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Elements Community Newsletter: October 2017 http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=64933.msg1269153#msg1269153
« on: October 04, 2017, 02:51:27 AM »
Spoiler for October NL 2017:
October 2017
War has Started!

  • War has begun with a bang as the Generals from each team sit around a table and place bets on each of the potential soldiers for hire. Check out the current auction status to see where each player could end up.

  • The 2017 World Championship qualifications time frame has ended for gaining points and the standings are updated. Now it is time to wait patiently as the PvPEO's plan any qualification rounds needed before the 2017 WC matches start.

  • The 9th rendition of the MS Paint Competition brought us some amazing pieces of artwork to see the creativity of our members. andretimpa stole the show and the night with his take on nightfall. (see above for winning submission)

  • The world of Elements is in need of help and is requesting action from the loyal card designers in the most recent Card Design Competition - Help Wanted. Go now and create cards based on the job requests created by fellow community members.

  • Did you miss all the competition excitement this past month due to other things ongoing in the forum? Then don't fret and worry as we have you covered with our competition mailing lists, just sign up and you will be notified whenever there is a competition upcoming that you may be interested in.

  • Choose one side or the other, or forever be stuck in limbo. On September 2nd Middle Ground had players playing cards that only cost between 4 and 9 quanta. Congratz to CactusKing for splitting your enemies and claiming the first place spot.

  • Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see. Raze the Skies was all about playing  playing airborne creatures (and buffing them with skyblitz) in September 10th's tournament. trashduke rose above the clouds and soared to the winner's circle as he claimed 1st place, congratz.

  • Look at the wide range of color through the prism. September 17th's Spectrum had players creating decks based on a custom set of rules related to their placement in the bazzar order. Congratz to moehrpi for your winning color streak into the top spot.

  • WAAARRRRR!!!! It is time to practice your war building skills as participants build decks with at least 50% from a single element in September 23rd's War Hype. TheonlyrealBeef showed his experience as he blasted his way to the 1st place spot, congratz.

  • After one month of leagues, phoenix1211, winner of last league season, continues to dominate and is currently in first place with 1574 points and 27 games played. However, with 2 months left, a lot of changes can be expected. Will phoenix1211 successfully defend his title or will another member take it away? Stay tuned to find out!

  • For those who can't decide on their own restrictions, there are Weekly Featured Rules to tickle anyone's fancy! Just hop into chat and ask around for a match!

  • With succulent Nymph/Mark and Electrum codes up for grabs, there's no reason NOT to jump into Leagues! It's a great way for new players to pick up the meta in preparation for war, or more experienced players to strut their stuff, or even try out some fun deck concoctions to see how they do! What's more, the max number of games per opponent has been increased to 15, and you no longer have to wait 20 hours between matches! Get involved now!

  • Elements Light Mafia has hit a brick wall and stands still as we wait in limbo for Day 2 to begin. Will it continue, or die out slowly, the only who can answer it for us is the host, Linkcat.

  • There has been speculated talk in chat about the possibility of a 3rd rendition of Even or Odd. Stay tuned to find out if there is a chance it will occur, or if it is just optimistic conversation.

All Over The Place!

  • The family tree has been created. The long line of elemental blood witnessed and recorded for centuries, it's no wonder this community is so full of good people.

  • DoctorC's legos thread is an entirely new level of pixelart, a kickstart off one possibly one of the greatest lego recordings of all time being his plantlife dragon. Cool stuff!

  • The Doki Doki Literature Club has sparked a lot of discussion recently, and surprisingly enough it is not about in our literary arts section but in our PC/Video Games section. Go now and check out what all the discussion is about.

  • Do you like what you see here in this section, or do you wish there was something completely different taking up this space? Then please send in suggestions to the NL team to help improve what you read.

  • Council is currently hiring Competition Organizers, make sure you send in your application, every candidate counts!

Tea Time with kaempfer13

Below is a portion of the interview:

How did you choose your username? (Anonymous)

This is my old username 12-yo me made up (Hey, at least I was thinking 1 year ahead  :) ). Kämpfer (in order to avoid issues with special characters i wrote it as kaempfer) means fighter in german and 13 is my favourite number. I like 13 because I kinda like mocking people who are afraid of it (it's more of a lucky number for me) and it's also my birthday (May the 13th to be exact). Soon this username will have a 10 year anniversary btw, though I don't quite remember on what day exactly I first entered it.

If you had anything at all as a pet, what would it be? (Anonymous)

I used to have 2 rabbits, which I cared for together with my sister (though tbh each one of us favoured the one they chose originally, but we still cared about the other one as well). However that was a compromise with the cynical aspect to it that our pets should not enter the house and should be dead by the time we move out. At the moment I live alone in an apartment, where pets require special permission from the landlord and dont really have the time to properly care for one either. Generally speaking, I like pretty much all animals (with a few exceptions). I'm probably a bit more of a cat-person than a dog-person (I really like both) and don't really feel like being fancy, so a cat is fine too.
How does it feel to be going for such a high amount of points in the war auction? (anonymous)

I was hoping that I would still be somewhat considered a dark horse...

Find this answer and more in kaempfer13's official interview

New Members
Spoiler for Introduction posts:
Here are the members who posted in the Introduce Yourself board within the past month. Just click a certain name to be redirected to the corresponding introduction post. Don't be rude, say hello to newcomers! ;)

Hover over cards for details, click for permalink
Deck import code : [Select]
5up 5v0 77e 77e 77e 77e 77e 77e 77m 77m 77m 77m 77m 7hi 7hi 7hi 7hi 7t4 7t4 7t4 7t6 7t6 7t6 7t6 7t6 7t6 7tg 7tg 7um 7um 8pp

Deck idea by Physsion. (Deck 1)

Card by card:

Steal: Steal may not look like it, but is part of the core of SoP decks. I will never stress this enough. You really need PC in SoP-based decks as so many permanents can counter it, dims being but only one example.

