This time, the Americans got their chance in the hot seat and it's one big discussion. Feel free to put in your questions.

  • Do you have any other idea for what can be featured in here? Feel free to PM us about what you think deserves a special spotlight in the community Newsletter!

  • No staffing changes occurred during the month of January. Council has completed its 6th month term they started back in July, so we can be hopeful about a change in faces to help make positive changes for this community.

Tea Time with CleanOnion

Below is a portion of the interview: Coming Soon!

Question 1?
Answer 1.

Question 2?
Answer 2.

Question 3.
Answer 3..........

Find this answer and many more in CleanOnion's official interview

New Members
We had a total of 13 new members join the forums in the month of January:
Spoiler for Introduction posts:
Here are the members who posted in the Introduce Yourself board within the past month. Just click a certain name to be redirected to the corresponding introduction post. Don't be rude, say hello to newcomers! ;)

Hover over cards for details, click for permalink
Deck import code : [Select]
5c9 5c9 5c9 5c9 5l8 5l8 5l8 5l8 5l8 5l8 5l8 5l8 5ld 5ld 5ld 5mq 5mq 5mq 5mq 5mq 7ju 7ju 7ju 7ju 7ju 7ju 7k2 7k2 7k2 7k2 8pn

Deck idea by War 12's Team Light.

Card by card:

Light Pillars/Pendulums: The main source of quanta, which is absolutely needed to play the rest of the cards in the deck.

Mitosis: One of the combo cards in the deck, mainly used to generate more Archangels.

Archangel: The damagers of the deck, and the other piece to the combo. A swarm of these deals a good chunk of damage, and are CC resistant due to being able to heal and having 7 HP.

Solar Shield: Not only does Solar Shield reduce all sources of damage by 1, it also generates quanta with each hit. This helps boost the amount of Archangels that can be played, and also helps fuel Miracle, should it ever need to be used.

Improved Miracle: Helps keep the user afloat, as it heals them to their maximum health minus 1.

The deck itself is quite simple, with the win condition being to overwhelm the opponent using a crowd of Archangels made possible with the use of Mitosis. You'll want to pull out this combo all at once and as fast as possible, and before a Solar Shield if it can be avoided.

The deck is fairly resistant to creature control, since an Angel can tank one Lightning and can heal back to full health if no other attacks are available to kill it. Quanta is not an issue with this deck either, since it has Solar Shields and tons of Pillars to fuel it. While it's not speedy, the deck can last for quite a while with Miracles supporting it. Since there aren't too many permanents this deck relies on, permanent control is hardly an issue.

In order to work the most efficiently, the user's opening hand must have both a Mitosis and an Archangel. Without one or the other, the deck doesn't work as well. Reverse Time is also detrimental to the deck, since it can get rid of a Mitosis without any effort. Some other limitations are quanta denial, potentially hand denial, and whatever cards are in the vault as this is a War deck.

Alternative deck choices:
None with the same preface, but a similar Life-Light duo exists:
Xinef's Crazy Angels

Spoiler for Photocredit:

Many thanks to all readers for reading ;)
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