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Elements Community Newsletter: February 2018 http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=65696.msg1274171#msg1274171
« on: February 01, 2018, 12:44:49 AM »
Spoiler for February NL 2018:
February 2018
Life won war!
15th Council application voting!
End of Year Awards handed out!

  • The 11th War has finished, with an unexpected winner emerging from the dust of the final battles. Congratulations to Team Life for such a stunning victory in a close set of final matches. The Newsletter team decided to trek deep into the jungle of life to bring you this exclusive interview from the champions themselves:
    Spoiler for Hidden:
    Mr Muffin

    How does it feel to have won war, especially knowing Life is usually considered an 'underdog' element?
    It's really amazing. In my opinion life winning war is one of the greatest achievements the forums has to offer so winning war with life with the really hardcore last round is (quoting Vangelios) "the maximum achievement that a team can have".
    i am more happy to see other forum peoples happy for our win than the win himself
    Ok, here we go..... there are those who win, but there are those who win with life, and with great disadvantage of upgrades
    in good words, "the maximum achievement that a team can have" we are hardcore war team :P
    I'll put in my personl text "War Hardcore Player".

    It feels sooo unbelievable good, but not cause we are underdog, winning war itself is so special and great to reach that goal!

    If you could make a 'reigned by life' banner for the forum, what would you make or want to see on it?
    I like the way it's been up until now. The current banner is nice. Maybe a little small but I don't know if that can be changed well. nevermind it looks like it got bigger
    it's really the same, even if a banner with a nymph riding a frog would be really cool
    The VRT banner is nice.

    Do you think there were any key factors that helped you push to achieve a win?
    There were many key factors that are in the rest of team life's answers but I have my own. I don't think this forum has a lot of Christians in it but I am one. Ever since I knew I was going to be a war general I would pray for team life every time I prayed.
    luck, market prices help a lot us, muffin vang and spiel (i am totally nub) made an awesome vault
    Some Ec cards, new decks and a very good team work with amazing predictions.
    rng luck and pvp-skillz
    increddible mindgates starting round 6
    good vault with diverse to break, stall and rush

    Please tell us a bit about your experience this war.
    The first few rounds I was learning how to war and I was a general so that was hard (auction was good though). My team saved me though so we got a 2-2 win rate for most rounds. For most of the war I felt pretty incompetent as a general meaning I would try to put effort into this but I don't know what I'm doing. Later in the war I thought "hey is we're still alive I must be doing alright". After the 4-0 round I thought life had a good chance of winning this. Then goodbye internet. :( It's not important why I couldn't internet just that I literally could not do war. I did not enjoy the time I was gone at all. When I came back team life had won which made me really happy. The more I read into war text from my team the more I realized this was the most epic hardcore round I've ever seen or heard of in war and I was the general of what was going to be the winning team (TEAM LIFE!) and I missed it. Right now after war there's an extreme mix of sad that I missed the last round and really happy that life won war. Obviously life winning war trumps missing the last round (and the round before of course) but I'm a pessimist so missing the last round and knowing I played no part in life winning that very hardcore war changing round feels terrible.

    Oh and Spielkind is a beast. He probably did more for the team than I did.

    it was funny most of times, anxiety kick in after round 11
    i really see pvp in another way now, i learned a lot from this war about the game

    When I join in the Team Life, I don't be sad because always wanted to test some decks life based but in the war. I also wanted to make a good campaign for life and try a top 5. one ToP 3 should be insane good to me. But the team growve more and more Spielkind  does great work with vault things , interpretation of EC cards and incredible predictions. Me and Muffin did some good predictions too, Manu did some tests and played well your matches. In the end of year I'm out because my family, When i'm back and I can see Spiel. Muffin and Manu do a perfect round! after Muffin did farewell.
     Spiel, Me and Manu have a very hardcore challenge, beat Team Air the war winner with pratically 15 upgraded more than us and with Life! but we need of just win a match, so we predict at least 1 deck, the sofree OFC and we work to do 2 decks to try beat sofree, Spiel choose disco-frogbow and me dark druid nymph. About this thing was funny to me because Manu ask to Spiel one adrenastaff and Spiel says that the deck was lose and is unhappy out, But the loser deck was a sideboard with 22 cards so are 16 discards from the deck and we can take 6 cards from there, are FW after we transmut the nymphs and the staffs we have in the vault, ready! the winner deck was done! i think (if to Manu and Spiel we don't have staffs for sure to team air also not) was the surprise to team air and even so we won by 11 hp, wow is hardcore thing this or not?.
     Well was the best experience in a team work that I have here.