Gnome Gemfinder: Gnomes are not only gemfinders, they are little gems in and of themselves. Allows darkness to make this a consistent trio deck. They are pillars, which grow to deal massive damage withSoP, and power the other :earth creatures. Need I say more? What seems like a small, useless creature, is what makes this deck possible, it would lose a whole lot of power without it.

Voodoo Doll: Voodoo dolls are often seen as niche creatures. Not used in many decks. Their unique nature is used in decks as the key card of it like Voodoo Bravery. In this deck, and in a normal SoPadoll, they serve a completely different purpose. Here, they are CC resistant creatures, which with SoP allow control of the enemy weapon. Along with the creature control brought by other elements of the deck, along with the other PC brought, this rounds out the control the deck has.

Vanadium Warden:Wardens delay another creature. But what they also do that we can forget, is deal damage to non-airborne creature equal to their attack. Due to the fact they start with 0 attack, they need to be buffed for this added ability to be made use of, and this is where Shard of Patience comes in action. SoP would already delay the warden anyway, and it increases it's attack, which increases kill potential, and increases the CC potential too. Those two cards make for an awesome combo.

Darkness Towers/Pendulums:well, each deck needs quanta.

Devourer: Devourers are great creatures in and out of themselves. Steal 1 quanta. They are used in many mono darkness decks, and even can used in further denial with fractal. One part of their ability is completely unused in 95% of cases however, and that's burrow. This deck makes use of that ability, making one of darkness's 0-attack creature a rushing one. If a devourer is burrowed while gaining the stats from SoP, it will still get +2/+2, and the attack will be doubled when unburrowed.

Shard of Patience:As said earlier, combos extremely well with wardens, and really every other creatures in the deck, and gives a win condition to this deck through damage.

Mark of Water: Powers the SoP.

The story of this deck is long. I won't go through it all. But you may understand better by first going to the deck idea of the month of July. This is an attempt to bring 2 extremely powerful decks, sop wardens and sopadolls, in one deck, and using the extra synergies with devourers. Each and every card of this deck seems to synergize with each other to form what looks to be a nearly perfect deck.


As said in the strategy section, it seems like every card synergizes with every other card. SoP makes this deck a great stallbreaker. Wardens, dolls, steal make this a very strong Control deck. Devourers give this version of SoP decks a rushing component. Hell, looks like this deck can do everything.

Being a trio, it will never be the most consistent deck. Personally, I have not tried the deck and therefore may be wrong on that part, but I really fail to see what this deck brings that a normal SoP warden or shipwrecker doesn't. I do not believe that adding a rushing component in devourer really is needed in that deck, and therefore do not think it is such an improvement.

Alternative deck choices:
Sop Wardens (deck 5)
Or for another SoP deck that includes permanent control
SopaDolls (deck 8)

Allow me to finish this deck review saying I did not have much time to do it and that I really did not do this deck justice by rushing it's review.

And congratulations to Physsion for beating one of the best players this community has ever known in darkness trials.

This Card review was written by mathman101 and Zyardran


 :water Water is an element with a large number of creatures with off-element activated abilities. Water's strength in mono's include a Nymph Tears rush style deck, and a Freeze based control decks. Water also has a strong alignment with Shard of Patience buffing its creatures in stall or control style decks.

Manuel created this for the Champions Competition and won first place with this submission.

Tech Additions

:water Water has the most creatures with off-element activated abilities, 4 creatures, while most other elements have only 1 or 2 creatures like this. By adding in this tech card can help create more versatility to both mono's and duo's for water. Both Chrysaora and Mindflayer would be more useful lower cost creatures, and would see more play outside of :death and :aether duos respectively. Steam Machine and Pufferfish would provide more powerful rushes or controls without the need for :air or :fire in the deck. Water Inspirer is a very strong card for using strong mono decks on your opponent in the element of :water. The card also has a decent attack for a decent price, and would be very useful in rushes or controls, as mentioned previously.

Here is a deck designed by mathman101 that shows an effective way to use :water Water Inspirer | Elite Water Inspirer!

Hover over cards for details, click for permalink
Deck import code : [Select]
4t9 4t9 4t9 4t9 5i4 5i4 5i4 5i4 5i4 5i4 5i4 5i4 5i9 5i9 5ie 5ie 5ie 5ie 5ie 5ii 5ii 5ii 5ii 5jm 5jm 5jm 5jm 5jm 5jm 5jm 8pp

(Relics represent :water Water Inspirer)

This deck utilizes the Water Inspirer to give access to an additional type of soft CC through the Toadfish. This is different from the usual soft CC most mono-water decks utilize in Freeze and Arctic Squid.The Water Inspirer also allows for some ramp damage potential with the Steam Machine. Notice that including the Water Inspirer as an additional creature, and turning all activated abilities into water costs, creates some strain on the amount of water quanta needed which is why the QI rating is a tad on the high side so that there is plenty of excess water available for the ability needs.

:water Water is a versatile element with many synergies. Water Inspirer | Elite Water Inspirer splashed into a deck creates a powerful tech choice to reimagine deckbuilding with water creatures.

To see more card ideas check out the Card Ideas & Art section or the  Card Idea Competition Submissions!

Until next time!

Spoiler for Photocredit:

Many thanks to:
-kaempfer13 for the interiew.
-ji412jo for DiotM.
-worldwideweb3 for Leagues section.
-all readers for reading ;)

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