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Elements Community Newsletter: November 2017 http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=65196.msg1270577#msg1270577
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:01:12 PM »
Spoiler for November NL 2017:
November 2017
War is underway,
New CO new LO!

  • War is underway and the first 2 rounds have completed. Currently Life is leading the pack with Water and Air just behind them with 2nd and 3rd respectively. There are still many rounds to go, and much more war to be played. Stay tuned throughout the month by checking the standings page as we watch the teams win and lose and battle to the end.

  • The WC 2017 Qualifications has begun and the qualifying rounds have already finished. Take a look at the first round of matches, each with a set of 4 of players and take a guess at how each will place in the group betting stage.

  • Help Wanted is in the final few days for submitting new card submissions. Go now and submit something to help all the requests on the job board before the voting portion begins.

  • Did you miss all the competition excitement this past month due to other things ongoing in the forum? Then don't fret and worry as we have you covered with our competition mailing lists, just sign up and you will be notified whenever there is a competition upcoming that you may be interested in.

  • Low spending electrum, no worries Mr. Thrifty. October 1st's Cheapskate had players playing a selected pool of cards that had low costs. Congratz to Vangelios on the win.

  • As Summer turns to fall and Winter turns to Spring, the elements are in sync with each other. Change of Seasons gave the option of 9 pre-selected duo element pairings that players could build decks for. Congratz to moehrpi on the win.

  • Fast is the way to go! A small selected group of 49 cards were the only ones available in October 14th's 7x7 SPeedbuilding. Congratz to moehrpi on the win.

  • A new 12th element makes its opening appearance. A New Contender had players building decks with life cards, or cards that are commonly considered over powered. Congratz to glennfoo on the win.

  • Skeletons and spooks make their appearances on the night of ghouls. October 29th's Halloween themed tourney had players building decks from a pre-selected group of cards with a death/darkness/ or horror theme. Congratz to Mr Muffin on the win.

  • After two months of leagues, [A] is taking it to the top, with ARTHANASIOS not far behind. With a bit under a month left for leagues, participants are challenged to get the games they can. Happy leagues everyone!

  • For those who can't decide on their own restrictions, there are Weekly Featured Rules to tickle anyone's fancy! Just hop into chat and ask around for a match!

  • With succulent Nymph/Mark and Electrum codes up for grabs, there's no reason NOT to jump into Leagues! It's a great way for new players to pick up the meta in preparation for war, or more experienced players to strut their stuff, or even try out some fun deck concoctions to see how they do! What's more, the max number of games per opponent has been increased to 15, and you no longer have to wait 20 hours between matches! Get involved now!

  • Silence has fallen upon the Forum Games section, as no new games have been attempted. There was an attempt to restart the light mafia, but with not enough people wanting to try and continue the game was left to die.

All Over The Place!

  • The Nightmare topic has sparked some discussion about haunting dreams and some psychological cartoons. Check it out, and see how many you can read while still being able to sleep peacefully.

  • A few new pictures have been posted to the Official Members Pictures thread over the last month. Go now to check out the good looking folks there.

  • Do you like what you see here in this section, or do you wish there was something completely different taking up this space? Then please send in suggestions to the NL team to help improve what you read.

  • Congrats to Ryli as our new League Organizer. We look forward to the quick league updates and fresh weekly rules.

Tea Time with CactusKing

Below is a portion of the interview:

What's your opinion on cacti? (TribalTrouble)

First off I'd like to thank you for not saying 'cactuses'. Imo cacti are the greatest living things ever to walk the Earth.yes, walk. We just do it a bit slower than most :)
I have a sizable collection of potted cacti, cactus-themed clothing and ornaments to honour their greatness (Not to mention having cactus in my username for just about everything), which gives you a good idea of what they mean to me.

Noodles, doughnuts, or pizza? (Anonymous)

For eating? Pizza. Otherwise noodles.
If you could have one and only one staff position, what would it be? (Anonymous)

Council seems like a good spot...

