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Elements Community Newsletter: December 2017 http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=65425.msg1271902#msg1271902
« on: December 03, 2017, 05:31:33 AM »
Spoiler for December NL 2017:
December 2017
War creates casualties
as teams are eliminated!

  • War is continually moving forward as we undergo the first round with less than 12 teams. Gravity, Light, and Time are the first 3 teams to have been eliminated in Round 6. There is still much time for the leader board to change, but currently we have Water, Air, and Entropy in the top three spots.

  • The 2017 EtG Championships continue on into the Top 8 phase. Match-ups and the elements allowed have been determined for each pair of players. Cheer them on as they fight for the respect, and glory that comes with being the best for the current year.

  • With war starting to lose teams and players, there is hope that the PvPEMs might be planning another Event for us to see after war has slowed down a bit more. Go make suggestions in the Choose the next PvP Event thread, and let the PvPEMs aware of what kind of event you think would be best to play after war.

  • Help Wanted has had a multitude of assistants come and fulfill the required job postings. Now it is time for you to vote on them, which cards are the best at completing their jobs and which job was the most unique and creative. Vote now, while there is still time left.

  • With the Help Wanted competition coming to an end, a new competition will need to surface it's head. Go make a suggestion in the Post Your Competition Ideas thread and let the COs know what you want next. They are sure to enjoy any suggestions whether they are new ideas, or repeats of old competitions you want to see brought back and used again.

  • With war ongoing, it is understandable that you may have missed the excitement going on in the competition section. Sign up today for the Competition Mailing Lists and be notified of the exciting competitions that are starting.

  • Equality is what it is all about this week. Distribution was Nov. 4th's tournament where players had a maximum amount of individual cards and cards per element. Congratz to Ryli on winning this tournament.

  • Balance is the key to victory. In November 12th's Domination players found themselves filling their decks with an equal amount of spells as there were creatures. Congratz to phoenix1211 on the win.

  • Detectives search for the culprits of the crime this week. The crime being committed by The Usual Suspects was that these selected cards are considered over powered by most people and were banned from use. Congratz to worldwideweb3 on claiming first place this week.

  • Quick like a snail, and fast like a tortoise! 15 minutes is all you have to build some usable decks from a selected group of cards in Nov. 25th's Speedbuilding. Conrgratz to Manuel on winning this tournament.

  • With a little over 7 days left, phoenix1211 is currently holding the top spot, with worldwideweb3 close behind. With a time extension, players are encouraged to beat the clock and go on a league spree, get those games in folks!

  • For those who can't decide on their own restrictions, there are Weekly Featured Rules to tickle anyone's fancy! Just hop into chat and ask around for a match!

  • With succulent Nymph/Mark and Electrum codes up for grabs, there's no reason NOT to jump into Leagues! It's a great way for new players to pick up the meta in preparation for war, or more experienced players to strut their stuff, or even try out some fun deck concoctions to see how they do! What's more, the max number of games per opponent has been increased to 15, and you no longer have to wait 20 hours between matches! Get involved now!

  • Nothing is currently going on in this section. Send you love here so that we may start playing Forum games again.

  • Do you have any exciting ideas for new fun fresh Forum Games, or how about bringing back old classics that you would like to see played again? You should then go post in the Ideas and games transfer thread or discuss your game idea with the Forum Games Organizer(Linkcat).

All Over The Place!

  • Puzzles galore have spread throughout chat and partially into the forums in a Truly Kryptic sort of way. Many people gave this interactive puzzle an attempt, and had loads of fun solving the mysterious clues with each new image and level. Fippe94 was the first from our community(that we know of) to solve all 50 levels. Nice work!

  • Duels have slightly popped back into the PvP scene as a slight focus has moved onto some interesting challenges. A player with 'trials-like' challenges asks for a match, and another wants randomness and chaos in the decks. Go now and battle both of these players.

  • Art is a stunning and yet beautiful thing, no matter how or what medium it is created in. DoctorC has brought us a wonderful sample of his works as he shows the twelve elemental warriors in each of their own personalized armor. Keep up the great work, and we await even more spectacular art pieces.

  • No new Staff changes have occurred during the month of November. If you feel there should be staffing changes, due to whatever reasons, please let the council know so they can make any required actions necessary.

Tea Time with Vineroz

Below is a portion of the interview:

What is your favorite aspect of the Elements Community? (TribalTrouble)

What I feel incredible of this place is that you can always find some familiar face in chat no matter how long you’ve been away. It’s just like a time capsule.

What do you think of the war teams this war? (Anonymous)

Since there are not a lot of new faces in this war, the power level of players are quite even in all teams.
If you could choose one person to lead time for the rest of their lives, who would it be? (Anonymous)

10 men...

Find this answer and more in Vineroz's official interview

New Members
Spoiler for Introduction posts:
Here are the members who posted in the Introduce Yourself board within the past month. Just click a certain name to be redirected to the corresponding introduction post. Don't be rude, say hello to newcomers! ;)

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Deck import code : [Select]
52r 52r 542 542 542 542 542 542 542 542 542 5rk 5rk 5rk 5rk 5rk 5ro 5se 5se 5se 5se 5se 71d 71d 71d 71d 71d 71d 72i 72i 8ps

Deck idea by War 11's Team Death.

Card by card:

Bone Wall: Bone wall is the only defense against damage in this deck, and a very powerful one at that. With the combination of the cards this shield will be nearly indestructible once it starts.

Death Pendulum: The staple of quanta in this deck, it's split between two upped and nine unupped pendulums, enough to get out the combo and start beating your opponent to the dust.

Reverse Time: A combo card as well as some soft CC, RT is very effective against most of anything, and can be considered the staple for this combination

Eternity: Another form of CC or combination method. Eternity is a strong weapon with the ability to reverse cards back into the deck or turn your Mummies into Pharaohs.

Shard of Readiness: A way of rushing the combo and keeping things under control.

Elite Mummies: Required to turn into Pharaohs, Royalty returns to the throne just as the prophecy fortells. Mummies in this deck will be turned into Pharaohs, which create Scarabs.

The goal of this deck is to control your opponent by keeping their creatures at bay until you can get enough damage and CC to keep them away permanently, then you slowly edge their health down to nothing. The deck requires you to combine RT with Mummies, which can be then turned into Pharaohs, who generate Scarabs, and using Shard of Readiness to turn the Scarab's skill move into a free play, which can then be used to eat your opponent's creatures and gain attack points to eat away at your opponent as well.


Versatility is a large part of what make this deck useful. It has speed to rush down your opponent in the form of just playing the Mummies and utilizing the RT's for CC. This deck also has control elements to it in that using RT on your own Mummies allows you to spam the field with Scarabs and adding a splash of SoR creates some juicy repeatable CC for buffing your Bone Wall shields.

This deck being a war regulation deck suffers from vault restrictions and elemental restrictions. Without these restrictions a better balance of upgraded to unupgraded cards could have been used, or additional control cards for the rush could be used.

Alternative deck choices:
Time based Pharaoh rush with Gravity Splash
RT Mummies with Gravity Mark
Deathbased Gravity duo with RT splash
SoR Pharaoh Rush

Congratz to team death on a creative deck that managed to win 6 rounds in a row, and we look forward to seeing more creative and effective decks from your teem.

Spoiler for Photocredit:

Many thanks to:
-Vineroz for the interiew.
-Zyardran for DiotM.
-all readers for reading ;)

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