    [The words used in answering this question aren't Spielkinds words these are Mr Muffins. I'm looking through some of Spielkind's PMs he sent and trying to get some of what his war experience was out of them. We had problems that he was not happy with. Lack of activity, bad communication, initial vault, penalties, that kind of thing. He did not like when we flamed in the forum about whatever. Things he liked include winning war (that's the big one), rng, some good strategical things, other specific things he said to the rest of I that I don't know if they belong here. Here's some quotes. "First, over all, im very proud to make that warwin with you together! It felt very hard and much workm, much more i would ever thought i need to bring into, but reasons made me to do." "Guys, thanks for that war, it was a pleasure!" All in all I think he enjoyed the war. This is just how I interpreted his war experience was based on stuff he wrote. Note, it may not be completely accurate but I tried to base what I said strictly on what he wrote.]

  • The EtG World Championship is coming to a close as we have reached the final stage of the brackets. The final matches for 1st and 3rd have been posted along with the allowed element sets for each of the two matches. Cheer on our two finalists TheonlyrealBeef and kaempfer13 as they battle it out to see who is truly the best PvP'er for 2017.

  • Sideboard has just a few days left of the 2nd round as we wait to find out who will advance to the knockout stage. Watch as the players adjust their decks to properly counter their opponents decks in this exciting event.

  • Congratz to Kalinuial for bringing to us an extraordinary elemental holiday Elements Equinoxes in the Elements Day writing competition. We look forward to experiencing this holiday with all of our forum friends.

  • Have you ever felt that when facing a low level AI that its deck would look much cooler as a stronger opponent? Then take your shot at the current deck building competition AI Ascension as you strengthen those AI decks. Just a little over a week left gives you lots of time to go and submit something awesome!

  • Soon Brawl will be upon the forum and competitions might slow down. Go now and sign up for the Competition Mailing Lists so that when brawl ends you will not miss any of the new and exciting competitions when they start back up again.

  • Strategy has never been more unique. January 8th's tourney One Night in Bangkok had players creating decks like that of a chess board with each card representing each of the pieces. Congratz to deuce22 on the win.

  • Work it, change it, test it, play it. Each card brought upgrade changes to January 14th's Artifical Patchnotes as players decks could include weaker cards for more upgrades, or stronger cards for less upgrades. Congratz to phoenix1211 on the win.

  • Take these cards and only those given to you. 6x6 Deckbuilding gave players a preselected set of 36 cards to work with in January 20th's tournament. Congratz to mathman101 on the win.

  • Speed building rears its massive head in a triple threat. Bring forth your speedbuilding skills with a selected set of allowed trios in January 27th's Trihouse Speedbuilding. Congratz to dragonsdemesne on the win.

  • Leagues are up and running, with RavingRabbid in 1st place with 1557 points, and phoenix1211 close behind at second with 1526 points. Get battling folks!

  • For those who can't decide on their own restrictions, there are Weekly Featured Rules to tickle anyone's fancy! Just hop into chat and ask around for a match!

  • With succulent Nymph/Mark and Electrum codes up for grabs, there's no reason NOT to jump into Leagues! It's a great way for new players to pick up the meta in preparation for war, or more experienced players to strut their stuff, or even try out some fun deck concoctions to see how they do! What's more, the max number of games per opponent has been increased to 15, and you no longer have to wait 20 hours between matches! Get involved now!

  • There have still been no new forum games occurring. With this stale scent of lack of activity in this section, the Newsletter team decided to chat with the Forum Games Organizers to get some information regarding the lack of games. The FGO team told us they are still around and able to help with any new games players want to host, but they are currently unable to host games themselves. They are more than happy to help balance any ideas, and discuss new game ideas or discussing revamped old forum games, they are just unable to host them. Which means if we as a community are still wanting to play forum games we need to find someone to host them.

  • Do you have any exciting ideas for new fun fresh Forum Games, or how about bringing back old classics that you would like to see played again? You should then go let the Forum Game Organizer(Linkcat) know that you are interested in hosting a game. If you have a new idea post in the Ideas and games transfer thread or discuss your game idea with Linkcat.

All Over The Place!

  • With another year come and gone we look to remember the good times and great memories from last year. Check out the End of the Year Awards to see what great memories have been fondly remembered as the best of 2017.

  • With war finished the next cycle in the Forum event schedule is approaching the start of Brawl. Take a look at the Rules for this upcoming brawl, and consider applying to be a boss or a member of the voting panel, and if that doesn't suit you wait for the participant signups to start.

  • Have you ever been confused by the scheduling of events around the forum? When do the big events occur, as well as confused about the small competitions and tournaments? Take a look at this snazzy image from Kalinuial showcasing the annual forum cycle with all the major events to all the weekly events both in PvP and non-PvP.

Tea Time with Mr Muffin

Below is a portion of the interview:

What do you do in your free time when you are not on elements?