Find this answer and more in CactusKing's official interview

New Members
Spoiler for Introduction posts:
Here are the members who posted in the Introduce Yourself board within the past month. Just click a certain name to be redirected to the corresponding introduction post. Don't be rude, say hello to newcomers! ;)

Hover over cards for details, click for permalink
Deck import code : [Select]
4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sn 4vp 4vp 4vp 4vp 5bs 5bs 5bt 5bt 5c5 5c9 5c9 5cq 5cq 5cq 5cq 5cq 5cq 5de 5de 5on 5on 61q 61q 61q 621 621 7aj 7aj 7aj 7al 7n7 7n7 80a 80a 8pn

Deck idea by War 11's Team Life.

Card by card:

Quantum Pillar: The bread and butter of this deck, without quanta being generated, the other cards in this deck cannot be played.

Pandemonium: One of the damaging forces that deals Area of Effect damage should the opponent be able to spam creatures fast and flood out the board.

Shard of Gratitude: These Gratitudes are the main healing source to help stall out long enough to stall out enough for a deckout or long either to find the key cards for the alternate win condition.

Druidic Staff/Jade Staff:These weapons both deal slight damage to the opponent, but their main focus is on addition healing for the stalling potential.

Spine Carapace: This shield can be seen as a double edged sword when opposing creatures attack through it. It has damage reduction which helps the stalling ability so that the healing can be more effective. The other thing the spine carapace does well at is damaging creatures through poison damage, slowly eliminating them as threats.

Shockwaves: Shockwaves deal damage to a single target, and by possibly eliminating creatures, can help with the stalling potential of this deck. Paired with the Spine Carapace helps bring opposing creatures down in health to kill range for shockwave.

Life Pillars/Pendulums/Mark card:additional quanta sources for the key life cards in this deck. they also help fill in the required percentage of life cards due to being a war deck.

Lightning/Thunderbolt: Lightning deals 5 damage to a target, which will kill most creatures that the opponent could throw at you. Paired with the Spine Carapace's damage towards opposing creatures, this will have a high chance of killing creatures easily.

Quintessence: This spell will turn your targeted creature immortal and untargetable. This is needed for the alternate win condition if you need to to protect your creatures for the damage instead of stalling.

Emerald Dragon: The damaging force behind killing your opponent should they be able to outstall you deck and you are in need of the alternate win condition.

Mitosis:This accents the damage force with the alternate win condition. It should be given to an Emerald Dragon and then be Quintessence'd to protect it from opposing damage.

Mark of Life: Both helps with life quanta generation for the many life cards, as well as boosts the healing for the Shard of Gratitude.

The main focus of this deck is to stall out your opponent and hopefully deck them out. To accomplish this task utilize your damaging spells(Shockwave and Lightning) and shields(Spine Carapace) to stop most of the damage you would incur, while healing yourself as much as you can with Druidic Staff and Shard of Gratitude. Alternately an additional win condition if the opponent has a larger deck and plans to stall you, is to create multiple copies of you emerald dragons through a mitosis and quintessence combo. This allows you to make multiple creatures that deal 10 damage each hopefully ramping enough so that they can not heal off the damage fast enough.


This deck has much CC and healing needed by stalls to remove opposing creatures quickly. This deck also has the alternate win condition so that it can additionally break a stall should you be unable to stall properly.

As with most large decks, they fail hard to poor rng, and if you cannot find the right cards when you need them you could be in trouble. Additonally, this deck is weak to heavy amounts of Permanent Control, as it relies on SoG and the Staff for healing, as well as the Carapace's for steadily damaging the opposing creatures.

Alternative deck choices:
bripods 500hp EM stall
or for another rainbow based stall
Rainbow Stalling with dragonsdemesne

Congratz to team life on a creative deck that managed to win it's match 3-0, and we look forward to seeing more creative and effective decks.

Spoiler for Photocredit:

Many thanks to:
-CactusKing for the interiew.
-mathman101 for DiotM.
-all readers for reading ;)

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Re: Elements Community Newsletter: November 2017 http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=65196.msg1270625#msg1270625
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2017, 03:25:12 PM »
Solid work as always!
Do you have a great idea for a Weekly Tournament? Post it here!
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Re: Elements Community Newsletter: November 2017 http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=65196.msg1270626#msg1270626
« Reply #2 on: November 05, 2017, 03:46:50 PM »
How much pride I have here, I won a tournament and I still see my deck ::)
nice work
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