I'm very interested in Super Smash Bros (though I have no console video game thing) so I watch SSB videos, play the online fan game Super Smash Flash 2, etc. If not that then online game surfing, and minesweeper. When I'm not internetting (Meaning when I can't internet. If I have a choice in my free time I'm going to do something online unless I'm really tired or hungry.) I'll do puzzles, play cards eat and sleep. Maybe watch TV sometimes.

What advice do you have to new players who want to participate in the next War? (Kalinuial)

Be active. Even when you don't know what to do hang around the forums and where your team discusses things as much as you can. Read all current war related text you can find. Text from previous wars can be good too but only if there's no unread current war text and there's no other way you can help your team.
What in your opinion makes a strong PvP player? (Anonymous)

The ability to deckbuild...

Find this answer and more in Mr Muffin's official interview

New Members
Spoiler for Introduction posts:
Here are the members who posted in the Introduce Yourself board within the past month. Just click a certain name to be redirected to the corresponding introduction post. Don't be rude, say hello to newcomers! ;)


A congratulatory party for the mighty champions is nothing without a song to cheer them on. Listen to this upbeat fanfare exclaiming how life won war.

Hover over cards for details, click for permalink
Deck import code : [Select]
534 534 71u 71u 71u 71u 71u 71u 7hi 7hi 7hi 7hi 7hi 7i6 7i6 7i6 7i6 7i6 7jp 7jp 7jp 7jp 7q9 7q9 7q9 7q9 809 809 809 809 8pk

Deck idea by Manuel.

Card by card:

Grey Nymph: Grey nymph is utilized for it's ability to help turn a ball lightning into a malignant cell.

Shard of Sacrifice: The shard of sacrifice helps delay the opponent with healing so that you can set up your main combo of cards.

Shard of Patience: One of the key combo cards to help buff your large amount of small creatures enough to deal some heavy damage.

Water Pendulums: A quanta generator needed for pushing out your shards of patience quickly, as well as helping generate enough death quanta to play your grey nymphs and shards of sacrifices.

Ray of Light: A cheap creature to be buffed by shard of patience, also helps generate light quanta for the sundials ability.

Sundial: Sundials help delay the opponents creatures from attacking to draw the needed pieces fro your combo.

Ball Lightning: Another cheap creature to be buffed by shard of patience, also can be used with your grey nymphs to create a swarm of malignant cells.

Utilize your stalling cards in shard of sacrifice and sundial to draw your key combo cards and build up your creatures attack through shard of patience. If needed you can use your grey nymph to create a swarm of malignant cells that will all benefit from additional shards of patience played.

Burst damage is a key asset to this deck, with the large growth potential from the shard of patience. This deck is also designed to tackle platinum arena specifically, so the chances of victory against low hp decks is highly increased due to multiple zero cost creatures.

Weak creatures will easily die if the opponent has large AoE. One shot of Rain of Fire will kill all your cheap creatures even after one round of shard of patience buffing. Purify can also destroy this deck quickly by eliminating your stalling potential. Gravity shield will also render you useless if played after your creatures have buffed above 5 hp.

Alternative deck choices:
Brave Malignant Balls That Could allows for more drawing potential through the shard of bravery, and needs no ultra rares as the grey nymphs are replaced with aflatoxin.

Spoiler for Photocredit:

Many thanks to:
-Team Life for their war mini-interview.
-Mr Muffin for the featured community member interview.
-mathman101 for Deck idea of the month.
-all readers for reading ;)

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Re: Elements Community Newsletter: February 2018 http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=65696.msg1274174#msg1274174
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2018, 01:57:06 AM »
Great Tune! Well done Mathman :]

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Re: Elements Community Newsletter: February 2018 http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=65696.msg1274176#msg1274176
« Reply #2 on: February 01, 2018, 04:05:56 AM »

What in your opinion makes a strong PvP player? (Anonymous)

The ability to deckbuild...

Lol, nicely done NL writers. I had no idea it would come out like that. Yep, the ability to deckbuild is important.

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Re: Elements Community Newsletter: February 2018 http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=65696.msg1274178#msg1274178
« Reply #3 on: February 01, 2018, 08:20:45 AM »
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Re: Elements Community Newsletter: February 2018 http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=65696.msg1274180#msg1274180
« Reply #4 on: February 01, 2018, 03:40:57 PM »
Reading the newsletters are one of the best forum experiences I have.  Informative, well-organized, and fun.  Searching for other stuff on forums is often frustrating - like finding a missing sock in a messy closet.  Well done and keep it up NL team!

Oh yeah! There was all this healing
Everybody was reeling
And the matches they were winning
And they all started grinning
Duly, truly, thusly, boo ba banka get down so low.


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